About Justice John Roberts

and the dirty little scumbag child-rapers.

On February 9th, 2021, lawyer Lin Wood filed a bombshell affidavit under oath in Federal Court, affirming the salacious allegations he has made about both US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Wood submitted the affidavit in US District Court in Brooklyn, New York as part of his response to a libel case to oust him from litigating his ongoing case on behalf of a California woman against MSNBC presenter, Joy Reid.

Wood told the Federal Court that he was in possession of credible evidence of serious wrongdoing by high-ranking government officials, including potentially serious crimes perpetrated by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He also stated in the court document that he had evidence to support his accusation that former Vice President Mike Pence is a traitor and that the evidence was given to the US Secret Service.

Wood, who may be the most successful defamation lawyer in history, having won hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for his clients, was until recently widely acclaimed as a legal genius. This was until he got involved with suing the State of Georgia for election fraud in 2020. He has since been canceled by his alma mater, to whom he had donated generously. There are also active efforts to disbar him, amid allegations that he has gone crazy. There have also been numerous threats on his life but he says that he has a deadman’s switch with damning material that will be released, should he or any member of his family be harmed.

It appears that Wood’s evidence largely comes from a Government whistleblower, an interview with whom he posted to Telegram on January 18th in eight parts and which I strung back together, uploaded and transcribed, here.

In the video, the whistleblower, known on Twitter as JohnHereToHelp (JHTH) describes how Chief Justice Roberts adopted his children illegally with the help of Jeffrey Epstein and then he proceeded to use his children to sexually entrap and blackmail powerful people.

JHTH explains, “Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are…

“And this is a way for them to buy their way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.”

Besides the illegal (and sometimes FISA) surveillance footage of various officials raping Roberts’ children, JHTH also claims there is footage of former Vice President Mike Pence “and his two lovers and the younger ones.”

JHTH also details how Roberts helped with some logistics in a plot to murder several Supreme Court Justices in an FBI-controlled false flag attack during what would have been Hillary Clinton’s first term, so that she could then pack the Supreme Court with more Globalists.

The mass murder plot was foiled after JohnHereToHelp was hired by someone at the office of the Supreme Court to infiltrate the operation. However, those trained and armed by the FBI to commit the murders fell back to Plan B and executed Justice Anton Scalia, who was considered Hillary’s “greatest threat”.

JHTH says that multiple copies of the videos exist in the possession of former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, CrowdStrike President, Shawn Henry, who was FBI at the time and had two copies, which were made by former Secret Service Agent, Shaun Bridges, who encrypted them and handed out the keys.

JHTH referred to Shaun Bridges and his involvement in a vast compromise operation in an extensive Twitter thread last summer, in which he suggested that Bridges was the No.1 Secret Service computer forensics expert, running the illegal HAMMER operation in Baltimore under then-US Attorney for the District of Maryland, Rod Rosenstein.

JHTH suggested that Bridges has copies of the emails of Hillary Clinton (and of many others) and of Hillary’s laptop and that, as a Secret Service agent, with Total Access to the White House and Air Force One, Bridges made copies of extremely compromising videos of the Obamas, especially of Michelle’s, “little Barack” (which may refer to rumors of Michelle being transgender).

JHTH suggested that Bridges copied secret Service surveillance tapes showing the Obamas and their $65,000 pedophile “pizza parties” at the White House (also referred to in the Podesta emails published by WikiLeaks), where certain guests did not, “later hang themselves in jail” (referring to Jeffrey Epstein).

JHTH asked whether the “Deep State DOJ under the direction of Hillary, Obama, Rosenstein,” is keeping a lid on Bridges’ story as long as possible, especially until after the election?

Several times, JHTH seemed to suggest that he, himself knows the location of such copies.

JHTH also noted in this thread how the United States Postal Service recently filed for a patent application using blockchain to control voting – and how Bridges, as “one of only a handful of people on the planet who cannot only manipulate blockchain, and has done so successfully, but can hide their tracks when they do it is being kept isolated, controlled, and quiet, and completely off the record even though he is a primary suspect in the Sheryl Atkinson case?” (Bridges is currently in prison for stealing millions of dollars of Bitcoin from the Silk Road drug-dealing website – while he was investigating them for the DOJ).

JHTH then noted that USPS IP addresses were used to conduct the surveillance of journalist, Sharyl Attkisson’s devices and he also suggested that the USPS is controlled by a foreign government, in an eerily prescient statement, given the radical election fraud performed by the USPS three months after he tweeted:

Shaun Bridges has quite the history with the USPS. It was one

of his entry points while “wardriving”. I detailed this in one of

the interviews. 

This is a brief overview of the case. They left out a few of the

agencies I “helped” , but I won’t take it personally. 

I’m sure everyone has seen one of these. Mail being sorted,

first by size, then BARCODES being read, then a Florescent

barcode applied Before designating the destination.

What if, a hostile foreign government had control of USPS computers?  Enough to “shed” votes?

They really didn’t like what I alluded to. Sealed everything

immediately, then the whole case went “wonky”, DOJ started

protecting the DS players, playing games, RR and Henry

lawyer’d up together, Shaun off the record, etc.

Why do you think RR, DOJ/FBI and the Dems are desperately

holding out until election? They have one more ace up their


JHTH also pointed out that the USPS’ slogan, “Direct mail can help Deliver the Win®” seemed inherently biased and that it would be more appropriate if it were “Deliver the Vote”…

JHTH and Shaun Bridges are the keystones to so many rabbit holes we’ve been following since 2016…

Tru News’ Rick Wiles and a panel discuss these shocking developments in this video.

At noon today, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is scheduled to swear-in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the United States, respectively.

This video gives us some background about Chief Justice Roberts. It was posted on Telegram yesterday morning by superlawyer, Lin Wood in 8 parts, which I strung back together again, uploaded and transcribed, below.

It’s an interview with a government whistleblower known as JohnHereToHelp (JHTH), in which he describes how Chief Justice Roberts adopted his children with the help of Jeffrey Epstein and then he proceeded to use his children to sexually entrap and blackmail powerful people.

He says, “Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are.

“So, you provide children to them. Your children, adopted children, whatever. This is how they trust you and you’re as dirty as they are. You cannot be exposed, because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you, if everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe.

“And this is a way for them to buy their way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.”

JHTH also details how Roberts helped with some logistics in a plot to kill several Supreme Court Justices during Hillary Clinton’s first term, so that she could then pack the Supreme Court with Globalists/Communists. (She wasn’t supposed to lose).

This FBI false flag operation was foiled when JohnHereToHelp was hired by someone at the office of the Supreme Court to infiltrate the operation. However, those trained and armed by the FBI to commit mass-murder fell back to a Plan B, to execute Justice Anton Scalia, who was considered Hillary’s “greatest threat”.



Interviewer: …Epstein and Supreme Court Justice Roberts initially would have met or how that relationship would have developed?

JHTH: How they would have met. I think they met when he was under Bush, not too long after he was appointed, somewhere along there, just basically meeting powerful people, something like that.

[Epstein] did help him with his adopted children. From what was said there and what was discussed openly in this ‘little dirty tricks’ squad, the children are not genetically related but they’re raised that way, that’s more valuable to them.

One, if not both were born in Wales but they were in the Epstein channels and they were easily removed from their version of foster care to Ireland, which has much more open adoption-type records.

And he facilitated this for Roberts so he could adopt them both at the same time. There was a little gap but it was just paperwork and Epstein had done that for him. So, they had met, they had worked together and he was doing favors at some point.

Interviewer: Was this something that Supreme Court Justice Roberts would have paid for? Or is this a favor exchange to Epstein, to link up with these children, or…?

JHTH: I don’t know, at that point. It’s possible. It could have been either one. I don’t think there would have been a payment, at that point. It was for his position, there may be some type of favor. I don’t know that either was done. He facilitated it. Was there a payment? Was there a favor? I can’t say.

Interviewer: Can you go into any more details on Supreme Court Justice Roberts with these children and the circles that he ran in, as far as you’re aware?

JHTH: Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are.

So, you provide children to them. Your children, adopted children, whatever. This is how they trust you and you’re as dirty as they are. You cannot be exposed, because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you, if everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe.

And this is a way for them to buy your way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.

Interviewer: Now, who else would we want to talk to or is there any additional documentation that we can pursue to solidify what you’re saying here today?

JHTH: The FBI has copies of the videos from the FISA surveillance. It was discussed but I can’t prove it that Roberts had a copy. Rod Rosenstein certainly has a copy. Sean Henry of CrowdStrike, who was FBI at the time, he took two copies back to the FBI with him. The copies were made and then, it was actually Sean Bridges who encrypted them and gave them the keys. So there are copies out there.

Interviewer: And who would be on these tapes, most likely? As far as from your conversations in the trick squad?

JHTH: From just those tapes and talking about the copies? Those would be Roberts – excuse me – those would be Pence and his two lovers and the younger ones. There were also – they would do the same thing; illegal surveillance or sometimes FISA but this was mostly in the country. Illegal surveillance with Roberts’ children – and whoever they were with.

They’d set it up. They knew that they weren’t going to be exposed, because these were Chief Justice Roberts’ children. And please keep in mind that these children have been abused since birth and I don’t want anything else happening. They’ve already lived through Hell, they don’t need anything else.

They were, again, loaned-out for these different groups and they did surveil many of them.

Interviewer: Now, you also have said, in past discussions that there was a plot that Roberts was allegedly a part of, where they discussed murdering other judges on the Supreme Court under a Hillary Clinton administration, can you give me any details on that?

JHTH: This was something the FBI set up, under their guidance from their political people. It was going to be a false flag. This was going out 2 years, almost before the election. And it was a Sovereign Citizen group. Obama did not want any terrorism unless it was white terrorism. So, this was a Sovereign Citizen group that the FBI had infiltrated and armed and instigated against other targets.

They were, for the most part pro-America but they were racist in some of their origins. A lot of them were divorced fathers with a grudge against the court system, anyway and the FBI people had infiltrated and exploited this.

They moved them up to the level of assassinating Federal judges, political people, things like that. You want the names? I can tell you.

So, anyway, part of their plot was various types of attacks on the Supreme Court, to take out as many judges as they could and Roberts was aware of this. He actually provided some scheduling, because apparently, the justices are not all there at one time, they come and go as they please – and, “These three will be working something and these three…” and he provided this to the group, so they could finalize their plans.

They were very, very close in what they were trying to do. They had explosives, all types of automatic weapons, they had rocket launchers and they were very close to it.

They were going to assassinate F Dennis Saylor, he’s a Federal Judge in Massachusetts and Martha Coakley and Lisa Monaco and her family. They were going to make it look like a home invasion and film it until later, when they needed it.

And this was their initial attack plan and then, the Supreme Court got infiltrated, at their request. And when I found out what they were doing, that they were going to attack these judges and they were going to pack the Supreme Court, I tried to end-run them.

I had minders, people kept tabs on me. I had FBI minders but I tried to end-run and expose it and I took all the evidence, I went to Homeland Security, who were overwhelmed and they called in the FBI and then the DOJ, which came right back on me and they picked me up just a few weeks later, when they found out who I was.

And the damage to their plots had been done. They did get close to assassinating people up there. Lisa Monaco, the judge was under 24/7 security, Martha Coakley had in-state security and I did prevent them from going after the Supreme Court, although their plans were all out, they had maps, they had the weapons, they had everything planned, so at least it prevented something like that.

Interviewer: Now, were the teams who supposed to do the actual operations against the judges, were those Americans or were they foreign?

JHTH: No, these were Americans. A third would be these Sovereignty groups and two thirds would be FBI people or people working with the FBI.

They were going to get rid of them, anyway. They actually have recordings of their planning over the phone – me, as part of this group – and then, they did not hang up the phone – they did not kill the phone and we were listening to them talking about killing me and my wife. Things like that.

Another time, they actually butt-dialed me and he was talking about – he was on the phone talking to various people – about their plans, about Hillary going after her and what they were going to do to us because we new too much and were outside, at the time.

So, they could not do what they wanted, we got the people under surveillance, we saved them. As a credit for saving them, they were very upset that their plans had gone to crap, very upset with me, especially when they came and picked me up. But it stopped it. Their plans were written-out, they were like, they had maps, they had surveillance, they had quite a but of equipment.

Interviewer: What was the timeline they were hoping to do this in?

JHTH: This would be right after – within the first year of a Hillary Clinton’s presidency. She was not supposed to lose. So, this was all planned-up and it was more than just that. It was a twofold. They wanted to pack the court, they wanted to take out as many as they could. Roberts was actually helping, because he didn’t want to be one of them and he wanted some choice in who would be on the bench after that. He wanted to maintain some form of control, so he did provide information.

But it was supposed to be done within the first year of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so that they could ban firearms, as well. And pack the Court. So, they had plenty of time to do that. That was their two main goals.

Interviewer: Do you believe the death of Anton Scalia was part of this same plot or is that – do you know if that was separate?

JHTH: It was the same people. He was a backup plan. He was their biggest threat; being the most Conservative justice.

Justice Scalia, actually, I believe he found out about this; the plans and he went to the White House, like a week before his death. I believe he found out what they were trying to do.

When they moved away from the overall attack, of where these people lived or making an attack over the holidays, when more than one justice would be in their home, things like this – and again, Roberts was providing this.

They had to take him out. He was seen as their biggest obstacle. So, the same basic group that was involved were given access to the ranch where he was found.

They talked about how they did it, they had a couple different options but it was discussed prior to his death; what they intended to do, where they could possibly do it, how they could do it, who they would need.

The records are there, at the Cibolo Ranch, one person was brought in – it was three men – one person was brought in as a tent worker the other two – same team – were brought in as servants from a group that was there hunting.

And they discussed how it was done. They used DMSO, dimethyl sulfoxide, which is a fairly inert chemical, just goes through your skin. But if you mixed it with a poison or a drug or something like that, it will go directly into your system and overload you. I believe that’s why he was found with a pillow over his face. He was struggling to breathe. He couldn’t breathe, he was choking.

And this particular chemical, you can tailor it to the person. If they have a drug problem, you can put fentanyl in it and overdose them. If they have a heart condition, it would take very little to go directly in, it would be like a direct injection into the heart.

And then, they talked about how they did it and Roberts was on the phone, discussing the successor. And he wanted a say in it, because now, it was only going to be one person and he wanted to pick that person and he wanted a say in who was going to take it – and of course, there was all kinds of talk about Eric Holder taking it and all kinds of people. But he wanted a say in who was going to take over Justice Scalia’s spot.

And I don’t think he got it. I mean, obviously, he can’t, because President Trump is here. But he did want it and this is all prior to discussions and him complaining that he wasn’t getting any say prior to his death. His sudden death. It was well-known.

Interviewer: Aside from Roberts being witting on this, did Rosenstein or anyone outside of the White House, had they been made aware of the plans, perhaps in Hillary’s camp that you could speak about?

JHTH: Oh, Hillary was one who knew about it, it was supposed to be done under her watch, her first term, so that they could pack the Court. They were fully aware of it.

Rod has an intense hatred of Hillary, even though he worked with her when he had to. He’s not fond of Obama, really. He’s only fond of himself. But the plan was to be enacted through them and [Rod Rosenstein] was integral in running the Hammer system through Baltimore

Manufactured Cases Overload is the Lame Excuse Driving Lockdowns, Masking and Shots

The lockdowns are based on high levels of false COVID cases…so they claim.

“We have so many new cases, we have to lock down. It’s overwhelming us.”

This claim is based on the misuse of the PCR test as the sole diagnostic tool.

The more tests you do, the more false positive results come up. A positive result is taken to mean: the person is ‘infected’ with the virus, thus is then recorded as a ‘case’. The presence of viruses is not infection…it is just presence…period.

But overwhelmingly, these so-called “infected” people have no symptoms of any illness. They are healthy. Nevertheless, each one is absurdly called an official “COVID case.” 

Any idiot knows that a case ought to mean the person has some clinical symptomatic illness; he is sick, or becoming sick.  Infection is the term employed, erroneously, as the word implies a medical condition, when no medical condition exists or can be expected to develop as a result of. 

Everyone is carrying around hundreds of trillions of viruses in their bodies all the time,  because everyone’s cells are replicating, by means of mitosis, a necessary and ever-present aspect of life and metabolism.  If you, or any other living organism is not producing viruses, you are dead. Mitosis is not occurring.

The fraud enters the picture when perfectly healthy un-infected people are designated as ‘cases’, a cause for initiating documentation, treatment, contact tracing, quarantine and overall general public response measures, which include lockdowns, masking and rapid inoculation with known dangerous substances, but are really to fuel media propaganda, hysteria and panic among the public.  Public fear is the desired result. Fear enhances control.

So…expand testing, test millions of people, obtain results for falsely claiming “infection,” call all these healthy people “cases,” and order lock downs.

This is a straight-out con. The real goal is lockdowns, economic devastation and murder. The scamdemic is the cover story for the genocide needed to implement the RESET2020.

Now let’s go to published official literature, and see what it reveals. Spoiler alert: the admitted holes and shortcomings of the test are devastating.

Official Government Publications

From “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel”:

“Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.”

Translation: A positive test doesn’t mean that COVID virus is causing infection or illness at all. 

From the World Health Organization (WHO): “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Laboratory testing for 2019-nCoV in humans”:

“Several assays that detect the 2019-nCoV have been and are currently under development, both in-house and commercially. Some assays may detect only the novel virus [COVID] and some may also detect other strains (e.g. SARS-CoV) that are molecularly similar.”

Translation: Some PCR tests register positive for types of coronavirus that have nothing to do with COVID—including plain old coronas that cause nothing except an occasional cold.

The WHO document adds this little piece: “Protocol use limitations: Optional clinical specimens for testing has [have] not yet been validated.”

Translation: We’re not really sure how to make this test have any validity or relevance.


“…The SARS-CoV-2RNA [COVID virus] is generally detectable in respiratory specimens during the alleged acute phase of infection. Positive results are indicative of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA; clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine patient infection status…THE AGENT DETECTED MAY NOT BE THE DEFINITE CAUSE OF DISEASE. Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.”

Translation: On the one hand, we claim the test can “generally” detect the presence of the COVID virus in a patient. But we admit that “the agent detected” by the test, by which we mean COVID virus, “may not be the definite cause of a disease.” We also admit that the patient having a cold or infection, we take as COVID by inference, with no further proof required. Therefore, the idea of “asymptomatic patients ie. Having no symptoms” confirmed by the test is nonsense. And even though a positive test for COVID may not indicate the actual cause of disease, all positive tests must be reported—and they will be counted as “COVID cases.” Regardless.

From a manufacturer of PCR test kit elements, Creative Diagnostics, “SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Multiplex RT-qPCR Kit”:

“Regulatory status: For research use only, not for use in diagnostic test procedures.”

Translation: Don’t use the test result alone to diagnose any infection or disease. in cases of “non-specific interference of Influenza A Virus (H1N1), Influenza B Virus (Yamagata), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (type B), Respiratory Adenovirus (type 3, type 7), Parainfluenza Virus (type 2), Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Chlamydia Pneumoniae, etc.”

Translation: Although this company states the test can detect COVID, it also states the test can read FALSELY positive if the patient has one of a number of other irrelevant viruses in his body. What is the test proving, then? Who knows? Flip a coin. All of these types of viruses are commonly present in all human and nonhuman bodies, causing no illness.

It is commonly acknowledged that the test results will be determined by the ‘cycle count’, or, how many times the sample is magnified.  Settings above 30 cycles produce frequent erroneous ‘positives’ and settings at 35 cycles or higher will literally always produce a fake ‘positive’.  Nothing in the way of instructions informs the operator how many cycles to set, because this device is specifically not intended to be used as a diagnostic tester.  It is for laboratory use only, by experts who understand the meaning of the results based on the parameter settings.

“Application  Qualitative”

Translation: This clearly means the test is not suited to detect how much virus is in the patient’s body. That’s another indication that the test is useless for determining whether any illness exists or is possiblle—since hundreds of trillions of viruses are present in normal individuals without producing any illness.

“The detection result of this product is only for clinical reference, and it should not be used as the only evidence for clinical diagnosis and treatment. The clinical management of patients should be considered in combination with their symptoms/signs, history, other laboratory tests and treatment responses. The detection results should not be directly used as the evidence for clinical diagnosis, and are only suitable for reference by clinicians.”

Translation: Don’t use the test as the exclusive basis for diagnosing a person with COVID. And yet, this is exactly what health authorities are doing all over the world. All positive tests must be reported to government agencies, and they are counted as ‘COVID cases’.

Those quotes, from official government and testing sources, torpedo the whole “scientific” basis of the PCR test as a viable indication of any illness.


The PCR test is useless and deceptive. It provides de facto indications for the opportunity to cite “new case levels” to lock down populations, creating economic and human death and devastation.  This is all nothing but a conscious criminal undertaking and those involved are nothing but common criminals and murderers.

The Original Obama-CHICOM Alliance to Takedown the American Energy Grid Is On


For the first time in American military history, beginning in 2012, the United States government, under Obama, began allowing communist Chinese troops to train on American soil. Like the Russians, they are a part of the annual series of Grid EX drills in which our foreign enemies are participating in a simulated attack of a rogue “third world nation” upon the US and its power grid infrastructure. The Chinese were ‘boots on the ground’ from November 12-14, 2012 in Hawaii. This is an incredible act of treason being committed by Obama as he showed them how to take down the US grid from the inside-out.

The Chinese government has always been an enemy of the American people. The Chinese have threatened to nuke the United States over a potential invasion of the South China sea, Syria and Iran. The Chinese have been involved in the purchase of Iranian oil for gold to undermine the Petrodollar. They should be considered a hostile enemy and should have been kept at arm’s length.

DO YOU REMEMBER THIS? “We Can No Longer Just Depend On Our Military…”

Community organizer and presidential candidate, Obama, made a bold 2008 campaign announcement regarding the use of private assets in order to fulfill his national security goals as he made the following statement:

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

The CHICOMS, along with the Democrats have had a hand in the deliberate external manipulation of the power grid in Texas, causing rolling outages during the strange military-initiated winter storm. The United States government, under the direction of the Obama administration, began to execute drills which would one day facilitate the takedown and then the takeover of the American power grid by the CHICOMS. The drills, known as the Grid EX drills, were held annually beginning in 2012 and continued through Obama’s second term. Obama was permitting both the Chinese and the Russians to participate in these drills which clearly demonstrated how to take down the American grid. This plot has been underway for 9 years.

The Chinese are planning to occupy the United States as they transition into position as the new world super-power, a part of the RESET 2020 agenda. The years of prepping for this takeover through a cyber grid takedown, spanned from late 2012 to 2015. The takeover was intended to occur during the first year (2016) of the Hillary Clinton administration.

Therefore, the GRID EX drills taught the Chinese the details for a grid takeover without the need for an EMP attack. In other words, both the Russians and the Chinese learned exactly how the grid could be taken down through cyber means. Obama’s armies, Organizing for America (OFA) and Antifa, will be involved in sabotage on the grid. However, the attacks, again, will not be EMPs, because there is no coming back from that destruction and the Chinese want to inherit an intact America. Congressman Trent Franks missed the point on this as he thought the attack would be an EMP. However, he was right about the intended takedown of the grid by America’s enemies, Obama, and now Biden.  

The attack will be cyber, destroy America, kill tens of millions, mostly through starvation and eventually lead to a Chinese occupation of a depopulated America, at the request of the current American President to provide humanitarian assistance.  A cyber grid takedown is not permanent and will permit the Chinese to quickly rebuild the US energy infrastructure after the purpose is served.

in 2017-18 the Wei Fenghe announced that America would be occupied by the CHICOMS for exploitation of its resources and this would follow the American genocide perpetrated by the Chinese with the assistance of treasonous US traitors.

From the Grid EX drills, to the present crisis, to Wei Fenghe’s leaked speech to the CCP on their genocidal plans for America, that day has now arrived. The agenda for the Chinese takeover to take place has been underway since around 2013. With the complete support of the Obama administration and now Biden, this RESET has been well facilitated.

With the Texas storm and grid outages, a good rehearsal has been pulled off.  Expect more repeats and variations in the near future.

UN Depopulation and the RESET

Depopulation Motive:

Who is behind the emerging depopulation efforts that are beginning to surface in mass? The answer, at its root, is the UN, the visible entity of what is known as the ‘Globalists’.  The UN has a list of talking-head celebrities on its payroll.  They are all famous examples of the impossibly rich and successful business men who have become the ‘richest people in the world’, or, so it is proclaimed.

We are talking about such folks as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Klaus Schwab, etc.  Of course, such individuals were created to influence you into believing that you ought to believe them, whatever they may say.  Of course, most do believe them, as obviously, if you have a lot of money, you are superior and worthy of listening to.  You should follow their direction so you can become wealthy and powerful, just like them.

These are the front-men for the public relations propaganda campaign.  Most people do not look any deeper.  If Gates says “you should submit to my new vaccine regime”, then many will just line up to receive it, no further questions asked.

In spite of claims to the contrary, none of these paid front men give a shit about the causes they purport to champion.  They do it solely for the obvious motives of personal gain.  But these are the faces the real culprits want you to identify with.  You buy it because you believe these guys are really the richest people in the world.  You think they do not have any unfulfilled desires, so they must be sincere.  You are sadly mistaken.

As I said, these guys do not really give a shit whether you live or die.  They are in it for personal gain.  So, who then wants to bring the world population of humans back to its traditional historic level of about one-half billion souls?  And why? 

To understand this, it is necessary to know some history.  The history you need to know has never been taught to you in history class.  We are in the midst of a major RESET, the current one of many prior ones.  The most unique aspect of this current one is that we are sitting with a human population far exceeding anything ever seen before.  We’re at about 8.5 billion people, almost all of which have accumulated in the last 100 years.  All of them have come to existence during the most recent RESET which started around 1812 and ended in 2020, a little over 200 years.  This past RESET was globally dominated by the US, the former world super power, having risen to glory and fallen into the trash bin during the recent 100 years.

The human race was initiated about 135,000 years ago.  The first human came to be created at that time due to the need for laborers to work in the gold mines of the astronauts who were on earth as part of a mining colony, having arrived some 450,000 years ago.  These miners were from the solar system of the sun’s binary companion star, referred to as Nibiru.  Nibiru has an orbit that brings the solar systems into near proximity every 3,600 earth-years.  Although these miners had brought their own laborers along with them, the mine laborers had decided to go on-strike and refused to labor further in the gold mines, mostly located at that time, in SE Africa, currently Zimbabwe. 

The Astronaut Miners found the planet, earth, to have no advanced life forms.  They considered the planet to be their possession, and most likely still do.  It can be inferred, by reading more details of the written history left behind by these Astronauts, that their space transportation technology limited their ability to journey between earth and their home planet to the period of near physical proximity during the 3,600 earth-year orbital cycle.

The mining mission was under the control of two sons of Anu, the King of the Anunnaki (subjects of King Anu).  The brother named Enlil was the nearer to the throne, thus was mission commander.  The older but more distant from the throne brother, named Enki, was the engineer, skilled in genetics and biomedical practices. The primary purpose of the mission was to locate a planet with a large amount of available gold.  Gold was not considered valuable at the time.  The atmosphere of the home planet was suffering from a problem of inadequate levels of atmospheric ozone to absorb cosmic radiation.  Increasing radiation levels were threatening the health and life of the people of Anu.  It was determined that gold could be converted to a monatomic state rendering it virtually weightless.  The intent was to disperse monatomic gold into the atmosphere to rectify the problem of reflecting cosmic radiation back into outer space before reaching the surface.

The landing site for the mission was the gulf of Persia.  However, gold was not plentiful in this area.  Further exploration revealed that there was a large amount of gold to be found underground in SE Africa.  Anu assigned Enki, with his wife, Ninhurzag (Ninki, also a scientist) to reside in SE Africa and brother Enlil to reside in the Persian Gulf area, to establish facilities to refine and prepare the gold for trans-shipment, as the 3600 earth-year orbital cycle permitted.

So, the colony mined gold and shipped it home for a period of 315,000 earth-years, at which point the mine workers revolted. Note needs to be taken of the characteristics of the people of Anu.  These people are much more interdimensionally, consciously and physically evolved than the humans they eventually created to take the place of the mine workers who had revolted.  Overall, the contingent was comprised of about one-thousand individuals, of which about 800 were a laborer class, called Igiggi.  With Igiggi workers refusing to work in the mines, interruption of the gold flow ensued. 

In a meeting of the Senior Council, a solution was sought.  Enlil wished to force the Igiggi back to work under threat of death.  Enki suggested another way.  He told the council that he had bee experimenting with an ape-like creature, today identified as homo erectus.  He proposed that he use his own genes and the ovum of a female homo erectus to try to create a worker with sufficient faculties to learn to perform the mine work.  Enlil objected on the basis that he was responsible for controlling the mission and he feared that such creatures, endowed with Anunnaki genes, may be able to reach a population size beyond his span of control.

King Anu, the ultimate decision-maker, favored Enki’s plan.  And so, it was decided that certain design parameters demanded by Enlil would be implemented to limit the dangers feared by Enlil.  The first batch of ‘Lulus’ were to be male only, have limited intelligence, have limited physical stature, have a limited finite life-span of 150 earth-years and live under tight security.  The Anunnaki were about 10 feet in stature, were very advanced in all physical, mental, and meta-physical aspects and possessed very powerful weapons and technology.  Anunnaki were almost immortal.  They did not die from any diseases and their cells replicated without any limitations for an indefinite time period.  While they could be killed in battle, they also had very sophisticated medical technology that included repair of injuries so long as body components remained available that could be regrown or repaired.

Enki and Ninki were eventually successful with the project and used the available 14 Anunnaki females to carry 14 ‘lulus’ to term.  The only real problem was the limitation of 14 wombs making the process very slow.  The new born lulus had to reach a point of maturity where they could be trained and able to perform the work of mining gold.  It was decided that the only practical way for this plan to work was to produce female lulus and allow the lulus to procreate.  Enlil demanded that Enki have a breeding program that was very tightly controlled and secure, so that only the quantity of lulus required would be produced.

The ‘telomeres’ of the cells of the lulus were to be set strictly for a life-span limit of 150 earth-years, at which point cellular replication would no longer be possible.  They, themselves, of course, had no telomeres limiting their own ability to replicate their cells.

The Igiggi, now free of their responsibilities in Africa, dispersed and many went to the territory of Enlil in the Persian Gulf area.  They established residence and found that they could make use of some slave labor in construction, farming, etc. so they asked Enlil to bring slaves from Africa to the Persian Gulf.  This Enlil did, thus lulus went to the cities of Enlil in significant numbers. 

“The daughters of men were noticed by the Igiggi, all male, who found them to be fair, and took from among them all that they wished, to make of them wives and produce off-spring.”

There is no room to narrate all the stories found in the clay tablets of the Anunnaki, discovered in excavations in Mesopotamia, Sumeria and other sites.  So, the abbreviated story goes like this:  Enlil and Enki became bitter enemies over the long term as Enki continued his experiments beyond the permission and awareness of his brother, Enli, eventually producing the Adamu, vastly superior to the lulus.  The families feuded all throughout the histories of their time on Earth.  Enlil formed a clan of humans, as did other Anunnaki gods, who lived under the protection of their gods and followed along with them wherever they went.

The story can be fleshed out further by reading other posts on this site and by reading both of the jewish bibles, which are fictionalized versions of the historical accounts found in the Annunaki tablets.  The writing of the fictionalized bibles had motive.  The priests of Enlil, hoping to prolong their power and relevance, decided to start a new religion based on the gods, after the Anunnaki left earth around 1,000 BCE.  Their religion was based on the jew’s supreme god, Enlil, who appeared in their bible stories as Yahweh, Jehovah, God-the-father.  His brother, Enki, his enemy, was cast as Lucifer, the tempter because he had created the E-din, where the lulus dwelt in their youth, prior to being ready and able to take on their duties as slaves in the gold mines. Enlil always feared and despised the humans.  He discovered, on a visit to SE Africa that Enki’s E-din afforded the young humans the opportunity to have sex outside of the strict breeding control program.  This is the origin of “Original Sin’.

After the great flood of 10,600 BCE, caused by melting of the polar ice caps due to the remission of the ice age in the Younger Dryas period, and all life on Earth was found to not have been destroyed, as Enlil had predicted. The bibles claim Enlil sent the great flood as a punishment for the human sinners, which is, of course, ridiculous.  What Enlil did actually do, is decide to not give any prior warning to the humans, hoping they would all perish. Enki, although sworn to secrecy, gave his son (by a human female) a warning and helped him construct a water craft capable of surviving the flood.

At the time prior to the departure from Earth by the gods, Enki and Ninki designed and produced another specie of humans, having a much higher percentage of god-genes.  The gods realized that the humans could not be left unmanaged on Earth, to survive on their own.  This new specie, called homo capensis, are the divine blue-blood Royals and priests who were given dominion over humans in perpetuity.  They still rule us to this day.

Humans have lived under the rule of these Royals since 1,000 BCE.  The system of rule is the same as that employed by the gods on their home planet, called feudalism.  The property is owned exclusively by the Royal Set.  The serfs work for their needs on land owned by the Royals.  The serfs have no illusion of freedom or even human rights, whatever they may be.  On Earth, the system was exactly the same, and, in fact is unchanged.  Only the illusion has been changed during the RESET period 1812 to 2020.  This period was an experiment, never tried before on earth.  The humans were allotted the illusion of freedom, property ownership and rights.

This experiment was to determine whether the slaves would be more productive under the delusion compared to the whip. In any case, we are now in a new RESET period and the population is going to be reduced to prior historic limits of about 500 million total people.  There is going to be no more delusion of non-existent freedoms and rights. 

The planet, earth, is owned by the Anunnaki gods, and they will determine how many humans it can support, while meeting the standards set by the gods.  There is going to be no more production for the sake of production.  Over-consumption, depletion and waste is going to be stopped.  The purpose of the planet is not what humans think.  It is not just to push the envelope to see how many humans it can hold.  The humans are here to provide the labor to extract the natural resources the gods want to extract from their farm.  Not for the benefit of humans.  As many human laborers as is needed to meet their goals is the total quantity of humans that will be allowed to exist. 

But this takes us to the other aspect of useful production or real assets.  Are human laborers still the best means of production, considering the advances in technocracy?  Humans are not really that efficient as a means of production.  They are extremely high maintenance.  This leads us to robotics, transhumanism and artificial intelligence (AI).

In 1993, the term transhumanism did not exist.

The Pandemic and The Vaccines

With regard to these matters, I have a unique perspective. Most people are seeing these events for the first time and are horrified as we are seeing Vaccines unveiled that are fundamentally altering our DNA . As I look at the emerging evidence that is being highly suppressed, I know that I have been told that this was coming, back in 1993.

The death rate connected to the vaccines is off the charts, however, the real death rate is not known to most and the figures are not readily available. We know that the ‘vaccine’ manufacturers skipped the animal trials. You are the animals, the guinea pigs. This was done, not because Covid was a threat, it was done under the guise of a fake emergency. Covid is a bunch of made-up bullshit to scare you into accepting your role as a human guinea pig.

As with any fake medical threat, Covid is not producing bodies piling up in the street. States that have no mask mandate and whose businesses are open, have lower infection rates than states with draconian lockdown procedures. This is attributable to the degree of susceptibility of the state governors and minions to the pressures of the federal authorities.  If there were any states that were governed by honest and truthful people, there would be no ‘cases’ in those states at all.  Masks, social distancing, and the tests do not work for any purpose other than fear and intimidation.

 This has all been verified, but the quieter voices of science are being extinguished through censorship, threat of job loss and even violence, like a covid jab. Yes, elderly people with comorbid conditions are at risk, but the weak and dying are easily pushed over the limit with a little bit of additional toxicity.  And Covid deaths, as a stand-alone statistic, do not exist.  They have taken every cause of morbidity of the elderly and falsely called it COVID.  The end results are the same, as statistics prove there is no excess morbidity in any part of the world.

The whole process of subjugating society is for a different specific reason.

Why the Deception?

It is clear that the old has to be destroyed in order to usher in the new. The lockdowns so debilitated society that it created the pretext for what is coming. And what is coming is hell on earth. It is indeed going to result in the demise of most of the humans on the planet. Gates is at the forefront of destroying billions of humans, through his role as fake rich man employed by the UN. The UN is also preparing to starve humanity to death, those refusing the killer inoculation, and other survivors will be forced to the will of the UN.  There is no shortage of minions willing to work for the Royals and benefit from the appearance of wealth and privilege. At this time, the Royals do not want to show their faces, so it works out both ways.  Positions are limited however.

This recently ended RESET period has been the strangest ever.  There has never been a population spike like the one that is ending now. There has never been a degree of delusion like that which exists in the Western populations at this time.  That is the very reason why this can all go down as planned.  Everyone is scared to death to face the facts of their situation.  People will go to their deaths without ever believing it is happening.  Even after half the population is dead, they will still be in denial. 

War for Human Survival

Fulfillment of UN Agenda 2025

Most people think they know what warfare is.  They think it is weaponized soldiers on the ground killing one another to hold or capture physical ground and assets.  This is not incorrect, in and of itself.  This is one dimension of warfare, but it is not the only dimension of warfare.  This is just the brute-force form of warfare where everything is decided by the metric of surviving assets.  Similar to battles of old, where the forces of the opposing kings meet in conflict on the ‘battlefield’ and the one with no assets surviving is the loser.  This is one-dimensional warfare. This has been used for thousands of years to cull the human population.

In the recent period, we have been engaged in a different type of warfare, unfamiliar to most civilians.  Even to the point of total lack of awareness that they are actually actively engaged in a war. It is very hard to win a war when you are ignorant of it.  The enemy is fighting you with their elite forces, who can totally defeat you before you even realized you were being attacked.

5th Dimensional Warfare

But this is exactly what the human race is engaged in.  The enemy has been present on the battlefield for a long time, without the need to disclose its presence or intentions.  They can operate with impunity anywhere because they have made you trusting and dependent on them for all of the things you think you require to exist.  They have made you believe that you need their trade currency, which, in fact, is only worthless paper.  They have made you believe you cannot be healthy without their fraudulent worthless form of medical care, only because you have become dependent on it to treat your state of induced sickness, which they have also caused.  They have given you worthless public education only to make you ignorant enough to believe all their other lies.  They have given you worthless food goods that would bring any living creature to premature ill health and death, while making you shun Nature and the food goods and sunshine that will keep you in perpetual health.  You would not have any need for their pills, chemo, and hospital/surgical procedures then.  The grotesquely distorted economy could not survive without the pharmaceutical/medical spending that is then identified as about half of the US GDP.  The other major component of corrupted GDP is military/industrial complex spending to deter non-existent threats.  Although the largest of all is probably the drug/pornography/human sex trafficking complex.

This is far from all of the weapons being used against you, but you get the idea.  You are being defeated in this 5th dimensional warfare without even being aware that you are engaged in a ferocious life-or-death battle for your very existence.

The enemy presents you with examples of ‘success’ in this Matrix: like Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, Sam Walton, etc. so you believe you too have the potential and should devote your strivings to become successful like them.  You are not one of ‘them’.  These are sponsored people who have jobs working for the UN and the CIA.  The UN and CIA have unlimited wealth and can make anyone they want look incredibly successful in your mind.  Forget about all of these fakes and all of the celebrities you worship, whether pro sports, TV or Hollywood.

If you have any hope of coming out of this conflict alive, you first need to become aware of what is going on.  The enemy, of course, prefers you to continue denying there is a war ongoing.  The longer you continue to deny what is happening, the further along the war progresses towards your immanent demise.  You can’t win a war if you do not understand who is the enemy and what are their tactics and weapons of conquest.  You are already conquered and still do not even know it.

The most challenging part of this is getting your head around it and achieving situational awareness, especially because very often, the enemy is not only an issue of foreign or domestic, but has also parked itself inside your head or inside the heads of your loved ones via unceasing propaganda, such that perhaps your friends and family have been conquered by the enemy and they are acting on behalf of the enemy and they don’t even know it. Throw all of your TVs in the dumpster.  Use your computer for something useful.

In order to survive, you need to understand the enemy, the theater and the arsenal.


“The first rule of war is to know when you’re in one. The second rule of war is to delineate who is friend and foe and that, of course, in a covert virtual reality in your mind, is not always easy to do.

Even Special Operations soldiers, real squared-away types, have a real hard time understanding this, because it’s such a new and subtle type of warfare and people just don’t grasp what’s happening.” They think this isn’t war, it’s just normal existence. It is not normal existence. It is warfare and if you fail to see this, you are doomed.

“It’s not just information warfare, it’s really 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare encompassing every aspect if your day-to-day life.

“3rd Generation warfare would be clearly visible, like World War II. 4th Generational is the covert operations of undeclared war, with hard-to-identify virtual enemies created by politician’s executive orders. For example, ISIS, Al Queda or Antifa. You see it mostly via TV.  Then 5th dimension is, ‘you can’t even identify exactly who they really are and who they work for’.

“So, for example, the false flag event at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, where we have the fake situation extensively recorded with videos of Blantifa changing clothes and they’re all identified and there’s MAGA guys trying to pull back and say, “We’re not Antifa!” and it’s obviously movie actors. But before that, all the intelligence is bought-off, as are all the play actors on-stage.

The enemy has human resources…paid or blackmailed for influence and access. And that’s what, for 30 years, since 1999, the Chinese have been doing with the US Judiciary branch, with the DOJ, with the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama and Biden, and etc.

This war has been running since the RESET of 1812, that is concluding at the present time, by means of the fake pandemic, and the absurd debilitating response measures being imposed.  RESETS are recurring about every 200 years, and have been since about 1,000 BCE.  This conclusion and defeat of humanity will implement the new RESET 2020, which is a part of UN Agenda21, to remove the US and the Western powers from hegemony within the global power structure.  The ‘West’ is being replaced, in this capacity, by the ‘East’. The outcome will leave the US with a population of about 70 million people, a military structure reduced to about 20% of its current level and a US dollar worth about 20 cents.

“The Chinese are moving from unconventional to conventional warfare and they’re challenging the US in the Indo-Pacific Theater. The guys that pull the strings of the Biden-Puppet will pull that back and so they [the Chinese] will dominate in that area.

“And Gates is now the largest [farm] landowner in America and the Chinese are buying up ranches and farms at three times that rate.

“We’re going to continue to see the militarization of DC, because a dumbed-down, drugged-up, fattened-up populace isn’t even paying attention.

The West Coast is already inundated with Chinese soldiers by means of owning the Port Authority.  The East coast is being taken over by a “Feral Cities” concept

“With the Feral Cities doctrine, you don’t get to hide. The guerrilla now hides in the urban environment, not in the rural environment, because overhead surveillance is too sophisticated now. So, in the Feral Cities, they will continue to creep inwards…

“That’s why they have to use force of armed soldiers there. They do not hold the mid-ground. Although there are large militarized forces both at the Canada and the Mexico borders.  But, the UN forces are also on the side of the opposition, and the UN has over one million troops, fully equipped, on the ground at various US military bases in strategic locations within the continental US.

We now have police home invasions, unannounced and warrantless, to seize private weapons.  The moment there is any conflict, martial law is set for auto-implementation.  By means of the Kigali Principle, the agreement signed by Obama with the UN, martial law anywhere in the US triggers transfer of control to the UN forces with no need for further legal or military initiatives or actions.

“This has never been tried before. We’re living in historic times. And they’re going to turn on each other. People are asking, ‘When is the military coup?’ There is not going to be one.  The real military is stationed on foreign soil, where they will stay for this one.

Having seen the manner in which the police have been treated for the past year, are the police going to engage in the war on behalf of the people? Probably not. How about the National Guard?  Not likely they are up to the task. How about the armed citizens?  They will be mostly disarmed by this point.  The regular army?  Mostly stationed at overseas bases. 

A lot of National Guard troops are in DC.  DC. Is not a part of US, Inc.  DC is basically the enemy, or minions of the enemy.  Obviously, DC has no provisions to accommodate the Guard, as shown by the capital hill fiasco and false-flag event.  The Guard ‘head count’ is not nearly sufficient, in any case.  During the mass door-to-door disarmament, note will be made of heavily armed households and martially formidable civilians.  They will be targeted specifically, early in the engagement. 

Once the US, Canada, Briton, Europe, Australia and NZ are reduced to global insignificance, the UN will continue on with the installation of the new global power structure based on Agenda 21, the Technocracy, Sustainable Development, and China as the new hegemon.  This will be the fulfillment of UN Agenda 2025 as the Deagel-CIA predictions will also be fulfilled. This is step one in the actual implementation of Agenda 21.  The next phase will be full implementation of Agenda 2030. And so on. The full agenda will be rolled out in succession with the objective of full operation by 2050.

You may be skeptical, thinking you have not heard too much about this agenda. You’re are not alone. Most humans in the nations affected by Agenda 2025 have been given little to no warning about what is happening to them, for obvious reasons. The UN’s existence is certainly no secret, but its purpose is not widely revealed, although not actually being kept a secret. It is just a huge agenda that has been devised and documented very thoroughly. It is to the advantage of the UN that the victims of Agenda 21, and particularly Agenda 2025 have not been widely studied by average citizens. They can pull off the genocide with utter surprise on the very people who are to be genocided. In war, surprise is always a key advantage. Citizens of the decadent and rotting empire are much to inclined to avoid reading lengthy, boring, detailed documents about UN plans written such that the impact on humans is cloaked in subtle details, only understandable in a larger context of even more boring details. This is not unintentional.