The Perfidious Dr. Fauci

Rarely do one of our overlords ever get raked over in Congress.  Even then, it’s mostly for political theatre.  The front man for the entire infectious disease industry, who has conspired with vaccine makers to usher in the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, is being pilloried in the court of public opinion these days.  What took so long?

When is somebody going to fire Anthony Fauci?  Maybe he is too big to fail.  Or maybe he is the brains of the medical fraud gang.

There is strong talk on the floor of Congress that the National Institutes Of Infectious Disease, and its director Dr. Anthony Fauci in particular, nefariously funded the “gain of function” development project in Wuhan, China, that resulted in the COVID-19 coronavirus mutation that allegedly escaped laboratory confinement in late 2019 to engulf the world in a viral pandemic of unprecedented proportion.  Well, talk about people who do not have any idea of what they are talking about. 

The entire world is filled with quadrillion times quadrillion times quadrillions of viruses that are inconceivably submicroscopic tiny, that are everywhere. There is no barrier to confine these molecules. So, the very idea that they are somehow confined to a laboratory where humans are coming and going, doing experiments on them, is absurd.  Each human body has a virome comprised of more than 400 trillion viruses, each comprised of untold trillions of dead mRNA molecules, created through cellular mitosis, and all dead, of varying composition, packaged securely in a proteinaceous sack that is very secure.  None are living.  The only way these dead molecules could ever participate in any life process again is if they were to enter into the interior of a eukarytic cell by being allowed entry through the cell wall as a unit of raw organic material to be used in some cellular process.  This is extremely unlikely because the viruses have a geometric form that would not match the geometric opening in the cell wall permitting entry. They are not allowed entry.

The initial “gain of function” research was conducted by Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina that was halted in a moratorium over safety concerns.  That same lab received many NIH $grants.  The experiments would involve the growth of spike proteins that may enhance the probabilities of such an experimental virus becoming attached to a cell receptor site and gain entry to the cell by some sort of error process.  All unlikely in the extreme.

None of this matters to any degree because the whole idea of a covid19 is a highly unlikely prospect, and only needed to create terror.  The covid19 pandemic is an entirely made-up hoax that just set the stage for requiring a response, a ‘vaccine’, to save everyone from this nonexistent medical threat. Do you get it?  The covid19 is imaginary, but supported by a ton of fabrication, talking-head non-experts, sketches showing living little bugs on TV, absurd lockdown responses…but, the real killer and purpose for the entire exercise…the ‘Vaccine’.  The ‘vaccine’ is the key to the real objective of this exercise…the extermination of about 70% of humanity, starting with those living in the ‘West’, in the empire of the US.

Rand Paul demolishes Fauci in the congressional hearings

Congressman Rand Paul rakes Lord Fauci over these “gain of function” tests.  You can listen to the denials and doublespeak by Dr. Fauci, including “It was not done,” and “Let me explain why it was done.”

Whether the virus originated from bat shit in caves in China or not, it is an unequivocal fact a US$ grant indirectly funded coronavirus experiments in China.  The Eco Health Alliance investigator assigned to check on the above allegation was in partnership with the lab in Wuhan, which, as Congressman Rand Paul asserts, looks like a coverup.

Even scientists from Stanford and MIT have signed a letter to the effect that the idea COVID-19 originated out of a laboratory in Wuhan, China, cannot be dismissed and should be investigated.

The seeds for the fabrication of the hoax COVID-19 were planted long before the scamdemic

But this COVID-19 saga goes back to 2017 when Dr. Fauci made a statement that was not even a veiled claim, it was an overt threat.  In January of 2017 Dr. Fauci, concerned his institute wasn’t going to get funding, demanded, literally threatened, the President of the United States that a surprise infectious disease would erupt during his Presidency if the money didn’t materialize.  USA TODAY fact- checked this statement and found it to be true.

In 2018 Dr. Fauci doubled-down on his threat, that an infection called Disease X, would kill 200 million Americans.  Dr. Fauci demanded $7.5 billion to prevent it.  Dr. Fauci was quoted to say X meant “unexpected.”

Fauci mum on co-infection

Then when the COVID-19 scamdemic began to sweep across the globe, thanks to billions of TV sets airing hysterical coverage, Dr. Fauci seemed to forget his prior claim that it wasn’t a virus alone that has caused the 1918 Spanish flu, but a virus combined with a bacterial infection (tuberculosis and/or staphylococcus) that killed millions, a fact he hasn’t re-uttered since the COVID-19 scamdemic was announced in early 2020. 

To be clear on this, the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic was not in any way caused by any virus.  It was simply tuberculosis, one of the five fundamental pathogens of bacterial pathology.  So, there is no ‘flu’ involved, which is why it got so ‘out of hand’ and was not treated effectively, costing so many lives, still wrongly explained to this day.  This is the reason so many snake oil experts keep the mistake alive.  It serves their purposes.

This is why so many deaths and serious adverse reactions go unexplained after the fake ‘vaccination’ for COVID-19.  The fake vaccine, itself, is the source of progressive genetic dysfunction due to its mechanism of generating the production of the ‘spike protein’.  The injection they are calling a ‘vaccine’ is not a ‘vaccine at all.  It is an experimental generator for a foreign protein that should never be present in a cell of a human body. 

The plan did not call for immediate deaths and adverse reactions.  The zombification of the body should require 1 – 2 years before this manifestation is fatal.  The unintended deaths are, to the dismay of the ogres, created large-scale rejection, they call “vaccine hesitancy” which is destroying their plan to reach a vaccine prevalence of over 70% by the present time. Since the covid flu is of trivial consequence, the ‘vaccine’ was never intended to be any form of preventive treatment for it.  The ’vaccine’, itself is the whole enchilada.  The ‘spike protein’ does its job and does not have any need for any viral presence.

Who will protect Americans from Dr. Fauci?

But all this political and scientific theatre isn’t helping Americans cope with the high anxiety associated with this pandemic.  In 2003 Antony Fauci wrote in the journal NATURE: “The overriding objective of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is to support biodefence research in order to provide people with countermeasures in the form of diagnostics, therapies and vaccines.” But who will protect the public from Dr. Fauci and the NIH?

The whole idea of defense against viruses is more nonsense from Rockefeller Medicine, in their drive for the threat of greater numbers of germs, each needing a new and different treatment in the form of pharmaceutical drugs.  The whole theory is nonsense, made up to make money and keep the citizens confused, thinking only ‘experts’ could make them have health and wellness.  People succumbed to this nonsense and which has now become half of the so-called national economy

Past history points to the US, not China

Lest we forget the anthrax attack on the United States was genetically tracked back to a US Army Lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland.  What are Americans left to think after learning that China is the scapegoat for “gain of function” studies that started in the USA?

Contradictive instruction

Why has the nation’s leading infectious disease scientist changed course three times when it comes to wearing face masks during the pandemic?  Because the face mask is a ‘nothing’ in the equation.  It is only for virtue signaling, punishment and fear.

In separate videotaped announcements Fauci said Americans didn’t need to wear face masks, later, they would benefit from wearing face masks, then maybe they ought to wear two or three faces masks simultaneously.

Fauci and social distancing

Fauci advised there was “no significant difference” between 3-foot and 6-foot distancing for school children when, according to CDC data, only 131.4 per 100,000 (1.3 cases per 1000) children age 5-10 were reported to have COVID-19 using a flawed PCR nasal swab test (35 doublings) that produces 97% false positives.

Then among that questionable 131 in 100,000 who may or may not have had COVID-19, only 2.5% of these infected children (age 0-24) were hospitalized, or only 3.27 per 100,000; and almost zero deaths out of 100,000.   Whole school districts would have to be screened to find 1 grade school child that succumbed to COVID-19.  This data was for the week of January 22, 2021. There is much more likelihood that no one died from covid.

But frankly this data largely pertains to children who were staying home and not attending school, where masks were not likely worn or social distancing practiced, who would have come in close contact with any family member who developed COVID-19 symptoms.  Facts are, none of this has any bearing on anything, since the covid is just a fake.

So, just how much could social distancing of any measure in schools reduce the risk for infection, hospitalization or death in any meaningful way?  This is classic Fauci, who is supposed to be ‘the expert’.

Kids are being forced to wear masks and fear their classmates and teachers over a non-existing possibility of getting the flu.  You would be far more susceptible to the flu from wearing the filthy mask.

And there’s more…. Dr. Fauci then encouraged Americans to wear a face mask after they’re vaccinated!  Well finally, he accidently got something right.  Those who have been vaxxed are subsequently highly infectious from the body’s reaction to the injection, which is causing the body to produce defective cells due to the mRNA generating the spike proteins.

Anybody who was involved in masterminded this claptrap public health policy should be asked to resign, then prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

More misdirection: get vaccinated to stop more mutations

In February of 2021, Lord Fauci stated (CNN Report): “Americans need to get vaccinated to stop more mutations from emerging”… Vaccines would have no effect on mutation, even if it were possible for dead mRNA to mutate, which, of course, is not possible.

No word about alternate treatments from Dr. Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who has ignored the use of all forms of treatments which must be “disapproved” because the existence of any “available alternatives” would eliminate approval of emergency-use vaccines that are conditional on the unavailability of any alternative treatment.

Is Dr. Fauci following the science?  Or is he a shill for vaccine makers and a part of the greater depopulation plan?

What goes unsaid

Another sin of emission is vitamin therapy.  Fauci concedes he takes vitamin pills to “keep his immune system healthy”.  He obviously does not know that pills do not provide a mechanism for health.  They may provide some relief from some symptoms, but cannot produce any form of actual cure of any disease.

The bogus PCR test, known to cause pseudo-epidemics

Regarding the bogus PCR test that has the ability to be set for oversensitivity to yield almost 100% false positives, Fauci finally had to say: “If you set a cycle threshold too high, you will get false positives on most tests.” It was never made clear that the false positives were thereby totally meaningless.

So, all the case numbers CDC were issuing, spreading fear and anxiety, that the pandemic was out of control (120,000 new cases in one day), were based on a knowingly bogus test, a test that had caused pseudo-epidemics in the past.

Dr. Fauci talks about numerators and denominators.  The COVID-19 death rate is determined by the number of deaths divided by the number of real diagnosed cases.  A fatality rate of 2-3%.  But the case numbers are slanted.  Yes, there were deaths, but maybe not COVID-related deaths.  The 97% false positive PCR test is being hidden from view on the internet and TV reports. The flawed tests render all related data meaningless.

That is why the President of the United States said at the time, stop testing and the pandemic will disappear.  The news media ridiculed the idea.  That was in June of 2020, before the PCR test was exposed for the meaningless garbage it produced, and still produces.

The President eventually called Fauci “a disaster.”  But is Fauci impeachable?  In an interview in THE ATLANTIC,  Dr. Fauci was quoted to say: “What was really the topper was when the White House sent out that list to everybody of the things that Dr. Fauci was wrong on, which was complete crap, because I wasn’t wrong on any of them!” [Laughs.]

Scientists concluded: “If someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 28 cycles or higher is used (as is the case in most laboratories in Europe & the US), the probability that said person is actually infected is less than 3%, the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” This is the basis for all the hysterical responses.

Since viruses are very small particles, the PCR test doubles the quantity of viral particles in cycles, the number of which is selectable.  At some point the PCR test can be set so sensitive (more doubling cycles) that it will just detect dead viral junk particles and give a ‘positive’ which is misinterpreted to claim the subject is found to be covid-positive  This is not science.  It is stupidity. Intentional stupidity.

The whole world was being kept in lockdown with great financial harm, permanent loss of businesses, suicides, all over a test that was never capable of testing for covid, per the inventor, and is, to this day, nothing but bogus.

All the while, Dr. Fauci was enjoying the limelight.  When a man is telling the Pope what to do at a May 6, 2021 Vatican conference, you can bet his ego is getting bigger.  Fauci has also been chief advisor to six US Presidents.

The world was to wait till Lord Fauci waved his magic wand and free it from a test that was intentionally dysfunctional and unsuitable.  It took till March of 2021 for the Centers for Disease Control to address this problem, by dialing down the PCR test sensitivity to 28 to avoid false positive tests.  None dared call it fraudi.

Dr. Antony Fauci should be nominated for the Nobel Fleece Prize.

He screwed most of the occupants of the planet and took the grand bow of the savior.

Vaccination: a road to nowhere

I hear from friends and acquaintances that were vaccinated and say nothing adverse happened.  Yes, but the entire vaccination campaign is a fraud!  That doesn’t seem to bother some people.  “But vaccination doesn’t even offer peace of mind!,” , let alone any safety.

Who is going to stop the vaccine train that is on a road to nowhere but extermination now that the vaccinated are still vulnerable to reinfection and a whole new set of genetic malfunctions that eventually lead to death?  Vaccine passports then become meaningless.  Requirements to vaccinate before entry to schools, jobs, airplanes or businesses also are exercises in coercion leading to death.

Vaccine licensure: a bar too low

The bar for licensure of vaccines development is so low that pharmaceutical companies only have to reduce symptoms by 50%.  If a vaccine does not vaccinate, that is, produce immunity against an infectious disease, is it really a vaccine?  No, this covid mRNA injection is not a vaccine, it is live mRNA that will produce dysfunctional cells in your body.  Your body will become less and less functional, and more and more unhuman in form and function.  The majority of humans are far too ignorant to grasp what is happening.  They won’t realize until it is far too late what the biology-gone-wrong is wreaking upon them.  And there is nothing that can be done to rectify this destruction.  The people see that 20 states have already made legal the processing of victims of the ‘vaccine’.  The governments take possession of the bodies, and process them into fertilizer for growing GMO crops.  Soon the corrupt farm land is going to be repaired from the organics of the dead.  Not dead from covid at all, but from zombification.


We are learning many Americans don’t make personal health decisions, they let others make the decisions for them.  This has happened gradually as group victimhood has taken over individuality. It is obvious that the risk for serious adverse effects is greater than any possible benefit derived from ‘vaccination’.  With 192,954 adverse events, 4,057 deaths and 17,190 serious injuries from Dec. 14, 2020 to May 7, 2021, any other vaccine with that track record would have been recalled.  The “first do no harm” principle is violated.

Why are people still taking this injection at all?  The danger is obvious as is the nonexistence of the covid virus.  No pandemic exists.  Mortality is consistent from year to year in every country in this world.  Thus, saying a pandemic exists is utter nonsense.

These kinds of revelations should bring the multi-billion -dollar COVID-19 vaccine industry to a halt, and a recall.  But the bought-and-paid-for news media, the public arbiter, will keep up the party line in the face of patently obvious lies to the end.  There is more to come, 162 more COVID-19 vaccines are said to be under development.  The vaccine industry is going to proceed because it is removed from liability, and it is guaranteed a profit by government, but does it get a pass when the entire vaccination scheme is bogus?  Of course it does.  Depopulation of homo sapiens was the single and only objective all along.  This is not a well-intentioned project gone wrong.  This is a project that is succeeding with its original agenda.

The last straw

Dr. Fauci says he is frustrated to find many Americans are hesitant about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.  Here’s the guy who lit the match to the COVID-19 forest fire, then poured gasoline on the flames, confused everybody as to which way to run from the flames, and now is puzzled why people are hesitant to believe him.

Why are 50% of Fauci’s own staff and organizations refusing to take the ‘vaccine’? Do they know something that you should know?

And what was Dr. Fauci doing while people were supposedly dying left and right from COVID-19?  He was throwing out the first pitch of the Washington Nationals 2020 season.  It was a wild pitch.