Worry about UN unelected Tyrants

The UN was birthed for the purpose of designing, implementing and managing Reset 2020.  The UN will survive as the New World Order, The World Bank, The WEF, The World Religion, The Technate, The Peacekeeper, The Trilateralist Commission, The WHO and numerous other authorities I will address later. Most Americans know surprisingly little about the UN and its mission. Most think it is an auxillary world entity that only steps in when there is something awry somewhere that requires ‘peace keeping’. Even though the US pays a heavy portion of UN expenses and provides ‘home turf’ benefits, the UN is no friend. Consider this” ‘As President Trump prepares to address the U.N. General Assembly this week, a new State Department report shows that the world body is out of sync with U.S. interests in more than two-thirds of votes — likely raising further concerns within the Trump administration about the organization and America’s financial commitment to it.’

“The United States continues to be diplomatically isolated on development and Israel-related resolutions,” the report on voting practices at the U.N. in 2018 said.

UN votes anti-US most of the time

People living in the ‘western world’ are the primary target, the outgoing power bloc.  The time frame here is deadline 2025, at which point less than 20% will have survived, and of these, most will be young orphaned children who will be redistributed in the new world order. The future of republican forms of governance is zip.  That form of government has been an illusion from the Reset 1812.   As then, the Technate will be built up from a world catastrophe. Not a nuclear war, but a culling to form a new social order that will have no possibility of future violent wars.  The coronavirus pandemic is being used, on the political end, as a massive coup against ‘free’ society. We are being confronted with this ‘great reset’, alluding to post-catastrophe reconstruction…”Build Back Better”.  But for a whole generation, people have already been living under a technocracy in China. This is a regime that can only be explained as some toxic combination of the systemic inevitabilities of a consumer-driven society on the foundation of planned obsolescence, and the never-ending greed and lust for power which defines whole sections of the societies, the US included.

Some agencies of the UN

Recently we saw UK PM, Boris Johnson, stand in front of a ‘Build Back Better’ sign, speaking to the need for a ‘great reset’. ‘Build Back Better’ happens to be Joe Biden’s campaign slogan. But, to what extent are the handlers who manage ‘Joe Biden’, and those managing ‘Boris Johnson’ working the same script?

The more pertinent question is to ask: in whose interest is this ‘great reset’ being carried out? The answer depends, as always, on how you view it. It will be good for some and bad for others. Like a cattle farmer culling his herd. The homo capensis need and want the best producing labor. They definitely do not want ‘useless eaters’ who contribute less than they consume, or, worse yet, labor that consumes a lot while creating wastes, but contributes nothing to production. For example, the service sector economies of the US and others.

The UN is the most extensive organization in the world.

What Johnson calls the ‘Great Reset’, Biden calls the ‘Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice’. The coming economy is neither one of austerity or overabundance.  During the 21st Century, the era of Agenda 21, a depopulation will take place that will end with a world comprising no sovereign states,  no competing ‘isms’, no politicians or political bureaucrats, no wars, no private ownership of property, no superstitious religions, no possibility of over consumption and no competing philosophies.

How is it that now Boris Johnson speaks publicly of a ‘great reset’, whereas just months ago, when those outside the ruling media paradigm used this phrase, it was censured by corporate Atlanticist media as being conspiratorial in nature?

In terms of public discourse, ‘reset’ is a no-no word.  The public is supposed to believe that this all a coming result of the fake covid pandemic and ‘grass roots’ civil unrest.

And so, we have by now all read numerous articles in the official press talking about how economic life after coronavirus will never be the same as it was before. Atlanticist press has even run numerous opinion articles talking about how this may cut against globalization.

Yet they have avoided any substantive discussion about what, if anything, exists in lieu of globalization, and what the economy looks like in various parts of the world if it is not globalized. This is all stalling and avoidance of hard questions.  They do not intend to talk about any of this until such time as the die is cast.  Global implementation is going to take a long time and they want to keep the resistance and opposition quiet and hopeful, until it is a done deal.

Multipolarity is a term that, in decades past, was utilized frequently in western vectors, in the sphere of geopolitics and international relations. Now there is some strange ban on the term, and so we are now bereft of a language with which to have an honest discussion about the post-globalization paradigm. Globalization intends to make these terms essentially meaningless. The UN has this mapped out to the nth detail, but no one is going to like what they hear, thus ‘keep the lid on as long as possible and blame it all on covid’, with the implication something better may be in the cards post covid like the elusive ‘return to normal’.

Technocracy or Pluralism? A Fight Against the Newspeak

Until now, we have only been given a steady diet of distancing, of lockdown provisions, quarantining, masking, track and trace, and we have forgotten entirely about the fact that all of this was only supposed to be a two or three-week long exercise to flatten the curve. And now the truth is emerging that what is being planned is a new proposal being disguised as a ‘great reset’. There is no discussion to be had in the question of Technocracy versus Pluralism.  All ‘isms’ are going to be gone and forgotten.  Letting people hang on to false hopes is the game to keep the bumps in the road smoothed out to the extent possible along the extended journey.

One of the large problems in discussing the ‘great reset’ is that a false dichotomy has arisen around it. Either one wants things to be how they were before and without changes to the status quo, or they promote this ‘great reset’, “build back better” slogan.  Unfortunately, Clark in his RT article falls into this false dichotomy, and perhaps only for expedience sake in discussing some other point, he does not challenge the inherent problems in ‘how things were before’.

What we propose is that we must oppose their ‘new normal’ ‘great reset’, while also understanding the inherent problems of what had been ‘normal’ up until Covid.  The way things were before was also a tremendous problem, and yet now it only seems better in comparison to the police state-like provisions we’ve encountered throughout the course of politicizing the specter of this ‘pandemic’. There is absolutely no possibility that the old ‘normal’ was viable or sustainable.  It definitely is not.  This is the reason they have a Reset every 200 years or so.  The old paradigm is no longer viable and there are too many holes in the curtain for the wizard to remain hidden.

Strangely, we are told to ‘listen to the consensus science’ even as these very institutions consist of political appointees who are driven by excessive funding and unwarranted power and respect. Certainly, science is not about consensus, but about challenging assumptions, repeatability and a lively debate between disagreeing scientists with relatively equal qualifications. As Kuhn explains in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, science is always evolving, and by definition potentially overturns consensus paradigms. Now, we all know that science has not operated this way since government has taken over all funding. This is a debate we have not seen, and this fact by itself represents an illiberal cancer growing on an already defective pluralist society – ironically, all flying under the banner of liberalism.

In a real viable society, decisions should be driven by reason, prudence, and justice. What is or isn’t scientific plays a role, but cannot be the deciding factor. Science clearly says that we may eliminate cross-walk injuries by banning street-crossing or by banning driving, but what policy makers must do is account for the need to have both cars and crossing the street, in deciding how – if it’s even possible – to reduce or eliminate such injuries. Science is only one part of this equation. Unfortunately, it is no longer pure fact seeking, but rather whatever the  government is buying with its grant moneys.

But isn’t economics also a science? Is sociology not a science? What about psychology and psychiatry? The facts are, none of these qualify as science, as they do not deal in ‘facts’. They claim to adopt and apply the scientific method in their work. Universities have been awarding doctoral degrees in these sciences for a century or more. Do these expert opinions not count when managing a public catastrophe?

It is, and always has been, a political and politicized position to listen to some scientists, and not others. But when the output is predetermined by government funding mandates, it is all worthless. Problems cannot be solved with this scientism.  It is only a gimmick to contrive some basis for political decisions that are then claimed to be based on “settled science”.  In other words, there is no scientific basis at all.

And so, what of the term ‘reset’? Indeed, it is itself misleading, and we would propose it is intentionally so if we understand Orwell’s critique of the use of language – newspeak – in technocratic oligarchies.  At this time, it is certain that most people have no clue as to what ‘Reset’ means nor what are the consequences for their future.

A ‘reset’ textually refers to going back to something once known, erasing defects or contradictions which arose along the way, which carries with it the ‘familiar’, and something we thought was previously agreed to. A ‘reset’ by definition means going back to how things were before – not just recently, but before at some point farther back.  And, this is exactly what the 200-years Resets are.  They go all the way back to the point of departure of the Anunnaki, creators of homo sapiens and homo capensis.  These regularly occurring ‘Resets’ take things back to square one in terms of the assigned mission of the homo capensis as the divine rulers over homo sapiens in the absence of the Anunnaki, who were the kings ruling men for the prior 135,000 years.  It is only the homo sapiens that do not understand these facts nor the pertinent history.

The term ‘reset’ was therefore arrived with extraordinary planning and thoughtfulness, with the intent to persuade [manipulate] the public. It simultaneously straddles two unique concepts, and bundles them together at once into a single term in a manner that reduces nuance and complexity and therefore also reduces thinking. It does so while appealing to the implicit notion of the term that it relates to a past consensus agreement between the Anunnaki and the homo capensis.

It specifically does not refer to any form of agreement with homo sapiens, who are on a lower level and are not privileged with such decision making authority.

We are incongruously told that this ‘reset’ must effectively restore society to how it was at a point in the past but most humans do not have knowledge of the true past, so they cannot understand what they do not know. Suffice to say that humans are not anything more than the pawns in this game, who have no role in decision-making.  Humans will be ‘Reset’ by their rulers and perform their new part in the global world order.  And, according to Klaus Schwab, they will learn to love their new order, eventually.

What are Our Real Options, if any?

Those few who understand that this ‘reset’ is being done by oligarchical methods and objectives, without any sort of mandate governed by laws or men, are reluctant to admit that a great change is indeed necessary.

Rather, we must understand that the underlying catastrophic mechanisms which drive this great change, exist totally independently of the coronavirus, and exist independently of any of the Matrix constructs implemented at the beginning of the ‘reset 1812’.  Since no one alive at this time was a party to the prior ‘reset 1812’, no one has much of any idea of the general concept.  Except, the evidence is abundant to those who would like to discover its history, which they have never been taught.  During the ‘reset 1812’, photography had already been invented, as had the printing press.  It is possible to spend some time to verify all this for oneself, if one should be so inclined.

The oligarchs have planned this solution hundreds of years ago.  They are always seeking the system that will allow exploitation of the planet’s resources with the greatest efficiency and safety for them.  The UN was formed more than 100 years ago, expressly for the implementation of this ‘reset 2020’.  All of the planning, preparation, and means of implementation are in-place and have been moving ahead on this reset without alerting humans.  Since this ‘reset’ is going to take out the US and its allies, few among this segment of the population even have knowledge and understanding of the world-role of the UN.  No one from this bloc of peoples has even been appointed to any major leadership position during the more than 100 years of operation of the UN.  The UN Security Council has voted down the US and its toady, Israel, more than 90% of the time.  There is no respect or regard for the US and allies as it has been well known that the mission is to take-out this power-bloc in the ‘reset’.

The ‘Matrix’, the ‘world order’ introduced by the ‘reset of 1812, was designed to experiment with capitalism as a means to exploit the resources of the planet. By establishing the construct that humans are free-men, working for themselves, they would increase production simply through greed.  Overt slavery is a weak incentive.  Working to enrich oneself is a more incentivizing construct.  However, capitalism has been found to have fatal flaws that facilitate gross unsustainable waste and over-consumption.  The general idea goes like this:  on Monday morning, you come to my gold mine.  I give you a pick and a bag.  You labor to fill the bag.  When you come out of the mine, you give me the bag of gold in exchange for a piece of paper that I make at no cost to myself, or anyone else.  You can extrapolate everything from this analogy.

Over consumption and greed have exploded as the empire created wealth.  Now, the laborers wanted to simply consume for their own amusement, as much as possible, spending the family jewels, then turning to borrowing. As China and allies become the productive labor force, and especially a producer willing to extend credit, the ‘west’ became unproductive, wasteful, over consumers that did not ever intend to become productive again and repay the vast debt that had accrued.  Now, the vast majority of human beings of the ‘west’ must be considered redundant. To use the vernacular of Queen Elizabeth II, they have become “Useless Eaters”.  You may be inclined to consider her opinion of little matter.  That would be a mistake.  The US and its allies are all crown colonies owned, in reality, by the Crown.

The Queen, of course, is homo capensis, divine ruler over homo sapiens, with the responsibility to mine the resources of the planet using human labor.  They have been using the 200-year resets since around 1,000 BCE.  The recent ‘Matrix” order has allowed the homo sapiens to become way too over populated.  From a population of under one billion, to 7.7 billion in the course of under 200 years.  This has led to the drastic change that Technocracy represents.  After the depopulation of the ‘west’, more will come to follow the same path to a total planetary load of at most two billion humans. 

The anti-lockdown protests are contributing to the plan for rapid depopulation.  There is a deep rift in the political scene.  The right and left are ready to take to violence as the differences will not be solved by fake electoral politics.  They have been trying to instigate sufficient rancor to light the fires of violent conflict between the two parties for numerous prior years.  This is how they can establish Martial Law, blaming it on the people.  The UN military forces are ready in waiting to take over the US, according to the agreement made by Obama.  This includes the small arms treaty that Obama also signed to make gun confiscation mandatory.

After disarmament, the pandemic will come back into play.  The major kill-off will come through the fake covid vaccine, that is already killing everyone in the testing programs.  It appears likely that at least 50% of the population will voluntarily accept this vaccine.  That will murder half the population very clean and simple.  The other half, already disarmed, will be rounded up and sent to the FEMA camps and most will likely be beheaded using guillotines.

Do not be deceived over rhetoric claiming the oligarchs are just greedy and reckless socialists.  If only it were that simple.  Recently we saw UK PM Boris Johnson stand in front of a ‘Build Back Better’ sign, speaking to the need for a ‘great reset’. ‘Build Back Better’ happens to be Joe Biden’s campaign slogan.  It is highly likely that Biden, Trump, Merkel and Johnson are all homo capensis.  If so, they are also likely on the fringe of the blue-blood genetic lines who could be either on the inside or the outside, depending on how they play out their respective roles in bringing off the ‘reset’. They are certainly not champions of the humans, in any case. Looking around the circles of power, there may not be any ‘Champions’ of humans, excepting Trump in his ‘Good Cop’ role.  Just doing his part to keep his place at the ‘hog trough’.

The blue-blood oligarchs do not act out of morality or even emotion.  Humans, to them, are a cut below their level.  The scenario is more akin to humans managing herds of cattle.  It is business, not a matter of morals.  You think nothing of cattle farmers who take their unsuspecting cows to the abbatoir for slaughter.  The farmer thinks nothing of it.  Now, for the cows it’s another matter. They are not pre-informed. They are trusting and willing to cooperate until they reach a point in-line where they realize their fate.  Their fate, at that point is already sealed.

This regularly occurring ‘reset’ is similar to taking the cows to market.  Its business.  There is no issue about who will benefit.  A farmer who allows his herd to become too large for his pasture will have ill-fed and unhealthy cows, as well sparse grasses. Feed lots are an example.  Farmers do whatever it takes to optimize their return on investment.  The ‘reset’ is for the purpose of managing the herd of humans.  Obviously, in the case of insufficient pasture, the surviving members of the herd will benefit.  If the oligarchs cull the humans to achieve a more efficient labor force, they too will benefit.

What Johnson calls the ‘Great Reset’, Biden calls the ‘Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice’. Certainly, the coming new Technocratic Order is not the product of the minds of the Boris Johnson’s or Joe Biden’s.

Keep an eye on the second and third wave lockdown measures that will sweep down on the US, just as is happening now in the nations of the historical allies of the US… Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Australia and NZ.  They are hoping the election violence is going to burn down the barn, doing a whole lot of their work for them,  human upon human. In any case, read the ‘Bye Bye Canada’ essay for a peek at what is in store for election night survivors.