ET New World Order

The UN New World Order agenda is the ET agenda, as the late whistleblower Phil Schneider once said.

Many are too afraid to touch the topic of ETs for fear of losing popularity, credibility or alienating (pun intended) their friends and readers.

There are even many alternative researchers who struggle with the idea that the creeping centralization of power is a manifestation of an ET agenda. However, the truth is the truth, and the evidence, as we shall see, is overwhelming.

If you’re wondering how ETs (extraterrestrials) fit into the whole picture of the UN NWO (New World Order), it’s simple: they’re intimately involved at the top of the pyramid. The UN NWO agenda is the ET agenda; they are one and the same.

It’s essential to realize that the directors of the entire UN NWO worldwide conspiracy are non-human entities: these are the aristocrats, the blue blood royalty that everyone has forgotten about, thinking they somehow disappeared recently, in the modern age of human freedom and liberation.  Of course, it never happened that way.  Human freedom is an illusion.  Do not doubt it for one second. 

If you go down the rabbit hole deep enough, the trail goes off planet – both to other worlds and to other dimensions.

What do the ETs Want from Us?

What the ETs want from us is very simple.  First, stop thinking of earth as your planet.  Just because you happen to have been born here, does not make this your planet, in the sense of ownership.  Planets are not owned outright in the sense of a personal possession.  Second, planets are controlled by the most powerful beings in the game. That does not include you. Thirdly, what you refer to as ‘Aliens’ are not aliens to this planet.  If anyone is the alien, it is you. Just because you are not aware of something does not mean it doesn’t exist or is not true.

In fact, the vast majority of things you think you know are not true.  Stop referring to the ET creator gods as ‘aliens’.  They searched for this planet because their mission was to locate a planet that had gold ore.  At that time, homo sapiens did not even exist.  The creator gods decided to colonize this planet and place a contingent of their people here to extract the gold ore, refine it for trans-shipment and to transfer it to their home planet.  They manned their colony with a core of worker-class people, as they found no suitable laborers among the existing Earth species at that time, 450,000 years ago.

Once the colony was established, they found other valuable minerals and ores that could be extracted for many purposes.  After 315,000 years, the laborers revolted and refused to work in the gold mines any longer.  As a solution to the labor problem, it was decided to use a primitive creature, now known as ‘homo erectus’, that could be genetically advanced by combining some of the ‘god genes’ with the ova of the female homo erectus.

Homo Sapiens 

Here is the where, when and how homo sapiens came into existence, 135,000 years ago on this planet, Earth, then called ‘Terra’.  The allocation of god-genes was carefully selected to provide the homo sapiens with no more advanced capabilities than were basically essential to perform the desired tasks. Extraction of gold ore was done differently at that time, compared to how it would be done today.  The creator-gods possessed highly advanced technology and science compared to our present-day.  Although the gold ore was located deep under the surface, they possessed technology that allowed extraction and elevation to the surface using sound generators, that could both cut and levitate the cut stone containing the gold ore.

The laborers, freed from work in the mines, established some cities in the middle east gulf area and requested that human slaves be made available to assist in construction, excavation, farming and other tasks, and the request was granted.  The ET workers were basically all males and lacked the availability of females to complete the natural biological order of existence.

Upon the arrival of human slaves into the gulf area cities, the worker gods looked upon the human females, and found them to be fair (attractive) and chose from among them all that they pleased, to make of them wives and to bear for them children.  These off-springs were the Nephilim, the giants, the mighty men of old.  This practice of mating with human females was considered degrading by the royal gods and those who chose this practice we designated ‘the fallen ones’. These worker gods and their Nephilim off-spring killed human males in large quantities, seeing them as rivals in the ‘mating game’.

When the creator gods left Terra around 1,000 BCE, they left the aristocrat blue-bloods to govern the humans in perpetuity in their absence.  The aristocratic families continued to exploit the humans as sources of free labor to carry on with the mining, which by then, had been expanded throughout the globe. To gain a sustained level of productivity from the human slaves, the aristocrats and the priests concocted many schemes that were more productive than the whip of overt feudalism.  To keep the population of humans in check, non-stop wars, plagues and ultimately birth rate reduction by sterilization, sexual perversions, gender confusion and numerous psychological games to incentivize humans to chose unproductive types of sexual activities.

Just about every trick in the book has been played on humans but real production has collapsed as the fake currency Ponzi schemes, and religions have disintegrated.  There are technological schemes that could bring humans to a point of total obsolescence.  Humans are expensive to maintain, destructive, wasteful and dangerous.  They are no longer reliable producers.  There are better ways to get the job done.

Experiments have been conducted for a long time, involving ways and means to overcome the ‘human problem’.  The creator-gods are only about another 600 earth-years away from the point of return, as the orbits of the two solar systems progress in the merging to the closest proximity of the 3,600 earth-year cycle.  

The idea of totally removing the homo sapiens population from the planet, to be replaced by ‘hubrids’, engineered from the process of human myosis to yield a new specie that is better adapted to the environment and the required functionality.

Here is a brief list of some:

  • wanting to create a new ‘hubrid’ replacement race;
  • wanting to trap humanity in perpetuity through an endless cycle of birth, death and re-birth (e.g. through the soul net of soul recycling/forced reincarnation);
  • wanting to assimilate humanity into an android-like collective (like the Borg from Star Trek).

How do we know about this ET agenda?

There is so much proof, it is far far beyond the scope of this article to include it all, however this blog offers to give an outline and numerous examples.

There are many sources with a broad spectrum of provability. The ones listed first here are more “provable” to the rational, logical mind, for those interested in hard evidence:

  • photographic and video evidence of ETs and UFOs;
  • eyewitness accounts of ET contactees and abductees of their encounters and interactions with ETs;
  • researchers (ufologists) who have listened to and collected hundreds of case files of contactees and abductees;
  • testimony of former governmental and military insiders who saw case files and worked in “ET departments” of their organizations;
  • declassified governmental and military documents and case files;
  • past and present stories and lorefrom all over the world.

The ET Agenda According to Phil Schneider

Military engineer and geologist Phil Schneider was a brave whistleblower, who went public in 1995 (and was murdered by “suicide” a year later in 1996).

He is the one who first voiced the sentence “The UN New World Agenda is the agenda of the ETs and non-human aristocrats” – and he would have known, because according to his claim, he personally came face-to-face with both Grey and Reptilian ET species while working on the construction of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Incredibly, Schneider got into a gun fight with some of these ETs, which resulted in an exchange of fire where Schneider was wounded and the ET was killed.

Schneider’s accounts include a host of other stunning claims, such as detailed descriptions of underground bases and cities beneath the surface of America, the US Government’s secret deals with hostile ETs, the advanced ET technology being used by secret US agencies, the existence of “corbamite” (element 140), mining operations on the moon and the ET/NWO genocidal agenda to reduce the earth’s population by 85%, and then possibly 100%.

As much as possible, Schneider backed up his assertions by showing his scar to the cameras, as well as what he claimed was a sample rock of corbamite.

Cynthia Drayer, Phil’s ex-wife, has highlighted the many suspicious details surrounding Schneider’s death.

Schneider was close friends with Al Bielek, the man involved in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project.

Bielek has revealed information that Schneider had confided in him, including tales of 7 foot Grey ETs dictating policy at a secret UN underground base, and how Schneider secretly flew to Japan in a private jet to reveal how the Kobe “earthquake” was a nuclear attack by the US, similar to the Fukushima tsunami.

Note:  References to US Governments really mean the ‘real’ government controlled by non-humans and are not in reference to elected officials from illusionary elections, who are powerless traitors.

Schneider’s account is also corroborated by the Dulce Papers which talk of a fight between humans and aliens in 1979 at the underground base at Dulce, New Mexico.

Now let’s look at some of the proof of an ET agenda.

Photographic and Video Evidence

Thanks to the spread of technology, there is plenty of genuine photographic and video evidence for the existence of UFOs, despite the internet also being flooded with fake photos, fake footage and incessant censuring.

It may take you awhile to discern which is which, but if you familiarize yourself by watching and comparing them, it will become apparent.

As a starting list, the following ones appear genuine: the Phoenix lights incident , ET craft/orbs appearing (and rapidly speeding off) in LondonJerusalem (Dome of the Rock sighting)AustraliaHawaii, etc.. I am a personal observer of numerous UFOs seen in the dark skies of the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN in 1976.

Of the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of genuine sightings, it is probable that some are terrestrial (from Earth not another planet) and originate in the secret black military programs which ‘don’t officially exist’.

However, it is extremely unlikely they can all be explained away due to this.

 Eyewitness Accounts of ET Abductees

There are many very viable researchers who have worked with abductees in helping them make an accurate recollection of their abduction experiences. 

Dr David M Jacobs comes to mind as a highly credible researcher and author.  Dr. Jacobs and dozens of his colleagues have documented thousands of cases.  They have found incredible correlation between the experiences, to the point that they are able to piece the puzzle together with accuracy sufficient to draw reliable conclusions as to what is their likely agenda.

From these tens of thousands of documented cases of alien contact and abduction and, in reality, many more we don’t know about, an agenda emerges that is very hard to refute or discount.  Since some people either don’t recall the incident (self-imposed memory suppression as a psychological defense mechanism to protect against trauma, or externally imposed memory wipe/mind control), or are too afraid to go public with it for fear of ridicule, ostracism or other reasons.

UFO Researchers

For those still skeptical, the work of various alien, UFO and abduction researchers is very compelling. For instance, take the work of Dr. David Jacobs, a tenured professor of American History at Temple University for 37 years, who has interviewed over 150 alien abductees, most life-long repetitious experiences and even multigenerational abductions.

Dr. Jacobs’ books are available on Amazon.

Jacobs found in the accounts a repeated theme of extraterrestrial beings abducting and sexually molesting humans to create a race of hybrid human-ETs. These ‘hubrids’ have advanced over time to the point where they can’t be distinguished from humans when intermingling.  It is estimated that more than 20 million of these hubrids are living among humans on the earth at this time.

Take the work of Budd Hopkins, who developed his own hypnotic regression methods to help heal the trauma of thousands of alien abductees – who he realized had become mere specimens in an ongoing ET genetic experimentation on humanity.

The common thread running through these cases was the fact that the abductees had a sense of missing time that their reproductive organs were tampered with and they were given the opportunity to be involved with the offspring of their own biology. 

In some cases, female abductees were found to have one missing ovary, with no apparent scar tissue to show how it was removed.

Take the work of Dr. Karla Turner, a former college instructor who wrote 3 books on ET abduction: Into the Fringe (1992), Taken (1994), and Masquerade of Angels (1994).

As she became acquainted with a plethora of ET abduction cases, she also became convinced that the ETs (many of which were Reptilians) were visiting humanity with malicious intent. 

As Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot write:

“From beginning to end, Turner had been struck by how contradictory the stories of the ETs were. They would, she averred, say anything they wanted to attain their ends.

“As the abductees in Taken reported it, the aliens insisted variously that they had come to help us cope with upcoming ecological disaster, interbreed for our good and theirs, help us evolve, take our genetic material to revivify their dying race.

“Sometimes they claimed they had outright created us; other times, that they were genetically altering us for our own good.”

Many other researchers have helped add to our knowledge base of an ET agenda, such as Mary Rodwell, John Mack, John Carpenter, Bill Baldwin and Barbara Lamb.

Of special note are the work of Dr. Roger Leir (who pioneered research into the shocking phenomenon of implants he found in many of the abductee’s bodies.) and Barbara Bartholic, whose protégés included Karla Turner, Eve Lorgen and James Bartley.

Bartley actually wrote the following about Bartholic:

“Barbara quickly realized energetic harvesting was a key component of the ET abduction syndrome. Barbara was an empath and highly intuitive and labored endlessly to document every facet of a person’s ET abduction experiences.

“She knew the negative ETs manipulated the energy centers and emotions of abductees in order to nourish and empower themselves at the expense of the abductees.

“This process is being played out on a macro society-wide scale. ET abduction is an all out assault on the abducted humans: physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.”

Testimony of Former Insiders

There are many level-headed former governmental and military operatives who have attested to the existence of an ET agenda, too.

Take the whistleblowing efforts of Bob Dean, who has given an abundance of presentations about his time at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) at the top of NATO.

Dean tells the story of how NATO knew there were ET craft above our skies, commissioned a study to see what could be done about it, and that the conclusion of the study was that the ETs probably had no hostile intentions and were here to observe – because if they had really wanted to enslave or destroy us, they could have done it a long time ago!

This was obviously a highly unsettling conclusion for the military brass to deal with, but so was another of Dean’s revelations: that the top commanders at the Pentagon knew there was a very high likelihood that some ET species (such as the Nordic-looking race of ETs) appeared so human-like that you could walk right next to one and never spot the difference!

Dean later himself had face-to-face meetings with some of these ETs, who he claimed appeared indistinguishable from terrestrial humans.

Another former military man Robert Salas (a retired Air Force captain) went public with his encounter with a UFO while on duty in a nuclear missile silo.

This was a military cover up until recently declassified. He relates the amazing story of how a large, pulsating red oval 30-40 foot in diameter spacecraft hovered over the front gate.

Seconds later the missiles underwent a “control system failure”. Did peaceful, intelligent ETs disable the nuclear weapons?

Listen to his story and decide for yourself. If so, it’s certainly not the first time such a story has been told …

Declassified Documents and Case Files

Many governments have declassified and released their UFO files. Earlier this year in 2015 the US Government declassified files from Project BlueBook.

This site shows a list of 24 countries/organizations that have done so, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand (Additional Report), Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine (not in English), United Nations, United Kingdom, Uruguay and even Vatican City.

This is impressive evidence for those who would deny the existence of UFOs.

ET Stories, Lore and Legends

Humanity’s history is replete with references to ETs. The ancient Vedic texts of India mention vimanas or flying discs.

Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, introduced to many in the Western world by David Icke, tells many stories of how reptilian beings feature throughout his people’s history.

Zechariah SitchinJordan Maxwell and many others have talked about how the Bible itself originally stated “elohim” means “the gods” not “God” as it became mistranslated.

According to Sitchin, two reptilian ET beings named Enlil and Enki of the Annunaki created humanity.

If humanity itself was created by an advanced extraterrestrial race, as the article Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes In Human DNA and others suggest, how could there not be an ET agenda with humanity right now?

How could ETs not be intimately involved with our progress right now?

And since the world is pushed towards the UN NWO, wouldn’t it be fair to assume it is happening in alignment with their desires?

ETs Are Among Us – But Are They Malevolent?

More Likely, ETs are pragmatic.

Given the compelling amount of evidence above in this article (a tiny fraction of all the evidence in existence on the topic) – which not only indicates the existence of ETs, but also shows many are interfering in Earth affairs with a hostile agenda – it’s surprising that there is still the belief out there among some circles that “all ETs are benevolent and have humanity’s best interest at heart”.

This is foolish nonsense – and dangerous nonsense too, because it gives people a false idea about our galactic neighbors, and thus lowering their defenses and making them more susceptible to some kind of invasion or manipulation.

For some reason, this notion has been pushed by none other than Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. Greer has done a truly outstanding job in bringing ET and UFO witnesses to light, and has exposed many aspects of the conspiracy, including the suppression of zero point energy technology.

Sadly, because Greer is a leading expert in the ET/UFO field, many blindly accept every word he says on the subject. He insists all the so-called “negative” interactions experienced by so many ET abductees are secret black military operations – MILABs (Military Abductions).

Greer is dead wrong on this point, as Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot pointed out in this heated discussion, as well as other leading experts on exopolitics such as Dr. Michael Salla who wrote the rebuttal Exopolitics vs Exospin.

Some have theorized this is due to Greer’s connection with Lawrence Rockefeller of the infamous Rockefeller family (one of the two main UN NWO families along with the Rothschilds).

ETs atop the UN NWO Pyramid

Many have exposed the ET connection to world events, but David Icke has been the most comprehensive in the many books he has written on the Reptilian theme which has inextricably intertwined with the UN NWO.

Reptilians onboard space craft — art by Deimos-Remus

The Biggest Secret (1999), Children of the Matrix (2001) and The Perception Deception (2013) in particular contain a monumental amount of dot-connecting and information showing that at the apex of the UN NWO pyramid are non-human entities.

Specifically, the connection between hostile ETs (like many Reptilians) and certain humans (of certain bloodline and vibrations frequencies) is made through black magic – Satanic ritual of sex and sacrifice.

These human “leaders” (whether bureaucrats, politicians, business chiefs or military heads) are not running the show – they are willingly giving over their souls to other forces (demonic possession) in exchange for (what they perceive to be) power.


Open Your Mind to the Wider, Deeper Reality

We are not alone, and we never have been alone, as Bob Dean says. What makes some people think humans are the only species with high intelligence or capable of rational thought in the entire known universe? Ego and arrogance.

It is narrow-minded to think so, and it is equally narrow-minded to assume that any extraterrestrial motive or ET agenda would be neutral or beneficial to us. The cosmos is brimming full of life of all kinds. Humans are low on this totem pole.

We all need to remember the Game is a whole lot grander than we think. The UN New World Order doesn’t end with just political control, police brutality, indoctrination, assassination, infiltration, free trade agreements, geoengineering, international banking, suppressed technology or microchips, etc.

Copious evidence shows it goes off-planet into far more bizarre realms (like the ET agenda) than the average person could imagine.

Blind denial of the obvious is not going to bring about advancement in understanding the phenomenon of abductions, existence of ETs and coexistence of humans and hubrids on earth.