Third COVID wave will have mortality

But Mainly for those previously ‘vaccinated’

When genetic scientismists decided to recklessly meddle with the human genetic system, the aftermath of the first round of gene altering jabs guaranteed only one thing: ongoing direct access to humans for ongoing series of additional gene altering shots. For those who died as a result, no apologies will be forthcoming.  Ultimately, this is the fate for all.

The next big wave of COVID infections and mortality, already hitting states such as Michigan, will be dominated by people who have been fully vaccinated.

This was predicted by the authors of a scientific study published in the British medical journal.

Between 60 and 70 percent of “third wave” COVID deaths and hospitalizations will be from people who were fully vaccinated, according to the study, Summary of Further Modeling of Easing Restrictions, published March 31 by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

This may at least partially explain why Detroit-area hospitals are filling up with COVID patients and why more lockdown measures are being imposed, stating “measures will be more strict until the population of Michigan reaches the point where 70% have taken the injection”.

But you won’t read about this angle to the story from anyone in the mainstream media. They are reporting the story as simply a new wave of COVID hospitalizations and deaths caused by a UK-based variant of the virus that has nothing to do with the high rate of vaccinations. [See Detroit News, April 15, 2021, Beaumont nears COVID hospital capacity as experts warn of ‘new pandemic.’]

Vaxxing is Now Introducing Real Potential for Excess Mortality

Now here is the truth.  There is no third wave, just like there was no second or first wave.  Covid disease is nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by calling all of the old ills, like colds, flus, grippe, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. by the new name “covid” and renaming all ‘causes of death’ as “covid”.  So, nothing has changed except for all the TV hype, hysteria and ‘renaming’.

 Then we had the “casedemic”, perpetrated by the use of the PCR tester, that simply does not work, at all, and the operater can set the results to either positive or negative by the degree of amplification selected.

On this basis, over 150 million Americans have taken the injections labeled ‘covid vaccine’.  Now, the program is requiring a series of 3 injections.  So, finally we have something real going on.  The “vaccinated” are dying or manifesting serious adverse side-effects.  The intent apparently was to have no initial consequences, which would be dissuasive to the unvaccinated so far as deciding in favor of becoming vaxxed..  The intent was to get enough suckers to take the “vaccine” before adverse affects started to manifest.  Already, the “vaccinated” are finding strange adverse effects of many types.  It was supposed to take one to two years for the slow process of ‘cellular defect accumulation’ to get the recipients ‘zombified’.  But other factors are coming into play, and recipients have earlier effects, which apparently include mortality, during what they will be calling the “third wave”

Furthermore, the vaxxed are able to contaminate the “unvaxxed” by ‘shedding’ defective proteins that can be transferred by contact or even close proximity to healthy unvaxxed individuals.

There had been no new danger to anyone prior to the point of vaxxing.  There is statistically, no increase in mortality, anywhere in the world, up until this time.  Now, the vaxxing has apparently brought on a real health threat.  The media is dead silent on the matter.

Public has no Need to Know of Emerging Dangers

Mainstream news outlets have yet to express the tiniest bit of curiosity as to why the big spike in COVID is taking place even as large percentages of the public have been vaccinated [Michigan is one of the most-vaccinated states in the nation with nearly 30 percent of Michiganders receiving the jab]. In fact, health officials quoted in the above Detroit News article are blaming “vaccine hesitancy” for the new wave, a diabolical falsification of what’s going on in Michigan meant to put more pressure on the people who refuse the unproven experimental emergency injection.

Apparently those health officials haven’t read the new British study, which states:

“The resurgence in both hospitalizations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups, such that immunization failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated individuals.” [See page 10, summary point No. 32].

And what do the British scientists who authored the study say is the answer to this dilemma of the fully vaccinated coming down with COVID? Why, we need more vaccines and more lockdowns, of course!

And Big Pharma is more than happy to comply. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced a “third dose” of its vaccine will be needed within 12 months of the second dose and likely another dose every year after that. As we predicted, the globalists planned all along to use COVID to scare people into getting annual injections. Nobody knows what’s in these injections or how they will affect human health in the medium and long term.

What Does this Bode for Humanity?

However, there are more than enough revelations available to make a highly educated analysis of the whole scenario.  There is a global UN RESET in the works.  This RESET is to establish a new world order, with the entire virtual reality of the old MATRIX being dismantled and scrapped.  This means that the “WESTERN Powers” are on the way out and the “EASTERN Powers” are now in charge of world order.  It also means that the massive overpopulation of the recent 100 years is being corrected.

Depopulation is the obvious goal of the covid scam and one of the primary methods for accomplishing this is the “vaccine”.  There are lots of other depopulation agendas at play, as there has been all along during the past 200 years of the prior RESET.  With 7.4 billion humans existing on the planet, this is no small task and will require time.  The phase one operation, now fully operational, will take the “Western” segment of this large population down by a factor of 70%, or more.  This involves taking out more than one billion humans.

The timing on this operation is spelled out in the UN Agenda 2030, a component of the UN Agenda 21.  By 2025, The US, Canada, Britain, Western Europe, Australia and NZ will be depopulated by at least 70%.

Speaking to, academic and mental-health ethicist Niall McCrae noted that “the report’s prediction that 70% of COVID-19 deaths will be of dual-vaccinated people is quite startling.”

“Clearly these pseudo-scientific modelers would like us to be locked down ad infinitum, but do they know something that governments and public health authorities aren’t telling us?” Dr. McCrae asked.

The academic slammed the study’s “Alice-in-Wonderland logic, ‘following the nonscience’ down a rabbit hole” since “the report states, ‘this is because vaccine uptake has been so high in the oldest age groups,’ and that ‘this is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely uptake being so high.’”

McCrae elaborated in scientism-speak:

“We already know that for two to three weeks after the injection, elderly and vulnerable people are at increased risk of serious respiratory infection, due to lowering of immunity. That’s why there was a surge in deaths after vaccination rollout, with the evidence most stark in countries with the highest vaccination numbers; such as Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Gibraltar and the United Arab Emirates.”

Even more concerning is the report’s warning of a longer-term risk to the vaccinated. Will they be more prone to COVID-19 variants or to other viruses, as Vanden Bossche suggested?  No, there are no covid disease or variants.  This is a fabricated concept to induce the ignorant to voluntarily take the vax.

McCrae answered as follows:

“In the old joke when someone asks an Irishman for directions, and he says, ‘I wouldn’t start from here,’ I fear for those who took the jab and thought that the road ahead would be safe and straightforward.”


You are being played out to the hilt.  There are enough of these so-called expert windbags around to fill everyone with doublespeak dribble ad infinitum.  All they have to do is keep the ignorant element of the population confused for a little longer and humans will seal their own fate by believing in TV, allopathy and government psychopaths. 

The facts could hardly be more obvious but the terribly fearful will do most anything to avoid seeing the facts.  The world-wide human population will stand at one-half billion by 2050, just as the ‘Guidestones’ predict.  There will be no more illusions of virtual freedom and ownership of personal property.  Humans will have been returned to their status as slaves or serfs, just as they have always been for 135,000 years.

It is totally possible that by the end of the 21st century, all humans will have been replaced by entities that offer superior capabilities with much greater efficiencies and no need to implement elaborate control schemes and deceptions any longer.  Everyone should know that the human body is just a small bag of dirt, common elements from the Earth, or whatever planet they inhabit.

Modern scientism will never know or acknowledge that the primary aspect of all living animals, plants, invertebrates and other life forms is not of the physical realm.  You can study the topic of metaphysics, found in the archives of this site, to learn about how it all works.

A clue…when your physical body returns to the dirt, you are not dead, but only meta-morpho-sized back to the energy plane of existence.