No Scientific or Medical Efficacy for Passport

The entire concept underlying vaccine passports is totally flawed and it is patently obvious these passports are useless other than as a control mechanism for the human depopulation program.  The non-scientists in the Mengele laboratories are working overtime to try to find patches for all the holes in their stories as to why this is a viable idea in the first place.  Any idiot with half a working braincell can see right through this bullshit as only a clumsy attempt at coercion to get the vax.

They have a huge problem with their program.  Recipients of the vax are not supposed to be manifesting death and life-threatening side effects so soon.  These manifestations were only supposed to start appearing after maybe one year.  Now, victims who are ‘hesitant’ are seeing the crude and cruel slaughter prematurely.  They have an increased ‘hesitancy’.

Fauci is pacing in circles, ever smaller.  He is trying to figure out how he can be more coercive in effect while looking like he is being less coercive in his desperation.  Take away everything the victims are dreaming for and dangle the tempting ‘carrot’. The passport can make your dreams come true. “Don’t leave home without it”.

Now we have potent opposition to the very idea of it all.  Opposition coming from scientists infinitely more qualified than Fauci.  What to do, what to do!

A GROUP of doctors say ‘natural immunity’ to coronavirus infection is long lasting, but they fear people will be coerced into taking ‘top-up vaccines’ in order to re-access society when their Digital Green Pass expires after only a six month period of validity. 

Did you realize you are going to have to renew your new passport each six months, which entails more and more tests and injections. 

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Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group of doctors across Europe and North America, say studies on Covid-19’s closest-related virus to infect humans, SARS, revealed that those who had acquired natural immunity in 2003 have retained immunity to the present day.  That is assuming there was actually any real threat in existence.  The most likely case is that there was no more danger with SARS than there is with COVID, really zero percent.

They also maintain that, even before the onset of any vaccination campaigns, most people were immune to Covid-19, either through infection with the virus itself, often without symptoms, or with only mild, undetectable symptoms, or due to cross-immunity conferred by other, naturally occurring coronaviruses. Or, there is the distinct probability the viruses are not contagious nor infectious at all. Do you know where viruses come from? Your own body is producing them by the trillions all the time, as are all the rest of the eukaryotic-celled life forms on Earth, including plants and insects.

But under an Article of Law Decree just published by the European Union, its proposed Digital Green Pass will have a brief validity period of just six months.

Once expired, the holder would need to be re-vaccinated or have had Covid during the last six months or take a test every 48 hours in order to regain their freedoms.

Doctors for Covid Ethics argue there is no rational case for such a pass, which is currently being used in Israel and proposed in the UK, adding that immunity from infection is likely to be natural, durable and unaffected by variants.

Doctors for Covid Ethics said:

“There is no scientific foundation to the concept of vaccine passports and no rational case at all for the existence of vaccine passports. To set a six-month expiration is bizarre and arbitrary.

“Examining the time course of antibodies in blood samples is not a valid approach to the question of, ‘how long does immunity last?’.

“This is because antibodies aren’t the most important host defense mechanism in natural immunity to viruses. That’s considered to be T-cell memory (cytotoxic as well as ‘helper’ lymphocytes) and B-memory (antibody producing) cells.

“Antibodies naturally fall over time if you’re no longer constantly rechallenged with the pathogen. As community prevalence decays away, this re-exposure to the virus also diminishes.

“When durability of immunity to the closest known virus, SARS, was studied, those who had acquired immunity naturally, through infection in 2003, all retained immunity 17 years later.

“There is speculation that ‘variants’ of SARS-CoV-2 might ‘break through’ the immunity gained through natural infection or vaccination. There is absolutely no evidence for this at all.

“In fact, there is very strong evidence to the contrary – that no variant is sufficiently different from the original virus that it’s even possible for ‘immune escape’ to occur.

“Several groups of immunologists have shown convincingly that people immune to one variant have T-cells which recognize all the other variants tested. This isn’t a surprise, for no variant differs from the original sequence by more than 0.3 per cent.

“In fact, those who had retained immunity to SARS also possessed cross-immunity to SARS-CoV-2. These two viruses differ by approximately 20 per cent.

“Obviously, if our immune systems easily recognize two viruses which share 80 per cent similarity, it follows that differences of 0.3 per cent are completely irrelevant, from an immunological perspective.”

The group went on to add that focusing on antibodies in the context of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 is “flawed” and so coercing people into so-called booster vaccines in order to regain their freedoms, withdrawn by Governments, is wholly inappropriate.

“The whole concept of antibody-based immunity against an air-borne pathogens is flawed because the antibodies are on the wrong side of the wall and cannot intercept viral entry into the respiratory tract epithelium,” added the group.  Since your very own body, itself, produces trillions of new viruses on an on-going basis, it is highly likely that there is on a tiny possibility of ‘infection’ in the first place. 

“Secreted IgA antibodies play no significant role either: selective IgA deficiency does not enhance susceptibility towards coronavirus infections.”

The group also highlights that vaccine companies have taken careful precautions to become exempt from any and all legal liability for vaccine-induced harm, adding that, for the vast majority of people, SARS-CoV-2 is a non-lethal, typically mild to moderate illness.

They said:

“The overwhelming majority, like in 99.7% of people, are not at risk from COVID-19 and thus do not require vaccination for their own protection.

“The vaccines have been touted as a means to prevent asymptomatic infection, an oxymoron,  and, by extension, asymptomatic transmission, another oxymoron. “Asymptomatic transmission” is an artefact of invalid and unreliable PCR test procedures and interpretations, leading to high false-positive rates.

“Evidence indicates that PCR-positive, asymptomatic people are healthy false-positives. A comprehensive study of 9,899,828 people in China found that asymptomatic individuals testing positive for COVID-19 never infected any other others. This would appear to be the original attempt at deceiving the public into believing that the COVID-19 is detectable, testable and rampant…all lies.

“In contrast, the papers cited by the Centre for Disease Control to justify claims of asymptomatic transmission are based on more of Fauci’s hypothetical computer models, not empirical studies; they present lies, guesses, assumptions and estimates rather than factual evidence. Preventing asymptomatic infection is not a viable rationale for promoting vaccination of the general population. There really is no such thing as asymptomatic infection, another oxymoron”

They have written to MEP’s, putting them on notice that liability for deaths and adverse reactions to the vaccines will fall on them, should they vote for the Digital Green Pass, which was debated on Wednesday.

And last week, Doctors for Covid Ethics wrote their third letter to the European Medicines Agency, warning executive director Emer Cooke that cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) dominates the list of adverse reactions from the vaccines and is not as rare as the EMA suggests.

Of course, these clowns and liars deny up and down that all of the hundreds of thousands of “coincidences” have absolutely nothing to do with their sacred vaccines that are incapable of doing any wrong.  When the real design-effects of the injections manifest over time, which is intended to be six months to two year, they will deny to all heaven that their “vaccine” is not to blame and, after all this time, could not possibly be the culprit.

Take this information as advance notice that these fiends are liars and murderers in the first-degree.