Get Set for the Real Lockdowns

Covid is not real. The real threat is the real government, which does not include any “elected” politicians.  Covid is nothing but a scripted narrative being hyped by talking head designated “experts” on TV and enforced by government agency orders to impose lockdowns, masking, injections etc., by state governors and various minions.

The world has overreacted to covid, as it exists in name only, by renaming the old ‘flus’ as ‘covid’, which impacts a small percentage of the population. They intend to impact the population of the entire world through this farcical drama, however.  Something is coming and one does not have to be psychic to see it.

As more and more people are seeing through the scam, or taking the fake vaccine and either dying or being medically incapacitated, those who are ‘waiting to see further’ will now be re-engaged.   Yesterday, the CDC Director made a most unprofessional statement for a public health official. Citing no data, no pre-emptive cause, she said “I feel a sense of impending doom.” Why would a person in a position of public trust make such a seemingly unfounded statement which could have caused widespread panic?

Why would Biden, in the face of American hope for a ‘reopening’, tell the 50 governors that they must reinstitute the mask mandate?.  These officials are not concerned about health but about subjugation of the masses. The lockdowns are failing, or are being removed. America is slowly leaving the status of being under house arrest while the economy, which was already trashed long ago, was dealt another destructive blow based on fabricated covid case numbers that are known by everyone to be falsely generated. Their real purpose behind the plandemic was to get as many humans set up for extermination as possible, within the confines of any flimsy context, before the lid blows off the entire fraud.  Fauci is working hard for his Oscar nomination, but his acting talents are a little too limited and his ignorance is epic.

They do not have a lot more time to fire off the ‘kill shot’. The drama is wearing thin and they need palpable fear to keep the herd of sheeples running full speed as the front of the pack can already see the edge of the cliff looming directly ahead.  They can’t allow any time for the herd to turn away from what is ahead.  They need this to go off in the prescribed manner as the world is watching.  This phase is primarily for the US and its cronies, as there are just too many people in the world to do this in a single shot.  They have to maintain their strategy of phased genocide.  They do not want irreparable destruction, such as nuclear, to be used.  The planet is of further value.  The humans are not.

To cite an example of what is going down, the state of Arizona has the ability to take people off the streets in the name of a pandemic, real or imagined, where you might not be heard from again. The legislation is modeled after Human Health Services protocols for dealing with a pathogen like Ebola. One day before Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, lifted the state-wide mask mandate, he sent $41 million to Mohave County (100,000 people) for more masks. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? Mass incarceration is close at hand. Home confinements will be reinstituted in some cases where demand for covid masks exceeds supply. 

One of the indications of mass incarceration (ie a purge) is coming is the authority given to Arizona’s and other governors. There is a very good chance that your state has similar laws. Most of you will not believe the claims in this article. However, links and history is provided. FEMA concentration camps are in existence and large-scale utilization right around the corner. 

Arkansas, alleged CV-19 victims, were transported to what you would call a FEMA medical martial law facility. This is not an isolated incident. Arizona has granted governor, Doug Ducey, the authority to create, operate and maintain concentration camps.  The camps are allegedly for a deadly pathogen from which quarantine is determined necessary. It is not the governor that makes that determination, not a health board nor the State Legislature. This is the creation of a medical martial law dictatorship at the order of the’ Royals’ It follows the HHS guidelines for ESF#8-14.

Presently in Airzona and other states, people can be imprisoned for “suspected” or fabricated symptoms and be forcibly vaccinated, subject to other treatments and quarantined. In short, governors have been granted the authority to assume complete control over your freedom, your body and even your life. 

Excerpts from Arizona statues are listed below relative to the topic:.

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-787. Public health authority during state of emergency or state of war emergency

A. During a state of emergency or state of war, the governor, in consultation with the director of the department of health services, may issue orders that:

1. Mandate medical examinations for exposed persons.

2. Ration medicine and vaccines.

3. Provide for transportation of medical support personnel and ill/exposed persons.

4. Provide for procurement of medicines and vaccines.

B. In addition, during a state of emergency or state of war, in which there is an occurrence or the imminent threat of smallpox, plague,  hemorrhagic fevers or a highly contagious and highly fatal disease with transmission characteristics similar to smallpox, the governor, in consultation with the director of the department of health services, may issue orders that:

1. Mandate treatment or inoculation of persons who are diagnosed with illness resulting from exposure or who are reasonably believed to have been exposed or who may reasonably be expected to be exposed.

You don’t have to be exposed. The Governor’s staff need only say you might be exposed before being taken to a FEMA medical martial law camp. Further, there is no exception listed for people who may have a pre-existing medical condition that would contraindicate any treatment.

2. Isolate and quarantine persons.

This follows under the guidelines of ESF#8 when ebola was the alleged imminent threat.   

Look at the participating partners in the “hospital” detainment centers in the EFS #8 document. This list is very revealing as to the intended purpose of these camps.

 Support Agencies: Department of Agriculture Department of Commerce Department of Defense Department of Energy Department of Homeland Security Department of the Interior Department of Justice Department of Labor Department of State Department of Transportation Department of Veterans Affairs Environmental Protection Agency General Services Administration U.S. Agency for International Development U.S. Postal Service American Red Cross

When dealing with government, it is not what they say that is important, it is what they do not say. In the above list of Ebola detainment centers, I don’t see the CDC or the National Institute of Health listed. Nor do I see any legitimate medical organizations. I don’t even see the presence of any “volunteer” medical organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. Does anyone else find it disturbing that the transport of very sick people will be conducted and the end point is devoid of any medical treatment organizations and/or facilities? These camps are death camps. There is not one shred of evidence that these camps are intended to treat or even make comfortable people who will contract Ebola or be exposed to Ebola. The most disturbing thing is that these camps will be death camps for relatively healthy people. If you are a person who is unlucky enough to be discovered to have asthma or merely be temporarily suffering from congestion in one’s lungs from their atmospheric spraying programs, or Bill Gates’ atmospheric spraying programs, allergies or a simple cold, you could find yourself on one of the Federally approved ambulance services (bus, train, plane) and headed to your final destination.

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-788. Isolation and quarantine during a state of emergency or state of war emergency

A. The department or local health authority may, during the state of emergency or state of war emergency declared by the governor, do the following:

1. Establish and maintain places of isolation and quarantine, which may include the residence of the person quarantined.

2. Require isolation or quarantine of any person by the least restrictive means necessary to protect the public health.  The department or local health authority shall use all reasonable means to prevent the transmission of disease among the isolated or quarantined persons.

B. The department, a county health department or a public health services district shall ensure, to the extent possible, that the premises in which a person is isolated or quarantined is maintained in a safe and hygienic manner and is designed to minimize the likelihood of further transmission of disease or other harm to a person subject to isolation or quarantine.  Adequate food, clothing, medication and other necessities, competent medical care and means of communicating with those in and outside these settings shall be made available.

C. A person subject to isolation or quarantine shall comply with the department’s or local health authority’s rules and orders, shall not go beyond the isolation or quarantine premises and shall not come in contact with any person not subject to isolation or quarantine other than a physician or other health care provider, department or local health authority or person authorized to enter an isolation or quarantine premises by the department or local health authority.

D. Other than a person authorized by the department or local health authority, a person shall not enter an isolation or quarantine premises.  If, by reason of an unauthorized entry into an isolation or quarantine premises, the person poses a danger to public health, the department, or local health authority may place the person in isolation or quarantine pursuant to this section or § 36-789 .

E. The department, or local health authority must terminate isolation or quarantine of a person if it determines that the isolation or quarantine is no longer necessary to protect the public health.

To sum up this portion of this unconstitutional law, self-granting of dictatorship powers, the accused person does not even have to have been diagnosed with a presence or infection of a dangerous pathogen. They simply “could be” exposed. They are clearly transported to a third-party site of an unspecified nature. Family may not visit. Their medications will be controlled. And as we witnessed in ARS 36-787, there is no established authority to provide diagnosis. It is so open-ended that we must consider the fact that this could be misused as a potential abuse for any type of persecution.  

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-789. Due process for isolation and quarantine during a state of emergency or state of war emergency

A.The department, or local health authority may isolate or quarantine a person or group of persons through a written directive, without first obtaining a written order from the court, if any delay in the isolation or quarantine of the person would pose an immediate and serious threat to the public health.  

It is quite obvious that this carries the authority of totalitarian authority. You will have no rights. No courts are involved, no appeal can be made until the sentence is executed.  

B. Within ten days after issuing the written directive, or when any delay in the isolation or quarantine of a person or group of persons will not pose an immediate and serious threat to the public health, the department or local health authority shall file a petition for a court order authorizing the initial or continued isolation or quarantine of a person or group of persons.  

Citizens will be declared “guilty” after they are jailed.

C. Before an isolation or quarantine order expires, the department or local health authority may move to continue the isolation or quarantine for an additional period not to exceed thirty days.  The court shall grant the motion if, by a preponderance of the evidence, isolation or quarantine is shown to be reasonably necessary to protect the public health.

Please note that it is important to consider what is NOT being said here. Is the person going to be afforded an attorney to represent their interest? It certainly does ot appear to be the case. If so, this makes the court the rubber stamp for the dictatorial authority of the Governor.

D. A record of the proceedings pursuant to this section shall be made and retained.  If, because of a state of emergency or state of war,  declared pursuant to § 36-787 , parties cannot personally appear before the court, the proceedings may be conducted by the authorized representatives of the parties and held by any means that allows all parties to fully participate.

Please note that the citizen is not even guaranteed to attend the trial that determines their freedom or incarceration. Please ask the question, who are “authorized representatives”?  How can it be guaranteed that these authorized representatives are approved by the person that is incarcerated and being adjudicated AFTER THE FACT!!!

E. The court shall appoint counsel at state expense to represent a person or group of persons who is subject to isolation or quarantine pursuant to this article and who is not otherwise represented by counsel.  Representation by appointed counsel continues throughout the duration of the isolation or quarantine of the person or group of persons.  The department or local health authority must provide adequate means of communication between the isolated or quarantined persons and their counsel.

Finally, the statute addresses counsel, but the conditions are so nebulous that one cannot guarantee that the 5th Amendment rights of due process are being followed. Remember, the person has already been locked up for at least 10 days at this point. This looks like window dressing to disguise the fact that there are no citizen civil liberty protections in place.

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-790. Privileges and immunities

A. A person or health care provider undertaking any activity required by this article, including reporting, participating in quarantine or isolation procedures, is immune from civil or criminal liability if the person or health care provider acted in good faith.  Actions required by this article are presumed to be in good faith.

B. The immunities prescribed in § 26-314 are applicable to §§ 36-787 , 36-788 and 36-789 .

Why would the state grant unconditional, blanket immunity for the actions of people connected with this unconstitutional process if they were not breaking any laws or doing anything wrong? This last section tells everyone what they need to know about this process. This is medical martial law and can be used against anyone, at any time and for any reason including, political, religious, age discrimination, race  or any other defining characteristic that does not meet with the governing authority. 

Finally, it should be noted that there is no oversight on the actions of the governor. He/she acts under the authority of an unidentified higher power to which you are not even allowed to be aware of.