Who the Fuck is this Dick Head?

Maybe my memory is lapsing, but I just can’t recall which authority put this dick head in-charge of world health, with an emphasis on vaccines. It would certainly have to be from a very senior authority. If my memory serves me, I am thinking it was nobody. This guy maybe put himself in-charge and no one challenged him? If so, this is a most disturbing situation. What does it tell you? If I am correct, it tells you that this guy can put himself in-charge on the tacit authority of his status as a ‘CIA boy’. It would mean, for example, that Trump is pretty much in-charge of nothing. Probably true. Did he outline his own plan for the COVID vaccine trials? Is he any kind of final authority? He certainly acts and talks like he is. I see no one in the ranks of authority challenging him on this. I see no evidence of any qualifying credentials. He is, officially, a nobody. He has no education to speak of. He is not highly gifted intellectually. Now, he is directing vaccine trials that affect the lives of everyone in the world, not just black African children, who he has murdered and sterilized by the thousands.

As the number of trials come to a halt due to serious illness of the guiney pigs, involving experimental COVID-19 vaccines, public policymakers, the scientific community, and ‘CIA boys’, like Bill Gates, are becoming increasingly worried about an issue that analysts from Goldman Sachs raised in a recent research note, where they warned that the biggest obstacle to eradicating COVID-19 could be convincing everyone that the disease even really exists, and to get people to accept the vaccines for an imaginary virus that obviously poses no threat.  It is rapidly becoming obvious that the pandemic never existed anywhere in the world, therefore, ‘scamdemic’ is the correct description for it.

 This self-appointed ‘Lord of the Corona Disease’ is not likely to be deterred simply by the non-existence of the disease.  That fake disease was never his target to begin with.  His mission is the implementation of Reset 2020, which involves massive depopulation, to be accomplished by means of his various vaccine schemes.  Not to mention how Goldman Sachs fits into the scheme.  They are maybe the key to abscounding with another 15 or 20 $trillions.  Probably much more.

Gates is now doing a series of interviews to tout his (CIA’s) foundation’s collaboration with the UN’s WHO (which aims to provide vaccine doses to everyone across the developing world) and urge his audience to stop worrying and accept the vaccine, as soon as it’s available (for the record, Gates said recently that he expects vaccines to be widely available by the end of next year, 2021, though he qualified that by acknowledging that the efficacy of vaccines is still unknown). Maybe the efficacy of vaccines is unknown to Gates, but some highly educated medical experts know that vaccines have been a scam all along.  Gates does not really care one iota about vaccine efficacy, as far as a medical treatment.  He is only concerned about their efficacy in terms lethality or zombification, especially black African children. Be aware that Gates, his wife and children have never accepted any vaccines for anything.  Ever. Nor do they wear any masks.

But as of last night, that timeline has apparently changed, as Gates now apparently believes – perhaps in light of the recent cases of counter-evidence and class-action law suits, that the initial round of vaccines in development won’t be enough to provide complete morbidity.

In an interview with NBC news last night, Gates warned that the world “won’t return to normal” until “a lot of people” take a second “super-effective” coronavirus vaccine that could be years away.  He failed to mention that it is far too late for the world to ever return to normalcy, which is no part of his plan, in any case.  I hope you all feel perfectly comfortable knowing that Herr Gates has your future all planned out for you.

Why does Gates make statements like…”The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis,”. He makes these statements to try to maintain interest in returning to the state of normalcy that everyone wants, but no one can ever get again.  If people continue to buy into this BS nonsense, they may still voluntarily get in line to take the vaccine, without the need of too much machine gun fire.

“We won’t be able to build back in a positive way” until then, Gates said.  He means, we may have a problem implementing the NWO until we have eliminated enough resistors.

To be sure, viewers should probably take Gates’ latest projection with a grain of salt: as Gates believes our present situation will not become the NWO until a few billion deaths occur in the ‘west’ and Africa.

Gates’ interview blitz continued as he also did a pre-recorded interview with “Squawk Box” host Becky Quick, which aired Wednesday.

Asked by Quick if he has been “surprised” at the amount of pushback to wearing masks, Gates replied that” it’s what the leaders are saying”, though he acknowledged that the messaging on masks didn’t emerge until April or May.  He also did not mention that at that time, most people expected to have all the BS countermeasures lifted in a matter of days or weeks.  And, by the way, isn’t he the one who considers himself to be the real ultimate leader, chosen only by the CIA.

Still, he doesn’t see it as “some kind of ultra-important freedom thing”.

“We’re asking you to cover up,” Gates said, adding that vaccines are “the primary tool we have until these therapeutics and vaccines get out there in big numbers.” We need to get some high-powered stuff out there that will silence the trouble makers who speak the truth liberally.  If only we could get masks that would not allow sound to pass through.

“Given that we tell people to wear clothes, I don’t think of it as some ultra-important freedom thing that there’s another part of your body … we’re asking you to cover up,” says @BillGates on mask pushback in the US, calling it our “primary tool” for now in fighting #COVID19pic.twitter.com/UivhXZD0Id

— Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) October 14, 2020

The next topic was another one of Gates’ favorites: the “conspiracy theories” targeting “Dr. Herr Fraudi and myself.”

“Do we have some malign reason to think vaccines are important in general – that’s unfortunate, particularly as it undermines the mask wearing, or it undermines the vaccines getting approved…as we want people to protect their loved ones, protect the community…and do something to keep them safe.” Well, it may not keep them safe but keeping them six feet under will make progress flow more smoothly.

“Two people who are most targeted are Dr. Herr Fraudi and myself in terms of do we have some malign reason to think vaccines are important,” says @BillGates on #COVID19 conspiracy theories. “That’s unfortunate particularly if it undermines the mask wearing.” People need to shut up and do what us experts tell them to do. They should not be looking for our ulterior motives. pic.twitter.com/ye8AgvyUBZ

— Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) October 14, 2020

Asked if he’s ever discussed the conspiracies with Dr. Herr Fraudi, Gates replied that he hasn’t (yeah, right, of course not), and that most of his communication with Dr. Herr Fraudi is about the antibody therapies, like the therapy from Eli Lilly (trials of which has been halted) seeking an EUA from the FDA, and another experimental therapy from Regeneron that’s also seeking approval.  Dr. Fraudi is another self-appointed ‘medical heavy’, who is a graduate of the Dr. Herr Mengele’s School of Public Torture.  He got most of his practical experience working for the IG Farben Co., in the field of poison gas research.

These two clowns are so enamored with themselves that they believe you will not notice that they lack credentials and are as transparent as the lies they publish on a non-stop basis.  If you take your medical advice from them, you will surely deserve your spot in the mass graves, or whatever they plan to do with some billions of dead bodies.

Maybe they can get fellow ‘CIA boy’, Elon Musk, to launch the bodies into orbit.