The Only Present Threat is the Vaccine

They Thought They had You Scared Enough that You Wouldn’t Notice.

“Fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. The CDC’s entire vaccination propaganda campaign rests on their claim that side effects from vaccinations are exceedingly rare, but according to the blatantly pro-vaccination, Big Pharma-funded CDC, in 2016 alone, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) received 59,117 vaccine adverse event reports. Among those reports were 432 vaccine-related deaths, 1,091 permanent vaccine-related disabilities, 4,132 vaccine-related hospitalizations, and10,274 vaccine-related emergency room visits. What if these numbers actually represent less than 1% of the total. as this report asserts? You multiply those numbers by 100.” – William Christenson


“The FDA receives 45% of its annual budget directly from the pharmaceutical industry.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) gets roughly half its budget from private sources, including Pharma and its allied foundations. It is not even a government agency.

“And the CDC, frankly, is a vaccine company; it owns 56 vaccine patents and buys and distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines annually through the Vaccines for Children program, which is over 40% of its total budget. The CDC is not a government agency.

“The HHS (US Health and Human Services) partners with vaccine makers to develop, approve, recommend, and pass mandates for new products and then directly shares profits from vaccine sales.

“HHS employees can personally collect up to $150,000 annually in royalties for products they work on.

“For example, key HHS officials collect money on every sale of Merck’s controversial HPV vaccine, Gardasil, which also yields tens of millions annually for the agency in patent royalties.” — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr


Statements in these sites are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Informed Consent requires a flow of up to date information.


Did you know?:

1. The FDA did not approve Moderna,  Pfizer  or any other mRNA gene serums which they dubbed “vaccines”. It simply authorized them to be developed.  Fauci confirms. “In the US, the FDA, in its ambiguous statement,  provided a so-called Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the Pfizer-BioNTech and others vaccine, namely “to permit the emergency use only of the unapproved product, … for active immunization…”

see below:

19 doctors warned the world of the dangers. AstraZeneca is being dropped by 24 countries.

Johnson & Johnson, a Viral Vector” injection” that was given EUA, Emergency Use Authorization, on Feb. 27, 2021, was halted by several states due to the formation of blood clots. The CDC has confirmed. But distribution resumed after a 10 day pause.

The CDC also confirms the Pfizer & Moderna jabs are the deadliest of all “vaccines”, also in a bar chart. Five prominent doctors discuss how the Covid jab is a bioweapon.

2. The clinical trials will be completed in 2023, there are 12 vaccine companies ramping up their marketing, and, meanwhile, you are the guinea pig-at-risk. Prior to the FDA approval, assuming the tests results in 2023 are positive, They can say, when someone complains about your death, that you agreed willingly to by a test subject willing to be injected with an unapproved experimental Emergency Use Only serum, and you chose to accept all the obvious risks involved.

3. The FDA & CDC have withheld from the public over 20 adverse effects, including Death, related to Covid19 injections, which were discussed in an October 2020 meeting. 3,544 deaths from Covid19 injections are reported by the National Vaccine Information Center as of 4/23/2021, and one-third of the deaths occurred within 48 hours.

For clarification purposes in this article, Covid19, given that no virus has been isolated, is regarded as a type of influenza, based on the symptoms exhibited by patients. Yes, people can die of influenza or the common cold. In fact, lungs of influenza patients can be considerably more damaged than those of alleged ‘Covid patients’ because the influenza is just mislabeled as Covid.

Some will argue that SARS-CoV-2 was developed in a ‘Gain-of-Function lab’. That is moot. The primary consideration is whether an experimental injection is warranted for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate at minimum (more likely 100%).

 4. The mRNA jab delivers a foreign molecule that programs your cells to synthesize pathogens in the form of the spike protein that your immune system will constantly have to fight off for the rest of your life, according to experts such as Molecular Biologist & Immunologist, Professor Dolores Cahill. She explains. Fauci concurs, as does Dr. Lee Merritt .

According to Moderna’s [Mode RNA] chief scientist, you essentially become a GMO. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny mapped eight mechanisms that can result in death by a Covid jab.

5. The mRNA jab does not prevent you from contracting Covid19 or from transmitting it. Dr. Steve Hotze elaboratesFauci concurs. The CDC graph underscores that reality, proving these injections are ineffective and injection passports are totally useless.

87 million Americans have been subjected to injections as at 4/20/21, of which 7,157 have contracted Covid (influenza) after being vaccinated, resulting in 88 deaths. Also, a GMO “vaccination” can enhance the transmission of highly virulent pathogens, according to this NCGI article. A study on mice concludes that the spike protein from a “vaccination” can cause lung damage.

Did you also know?:

6. The CDC inflated the death rate for Covid19, an unisolated, therfore non-existent organism,  by instructing medical practitioners, in its March 24, 2020 directive, to ascribe the cause of death to Covid19 for all deaths, irrespective if patients were tested positive for Covid19 or if they had other comorbidities, so as to ramp up the fear factor. Doctors have publicly stated they are being pressured to mark Covid19 on death certificates, regardless of the actual cause of death.

Here are a few who volunteered the information under their own names:

This misstep by the CDC contravenes Federal Regulations, according to IPAK. Each Federal agency is required to submit a formal change proposal to the Federal Register before enacting their proposed alterations. A 60-day public comment and peer-review process ensues before the changes can be made, legally.

The fact is, 60,000 Americans have been dying weekly, consistently, long before and after the covid scam, while deaths by influenza and other diseases have mysteriously plummeted to insignificance. Anyone can see the game here, as historical levels of influenza are now just being called Covid instead.

 7. The CDC later admitted that 94% of deaths had underlying conditions. That means that of the 527,000 deaths attributed to SARS-CoV-2, only 6% were actually caused directly by influenza/Covid19, or 31,620. That brings the true case fatality rate to 0.12% out of the 27 million cases.  In actuality, there were very likely no cases legitimately attributable to Covid, in spite of great efforts to the contrary. We live in a world where you get born, then you get dead, hopefully 140 years later. And hopefully, you have figured out the deceptions and increased your conscious awareness during your allotted life-span.

 8. The survival rate for Covid19 is, therefore, roughly 99.9%. Using the state population as the denominator, the death rate is even lower, ranging from 36 to 247 deaths per 100,000. As at March 19, 2021, even with the doctored numbers and faulty tests, the CDC arrived at the following survival rates:

  • Ages 0-17 99.998%
  • Ages 18-49 99.95%
  • Ages 50-64 99.4%
  • Ages 65+ 91%

9. The CDC lumped pneumonia, influenza, and Covid19 into a new epidemic category,  called PIC in order to falsely inflate Covid19 death numbers.. There is still no epidemic as there is no excess mortality anywhere in the world.

The CDC stats for the week of July 3, 2020 confirm that pneumonia and influenza were combined with Covid to confuse and inflate the death rate claimed to be from covid. The Feb. 5, 2021 report does the same. The obfuscation is underscored in the search results page, where only “P&I” is mentioned, but PIC graphs appear upon clicking the links

Deaths by influenza have dropped from 61,000 in 2018 to 22,000 in 2020, while medical malpractice is the third leading cause of deaths in the US. This is understated, for obvious reasons.  Independent analysis indicate the death rate for iatrogenesis is vastly in excess of this number.  Doctors and hospitals are reluctant to turn themselves in for their failings.

10. Hospitals are paid $13,000 for every Covid19 admission, and $39,000 for every patient that is put on a ventilator, on average. More proof doctors and nurses have orders to place on ventilators patients who tested ‘negative’, effectively simply killing them.

Are you aware that…

11. The PCR tests do not test for SARS-CoV-2 viruses, but give ‘positive’ results from any number of viruses you might have in your virodrome at any given time.  You have over 400 trillion viruses in your virodrome at all times. Forget this nonsense that viruses are pathogens. A lawsuit for crimes against humanity is being launched by a German attorney for this PCR test fraud. Even Fauci admits PCR tests don’t work. The WHO agrees.  The PCR test was not designed to detect specific viruses.  It is not even a tester, but a lab instrument. But it works well for this scam.

Important Statements on Impacts of Vaccination by Prominent Scientists, Scholars and Authors:

In this CDC document, testing guidelines state that false negatives and positives are possible – page 39. The PCR test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens – page 40.

But most importantly, on page 42, SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated in the first instance: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA“.  This does not qualify as detection of the covid virus.

Neither the CDC can provide samples of SARS-CoV-2, nor can Stanford and Cornell labs, and in a CNN interview Fauci said he was not getting tested and there is no need to test asymptomatic people. He reiterates that asymptomatic people have never been the driving force of a pandemic. The WHO backs him up.  The tester, which was the basis for amassing the large numbers for the case-demic, gives both negative or positive results depending where the operator sets the amplification.  At relatively lower amplifications, mostly negative will be indicated, while at relatively higher amplification, almost all results will be positives.  This is totally arbitrary and is totally useless for any purpose, which has been acknowledged by the CDC.  Yet, in the real world, they just go on and on with this useless test because they have no other gimmick to use.

12. There are class action lawsuits in the works, naming Anthony Fauci as defendant, amongst others. Here’s a partial list:

And we’re just getting warmed up. If Israeli citizens have brought their government to the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity, alleging they are being coerced into taking an inadequately tested, experimental ‘Emergncy Use Only’ COVID injection by Pfizer, in contravention of the Nuremberg Code, then the citizens of any state (West Virginia comes to mind where young people are bribed with $100 to take the jab) have that same right and obligation.

13. Therapeutics and prophylactics for coronaviruses, like Hydroxychloroquine, have been approved by the WHOCDC and NIH as of long, long ago..

But, suddenly in 2020 they were banned. Why? Because, according to FDA rules:  ‘only when there are no alternative therapeutics, can untested vaccines be cleared for Emergency Use Authorization.

In 2020, the Canadian company, Apotex, was giving HCQ away. Even after the American Journal of Medicine approved the use of HCQ for Outpatients, HCQ is nowhere to be found in the US today. Now, doctors are pleading that Ivermectin be used as a safe therapeutic.

Doctors in India and the UK speak out. Costa Rica uses HCQ extensively, while Novartis donates it to Mexico. In India doctors are prescribing Ziverdo kits.

14. Front Line Doctors who try to explain the benefits of proven therapeutics are being silenced, and some have had their license suspended. A concise summary by Dr. Simone Gold, who is also an attorney and founder of America’s Front Line Doctors, is a good source of information.

As well, the British Medical Journal has broken rank and is citing corruption and suppression of science. The World Doctors Alliance joins the resistance. In Australia, the Covid Medical Network represents senior medical professionals doing battle to expose the fraud.

15. Fauci and the CDC have flip-flopped on maskscontaminated surfacesasymptomatic spreadtesting, and have only recently acknowledged that herd immunity is achieved when antibodies are spread by those who beat the disease (the 99.9%), but still recommend social distancing, only now from 6 feet to 3 feet,.

Speaking of herd immunity, the WHO changed its June 7, 2020 definition from:

“Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection” .

“Herd immunity, if there is actually such a thing, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain pathogen if a threshold of immunity is reached. This is kind of obvious.

But it again reversed its position in Dec. 2020, with this inane statement:

“Vaccines train our immune systems to create proteins that fight disease, known as ‘antibodies’, just as would happen when we are exposed to a disease, but – crucially – vaccines work without making us sick. Vaccinated people are protected from getting the disease in question and passing on the pathogen, breaking any chains of transmission”(4).

And they keep moving the goal posts. Pfizer trials warned men to stay away from pregnant women… but now the CDC is pushing pregnant women to take an experimental biological agent without a second thought.

The CDC has played dumb about the high 37 to 40 cycle thresholds used for COVID PCR testing yielding 85-90% false positives. But, now, it readily accepts the lower threshold of 28 cycles for post-vaccine testing.

16. Injuries and deaths by mRNA jabs keep risingVAERS reports 12,619 serious injuries as at 4/23/21. In the first quarter of 2021 there has been a 6000% increase in deaths by injections from the same period a year ago. According to a Harvard Study, only 1% of vaccine related deaths are being reported to the VAERS.

17. The CDC at one time recommended DDT for in home use, and used the same fear tactics to sell vaccines for H1N1.

18. Documents prove that the media was to be the key player in creating the hype leading up to the promotion of vaccines, that a VACCINATE WITH CONFIDENCE paper by the CDC exists, along with its British equivalent, and that lifting lockdowns – on condition of vaccination – is used as a carrot to get people to accept the jab, only now they claim this is not true saying the vaccinated must continue to adhere to the lockdown rules.

19. Politicians are caught on camera talking about the theater of wearing masks, and the NCBI, a division of the NIH, published a paper on the complete ineffectiveness of masks. Even the CDC warns of the dangers of masks, as do these studies on Mask Induced Exhaustion Syndrome MIES.

 20. The CDC owns the patent for the coronavirus that is allegedly transmitted to humans; also, a patent for a System & Method to test for Covid19 filed in 2015, and Covid19 test kits were being shipped around the world in 2018.

21. The Covid19 INJECTION was developed in just a few hours.

22. Vaccine companies cannot be sued or held accountable in any way for injuries or deaths.

23. Bill Gates, who invested $10 Billion into vaccines, boasts of how he injects kids with genetically modified organisms as a depopulation agenda.

24. Bill Gates is on record pushing for vaccine passports. Parenthetically, various domain names for “vaccine passport” were filed in 2016 by an entity in Milan, Italy.  

There are people who cannot take vaccines because of medical contraindications. A vaccine passport would discriminate against these people as they attempt to go about their lives, in violation of The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. Section 12101).

25. Bill Gates is on record pushing for vaccines to lower the world population by 10% to 15%, and a call has been made for his arrest and trial at the International Criminal Court.

26. Covid variant injections are also to be marketed without safety trials. Fauci confirmed it, and that antibodies/antigens to SARS-CoV-2 are found in saliva, making the use of masks counter to the alleged purposes.

27. The CDC props itself up with statements like:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the agency Americans trust with their lives. As a global leader in public health, CDC is the nation’s premier health promotion, prevention, and preparedness agency. Whether we are protecting the American people from public health threats, researching emerging diseases, or mobilizing public health programs with our domestic and international partners, we rely on our employees to make a real difference in the health and well-being of people here and around the world.”

CDC buys and resells injections at a markup, about $4.6 Billion worth every year, and owns over 20 vaccine patents – according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and is listed on Dun & BradstreetFauci personally owns 1000 patents.

28. The consent forms in hospitals disguise vaccines as “biogenics”. Blood brokers have paid up to $1,000 for blood samples of recovered Covid19 people.

29. It’s against the Nuremberg code to force vaccinations on a person, and informed consent overrides public policyFederal law prohibits employers and others from using vaccines under EUA as a condition of employment. A Nevada attorney is ready to do the battle. Each state has its own unique provisions for refusing a vaccine on medical, religious or philosophical grounds.

30. Donald Trump glories in the fact that he pushed ‘Warp Speed’ and urged his supporters to take the jab, while Biden gloats that he ordered 100 million doses. Same shit – different odor.

31. Timeagain and again the WHO has discouraged the wearing of masks by healthy individuals, especially children. Governments ignore.

32. Several “simulations” of a pandemic were held in:

  • May 2018 Clade X by Johns Hopkins University
  • September 2019. The WHO’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (in another supposed simulation) included as one of its progress indicators the release of two lethal pathogens by September 2020. See pg 39
  • 2018. Bill Gates’ INSTITUTE FOR DISEASE MODELING released a video modeling a pandemic starting at Wuhan, China
  • October 2019. Bill Gates, sponsored a Global Pandemic Exercise Event 201video. Fauci, of course, sits in the Leadership Council of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has contributed over $3.5 million to Fauci’s NIH,

33. The Pfizer, Moderna and J&J jabs were developed using fetal cell lines, that is, cells grown in labs originally obtained from aborted fetuses decades ago. The argument used by pro-vaxers is that these are not the original cells, but descendants or duplicates of the originals. The medical term varies depending on the aborted fetus’ number and organ .

You have a right to decline any vaccine that was developed with or contains fetal cell lines, based on your religious or philosophical beliefs.

34. Lockdowns, distancing and limitations on numbers of people have had no effect on the death rate. The death rate is not excessive and is consistent with prior years, therefore, by definition, there is no pandemic or epidemic.

35. On March 2020, the British Government discussed tactics it would use to ensure citizens complied with the loss of their rights and freedoms and these have included –

  • Using media to increase the sense of personal threat
  • Using media to increase the sense of responsibility to others
  • Using and promoting social approval for desired behaviors
  • Using social disapproval for those who do not comply

Here is the document, and the woman the NHS hired to fiddle with the death numbers. Not to be outdone, Trudeau boasts how much he pays the media to sell his propaganda that presciently reported in April, 2021 of a 4th wave, while the German Minister of Interior pressured epidemiologists to create the fear that would necessitate lockdowns.

If your employer backs you into a corner saying “Get the jab or quit”. What do you do?

Here’s what I would do:

1. Demand that the ‘jab or quit’ proposition be put in writing.

2. Explain that irrespective of whether it’s a government or a corporation, any entity that makes experimental vaccinations a condition of employment – or of doing business – engages in the practice of forced vaccinations,  in violation of the Nuremberg code, especially experimental Emergency-use vaccinations that are still undergoing clinical trials scheduled to end in 2023.

3. I would pull out my card ask the questions in it, leave the card with instructions to relay answers to me in writing

4. I would inform the employer that lawyers are filing crimes against humanity lawsuits, and that I would be consulting an attorney

This is just what I would do. I’m not giving anyone legal advice.

Find attorneys in your state:


No pandemic exists anywhere in the world.  The covid disease, said to be viral, is also non-existent.  If it existed, they would have isolated it, but you can’t isolate something that is not there. There are countless viruses in the world, as humans, other animals, plants, insects, bacteria are all producers of countless quadrillions of viruses on a continual basis due to mitosis, a natural, normal biological process of living.

You are not under any threat of ‘covid disease’.  This is just another name for the same old flus and colds that have been with us for a long time.  Statistics show this clearly for all who wish to obtain more facts and verification.

The fear factors that they are using, via the TV, are to instill a driving need for a solution to the hyped up pandemic that does not exist.  Only the fake numbers hysterically screamed by TV actors exist.

I repeat, there is no pandemic and no covid-19 disease.  There is only fabricated confusion to generate fear.

They also use deprivation and inconvenience as a tool to incentivize taking the vax.  This all because ‘taking the vax’ is the only real part of this agenda.  They need to hurry up the process before more and more people start to see this.

Their agenda is to get at least 70% of the population to take the vax because, once vaxxed, there is no unvaxxing.  There is no where to go except live with what is going on inside your body with the genetic alteration of your body, which will lead to death in the course of 1 – 2 years time.  A 70% depopulation of the “Western World”, the US Empire has been in the CIA forecast for at minimum, the past 10 years.  This is nothing new.

The UN was brought into existence in 1945, a new name for a pre-existing organization with the charter and agenda to bring about the Global Reset that is going on right now.  The UN Agenda 21 is the RESET agenda.  Lots of information is available on this.

Cellular Life Spans in the Human Body

The Importance of Proper Nutrition

Whatever your age, your body’s cells are many years younger. In fact, even if you’re middle aged, most of your cells may be just 15 years old or less. This heartening truth arises from the fact that most of the body’s tissues are under constant renewal and the average age of all the cells in an adult’s body may turn out to be as young as 7 to 10 years. So long as your body is able to accurately replicate its trillions of cells, you will be able to live out your programmed life-span of 140 years.  All living entities on Earth have a programmed life-span, a part of an overall system for perpetuating the physical 3D domain.

But a few of the body’s cell types endure from birth to death without renewal, and this special minority includes some or all of the cells of the cerebral cortex.

Most molecules in a cell are constantly being replaced but the DNA, which is confined to the nucleus, is replicated on a programmed basis by means of a biological process called MITOSIS.  All living entities on Earth have a programmed life-span, a part of the system for perpetuation of the domain.  This means that all of the trillions of cells comprising a human body will comply with the scheduled cycle by suiciding themselves, called apoptosis, after each scheduled mitosis.  The DNA sends mRNA out of the nucleus into the cell’s interior to begin acquiring amino acids from which proteins will be structured to build the new identical DNA molecule.  The materials to build these proteins are obtained from the foods eaten and metabolized by the body, which are introduced into the blood stream.  These amino acids are selected by the cells using a geometric process that allows cells to intake, through the cell wall, the specific molecules required by the mRNA to build the DNA as a perfect replica of the of the original.

Once the new DNA molecule is complete, a new cell wall will be constructed to incorporate a set of protoplasm and the DNA will be encapsulated in the nucleus.  Now, the old cell can apoptose and be discarded from the body.  The mRNA molecules for building the new DNA are packaged up tightly in a proteinaceous sack and expelled from the new cell as waste material, called a VIRUS.

The counterpart to mitosis is meiosis, which is cell duplication for growing the quantity of cells.  In meiosis, there is no apoptosis involved.

 As a result of above-ground nuclear tests during the 60’s, carbon-14 molecules were only produced during the short time period up to the nuclear test ban of 1963. All the carbon-14 in cellular DNA is acquired on the cell’s birth date, the day its parent cell divided. Hence the extent of carbon 14 enrichment can be used to figure out the cell’s age. Cells from the muscles of the ribs, taken from people in their late 30’s, have an average age of 15.1 years. The epithelial cells that line the surface of the gut have a rough life and are known by other methods to last only five days. Ignoring these surface cells, the average age of those in the main body of the gut is 15.9 years.

The renewal of brain cells has been a matter of much contention. Prevailing belief, by and large, is that the brain does not generate new neurons after its structure is complete, except in two specific regions, the olfactory bulb that mediates the sense of smell, and the hippocampus, where initial memories of faces and places are laid down. Cells from the visual cortex are exactly the same age as the individual, showing that new neurons are not generated after birth in this region of the cerebral cortex, or at least not in significant numbers. Cells of the cerebellum are slightly younger than those of the cortex, which fits with the idea that the cerebellum continues developing after birth.

Although people may think of their body as a fairly permanent structure, most of it is in a state of constant flux as old cells are discarded and new ones generated in their place. Each kind of tissue has its own turnover time, depending in part on the workload endured by its cells. The cells lining the stomach last only two days. The red blood cells, bruised and battered after traveling nearly 1,000 miles through the maze of the body’s circulatory system, last only 120 days or so on average before being dispatched to their graveyard in the spleen.

The epidermis, or surface layer of the skin, is recycled every two weeks or so. As for the liver, the detoxifier of all the natural plant poisons and drugs that pass a person’s lips, its life on the chemical-warfare front is quite short. An adult human liver probably has a turnover time of 300 to 500 days.

Other tissues have lifetimes measured in years, not days, but are still far from permanent. Even the bones endure nonstop makeover. The entire human skeleton is thought to be replaced every 10 years or so in adults, as twin construction crews of bone-dissolving and bone-rebuilding cells combine to remodel it.

About the only pieces of the body that last a lifetime, on present evidence, seem to be the neurons of the cerebral cortex, the inner lens cells of the eye and perhaps the muscle cells of the heart.

Lifespan of select human cells:

              Cell Type — Lifespan

     *  Granulocytes — 10 hours to 3 days

     *  Stomach lining cells — 2 days

     *  Sperm cells — 2-3 days

     *  Stomach lining cells — 2 days

     *  Colon cells — 3-4 days

     *  Epithelia of small intestine — 1 week or less

     *  Platelets — 10 days

     *  Skin epidermal cells — 2 – 4 weeks

     *  Lymphocytes — 2 months – 1 year

     *  Red blood cells — 4 months

     *  Macrophages — months – years

     *  Endothelial cells — months – years

     *  Pancreas cells — 1 year or more

     *  Bone Cells — 10 – 30 years

For all our cells there is a time to die. There are three ways in which our cells die:

     *   They have used up their telomere, a part of the DNA, and can’t replicate.

     *  They are killed by injurious agents (external or internal).

     *  They are induced to commit suicide – following natures call, so to speak, apoptosis.

Biologically, Human Beings are built out of approximately 100,000 billion cells. A human being is initially just one cell, or zygote, but when that zygote divides, it will form an embryo. The early embryo is made up of totipotent (infant) stem cells, which go on to differentiate. Differentiation is a process in which an unspecialized cell becomes specialized into one of the numerous cell types that build the human body, for instance the kidney, the liver, or heart. During this process of differentiation, certain genes are activated, while other genes are inactivated. This process is intricately regulated. The result is a differentiated cell that develops specific structures and performs specific functions. Differentiation can involve changes in numerous aspects of cell physiology; size, shape, polarity, metabolic activity, responsiveness to signals, and gene expression profiles can all change during differentiation.

Programmed cell death (apoptosis) is the natural, necessary death of individual cells for the good of the organism as a whole. It is a well-orchestrated process consisting of three sequential stages. First, killing the cell. Next, getting rid of the body. And third, destroying the evidence. Basically, you have a corpse and you must do something with it, so a neighboring cell swallows the corpse to remove it from the body.

The outer limit of human life is about 140 years, the typical life-span of a human being that has avoided modern lifestyle and allopathic medicine. Inside the nucleus of virtually all of our cells are chromosomes, 46 in all. At the tips of these chromosomes are telomeres, repeating sequences of genetic material that shorten each time a cell divides. When a cell’s telomeres reach a critically short length, that cell can no longer replicate with precision. Its structure and function begin to fail as it enters this state of replicative arrest, called senescence.

The human body is unfathomably intelligent. It builds itself from 1 cell into 100 trillion cells in 9 months. Then it goes on a schedule of cell regeneration, replacing most of those 100,000,000,000 cells on a programmed basis.  Where does the body get the necessary raw material to accomplish this enormous task?  Hopefully, you understand that the only raw materials your body receives is from what you put in your mouth with each meal.  If you put junk food in your mouth, your body is quickly going to become a pile of junk.  If you look at the typical American diet of fast-food, processed convenience food, carbonated soda drinks, pasteurized dairy products, fluoridated water, 52 teaspoonfuls of simple sugar daily, and 200 pounds of feed-lot produced red meat every year, you will quickly understand why the US has the most diseased population to have ever existed on the planet.

To regenerate healthy cells, your body requires a proper balance of high quality, pure, organic food types, an ample amount of pure water, ample pure, clean oxygen, a balanced supply of sunlight, a muscle maintenance program, detoxification of all forms of poisons such as pharmaceuticals and cleaning of the mind from all fear which yields love.  Lacking any of these, your body cannot perform its function of keeping you intact and healthy…’s that simple. Because most people with a typical “American” life-style are seriously lacking in these essentials, most die long before their telomeres are used up.

Applying this information to the situation of the moment, we have learned that precision is required on a non-stop basis with the hundreds of trillions of cellular replications going on within the body.  Only with highly nutritious foods intake will the raw materials be available to keep the process working on this massive scale.  It will take a concerted effort and lots of dedication to reach 140 years of age in sound health.  It is happening still today in cultures that are isolated from “westernization” and adhering to the rigid principles of past generations.  Disease and poor health are by no means inevitable.  Yet, looking within our own culture, we find only sickness, weakness and a craving for the latest sugary confection that can be purchased for cheap, at the street corner closest to your residence.  This is the recipe for premature bad health and death.  Any fool can see this plainly.

Now we are inundated with propaganda of a viral pandemic, which, again, any fool can see is a total fabrication from every angle.  You are made fearful and want to take a fake vaccine being pushed to save you from the pandemic peril.  You do not need to do much research to learn that there is no peril.  Pandemic is defined as massive excess mortality due to some medical issue.  Every country in the world publishes birth and death statistics.  Take a look at recent death statistics.  You will find no excess mortality anywhere, therefore, by definition, there is no pandemic…period.

Now take a look at the so-called ‘vaccine’.  By definition, this is not a vaccine.  It is readily acknowledged to be an experimental genetic modification of your body.  It is specifically approved for use only in dire emergencies.  Truth be told, it is unlikely it is suitable for use no matter how serious the dire emergency.  However, we have already seen that no dire emergency exists.  The hyped-up lies are already disproven by the death statistics.  They are showing on TV, those people who have symptoms of common colds and flu, relabeled to state ‘covid’.

The non-vaccine injections being given out are DNA corrupting chemicals.  They make your cells build foreign proteins that trick your cells into mis-replication of your DNA, producing a corrupted new DNA molecule for your new cell.  Now, this new cell is unable to replace the old cell with another that is identical.  The new one can not take the form nor perform the function of the old one.  Initially, your body will produce some lesser quantity of corrupted cells that will be insufficient to kill you.  But the process will be occurring on an exponential basis and will rapidly accelerate the production of corrupted cells in your body, to the point where problems will manifest. 

But, it is too late.  This process can not be stopped.  In one to two years, you will be only a zombie and probably die. Maybe you will have caused a lot of trouble for others by this point.  It has already been announced that the “vaccinated” become much more susceptible to the diseases and can slough off defective cells that others, in proximity, can pick up  bringing ill effects due to contamination.

No Scientific or Medical Efficacy for Passport

The entire concept underlying vaccine passports is totally flawed and it is patently obvious these passports are useless other than as a control mechanism for the human depopulation program.  The non-scientists in the Mengele laboratories are working overtime to try to find patches for all the holes in their stories as to why this is a viable idea in the first place.  Any idiot with half a working braincell can see right through this bullshit as only a clumsy attempt at coercion to get the vax.

They have a huge problem with their program.  Recipients of the vax are not supposed to be manifesting death and life-threatening side effects so soon.  These manifestations were only supposed to start appearing after maybe one year.  Now, victims who are ‘hesitant’ are seeing the crude and cruel slaughter prematurely.  They have an increased ‘hesitancy’.

Fauci is pacing in circles, ever smaller.  He is trying to figure out how he can be more coercive in effect while looking like he is being less coercive in his desperation.  Take away everything the victims are dreaming for and dangle the tempting ‘carrot’. The passport can make your dreams come true. “Don’t leave home without it”.

Now we have potent opposition to the very idea of it all.  Opposition coming from scientists infinitely more qualified than Fauci.  What to do, what to do!

A GROUP of doctors say ‘natural immunity’ to coronavirus infection is long lasting, but they fear people will be coerced into taking ‘top-up vaccines’ in order to re-access society when their Digital Green Pass expires after only a six month period of validity. 

Did you realize you are going to have to renew your new passport each six months, which entails more and more tests and injections. 

Doodle drawing from kindergarten class

Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group of doctors across Europe and North America, say studies on Covid-19’s closest-related virus to infect humans, SARS, revealed that those who had acquired natural immunity in 2003 have retained immunity to the present day.  That is assuming there was actually any real threat in existence.  The most likely case is that there was no more danger with SARS than there is with COVID, really zero percent.

They also maintain that, even before the onset of any vaccination campaigns, most people were immune to Covid-19, either through infection with the virus itself, often without symptoms, or with only mild, undetectable symptoms, or due to cross-immunity conferred by other, naturally occurring coronaviruses. Or, there is the distinct probability the viruses are not contagious nor infectious at all. Do you know where viruses come from? Your own body is producing them by the trillions all the time, as are all the rest of the eukaryotic-celled life forms on Earth, including plants and insects.

But under an Article of Law Decree just published by the European Union, its proposed Digital Green Pass will have a brief validity period of just six months.

Once expired, the holder would need to be re-vaccinated or have had Covid during the last six months or take a test every 48 hours in order to regain their freedoms.

Doctors for Covid Ethics argue there is no rational case for such a pass, which is currently being used in Israel and proposed in the UK, adding that immunity from infection is likely to be natural, durable and unaffected by variants.

Doctors for Covid Ethics said:

“There is no scientific foundation to the concept of vaccine passports and no rational case at all for the existence of vaccine passports. To set a six-month expiration is bizarre and arbitrary.

“Examining the time course of antibodies in blood samples is not a valid approach to the question of, ‘how long does immunity last?’.

“This is because antibodies aren’t the most important host defense mechanism in natural immunity to viruses. That’s considered to be T-cell memory (cytotoxic as well as ‘helper’ lymphocytes) and B-memory (antibody producing) cells.

“Antibodies naturally fall over time if you’re no longer constantly rechallenged with the pathogen. As community prevalence decays away, this re-exposure to the virus also diminishes.

“When durability of immunity to the closest known virus, SARS, was studied, those who had acquired immunity naturally, through infection in 2003, all retained immunity 17 years later.

“There is speculation that ‘variants’ of SARS-CoV-2 might ‘break through’ the immunity gained through natural infection or vaccination. There is absolutely no evidence for this at all.

“In fact, there is very strong evidence to the contrary – that no variant is sufficiently different from the original virus that it’s even possible for ‘immune escape’ to occur.

“Several groups of immunologists have shown convincingly that people immune to one variant have T-cells which recognize all the other variants tested. This isn’t a surprise, for no variant differs from the original sequence by more than 0.3 per cent.

“In fact, those who had retained immunity to SARS also possessed cross-immunity to SARS-CoV-2. These two viruses differ by approximately 20 per cent.

“Obviously, if our immune systems easily recognize two viruses which share 80 per cent similarity, it follows that differences of 0.3 per cent are completely irrelevant, from an immunological perspective.”

The group went on to add that focusing on antibodies in the context of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 is “flawed” and so coercing people into so-called booster vaccines in order to regain their freedoms, withdrawn by Governments, is wholly inappropriate.

“The whole concept of antibody-based immunity against an air-borne pathogens is flawed because the antibodies are on the wrong side of the wall and cannot intercept viral entry into the respiratory tract epithelium,” added the group.  Since your very own body, itself, produces trillions of new viruses on an on-going basis, it is highly likely that there is on a tiny possibility of ‘infection’ in the first place. 

“Secreted IgA antibodies play no significant role either: selective IgA deficiency does not enhance susceptibility towards coronavirus infections.”

The group also highlights that vaccine companies have taken careful precautions to become exempt from any and all legal liability for vaccine-induced harm, adding that, for the vast majority of people, SARS-CoV-2 is a non-lethal, typically mild to moderate illness.

They said:

“The overwhelming majority, like in 99.7% of people, are not at risk from COVID-19 and thus do not require vaccination for their own protection.

“The vaccines have been touted as a means to prevent asymptomatic infection, an oxymoron,  and, by extension, asymptomatic transmission, another oxymoron. “Asymptomatic transmission” is an artefact of invalid and unreliable PCR test procedures and interpretations, leading to high false-positive rates.

“Evidence indicates that PCR-positive, asymptomatic people are healthy false-positives. A comprehensive study of 9,899,828 people in China found that asymptomatic individuals testing positive for COVID-19 never infected any other others. This would appear to be the original attempt at deceiving the public into believing that the COVID-19 is detectable, testable and rampant…all lies.

“In contrast, the papers cited by the Centre for Disease Control to justify claims of asymptomatic transmission are based on more of Fauci’s hypothetical computer models, not empirical studies; they present lies, guesses, assumptions and estimates rather than factual evidence. Preventing asymptomatic infection is not a viable rationale for promoting vaccination of the general population. There really is no such thing as asymptomatic infection, another oxymoron”

They have written to MEP’s, putting them on notice that liability for deaths and adverse reactions to the vaccines will fall on them, should they vote for the Digital Green Pass, which was debated on Wednesday.

And last week, Doctors for Covid Ethics wrote their third letter to the European Medicines Agency, warning executive director Emer Cooke that cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) dominates the list of adverse reactions from the vaccines and is not as rare as the EMA suggests.

Of course, these clowns and liars deny up and down that all of the hundreds of thousands of “coincidences” have absolutely nothing to do with their sacred vaccines that are incapable of doing any wrong.  When the real design-effects of the injections manifest over time, which is intended to be six months to two year, they will deny to all heaven that their “vaccine” is not to blame and, after all this time, could not possibly be the culprit.

Take this information as advance notice that these fiends are liars and murderers in the first-degree.

Whitmer is Forcing the Move to 70 percent Depopulation in Michigan

Does the number 70% ring any bells for you.  If you have been keeping informed even a little, you will recall that the projections of the CIA/Deagel forecast indicate that the US and its ‘Western Empire’ will be reduced in population by 70% by 2025.  Keep this figure in you mind as you read the rest of this report by Mike Adams.

Mike Adams, 5/1/2021:

In a blatant move that smacks of the Third Reich, Michigan Gov. Whitmer, a malicious criminal and anti-American traitor, has just turned the entire state of Michigan into ‘covid vaccine’ prison camp. She has declared that gunpoint-enforced lockdowns will not end until 70% of the state’s adults surrender to being injected with a deadly depopulation bioweapon called a “covid vaccine.” This is not a vaccine at all, but a totally radical genetic alteration of the physical body that is permanent, culminating in death.  The genetic alteration will take place gradually over one to two years, as foreign proteins begin altering the cellular DNA of the victim. Initially, this will occur slowly, but will accelerate as the number of foreign cells grows exponentially.

Freedom is only “granted” by the Whitmer regime in steps, when the 70% vaccination milestones are achieved. This is a form of criminal coercion that violates not only the Nuremberg Code restrictions against medical experiments, but also violates fundamental human rights and the requirement for informed consent. How many believe the return to freedom promise?

Comply with my demands or I will not return your freedom.

It was unimaginable just a year ago that Michiganders would have to “earn” their freedom by agreeing to be injected with an emergency-use-only experimental medical intervention promoted by globalist depopulation advocates, yet this is exactly what’s happening in Michigan right now, under the tyrannical rule of the Prime Power structure.

The vaccine milestone are: 

  • 55% of Michiganders vaccinated – ‘In-person’ work will be allowed for all sectors of business.
  • 60% of Michiganders vaccinated – Indoor capacity at sports stadiums, conference centers, banquet halls, and funeral homes will increase to 25%; capacity at exercise facilities and gyms will increase to 50%; and the curfew on restaurants and bars will be lifted.
  • 65% of Michiganders vaccinated – All indoor capacity limit percentages will be lifted, requiring only social distancing between parties. Limits on residential social gatherings will be further relaxed.
  • 70% of Michiganders vaccinated – Gathering and face mask orders will be lifted, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will no longer employ broad mitigation measures unless unanticipated circumstances arise, such as the spread of vaccine-resistant variants.

Under this tyrannical, illegal rule, the only way the people of Michigan can see their freedoms restored is to agree to be injected with a known dangerous, experimental, gene-altering medical intervention that’s already killing people by the thousands, with adverse side-effects in the hundreds of thousands, all across the world.

Now, if you think their promise to ‘restore freedoms’ is the same as what you are dreaming of, you are dead wrong.  Your freedoms are going to become nonexistent and your life will be one of servitude.  If you think this is going to be limited to the single state of Michigan, you are again dead wrong.  The governors of the various states are only the mouthpieces of the ‘Prime Directors’, who are trying to keep some control over this process with deceitful ‘rays of hope’ and the illusion of ‘good-governors/bad-governors’.  There is a script involved, but all the governors take the same orders from the same higher authorities. All the states are going to end up in the same boat.

Gov. Whitmer is the new Josef Mengele, known as the “Angel of Death”

Keep in mind that all covid vaccines in America today are experimental emergency treatments that are being implemented by means of fear, mandate or forceful coercion onto people, laws and regulations be damned.. Yet Gov. Whitmer is using coercion to force people to take these deadly vaccines if they want to “earn back their freedom.” Like all government psychopathic criminals and terrorists, Gov. Whitmer believes that the government controls all freedoms and can withhold those freedom from the people as a form of punishment to coerce people into taking vaccine suicide injections.

This is Josef Mengele-level crime against humanity. Gov. Whitmer deserves to be arrested, charged and prosecuted for carrying out third-Reich-class crimes against humanity and forcing millions of people to participate, against their will, in deadly medical experiments that will kill them. Josef Mengele was a mainstream doctor and PhD, and after being found guilty in a war crimes tribunal, he was publicly hanged to death by order of the court.

Whitmer would have felt right at home running the Zyklon B gas chambers in Nazi Germany, no doubt. She is a perverted psychopath, anti-human criminal and a threat to every person in the World, not just in the State of Michigan. I doubt if her ambitions end there in Michigan. And she needs to face her own trial under a new war crimes tribunal that’s organized in the United States of America to arrest and prosecute all the vaccine holocaust war criminals operating right here on American soil.

Deadly, experimental injections are a form of medical violence, and Gov. Whitmer is happy to deploy this violence against her own people, and threaten them with prisoner-style lockdowns if they don’t comply. Such tactics should never be deployed or tolerated in a free society.

End Mike Adams…

From Dave Hodges Report this morning:


It certainly appears likely that the people of the Earth are going to take the vax to reach the immediate goal of 70% of the “Western population”.  This will be sufficient to achieve the UN Agenda 2025 goal, an element of the greater UN Agenda 21.  While this is far from the end goal, of a net population for the World of one-half billion, it will settle the matter for the US and its empire for phase-one with more phases to follow.

As the experiment reaches its conclusion, with 70% overall mortality, survivors will not demand anything by way of explanation. There will be no apologies or reparations. After all, those taking the injection were fully informed that they were voluntarily participating in a very dangerous experiment involving an ’emergency-use-only’ serum during a time when deaths and adverse effects were already occurring en masse. This was all by the books ‘informed consent’, The government needs volunteers to achieve their objectives with equal opportunity for all.