Dollar Crash is Unavoidable

The US dollar is predicted to lose 20% of its purchasing power by the end of this calendar year. That prediction has already come true, with prices skyrocketing on everything from food and fuel to housing, lumber, electrical wiring, etc.

The dollar has already lost over 20% of its purchasing power this year, and we’re not even through the first quarter yet. This is the beginning of the fast ride to the 2025 destination, the loss of 80% of its purchasing parity, or power. This goes hand-in-hand with the CIA forecast for population reduction of more than 80%,  GDP reduction of more than 80% (GDP is nothing more than dollar ‘spending’), and military spending of more than 80%.  The US will be nothing more than a third-world country by 2025, will be destitute in every category and will have already become occupied by Asian forces who will be the gainers in all the categories mentioned above

By the time the Biden money printing madness churns out another few trillion dollars in bailout money, the actual purchasing power of the dollar could lose 30% – 40% of its value before the end of 2021. The M1 indicator of money supply has already gone from $2 trillion to $18 trillion over the past couple of months.

You are witnessing the final desperate blowout phase that spells the end of the American empire. When global dollar domination collapses, the American empire is finished, and the quality of life of the American people — could be called the “quantity of life” — will implode. That’s because countries around the world that produce physical goods will no longer sell those goods to the USA in exchange for worthless fiat currency that the Fed printed from thin air as national debt.

Horrendous shortages are worsening by the day across the United States, with lumber, copper, food crops, fuel and even microchips in short supply. Car manufacturers are shuttering their factory lines because they can’t purchase the necessary microchips, and with the Biden regime paying people hundreds of billions of dollars to stay home and stop working.  Why would anyone want a low-paying laborer job anyway, requiring the withholding of income taxes? The free money is not even taxable.

The government has now created a “perfect storm” scenario, where the lack of labor, skyrocketing price inflation and collapsing supply lines is going to lead to a catastrophic collapse. Call it the “debt bomb” or “dollar collapse” or whatever you wish, but it is now inescapable. And when it strikes, America’s cities are going to collapse into chaos and destitution. Tent cities will become the norm, and lawlessness will prevail across every Democrat-run city in America.

Assets that will be wiped out

The coming dollar wipeout will obliterate:

  • Anything “saved” in dollars, such as bank accounts and checking accounts.
  • Most stocks and many bonds which are denominated in dollars, including treasury bills, municipal bonds, etc.
  • Most pension funds, including government pensions.
  • The nationwide real estate bubble will crater, but not totally collapse since physical real estate always has real value in the real world.

There are only a few strategies to protect yourself from a total asset wipeout. Simply put, you need to get your assets moved into things that “freeze” the value (or “store” the value, if you will). These things are not speculative investments, but rather stores of value. This will not make money, but will preserve value. As we’ve covered previously, this list is quite short:

  • Land (but not in a blue city or blue state).
  • Residential real estate (because everybody needs a place to live), in a red state or red county.
  • Gold and silver (because they never disappear).
  • Guns and ammo (which seem to be skyrocketing in value).
  • Physical collectibles such as historic firearms, coins, stamps, art, etc.
  • Possibly some crypto for portability and emergency use, but don’t bet the farm on crypto due to extreme price volatility.

The Health Ranger