Goodbye Canada. US to follow.

The information in this leaked document describing extreme aggressive measures to be enacted by Canada is now under analysis for its veracity. Some of the claims made in this document are accurate while others are somewhat accurate but not as extreme as claimed. Others are even less true, at least at this moment in time, April 21, 2021. I am posting this as an update from what was predicted and what has actually come true at this point. I want to make it clear that the after-the-fact ‘facts’ would tend to indicate that this leaked information was less dire than it seemed, at least at this later date. Timing accuracy of future predictions are typically variable, as circumstances are dynamic.

he Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, conducted recent sessions with his parliament last week to implement new policies and programs of an alarming but not unexpected nature.  These programs fit in precisely with the predictions and conclusions that I have been presenting to my readers.  While these sessions are secretly being held and plans being formulated for immediate implementation, one or more of the horrified committee members has leaked documents that reveal what is going down and a general timeframe.

It has been obvious that Canada has turned against and betrayed its historical ally, the US, but now has turned on its own, intent on the elimination of its own people.  Australia/NZ have been suffering from intense imposition of absurd, draconian measures in the face of the alleged virus threat, that has been discovered by most people to be totally fake and having zero associated mortality threat, thus no danger present or countermeasures needed.

This all fits in with the fact that the pandemic is a fake, never really considered a threat anyway, except by individuals ignorant of the on-going Reset, also known as UN Agenda 21, The Reset-2020. Globalization, NWO, Green New Deal, Global Warming, etc. are all the same thing. The virus pandemic has always been the gimmick for implementation of this reset.  You can read my post of yesterday on this site to pick up more details, so I won’t repeat myself here.

This information has been presented in a short video initially posted on You Tube, but immediately censored and removed.  It has been republished on Bitchute, the source for the following information.  I feel is is important to have this information available in written hard copy, because of its vital importance. In hardcopy, it can be studied more closely and the impact realized more fully. It can’t be censored or taken down.

I am also not staking my reputation on the veracity of every detail in this leaked document, but my opinion is that it rings very true and is consistent with my conclusions from on-going past analysis.  There is an element of asking for donations of funds in the video.  This is not particularly unexpected either, as producers of this video have expenses they need to be compensated for.  As you already know, I have zero commercial aspects to my blog site.  My sole objective is to try to keep you informed on a timely basis of essential information to  help with your plans for your future safety and that of your family.  Prior to this pandemic insanity, most of my blogs have dealt with health and wellness, information that is essentially eternal.

In my research and studies, I discovered that Resets have occurred on a loose schedule of about every 200 years.  Empires rise up, have a heyday and decline, to be replaced by new empires.  This current Reset involves the demise of the ‘west’ and the rise of the ‘east’.  It has been in process for about 100 years.  I have written extensively about it.  The essays are in the archives on this site.

The following are all taken directly from the slide presentation at the Canadian parliamentary special committee. The one speaking in the first person identifies as a committee member involved in the implemetation of the plan laid out.

You can see that this meeting is occurring in parliamentary chambers, and that some of the committee members are questioning the details of what they were told.  For example, Randy Hillier is asking about the broad nature of those who will be incarcerated in the internment camps.

His questions are being ignored totally, and the session leaders are simply stating that this is all going forward, no matter the concerns, and the committee is expected to just produce the results as instructed and not worry about the details.

Paul Calandra is just ‘blowing off’ the questions of Hillier, who persists in an effort to get some specific answers.  The high commissioner totally shuts him down without an answer, insisting this is not subject to questions from Hillier’s level.

The Pentagon is employing contractors to enhance the ‘LETHALITY’ of 5G systems.

Of course, none of this makes any sense whatsoever in the context of our individual past and present lives and prior future plans.  I mean, how are suckers who take the debt forgiveness and sign over everything they own in perpetuity, going to enjoy their new freedom to travel anywhere anytime when they have zero assets?  Are their limits simply set by their walking ability?  Will they get hungry but can’t buy food, or will the soles of their shoes wear out?  Or, does one get to even keep the clothes on their backs?

Surely, any fool can see this is nothing more than a guise to take the general population to the mass grave.

I think most members of society were not expecting this to be so brazen and imposing at this point in time.  But here it comes, in full A-main force for immediate implementation.  All needed facts are invented in advance.  All are totally BS, but, like I have told you, they are not even bothering to pretend that this virus pandemic is real.  It’s the Trojan Horse and its going to suffice to get the job done. That’s it. No further questions please!

Please do not think this is happening just in Canada/Australia/NZ.  They are just the beta test sites to get any ‘viruses’ worked out of the program prior to the larger scope presented by the US primarily, but also Britain and western Europe.  And, we can see clearly that this fits the pattern of the numerous prior resets that have occurred regularly, the evidence for which can be easily researched and discovered.

In past history, slavery and exploitation can clearly be evidenced, at least prior to the current internet purges and book burnings.  We know that history has been re-written countless times, but it is happening again before our very eyes at this time.  The internet is no longer a viable source of general historical information.  What you will find now, if you try to research a subject, is that it has all been recently revised to suit the immediate narrative.  Everything viable has been censored and purged. Those with book libraries can still get access to that information, but, you may have noticed that actual active book burnings are taking place. Unfortunately, there are not that many people with libraries anymore.  There are also not that many people who can read and comprehend and apply analysis and logic.  They have methodically led us down a path where truth and reality are almost undiscoverable.  They have effectively reduced the opposition by bringing massive victimhood into existence.  Do you see any evidence of serious resistance on the horizon, that may bring this disaster to a halt?