War for Human Survival

Fulfillment of UN Agenda 2025

Most people think they know what warfare is.  They think it is weaponized soldiers on the ground killing one another to hold or capture physical ground and assets.  This is not incorrect, in and of itself.  This is one dimension of warfare, but it is not the only dimension of warfare.  This is just the brute-force form of warfare where everything is decided by the metric of surviving assets.  Similar to battles of old, where the forces of the opposing kings meet in conflict on the ‘battlefield’ and the one with no assets surviving is the loser.  This is one-dimensional warfare. This has been used for thousands of years to cull the human population.

In the recent period, we have been engaged in a different type of warfare, unfamiliar to most civilians.  Even to the point of total lack of awareness that they are actually actively engaged in a war. It is very hard to win a war when you are ignorant of it.  The enemy is fighting you with their elite forces, who can totally defeat you before you even realized you were being attacked.

5th Dimensional Warfare

But this is exactly what the human race is engaged in.  The enemy has been present on the battlefield for a long time, without the need to disclose its presence or intentions.  They can operate with impunity anywhere because they have made you trusting and dependent on them for all of the things you think you require to exist.  They have made you believe that you need their trade currency, which, in fact, is only worthless paper.  They have made you believe you cannot be healthy without their fraudulent worthless form of medical care, only because you have become dependent on it to treat your state of induced sickness, which they have also caused.  They have given you worthless public education only to make you ignorant enough to believe all their other lies.  They have given you worthless food goods that would bring any living creature to premature ill health and death, while making you shun Nature and the food goods and sunshine that will keep you in perpetual health.  You would not have any need for their pills, chemo, and hospital/surgical procedures then.  The grotesquely distorted economy could not survive without the pharmaceutical/medical spending that is then identified as about half of the US GDP.  The other major component of corrupted GDP is military/industrial complex spending to deter non-existent threats.  Although the largest of all is probably the drug/pornography/human sex trafficking complex.

This is far from all of the weapons being used against you, but you get the idea.  You are being defeated in this 5th dimensional warfare without even being aware that you are engaged in a ferocious life-or-death battle for your very existence.

The enemy presents you with examples of ‘success’ in this Matrix: like Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, Sam Walton, etc. so you believe you too have the potential and should devote your strivings to become successful like them.  You are not one of ‘them’.  These are sponsored people who have jobs working for the UN and the CIA.  The UN and CIA have unlimited wealth and can make anyone they want look incredibly successful in your mind.  Forget about all of these fakes and all of the celebrities you worship, whether pro sports, TV or Hollywood.

If you have any hope of coming out of this conflict alive, you first need to become aware of what is going on.  The enemy, of course, prefers you to continue denying there is a war ongoing.  The longer you continue to deny what is happening, the further along the war progresses towards your immanent demise.  You can’t win a war if you do not understand who is the enemy and what are their tactics and weapons of conquest.  You are already conquered and still do not even know it.

The most challenging part of this is getting your head around it and achieving situational awareness, especially because very often, the enemy is not only an issue of foreign or domestic, but has also parked itself inside your head or inside the heads of your loved ones via unceasing propaganda, such that perhaps your friends and family have been conquered by the enemy and they are acting on behalf of the enemy and they don’t even know it. Throw all of your TVs in the dumpster.  Use your computer for something useful.

In order to survive, you need to understand the enemy, the theater and the arsenal.


“The first rule of war is to know when you’re in one. The second rule of war is to delineate who is friend and foe and that, of course, in a covert virtual reality in your mind, is not always easy to do.

Even Special Operations soldiers, real squared-away types, have a real hard time understanding this, because it’s such a new and subtle type of warfare and people just don’t grasp what’s happening.” They think this isn’t war, it’s just normal existence. It is not normal existence. It is warfare and if you fail to see this, you are doomed.

“It’s not just information warfare, it’s really 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare encompassing every aspect if your day-to-day life.

“3rd Generation warfare would be clearly visible, like World War II. 4th Generational is the covert operations of undeclared war, with hard-to-identify virtual enemies created by politician’s executive orders. For example, ISIS, Al Queda or Antifa. You see it mostly via TV.  Then 5th dimension is, ‘you can’t even identify exactly who they really are and who they work for’.

“So, for example, the false flag event at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, where we have the fake situation extensively recorded with videos of Blantifa changing clothes and they’re all identified and there’s MAGA guys trying to pull back and say, “We’re not Antifa!” and it’s obviously movie actors. But before that, all the intelligence is bought-off, as are all the play actors on-stage.

The enemy has human resources…paid or blackmailed for influence and access. And that’s what, for 30 years, since 1999, the Chinese have been doing with the US Judiciary branch, with the DOJ, with the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama and Biden, and etc.

This war has been running since the RESET of 1812, that is concluding at the present time, by means of the fake pandemic, and the absurd debilitating response measures being imposed.  RESETS are recurring about every 200 years, and have been since about 1,000 BCE.  This conclusion and defeat of humanity will implement the new RESET 2020, which is a part of UN Agenda21, to remove the US and the Western powers from hegemony within the global power structure.  The ‘West’ is being replaced, in this capacity, by the ‘East’. The outcome will leave the US with a population of about 70 million people, a military structure reduced to about 20% of its current level and a US dollar worth about 20 cents.

“The Chinese are moving from unconventional to conventional warfare and they’re challenging the US in the Indo-Pacific Theater. The guys that pull the strings of the Biden-Puppet will pull that back and so they [the Chinese] will dominate in that area.

“And Gates is now the largest [farm] landowner in America and the Chinese are buying up ranches and farms at three times that rate.

“We’re going to continue to see the militarization of DC, because a dumbed-down, drugged-up, fattened-up populace isn’t even paying attention.

The West Coast is already inundated with Chinese soldiers by means of owning the Port Authority.  The East coast is being taken over by a “Feral Cities” concept

“With the Feral Cities doctrine, you don’t get to hide. The guerrilla now hides in the urban environment, not in the rural environment, because overhead surveillance is too sophisticated now. So, in the Feral Cities, they will continue to creep inwards…

“That’s why they have to use force of armed soldiers there. They do not hold the mid-ground. Although there are large militarized forces both at the Canada and the Mexico borders.  But, the UN forces are also on the side of the opposition, and the UN has over one million troops, fully equipped, on the ground at various US military bases in strategic locations within the continental US.

We now have police home invasions, unannounced and warrantless, to seize private weapons.  The moment there is any conflict, martial law is set for auto-implementation.  By means of the Kigali Principle, the agreement signed by Obama with the UN, martial law anywhere in the US triggers transfer of control to the UN forces with no need for further legal or military initiatives or actions.

“This has never been tried before. We’re living in historic times. And they’re going to turn on each other. People are asking, ‘When is the military coup?’ There is not going to be one.  The real military is stationed on foreign soil, where they will stay for this one.

Having seen the manner in which the police have been treated for the past year, are the police going to engage in the war on behalf of the people? Probably not. How about the National Guard?  Not likely they are up to the task. How about the armed citizens?  They will be mostly disarmed by this point.  The regular army?  Mostly stationed at overseas bases. 

A lot of National Guard troops are in DC.  DC. Is not a part of US, Inc.  DC is basically the enemy, or minions of the enemy.  Obviously, DC has no provisions to accommodate the Guard, as shown by the capital hill fiasco and false-flag event.  The Guard ‘head count’ is not nearly sufficient, in any case.  During the mass door-to-door disarmament, note will be made of heavily armed households and martially formidable civilians.  They will be targeted specifically, early in the engagement. 

Once the US, Canada, Briton, Europe, Australia and NZ are reduced to global insignificance, the UN will continue on with the installation of the new global power structure based on Agenda 21, the Technocracy, Sustainable Development, and China as the new hegemon.  This will be the fulfillment of UN Agenda 2025 as the Deagel-CIA predictions will also be fulfilled. This is step one in the actual implementation of Agenda 21.  The next phase will be full implementation of Agenda 2030. And so on. The full agenda will be rolled out in succession with the objective of full operation by 2050.

You may be skeptical, thinking you have not heard too much about this agenda. You’re are not alone. Most humans in the nations affected by Agenda 2025 have been given little to no warning about what is happening to them, for obvious reasons. The UN’s existence is certainly no secret, but its purpose is not widely revealed, although not actually being kept a secret. It is just a huge agenda that has been devised and documented very thoroughly. It is to the advantage of the UN that the victims of Agenda 21, and particularly Agenda 2025 have not been widely studied by average citizens. They can pull off the genocide with utter surprise on the very people who are to be genocided. In war, surprise is always a key advantage. Citizens of the decadent and rotting empire are much to inclined to avoid reading lengthy, boring, detailed documents about UN plans written such that the impact on humans is cloaked in subtle details, only understandable in a larger context of even more boring details. This is not unintentional.