Viral Mutations Not Possible

Old Saying: ‘Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me’

Herr Obersturmbanfuher Fauci’s latest crazed idea is to covert efforts to create and spread a mutated respiratory virus throughout the world.  There is reference to a United Nations (World Health Organization) report entitled WORLD AT RISK that claims there would not be one pandemic, but two.  The first was to be a simulated exercise of a “rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen.”  And the second?

Now ominous reports of a deadly mutated COVID-19 coronavirus are being echoed by politicians.  The project is designated as “Dark Winter.”

Let’s slow down a moment and try to get our heads screwed on straight.  Virus are discarded dead mRNA waste material from cell replication.  Put a virus in a Petri dish with agar solution.  It will not multiply.  It cannot multiply. It is dead.  It cannot mutate. This is more spurious bullshit from government talking heads to scare you into believing the new scamdemic is real and to try to extend and enhance the nonsense.  Very few are accepting their toxic vaccines.  This is not according to plan.  This is not acceptable. The sheep are supposed to be scared-to-death, willing to take any measure to rescue themselves from evil mutating viruses.  ‘We need to amp-up the fear-factor’.

Vaccination efforts have slowed.  According to a report at Global Research, officials claim that ‘utter disaster’ is about to come.  Joe Biden and a bevy of other politicians have begun to orchestrate reference to a deadly “Dark Winter.”

The Global Research report recalls the threat of an anthrax epidemic following 9-11 in 2001 that mimics the buildup to today’s Dark Winter. 

Dr. Heiko Schöning in Germany speaks out how the 20-year old anthrax deceptions are a blueprint for the coronavirus pandemic today.  The same code words are being used, says Dr. Schöning.  Eventually it was found that the anthrax came out of a US army laboratory.

Like the COVID-19 outbreak, there was a simulated exercise three months prior to the anthrax attacks, notes Dr. Schöning.  CIA operatives are at the planning tables both for the anthrax and COVID-19 epidemics, however many repeats there are going to be..

Slowdown of vaccination

The American populace may be pinned down economically by an even more hyped mutated virus.  Without enough vaccines to go around (so authorities claim), the populace must be ‘quarantined’.  While there is precedent for quarantining infected individuals like those with tuberculosis, there is no precedent for locking down healthy people with more resultant deaths from the restrictions than the claimed infectious disease.

Dr. Schöning says the people who refuse to comply with facemasks and social distancing will be blamed for Dark Winter.  God only knows what consequences objectors will now face.

So far, all said viral epidemics have fizzled out as weaponized viruses mutate by actions of Nature to discard the ‘weaponization ‘gain of function’.  This time, the public is being told it is a more deadly mutation.  Ggene variants are not more lethal.  A review of the “most plausible mutations” did “not identify a single recurrent mutation in this set convincingly associated with increased function”. Too bad…there is no such thing as viral transmission.  Viruses are dead.  Although they are probably the most numerous thing in the world and your body is full of them, they do not transmit or contage or infect anything. They are like dirt…they are just numerous and so they are there, a simple fact of life.  A lot of stupid people think that dirt is unhealthy. 

What, no selenium?

Instead of even stricter lockdown measures over a mutated form of coronavirus, public health authorities would be advising the public to examine their diet, were this not all fake, Selenium is a trace mineral that is highly effective in rejuvenating a nutrition-deprived body.  Selenium deficiency can result in compromised immune system effectivity.

Gaming the population

The re-categorizing of normally-occurring deaths (~8000/day in the U.S.) to ‘COVID-19’ is made possible by a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that admittedly produces 99% false positives and is incapable of detecting any present or past virus presence.  In reality, no test is needed because it is common knowledge that everybody has over 400 trillion viruses present in their body at all times.  The PCR test has spawned other pseudo-epidemics. The more the testing is used, the more people with viruses can be claimed as ‘cases’.  “Oh my god, oh dear, oh me…more cases.  The sky is falling.”

The objective of these over-reaching restrictions appears to be intended to wipe out small business and to bury Americans financially in preparation for the global reset of the world-order that would change the social contract of Americans with their government. Firstly, it would result in massive depopulation, leaving the US with less than 100 million people, the dollar currency at 20% of its former purchasing power and its military budget at less than 20% of current levels.  The US will end up a midget, not a super-power.

Weaponized anthrax spores emanated from government sites

“Weaponized” anthrax spores traced to a US Army testing lab at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, were initially attributed to a lone microbiologist, but that theory has been questioned in more recent times. It is a totally lame excuse.

With this came the realization the nation’s stockpile of antibiotics was not sufficient to protect the many millions of Americans who may be exposed to this spore-forming anthrax bacterium.  Note that anthrax is not a virus.  It is a bacteria that has been weaponized by the government, so it is not even a naturally occurring chemical.

Pandemics all bacterial. No virus.

Garlic’s main active ingredient (allicin) kills off anthrax bacterium.  Eating to maintain alkalinity of your body fluids will protect you against oxidants that will otherwise allow your body to be ravaged by every known destructive process.

When the realization that no vaccination will be found to be safe and effective against COVID-19 coronavirus, natural remedies will provide adequate health, free of side effects.  No vaccination will ever be efficacious for any medical treatment.

Deja Vu!

All the doctors and hospital staff are going to be dancing in the streets again.  The totally empty hospitals and clinics are getting to be a bore for everyone. Welcome the second-wave of mutant turtles…oh, I mean virus.

Here are a few of the comments:

“If the Doctors have that much time on their hands, THERE IS NO PANDEMIC.”

“They are dancing because they haven’t missed a pay check…”

“Hospitals are not overwhelmed with patients. It’s all political Bullsh#t.”

“Not only are they not standing up and exposing the scam, they are blatantly and shamelessly dancing on the ruined lives of their fellow countrymen.”

“Another vomit inducing moment.”

“Yep the freaks in health care dance whilst people lose their jobs, homes, commit suicide and starve. Salt of the earth are they not.”

“As a healthcare worker myself it makes me roll my eyes and smile at how absurd this situation is. The virus is not a threat, but the lockdowns, fines, and mask wearing certainly are.”

“Just proving it’s all a big show.”

“It shows how fake Covid is. There is no overwhelming of hospitals or clinics.”

“How utterly annoying that video is, yeah they’re on the “front lines” lol.”

“Ridiculous!!!! These doctors are bored because the hospitals are EMPTY. Makes me sick to see this!”

“They’ll be dancing when the healthcare cuts hit them.”

“If they’re so busy where do they get time to dance.”

Citizen journalists visit their local hospitals all over the world only to find staff doing nothing and beds and hospital wards are completely empty.

Is this a drill? Is this a hoax? Whatever it is… it is NOT what we are being told:

British Woman Arrested After Filming Inside Empty Hospital, As Sick People Are Denied Treatment (EMPTY Hospitals Everywhere)

Ontario (Canada) MPP Randy Hillier spilling the Beans on this TOTAL COVID BULL…

The total number of patients with COVID in all Ottawa Hospitals (combined), is TWO, both just colds.These politicians and News people need to be rounded up and jailed for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY