Known Lethal and Extreme Toxic Injections Now to be Given to Children

“The victimization of children is nowhere forbidden; what is forbidden is to write about it.”

~ Alice Miller (1998).

 “Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society’s Betrayal of the Child”, p.235, Macmillan

While you sit on your fat ass engrossed by the TV set, you are allowing the same government fiends who intends to kill or zombify you, to inject the children with this ‘known lethal and toxic serum’, under the guise of good and essential medical practice.  Just how fucking stupid or careless are you?

This government is victimizing the innocent trusting children, to purposely cause them irreparable harm and death, so as to control their bodies, minds, and spirits in the quest to achieve power over all mankind in the immediate future. Do you even know about or understand this? I think the children are not spreading any disease, not do they pose any risk to anyone.

The hope in life is that it will be filled with joy and happiness, but often this is not the case. We strive to achieve a better way, but still life can be consumed by misery and evil. imposed by government psychopaths.  The normal expectation of parents is that their children are healthy, happy, and free of strife, and have a better chance at life than they did. Children, especially when they are first born and very young, are not only totally helpless, but they are completely innocent beings fully dependent on others to survive and remain unscathed. The protection we provide for them is vital, and nothing is more important than protecting the innocent children. We have reached a stage where this government that has been voluntarily allowed to exist by this population of fools, is attempting to destroy children in order to control humanity. This is an immoral abomination.

The fiends are taking stock of just how depraved and chikenshit the people have become due to their fear mongering. If the children are destroyed, so goes the rest of the world, but if the royals and their government pawns succeed in this plot to mutilate the bodies and minds of children, those that allowed such a travesty will deserve no life at all.

Mass Shooting Events are 100 Percent False Flags Perpetrated by government

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair

“…but if we withdraw from Afghanistan, there a serious chance it might fall into the hands of the Afghanis”

In light of the tragic violence that has unfolded once again in the form of mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia, it becomes clear that another gun confiscation plan has been launched by the government.  Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, there have been 114 mass shootings with 1300 victims. Every single one of these mass shooting events is a ‘false-flag’ perpetrated by various entities of the US government and fellow allies, with whom the US has reciprocated by assisting in their own ‘false-flag’ atrocities.  Why would they do this.  Firstly, it is part of a global strategy of genocide, to take the world population down from the current 7+ billion people to under 500 million people.  To do this, at this stage, with such a large global population that possesses hundreds of millions of guns, necessitates a total disarmament.  Disarmament is not popular among the populations who understand that all genocides have been preceded by disarmament.

Most people are scared to death to acknowledge this fact due to the obvious implications.  In other words…”Holy Shit!  If that is true, then my whole world view is completely shattered into a million pieces”.  Well, it is precisely true and you are in desperate need of having your whole world view revised.

With events currently going on in the world today, it is unavoidable to conclude that massive changes are underway in, not only the size of the surviving population, but in how control of humans will be changed in the immediate future. 

Moreover, as one national report notes “Every day, more than 100 Americans are killed with guns and more than 230 are shot and wounded.”   The idea of confiscating guns, limiting or eliminating ammunition purchases or gun purchases is unbelievably naïve.  The government is purchasing billions of guns and ammunition on the part of civilian (non-military) entities for use domestically.  The weapons owned by the people privately are a huge deterrent to the governments, local and foreign, who would implement genocide, intent on massive depopulation.  And massive depopulation is definitely in the cards.

It is not the American people who radiate violence or mass shootings.   It is totally and strictly the government, even if the actual perpetrator is a ‘Patsy’, recruited and set up by the FBI. The US is far from the richest country in the world. That is like saying you are rich because you have a bunch of stuff that you bought on credit and have not paid for.   It has one of the largest prison systems in the world, rings the planet with over 800 military bases in 70 countries, and has a military budget of $738 billion that is insanely bloated and is larger than the next ten countries combined. Moreover, it criminalizes social problems, has an insatiable entertainment culture that trades in violence as a spectacle, militarizes its police forces… again, all problems instigated or created by government.  Its elected politicians are as fake as Monopoly money, who have no power or decision-making authority.  Even the president is just a mouthpiece who does as he is told.  This fakery is so deluded, citizens can feel that they have control over their government, which they do not.

Americans can no longer be safe in schools, supermarkets, walking down the street, or going to public venues, all because of government perpetrated false-flag events, although the majority of casualties are ‘crisis actors’ bleeding catsup. The real violence is among syndicated organized crime elements who play a large role in the real deep government and sanctioned drug trafficking by the CIA, the world’s largest drug smugglers.  Of late, all of the petty wars are really drug wars, such as SE Asia, and Afghanistan.  The government, the ‘real government’ is nothing short of organized crime on a massive, treasury-level scale.

Domestic terrorism is another fiction of the government, run totally by Zionist double-citizenship jews in the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, who write all the laws that show up at congress and must be passed immediately “so we can read what it says”, to quote Pelosi.  Americans no longer appear capable of understanding where violence ends since it has been turned on the citizens as the solution for addressing most of America’s fabricated problems, like COVID pandemics.

The public imagination has turned lethal. Government has blood on its hands, and the mass shootings will continue until such time as the sheeple either volunteer their weapons or the UN forces, in-country, forcibly confiscate them on midnight door-to-door raids.

Mass shootings cannot be considered as isolated events since they are rooted in institutional and systemic deceit at every level of government, pursuant to completion of its mission of genocide to reduce the American population by 80 – 90%.

Violence in America has become a commodity. TV, video games, movies and mass media base their very existence on violence and pornography.  The citizens endorse their military force’s programs to bomb, destroy, maim and kill other people, so long as they are doing it in some other part of the world where those living in the areas being attacked can be called ‘gooks’.  Just claim they are a national security threat that is threatening our oil supply problems.  Then we can condone it. 

The spectacle of violence dominates the mainstream media adding to a culture of cruelty and misdirected notions of pleasure in which violence becomes the chief source of entertainment. Violence is a business and source of profit for the merchants of death that include lobbyists for the defense industries, the fake Rockefeller allopathic medical system and the accompanying pharmaceutical industry.

The drug shootings, police violence, and prison-industrial complex must be seen within a broader understanding of a society marked by massive inequality, systemic injustice, and deat- dealing poverty. Every day, state violence, senseless police killings, strip searches of women, property confiscation underwritten by a political culture indifferent to the value of human life, except for the rich and privileged, makes for good entertaining news broadcasts for the psychopaths.

America is addicted to violence because it has become the organizing principle of a predatory socio-political-economic system in which human suffering, human misery, and death function as a valued form of political and economic currency.  The fake mass shootings have become accepted expressions of daily life are taken in-stride as real valid signposts that make clear that America has become a failed state, a country in which fascism now has a smooth edge. Democracy has never existed in America, not from its inception that began with the killing of 80 million indigenous people, whose lands and ways of life have been obliterated and stolen, right up to today’s neoliberal capitalism that is headed for the trashpile. A new ‘sheriff’ has come to town and all the rules are changing.  After the Western population has been reduced to about 15% of its current level, the ‘new sheriff’ is going to eliminate these sick cultural notions that have predominated the society for the past 100 years.  No more entitlement mentality will be tolerated. 

On Friday, the West Virginia House overwhelmingly passed a bill that would set the foundation to end state enforcement of federal gun control; past, present and future. Passage into law would represent a major step toward ending federal acts that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms within the state.

Del. Brandon Steele along with a coalition of 10 cosponsors introduced House Bill 2694 (HB2694) on Feb. 23. On March 26, the House passed HB2694 by a 74-22 vote.