There is no COVID-19, so what is the PCR test looking for?

If you mistakenly believe that SARS-CoV-2 exists, you discover immediately that the PCR test is fucked up and simply not able to determine anything about this alleged-to-exist virus.  If you realize even the very the existence of this virus is unproven to begin with, you’re driven to the conclusion that the test results—positive or negative—are completely meaningless, because you can’t make a test for a non-existent entity. Don’t misunderstand what I am telling you. Viruses are plentiful, no doubt. They are all dead organic matter, number one. They are not capable of causing disease or infection, number two.

The PCR test is not worth further discussion, as it simply does not work. It is a bogey man that gives whatever answer it is set it to produce.  Even the designer of the tester says he never made it capable of being a tester for some specific mRNA molecule.  He wonders why the criminals at the CDC and WHO are using it to pronounce results of viral infection. Since you don’t have an isolated purified specimen of the virus itself, all assumptions about that piece of mRNA are totally meaningless and void.

Therefore, the COVID case numbers, which are based on the test results, are meaningless. So are the death numbers.  So is any claim of viral infection, viral disease and pandemic equally invalid and meaningless.

The masks, the distancing, the lockdowns—which are based on case numbers—are absurd, destructive and useless.

This is certainly not the first time a medical diagnostic test has been revealed as meaningless. The existence of HIV is also unproven. The various antibody tests designed to register the presence of HIV are as absurd and meaningless as for the COVID.

Here is how the medical bullshit trick works. Arbitrarily take a group of symptoms, lump them together, claim they add up to a specific disease with a meaningless assigned name; assert, without evidence, that the cause is a ‘germ’; devise a test for the germ that will register positive and negative based on how the operator sets a parameter; claim the test is detecting the germ whose very existence is actually a made-up fiction.

Since you have full government authority to perpetrate this sleazy lie, and you own all the public media outlets, you can proclaim this lie to be a fact. Out of nowhere, you’ve become “official.”

Consider the example of pellagra, a horrible skin disease that was plaguing the American South a hundred years ago. It affected several million people. Medical authorities insisted a germ was the cause. Effort after effort was mounted to find the germ. Zero results. Finally, after decades, a small band of independent researchers won the day. Their contention that pellagra was actually a niacin deficiency was shown to be correct. There was no germ.

Sometimes, the very test which so-called medical authorities devise to detect “the germ causing a disease” backfires on them. Such was the case with Swine Flu, as an example.

In the summer of 2009, while the CDC was claiming there were thousands of cases of Swine Flu in America, the overwhelming percentage of test samples taken from patients were coming back, from labs, with no sign of Swine Flu or any other kind of flu. The lab tests were contradicting the CDC’s assertion that there was a pandemic. 

You may be astute enough to recognize that there eventually was a rectification of the bullshit story in these examples.  So, why will this same situation, the covid, not end up being rectified as well?

The answer is simple.  The Global RESET of society is occurring now.  Not then.  That was just to practice setting you up for the real event, which the UN had already designed and set the date. Now, it’s for real.

Tests are terrific propaganda tools. That’s all some of them are. “Well, the doctor ran my tests and he gave me a diagnosis of X. The treatment involves taking three [toxic] drugs. So, I’ve started on the regimen.”

“Are you sure you want to take those drugs?”

“Of course. The tests showed I need them.”

“One of those drugs stops all cells in the body from replicating.”

“Doesn’t matter. The tests say I need the drug.”

Sometimes, there is no test, but doctors use a blizzard of arcane labels to pretend their diagnoses are about something real.

Such is the case with psychiatry, one of the great cons loosed upon the human race. The official bible of the profession, the DSM, lists some 300 distinct and separate and named “mental disorders.”


It’s up to the psychiatrist to make his diagnosis seem legitimate to the patient.

If the hidden history of medicine were taught in schools and colleges, it would come as no surprise that the COVID test is a complete hustle and con.

But schools wouldn’t touch that history with a hundred-foot pole.

Dr. Barbara Starfield, a revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, talked about her July 26, 2000 review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

Starfield concluded that, every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. 106,000 from the effects of FDA approved medicines, and 119,000 from mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

As you read an excerpt from her interview, keep in mind that most of these deaths were preceded by a diagnostic test of some kind—which speaks volumes about how the tests are interpreted and used.

Starfield: The American public appears to have been hoodwinked into believing that more interventions lead to better health, and most people that I meet are completely unaware that the US does not have the ‘best health in the world’.  The US is ranked by the WHO among other countries and places 35th, even though providing a heavy degree of funding for the WHO.

The UN organizations have been meeting in Davos, Switzerland this month to kick off the full blown RESET.  The UN is no friend to the US and its Western allies.  After all, its purpose for existing is to bring full implementation of its agendas, conceived, designed and brought to life from its headquarters in NYC, provided by the Rockefeller Foundation.

You can read more from my recent blogs on the details of the RESET and the UN.

The Government (non-elected) has created a global crisis of fear,  Humans can not lead any kind of productive life while in a state of fear.  Fear is the largest and most vicious cause of human disease known.  The mechanism is the involuntary nervous system, which shuts down all bodily system functions that are not absolutely required at the moment to survive the threat causing the fear.  This mechanism is supposed to be brief, as the threat plays out in rapid fashion. The body’s immune system is one of the systems that are shut down.  When this state of fear is prolonged, the body is susceptible to most any pathogenic threat that the immune system would normally deal with.

Humans are beings of love.  Fear is the opposite of love.  Fear is pathogenic, in and of itself.  It is imperative that fear from occult sources be addressed and rationalized, so that understanding can replace fear and allow a state of love to be re-established. 

They tell you to get your ‘vaccine’ and soon things will return to normal.  First of all, vaccines have a legal and medical definition.  What they are calling a vaccine is certainly not a vaccine by any known definitions.  It is an experimental process to insert foreign mRNA into your body, the idea being to revise your genetic composition.  If your immune system is functioning, an auto-immune response will be the result. If you have seen the mini-series called ‘The Walking Dead’, you have seen some viable hints about this situation. We frequently receive viable information from the movies, as these monsters seem to be under some obligation to pre-inform us regarding what they are doing or are going to do to us.

Recall, it was not the virus that yielded the ‘walking dead’, it was the alleged ‘vaccine’. An experimental genetic vaccine that many unfortunate people received and become zombies, as a result. It is likely that this is not nearly as bizzare as it seemed at first in the movie. Zombies may come in covid varieties. The whole thing is a prefabricated horror show.

Many reports are in and more on the way, of deaths following the inoculation in short order.  In addition, many serious side effects are manifesting in those who do not die.  These seem to be neurological or brain related.  People are being paralyzed, or rendered dysfunctional, unable to sustain normal control of bodily functions.  Those supposedly in-the-know suggest that conditions from this genetic invasion are going to worsen over time.  Victims may become ‘android-like’ or zombified and require programming or simple instruction just to to operate their bodies.

If this seems strange to you, remember that no virus exists that matches what they are calling a covid disease. They have nothing upon which to determine how to make a test. The genetic experiment that participants think are vaccines are not vaccines, and they are not about saving you.  Even they admit that you will still be susceptible to the illness, you will still be contagious, you will still need to wear 2 or 3 masks, you will still need to isolate or distance from others.  So, why?  The only reason is coercion.  A very bad trade-off.

If you can leave fear and go back to love, you will be able to see what is happening here.  You will be able to understand and make rational decisions.  No matter what evil is being sent against you, you will always be much better off in a state of love.  Forget what these stupid assholes are pitching to you and rejoin you friends, family and the human race in a state of love. Give some evidence of affection, like hugs and kisses.