Connecticut Warns Employees but not Citizens About VAX Dangers

The government of Connecticut makes an open admission that vaccines contain dangerous, even deadly substances (spike proteins) that are documented and known to cause vascular damage and death to human beings.

It’s all admitted right in the open, in these Connecticut government documents shown below, which admit these vaccines can be fatal.

Connecticut admits covid vaccines contain spike proteins, then claims they are harmless even while the Salk Institute confirms they can be deadly

In these documents, you will find astonishing admissions from the Connecticut government. For starters, review the graphic below which shows the Connecticut government falsely claiming the vaccine spike protein is “a harmless protein,” even while the Salk Institute’s own published research reveals, “the protein damages cells.”

The research, published in the journal Circulation Research, concludes, “…we show that spike protein alone can damage vascular endothelial cells by downregulating ACE2 and consequently inhibiting mitochondrial function.”

As the Salk Institute further explains, “…this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the spike protein on its own.”

Thus, the government of Connecticut is lying to its own citizens and encouraging them to be injected with something that will cause widespread damage and even death:

Covid-19 vaccine ingredients include SM-102, a toxic substance known to be harmful or fatalto humans and animals

This next piece of propaganda from the Connecticut government reveals that the Moderna mRNA vaccine contains an ingredient known as “SM-102,” which is well documented to be toxic to humans and animals.

Verifying that it is in the Moderna COVID vaccine, we find a 12/30/20 CDC document titled: “COVID-19 Vaccines: Update on Allergic Reactions, Contraindications, and Precautions.”   If you scroll down halfway through the document, you’ll see a chart titled, “Ingredients Included in mRNA COVID vaccines.” (pg 20)   The right-hand side of the chart shows ingredients in the Moderna vaccine. The fifth ingredient down is “SM-102: heptadecan-9-yl 8-((2-hydroxyethyl) (6-oxo-6-(undecyloxy) hexyl) amino) octanoate.”   Now we go to a document published by the Cayman Chemical Company of Ann Arbor, Michigan: “Safety Data Sheet acc. to OSHA HCS.” (04/11/2021)   This data sheet lists the effects of SM-102. Here is the opening note:   “For research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”  

Far from comforting.   Then the safety data sheet lights up with adverse effects/warnings re SM-102. For example: “Suspected of causing cancer. Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child. Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure. Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.”   Several things to point out here. First, what dosage level of, and what duration of exposure to, SM-102 are we talking about? Details on these toxicity factors need to be known. 

HOWEVER, all that is overridden by the fact that SM-102 is being INJECTED into the body via the Moderna shot. We’re not just talking about inhalation or skin contact.   Obviously, the human body has layers of defense against attack. With injection, a number of those layers are bypassed.   And once deep within the body, where does SM-102 travel as it causes damage along the way?   I doubt that the Cayman safety data sheet even considered the possibility that SM-102 would be injected.   The experts and authorities will assure us SM-102 is safe. They’ll say only miniscule amounts are being injected. They’ll say the clinical trials of the vaccine revealed no problems. They’ll parrot, over and over again, as they always do: “safe and effective.”   You’re walking along a country path. You see a snake lying just ahead of you. He slowly raises his head and looks at you. On his hood, you read the words: “emergency use authorization granted.”

“Vaccine checklist” document secretly warns healthcare professionals the covid vaccine may KILL them, yet withholds this information from the public

In this third shocking example of what’s coming out of the government of Connecticut in terms of covid-19 vaccine propaganda, the government makes healthcare professionals sign a detailed warning / disclaimer that admits the vaccine may kill them. See the full document below:

I believe the benefits outweigh the risks and I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any reactions that may result from either my receipt of the immunization(s)…  Neither the provisioning mass vaccination center nor any of the Released Parties shall, at any time or to any extent whatsoever, be liable, responsible or any way accountable for any loss, injury, death or damage suffered or sustained by any person at any time in connection with or as a result of this vaccine program or the administration of the vaccines described above.

This same document warns healthcare professionals that the risk of anaphylactic reactions is so high, that “medical treatment for severe allergic reactions” must be made available in all mass vaccination centers.

In addition, this document reveals the known adverse reactions from covid-19 vaccines, explaining they include:

  • Feelings of impending doom
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Disorientation, confusion, weakness
  • Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting
  • Flickering lights, tunnel vision.
  • Changes in hearing / loss of hearing

The same chart reveals that for most of these listed adverse reactions, the State of Connecticut recommends continuing with a second dose of the vaccine, even if the first dose caused these bizarre reactions.

Fauci’s Deceptive Data Manipulation Scheme Reveals Entire Scam

How the CDC is manipulating data to prop-up “vaccine effectiveness”.

New policies will artificially deflate “breakthrough infections” in the vaccinated, while the defective PCR testing rules continue to inflate ‘false positive’ case numbers in the unvaccinated.

Can you figure out why they want to do this?

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is altering its practices of data logging and testing for “Covid19” in order to make it seem the experimental gene-therapy “vaccines” are effective at preventing the alleged disease.

They made no secret of this, announcing the policy changes on their website in late April/early May, without admitting the fairly obvious motivation behind the change.

The trick is in their reporting of what they call “breakthrough infections” – that is people who are fully “vaccinated” against Sars-Cov-2 infection, but get infected anyway, having obvious. and undeniable symptoms, up to and including death.

Essentially, Covid19 has long been shown – to those willing to pay attention – to be an entirely manufactured pandemic narrative built on two key factors:

  1. False-positive tests. The unreliable PCR test can be manipulated into reporting a high number of false-positives by altering the cycle threshold (CT value) which is set by the tester operator.
  2. Inflated Case-counts. The incredibly broad definition of “Covid case”, used all over the world, lists anyone who receives a positive test as a “Covid19 case”, even if they never experienced any symptoms, for the simple reason that the PCR test operator set the CT value for an amplification value already known to generate a ‘false positive’.

PCR tester operators are simply following the instructions given by the CDC in setting the number of Cycles of amplification.

Without these two intentionally erroneous policies, there would never have been a pandemic at all.  Now the CDC has enacted two policy changes which apply the same test with differing instructions for the ‘vaccinated’ and the ‘unvaccinated’.

Firstly, they are lowering the CT value when testing samples from “breakthrough infections” of ‘vaccinated’ subjects into a range of 28 or below, almost always yielding ‘negative’ test results.

Secondly, they are increasing the CT value when testing samples from ‘unvaccinated’ subjects to a range of 40 or above, for the purpose of always yielding ‘positive’ test results.

That’s just the way the PCR testers work. The PCR was never designed to be used as a “tester”. The inventor has stated all along that his instrument was designed only for laboratory use.

From the CDC’s instructions for state health authorities on handling “possible breakthrough infections” (uploaded to their website in late April):

For cases with a known RT-PCR cycle threshold (CT) value, submit only specimens with CT value ≤28 to CDC for sequencing. (Sequencing is not feasible with higher CT values.)

Throughout the pandemic, CT values in excess of 39 have been the norm, with labs around the world typically using values into the 40s.

Essentially labs were running as many cycles as necessary to achieve a positive result, despite experts warning that this was pointless (even Fauci himself said anything over 35 cycles is meaningless).

But NOW, and only for fully vaccinated people, the CDC will only accept samples achieved from 28 cycles or fewer. That can only be a deliberate decision in order to decrease the number of “breakthrough infections” being officially recorded.

Secondly, for the “vaccinated”, asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as “covid cases”.

That’s right. Even if a sample collected at the low CT value of 28 can be sequenced into the virus alleged to cause Covid19, the CDC will no longer be keeping records of ‘breakthrough infections’ that don’t result in hospitalization or death.

From their website:

As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine ‘breakthrough cases’ to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance. Previous case counts, which were last updated on April 26, 2021, are available for reference only and will not be updated moving forward.

Just like that, being asymptomatic – or having only minor symptoms – will no longer count as a “Covid case” but only if you’ve been ‘vaccinated’. If you are ‘unvaccinated’, they will still be counted as cases.

The CDC has put new policies in place which effectively created a tiered system of diagnosis. Meaning, from now on, unvaccinated people will be much more likely to be diagnosed with Covid19 than vaccinated people.


Person A has not been vaccinated. They test positive for Covid using a PCR test at 40 cycles and, despite having no symptoms, they are officially a “covid case” and processed as such.

Person B has been vaccinated. They test positive at 28 cycles, and spend six weeks bedridden with a high fever. Because they never went into a hospital and didn’t die they are NOT recorded as a Covid case.

Person C, who was also vaccinated, did die, after weeks in a hospital with a high fever and respiratory problems. Only if their ‘positive PCR test’ was based on a setting of 29 cycles, or less, are the considered a covid case. Otherwise, they’re not officially a Covid case either.

The CDC is demonstrating the beauty of having a “disease” that can appear or disappear depending on how the test operator measures it. So, if they want an ‘unvaccinated’ person to be an official case ‘positive, they can set the test to yield this result. If they want a ‘vaccinated’ person that dies or has serious symptoms requiring hospitalization, after receiving the ‘vaccine’, the PCR test can be set to almost always yield a ‘negative’.

To be clear: If these new policies had been the global approach to “Covid” since December 2019, there would never have been a pandemic at all.

If you apply them only to the vaccinated, but keep the old rules for the unvaccinated, the only possible result can be that the official records show “Covid” is much more prevalent among the latter than the former. Thus, they can claim the ‘vaccine’ is effective.

This is a policy designed to continuously inflate ‘cases’ in the ranks of the ‘unvaccinated’, and systematically minimize the ‘breakthrough’ cases among the ranks of the ‘vaccinated’

When we use the terms ‘vaccinated’ or ‘unvaccinated’, we mean those inoculated, or not, with the serum causing mRNA genetic dysfunction therapy. There is no procedure for ‘vaccination’ in the sense of the common usage of this term. 

What is that if not an obvious and deliberate act of deception?