Anunnaki: Chronology of events (Part 2)

Kings and gods on Earth

3,760 BC
The ‘Kingship’ was given from the Anunnaki Royals to the Human Hybrid Royals, in preparation for the departure of the Anunnaki from the planet.   Ninurta made the first capital at Kish. A new calendar emerged in Nippur. The civilization had begun flourishing outside Sumer.

God Ninurta



Nannar/Sin (son of Enlil) took over the leadership of Sumer. Babylon was proclaimed “the gate of the gods” by Marduk. The event at the Babylon Tower (a.k.a. The Tower of Babel) took place and the Anunnakis managed to “tangle” the human languages (the Biblical confusion of tongues).

Lord Anu

(Babylon Tower was still under construction. The ancient constructions were built to last for tens or thousands of years. The pyramids of Giza from Egypt were recently dated to be at least 15,000 years old. These constructions defy our modern dating techniques.

As I always stated, someone is trying very hard to hide the truth. All pyramids from all over the world were intentionally covered with soil, even those from Giza. Other giant structures have been torn apart by unearthly powers. For example: Puma Punku.

The biblical story:

According to the biblical account, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east, came to the land of Shinar, where they resolved to build a city with a tower “with its top in the heavens…lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the Earth.” God Enlil came down to see what they did and said: “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they propose to do.” So, Lord Enlil said, “Come, let us go down and confound their speech.” And so, Lord Enlil scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel “because God there confounded the language of all the Earth.” *Genesis 11:5-8* ).

Thoth has been dethroned by Marduk (Egyptian god Ra). Dumuzi, Thoth’s brother has been arrested for betraying Inanna; then, mistakenly killed. Marduk has been walled in inside the Great Pyramid, but he managed to escape through a secret tunnel. Then he fled into exile.

(Marduk depicted in his human form with a reptilian being next to him; or part of him. Also, in the left side of the picture, a snake seems to crawl up his sleeve and emerge at the back of his head. This way, his had seems to have two opposite faces: one human/ one reptilian. In the Sumerian culture many gods were depicted as having multiple faces, clear sign of “shapeshifting” even though the accepted variant is different. Please remember that no civilization had the right to depict the reptilians in their reptilian form).


Bird Form

Those have been years of chaos that came to an end only after a new Pharaoh was proclaimed. The civilization evolved, reaching the second region.

Erech took over the leadership of Sumer and Inanna gave him full powers over the third region. The Valley of Indus flourished with civilization. 

(By the way, Inanna is being accompanied by owls in the Sumerian depictions. The Illuminati and Secret Societies worship her in a special ceremony where they burn humans in front of a huge owl statue in the Bohemian Groove. 

All US Presidents have been members of the Bohemian Groove. The rituals include burning children or babies in front of the owl statue.

Real footage from the Bohemian Groove ceremony, secretly broad casted live on CNN:

Bohemian Grove

You have to understand that our leaders know their origins and respect them with honor. They respect the pure reptilian DNA. Have you ever wondered why the blue blooded always inter-married royalty? They don’t want to mix their blood and lose the DNA purity).


The Sumerian Kingdom began falling apart and its Capital was moved.

Enlil stated that the humans became harder to control. 

(The humans were many and began defying the Reptilian control. Also, the humans in that area spoke the same language, which made them even harder to control. The Reptilians (god/gods) found a solution and confused their tongues. This was a long process, not something that happened over night. Because they live very long lives, time was/is not a problem for the reptilians.

Very intriguing for me is the story of a Sumerian hero, Adapa, who was so perfect that the Ea (Enki) decided to keep him alive forever by taking him up to the Heavenly Abode of Anu, on the planet Nibiru, where Adapa could eat the Bread and Water of Life.).


Bohemian Grove

Inanna fell in love with Sharru-Kin (Sargon). He established his capital at Agade. This was the birth of the Akkadian Empire.


Sargon desecrated the land of Babylon because he wanted to rule over all four regions. The conflict between Inanna and Marduk grew. In order to put an end to it, Nergal (Marduk’s brother) has intervened. He went to Africa in order to convince Marduk to leave Mesopotamia.


Naram-Sin took over Akkad’s throne. With Inanna’s help, he managed to enter into Egypt, through the Sinai Peninsula.


Inanna took over the power in Mesopotamia. Narram-Sin defied Nippur. The great Anunnakis (the reptilians) attacked Agade, wiping it off the face of the Earth. Inanna managed to escape. Enlil’s and Ninurta’s allies took over Sumer and Akkad.

Marduk Ra


Sumer’s civilization flourished due to astute leaders from Lagash. Thoth helped Gudea to build a ziggurat* in Ninurta’s honor.

(*ziggurat = massive monument having the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding stories or levels; see sketches bellow).


Tearh (Abraham’s father) was born in a family of high priests.

(Do you remember what the purpose of the first priests was? The Reptilians gave them power and true knowledge, while the priests conducted the human sacrifices in the name of the reptilian- gods).


Egypt was divided in two. Ra/Marduk’s descendants kept the South, while the Pharaohs took the throne of the Lower Egypt.


The authority had begun deteriorating in Mesopotamia. Inanna was removed from Erech’s throne.


The Sumerian tablets tell the true history of a very small area of the planet, as seen in the maps bellow:

I have no doubt that this is the true history of this small area of Planet Earth. But we, humans, are very different in aspect and culture, depending on the areas where our ancestors lived. If we want to put together our entire TRUE history, then we have to study each of the first civilizations and connect the dots.

One thing is clear: all our ancestors -no matter where they lived- either worshiped or feared reptilian/ serpent/ dragon gods.

(Just as the Anunnakis gave the leadership to the Royal Hybrid humans with serpent DNA, the “dragon gods” from ASIA gave the power to their direct human hybrid descendants. We accept the royal families without question as our leaders because they descend from the reptilian extraterrestrials. In their opinion, they have the right to lead us because they have pure reptilian DNA (Rh Negative blood, devoid of the Rhesus monkey gene. Some Reptilians never left Earth. They live in huge underground cities, ruling us from the shadows. Our human leaders know of their existence and always follow their directive. As you will see, at one point they gave full control of the human hybrids over the common adamus, while they moved away from public sight).

The Hindu gods are a part of this blood line that came from the heavens (meaning extraterrestrial), possessing flying machines and waged wars against each other.

                     (Vimanas depicted as flying boats carried in flight by white birds)

                                              (Vimana in flight, in the top right corner)

The Hindu gods fought against each other with flying crafts and nuclear weapons:

“Gurkha, flying in his swift and powerful Vimana, hurled against the three cities of the Vrishnis and Andhakas a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe (Nuclear weapon). An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousand suns, rose in all its splendor. It was the unknown weapon, the iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and Andhakas.” (…)

“The corpses were so burnt they were no longer recognizable. Hair and finger nails fell out, Pottery broke without cause. (…) Foodstuffs were poisoned. To escape, the warriors threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.”

Haemosu came to Korea: a true Son of Heaven came down through the air in a five-dragon chariot (space craft). 

In China (which I remind you that has between 100 and 300 pyramids; read in the “Pyramids” section), the Emperors were descendants of the Dragon Gods and used “flying chariots of fire”.

The videos of Wayne Herschel tells the story of Ra’s arrival to Earth from the Pleiades. He came in a flying disk and went to his underground city/base/home by using the tunnels underneath the Sphinx. 

(One Egyptian papyrus telling the story of Ra’s arrival to Earth from the Pleiades. Notice the flying disc -what we call UFO- landed on the Sphinx’s back. The disc was shining, as the rays depict).

                              (The flying disc without the shiny rays)

Ningishzida creates the Mayan civilization:
Ningishzida (Kukulkan), a reptilian wearing a feathers suit, was also depicted as a human. The interesting thing is that he ate humans. The Mayan priests were also sacrificing humans for their gods and took the blood and organs into the underground chambers of the pyramids (again pyramids!). From there, the reptilians took them and ate them. They taught us to sacrifice animals and eat them, just like they sacrifice and eat humans. We are both their slaves and their food. It might sound odd if you hear it for the first time, but I dare you to go deeper into our TRUE history (not the fake one taught in schools).

The modern science proved that humans are NOT natural meat eaters. The evidences are many: from our teeth, tongue, digestive system, gastric acid and intestines. Humans are the only species who eats for pleasure, instead of need. The feces resulting from the rotted meat stay in our intestines 7 times longer than in those of a meat eater by nature and have a horrible smell of putrefaction.

(Quetzalcoatl depicted in both forms: Human wearing a fathered suit and Fathered Snake eating a human. Probably in his reptilian shape he was wearing the feathered suit as well.)

                                    (Quetzalcoatl/ Kukulkan)

Anunnaki Gods-the basis for all modern religions

Religion is a touchy topic because it is formed on falsely fabricated and flimsy foundations.  Ignorant people will kill their fellow humans over trivial disagreements of fictitious hair-splitting details of fabricated dogma.  This is because the basis is so childishly transparent that it is not even possible to have a rational conversation about it. It mandates immediate resort to the irrational, as has been demonstrated over the centuries and to this very day.   The origin of all religions on Earth today is the Anunnaki who upgraded primitive ape man, homo erectus, using their own DNA, to create homo sapiens.  It was not for a glorious purpose that would make us readily accept this fact.  It was because they had a large-scale need for slave labor and the homo erectus was far to primitive and unintelligent to be used for the job. In a project that went slightly out of control, the slave model, called the “lulu” was upgraded four times, ultimately giving it more and more advanced genetic features, going well beyond the degree necessary for performing the functions of gold mining, the original purpose.   

The Anunnaki were not the first alien race to inhabit the Earth, by any stretch.  There have been alien inhabitants seeding and messing with life on Earth for at least a billion years.  There have also been numerous cataclysmic cosmic events that have destroyed life on Earth and drastically altered its configuration of land and sea, climate, habitability and pretty much everything else.  Aliens with the ability to travel through space/time have re-started life on Earth many times.  They also have the ability and knowledge to foresee cosmic events and to depart the surface of earth when impending conditions warrant, as well as to return when the dust has settled.

The Anunnaki happen to be the aliens that were here for the most recent devastating cosmic cataclysm, which just happens to have been caused by a planet from their home system.  This event is the “great flood” of 11,600 BC.  At the time of this flood, the Anunnaki had been on Earth for about 430,000 years and they had created homo sapiens almost 200,000 years prior to the flood.  In fact, the need for the homo sapiens as slaves was waning and the plan of the Anunnaki was to allow the flood to totally annihilate the homo sapiens on Earth and eliminate what was viewed as a huge problem of over-population and civil/social control.  It is not a very flattering story of history, to be created as slave labor and then to be doomed to extinction because of no longer being worth the trouble to maintain.

This was a tumultuous decision due to the fact that there had occurred large-scale interbreeding between the lower echelon of Anunnaki civilization, called the Igigi (workers)

and the homo sapiens, over a vast period of time.  The extinction would not only wipe out the homo sapiens, but the hybrid genetic members (biblical Nephilim) of the species as well.  The interbreeding resulted in a hierarchy of social structure ala the Hindu caste system.  There were mixed-breeds with ¾ Anunnaki genes produced by Annunaki women through the mitochondrial DNA.  There were mixed-breeds with ½ Anunnaki genes produced by Igigi males and homo sapiens women.  There were other mixed-breeds with further dilution of the Anunnaki genes, as well as pure homo sapiens and pure Anunnaki.  The pure Anunnaki were probably limited to less than a thousand individuals in total.  Any person with Anunnaki genes was considered a cut above a stock homo sapiens in the caste system.  The good jobs, so to speak, went to those with the greater percentage Anunnaki genes.  There were also some very special mixed breeds resulting from inter-breeding between the Anunnaki royalty and homo sapiens women producing specimens such as Ziasudra (Noah).

The chief scientist and number two man of the Anunnaki on Earth, Enki, arranged for the salvation of a small number of homo sapiens and mixed bred specimens, as well as plant and animal essence (DNA).  He discreetly warned Ziasudra (Noah) of the impending flood and helped him design and build a water craft that could withstand the conditions anticipated during the floods and tsunamis.  Enki also left an Anunnaki  to pilot/navigate of the vessel.  When the Anunnaki returned to the surface of the Earth after the dust had settled, Ziasudra and his cadre were found on Mount Ararat, much to the consternation of Enlil, the Anunnaki commander in charge of the Earth mission.  Fortunately for us, Enlil, after initially being extremely miffed, decided that fate was to be respected and he would support the on-going proliferation of homo sapiens and the various hybrid specimens, wishing them well and commanding them to be fruitful and multiply to repopulate the Earth. This would be accomplished with the help of the Anunnaki, lending their vast resources and technology.  Thus, the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Mesopotamian civilizations re-emerged, immediately possessing a totally startling array of technology and know-how that cannot be accounted for in any other way.

Over the thousands of years, the populations grew and spread far and wide.  Since the beginning and almost the entire time period, the pure Anunnaki notables were in-charge of everything and began to divide up the Earth into large domains.  This will be the topic of a forthcoming blog, where all such details will be explained.  For purposes of this blog on the topic of modern religions, suffice to know that pure Anunnaki were vastly superior to all other creatures on Earth and were regarded as the “gods”.  The gods were also greedy and ambitious and had territorial disputes among themselves where they used human armies like pawns in a vast chess-match.  When Anu visited Earth circa 8,000 BC, he established the minimum requirements for a  Pharoahship and Kingship to be  ½  Anunnaki genes.  There were becoming too many kingdoms for the few pure Anunnaki to govern them all

.  This became increasingly the issue as the populations spread throughout Europe, Asia, Hindus Valley, and North and South America. It became necessary for the gods to recruit agents among hybrid men that they could depend on to implement their orders and take care of their problems.  There are numerous accounts of recruitment, tests of loyalty and the passing down of mandates, orders and commandments to the people via the hybrid intermediaries, who were educated as priests and kings of high rank.

The point to be made here is that there were no other superstitious gods in existence on Earth,  so ALL references to god or gods are references only to the Anunnaki or, later, those designated into positions of kingships or priesthoods due to their Anunnaki lineage and genetics.  The Anunnaki had a sophisticated understanding of the concept of  ‘Creator’ or ‘Source’ which they saw no particular reason to share with the homo sapiens slaves.  However, cosmic entities such as the Sun, the moon, the planets and comets were observed by the homo sapiens and, although understood by the Anunnaki, were mysterious to the humans.  Thus, they associated their creator gods, the Anunnaki, with these mysterious cosmic entities, creating other dimensions of superstition in an attempt to understand their world. 

The Anunnaki used the ignorance of humans as a system of control by designating and educating priests, who used their education of cosmic mysteries as a means to maintain superiority over the uneducated slaves. They relished the worship and recognized the critical aspect of control over the burgeoning population of mankind.  As things progressed, it became more and more necessary to implement additional systems of control, both demographic and behavioral.  Institutions of command and control were vital to extending the reach of their sovereign rule.  Superstition, born of ignorance, called religion, was a more effective means of control than brute force, and so it remains to this day.

Please keep in mind that the idea of the true Source Creator is totally alive here, and not to be confused with the gods (with small “g”).  God is not a personage in some human form, nor has God ever taken on any human form, past, present or future.  Nor is God any form of  a “he”.  God is the non-physical spirit of higher dimensionality that creates the physical illusion and everything in the cosmos out of multi-dimensional energy.  This is the energy that makes your inert chemicals form life and receive the information to maintain life via the all  permeating energy, called Chi, Prana, or other names.  This is explained in many other posts found in the archives on this site.

Religion has been the primary means of mass mind and emotional control of humans by the Anunnaki throughout history and to the present day.  While there seems to be multiple religions among various cultures on the Earth, there is actually only one religion in many guises.  Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the other, too numerous to mention, religions of the world all worship the exact same human-like deities.  This may seem hard to believe because man has been indoctrinated into the belief that there is some system based on a cult of ‘good and evil’ and, somehow, the one he chooses is the only one among the thousands that is ‘true’ and can get him into heaven after his death.  ‘Heaven’ is where he saw his gods rising from the surface of the planet, going into the heavens in their spacecraft, which is totally not part of his comprehension.

 I have bad news for you, if you are one of the many who have this irrational superstitious belief based on false hope and ignorance..  Heaven, as defined by religions, first of all, is found on the home planet of the Anunnaki, where some few humans have visited and been returned to earth, telling their story to others who could make no association or understanding with their own reality.  If you really find a phenomenal way to serve the Anunnaki, you too might even be selected for such an experience, but you will be returned to Earth soon enough to live out the remaining useful life of your body, the duration of which is a function of either your genetic clock, or sooner, based the diet and life-style you have chosen to sustain your body’s health and vitality.  The duration of this particular body’s existence is not of particularly great importance.  It is what you have accomplished during this existence, in terms of evolving your consciousness of truth and love that is of sole importance.

 It is certainly not going to matter how much money or ‘stuff’ you have when you die, as it will all be returning to the same place it came from…..the earth.  If you fail to grasp this important aspect of life during the span of existence of this present body, you will certainly get another chance, but it is kind of like flunking kindergarten and having to repeat the course.  No one but you is going to determine your success in reaching the goals of this life experience.  No one is going to ‘save you’.  No ‘savior’ is coming to do it for you.

The fabricated “isms” don’t end with the obvious religious sects, but go on to include many other ‘religion-like’ factions……fascism, communism, socialism, commercialism, capitalism, scientism, Keynesianism, satanism, Zionism etc…all fabricated belief systems that are nothing more than control constructs.  Were it not for your full-out indoctrination, from cradle to grave, into this Matrix system, beginning with the beliefs of your parents, who give you your religion, on to your public education and further governmental systems, man would be able to express his own creativity instead of living his life as a zombie or a sheeple.  When you are part of the herd, being a sheeple seems like the perfectly normal thing to do. After all…”everyone is doing it”.  Religions provide a set of rules that require little or no thought, but if you follow them, even if you wait until the moment before you die, you will be saved from hell and ushered into St. Peter’s presence, at the gates to heaven.  Now that’s comforting……except that it is all BS.  What you are really doing is:

  1. allowing your vital energy to be taken from you by the power structure, manipulating you to worship gods that are not God. Accepting a concept  of human-like gods is based totally on your local creators, the Anunnaki.  The Anunnaki were human-like.
  2. worshipping the cadre of Anunnaki gods who enslave you, without your awareness.
  3.  Totally eliminating all possibilities of becoming aware of your divine consciousness of the true God of your creation, who is not of this world or even this dimension.
  4. Participating in the religion-game of the system with “my god is better than your god and you heretics are all going to hell….”
  5. Playing the “god’ versus “anti-god” game thus abdicating responsibility for bad or evil by attributing it to the power of a devil or a satan.  “Satan has deceived others into believing in other religions than mine, except mine is the only true religion”.
  6. Playing into the postulate that “the only way to be with your god is through some other human who is somehow endowed with powers you are lacking”….:something other than what you find of your own volition inside your own consciousness.

The PTB (Powers that Be) don’t care what religion you belong to, so long as you are under the control of one.  As the luster of the old religions fade into boredom, they are creating new religions for you:  scientism, technocracy, artificial intelligence, genetic manipulation, NWO, Satanism, Child sex and torture, pornography, cloning, adenochrome, transhumanism, etc..  You have plenty of choices and you can join a new one every Sunday…except they are all the same, whether it’s the

new-age Bahai or the vengeful god of the old testament.  Christians have the choice of the old testament god or the seemingly gentle and loving god of the new testament, except they are both the exact same thing…the Anunnaki, who created us, but then seemingly abandoned us.  The bibles reflect the incredible schizophrenia of Enlil.

After the Anunnaki made their official departure from Earth, around 1000 BCE, the priests of Babylon decided to make the clan of Enlil, of which they were a part, be the special ‘chosen ones’ of Lord Enlil.  In 600 BC, they started writing their scripture based on the existence of only a single god, that being Lord Enlil, god the father.  With the multiplicity of gods who ruled over the numerous kingdoms that had spread rapidly across the landscape, it was not feasible to choose one among these gods who would be accepted and obeyed by the mobs in regions under rival control. They liked the idea of being the sole ‘inheritors of the earth’

 The Romans empire became so vast and varied, that the Flavians had their jewish traitor, Josephus, assemble the new testament book on the topic, Jesus Christ or Julius Caesar, into a new religion, thus creating the Judeo-Romans around 300 BCE.   Around 400 CE, Muhammed came along with a mishmash of Hinduism and Christianity to create another new one, Islam. This is satisfying to cultures that have become downtrodden, because they can embrace the new religion as something special, thus elevating themselves, in their own eyes.  Why do most muslims wear beards?  Because it is symbolic of Muhammed of 1500 years ago.  But wait a minute.  If you look back further, which most do not do, you will find almost all of the Anunnaki were also bearded, especially the top gods, Enki and Enlil.  And then, there is also the other guy, Hari Krishna (or was it Harry or Hairy?). 

The Romans and the Greeks are said to have influenced western society the most.  If you study your history, you will find a smooth transition all the way from the survivors of the great flood.  The Romans  worshiped the multitude of gods that the Anunnaki had morphed into until the emperor Constantine (306 – 337 CE) found it necessary to establish and maintain control of the vast and growing empire through a new religious consolidation into the Judeo-christian church of Rome.  You will still find a vast array of surviving remnants from all of the religious traditions of the preceding periods, including garments (fish heads), tonsorial appurtenances, rituals, sacrifices (or simulated versions of such), cannibalism (body and blood), symbolisms, speaking in strange tongues (Latin), sacred books written by god, secret societies, satanism…..all of the same singular origin. Before the so-called reformation, the papacy of Rome ruled supreme over the Roman empire.  The story of the kind and innocent savior of man being nailed to the cross by the jews is irresistable to all, except for the jews, of course.  Well, you can go easy on the jews in this regard because it never happened. This tear-jerking gut-wrenching story is an artifact of multiple ancient religions going back long before 0 CE.  Not to mention, of course, that Herod, Pontius Pilate and Jesus are all jews. 

Prior to introducing the Judeo-christianism to the empire, the Romans had a trinity consisting of Nimrod/Tammuz/Semiramis who morphed into the father/son/holy ghost.  Semiramis had  been symbolized as a dove.  All the attributes that the Babylonians had given to Semiramis will be familiar.  She was the virgin mother and queen of heaven thousands of years prior to morphing into the virgin Mary. Bacchus, the Roman Jesus, had a Greek counterpart, Dionysus, born of the virgin mother on December 25th, the holy child in a manger.  He became a traveling teacher who performed miracles.  He rode an ass in a triumph procession as a sacred king who was killed and his body and blood eaten in a purifying ritual.  He arose from the dead on March 25th.  He had turned water into wine and was called the King of Kings.  He was called….’only begotten son, savior, redeemer, sin bearer, anointed one and the alpha and omega’.  The Persians have an almost identical story of a deity called Mithras, born on December 25th, had 12 disciples and basically the identical experiences.  His resurrection was worshiped at the Spring equinox.  Rituals associated with Mithras were baptism to remove sins, the eucharistic cracker as a symbol of eating the body and wine as the symbol of drinking the blood.  He is seen in drawings sitting on his mother’s knee while Persian magi offer him gifts.  Mithras worship was taken by the Romans to Britain, where you will find the temple of Mithras in London.  The Phrygian god, Attis, was born to the goddess Nana in a miraculous virgin birth on December 25th and became the divine son of the father.  He died under a pine tree and was resurrected by the goddess Cybele or Great Mother.  Describing Attis’ resurrection….”a light shone in the darkness; the tomb was opened; the god had risen and the priests whispered in their ears the glad tidings of salvation.  His resurrection was hailed by his disciples as a promise that they too would be resurrected from the grave.”  Attis was called the good shepherd, only begotten son and savior who shed his blood.  The site of St. Peter’s basilica stands today on the site of the shedding of the blood of the bull to symbolize the death of Attis.

Was the papacy a beneficial institution that brought joy and enlightenment to world?  Well, not exactly.  It is and always has been a secretive operation of enforcement with powers and privileges envied by the jack booted police forces of the Nazis and the US.  In the process, it has sent missions to kill and rob indigenous peoples all over the world to bring their gold and jewels back to the vast underground vaults of the vatican, becoming a possessor of wealth which can only be matched by the zionist Rothschild dysnasty (fiat money counterfeiters) and the British crown (exploiters of the globe). With its wealth and power, it has always been a secretive behind-the-scenes political and social force that has served the interests of the Anunnaki-dominated governments.  It has preserved the ancient rituals of  Anunnaki worship and provided a haven for the Anunnaki priests to the present day. The Anunnaki worship is hidden from the unwitting participants by every possible means of deceit, but do not be deluded into thinking you are participating in anything short of worship of the same gods that created homo sapiens through genetic manipulation as their slaves. Child pedophilia, torture, adrenochrome drinking and ritual sacrifice were common practices on a scale maybe only exceeded by the present day.  Priests were encouraged to ‘bugger’ their altar boys and children of the parish, just like the present.  What to they care about paying out compensation to victims with the free fiat moneys created from thin air by their minions.

Belief in the written books of history, as taught in public education and the religions, is widespread, as one would expect when all competing versions of history are squelched and revisioned from public view.  History is defined as the methodical record of public events, thus is greatly influenced by views and perspectives of the authors, citizens of the conquerors.  It is said “history is written by the victors” meaning those who survived in the positions of power to author and enter the historical documents into the surviving public record.  The versions of history you have been exposed to are those of the power structure that is revising history on a daily basis to inculcate into the minds of the students (your children) their concepts of history that support their agendas, thus making things easier to for them to engineer their plans for your future.  Although history should not be politically dogmatic, it is.  History should be open and receptive to the discovery of new information that credibly super cedes the existing version.  When the collective history of a society or religion is a device for bias in favor of a specific agenda, the student must be astute enough to recognize this fact and seek objectivity and truth from other sources. 

The canonical bible, old and new testament, is accepted almost universally as historical. Now, the discovery of the Sumerian/Mesopotamian tablets and their translations have been delivered into the arena of public knowledge during the mid-20th century AD.  The Hebrew priests wrote the old testament between the 6th and 2nd century BCE, but the information related retrospectively to events of many thousands of years prior to that time, from the dates of the tablets and much earlier.  Mankind had received only the Hebrew version of the old testament and the Judeo-Roman version of the new testament, both seemingly the oldest legitimate versions of this information.  No one in the Western world bothered to look at the Hindu scriptures because they were not monotheistic but heretical in the papal eye.  As the translations of the clay tablets were made available and were read by scholars, “the historical aspects of accounts of events were familiar, and the characters and places were recognizable as being the old testament prototypes, but the literal emphases were so different from the approved scripture that had indoctrinated society, that its governing authorities felt immediately threatened.”, in the words of Lawrence Gardner, world re-knowned expert and author.  All of a sudden, the supposed authenticity of the bible is clearly demonstrated to be a fraud.  The information has been systematically contrived and adjusted to suit the purpose of a new emergent religious cult movement that needed a historical past to substantiate is existence. This cult movement eventually became the basis for mainstream Judaism, which, of course, spawned christianity via the Roman emperor, Constantine.  Christianity, initially Roman catholicism, spawned Protestantism and Islam.  Hinduism and Buddhism were already busy doing their thing during these events.  The point is, ALL the religions of the world are worshipping the exact same deities, the Anunnaki progenitors and present day enslavers of man.  If your mind is not totally sealed tight to reception of new information, this has got to make your knees go weak.  The issue is, what is mankind going to do with this new knowledge of history?  Meekly going on following the herd, as your masters hope and expect, or revising the belief structure posed by these insane monsters and start thinking for themselves?

The reason most people cannot perceive the deception and exploitation that they are subjected to is twofold.  First, for many, this knowledge is beyond their fear threshold….even when they see a military tank in the street in front of their house they assume it’s somehow for their own benefit.  The second is because we have been taught that all that is real is perceived through our five senses.  You should be aware that your senses do not permit you to have experience or awareness of even one percent of reality, in fact, far far less than one percent, and that is just relating to physical 3D reality.  Today, in the tiny little sub-one percent portion of the physical 3D world that represents the frequency of awareness for most people, the only holographic TV station broadcasting any signal is the Matrix.  I do not mean the Matrix that refers to the ZPF (Zero Point Field), I mean the matrix as seen in the movie by that title.  Hollywood is one of the disinformation branches of the Royals PTB who often have some sadistic fun by laying things out right in-your-face so they can marvel over the fact that you still don’t get it. Like Neo in the movie, most are simply unaware of any other possible reality than their job and the TV set.  That you are reading this blog is your slap-in-the-face to wake-up to your true status.  Also, like Neo in the movie, you have the skills, the intelligence and the guts to awaken and take on the

Matrix. After all, it’s just an elaborate fraud.  To do this, you will need to expand your awareness of reality as well as your own potentials.  The transition for you does not takes years in a monastery.  Like Neo, you already have everything you need, so you just expand your awareness to encompass what is already there waiting for you.  I am your guide, but, like Neo, you just have to get your awareness retuned from the matrix to the Matrix.  The first giant step is the awareness that you are being offered by me.  Once you get comfortable with this, you make some easy and free changes to your energy layer that is obscured by your ego.  You do this by creating an internal environment of silent awareness whereby you quickly detune from the matrix broadcast.  Turn off your ego. Watch the movie again, if you have not seen it for some time.  You will see how Neo makes the transition from a weak zombie into a powerful martial being just using his own inner mind to connect with reality.  He already knows what the moves are….he just wasn’t yet aware that he knew.  That is because when you tune into reality (the Matrix) and tune out the matrix, you are receiving your vital life information from the higher dimensional Akash, where you are supposed to be tuned.  The information was never to be developed by you in your brain…the information is already is there.  Read the following quotation from the 20th century’s greatest genius, Nikola Tesla:

“My brain is only a receiver; in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.  I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I do know that it exists.”

I have studied this core extensively and written a great deal of information on it, which is available in the archives on this website.  Everything you need to know to transition from the old Neo to the new Neo is written here.  In a few days time, you can be well on your way.

Anunnaki Chronology 1

The chronology of events made by Zecharia Sitchin from his translation of “The Sumerian Tablets”.

Anunnaki with humans

The ‘Sumerian’ tablets are copies of the original Anunnaki tablets that were lost in the great flood. The events are divided in two categories: pre-flood and post-flood . In my opinion, Sitchin’s translations are genuine (with likely some minor mistakes, of course) and he struggled his entire life to make them available to the world.

Regarding the Anunnaki’ written history, the interpretations are increasingly accurate as more scholars spend more time on the project, which is currently only in its infancy.

I’m sure that the history of the reptilian Anunnaki performing genetic upgrades of the homo Erectus, using their own sperm, to create homo sapiens, as a slave-race, as well as subsequent ongoing further manipulations are the important parts of our true history.   Along the course of time, Enki genetically created the homo sapiens sapiens (Cro-Magnons) as well as the homo capensis, blue-blood Royals to rule us after their earthly departure.


450,000 BCE

Nibiru’s atmosphere began deteriorating, becoming hostile to life due to insufficient filtering of cosmic radiation. Due to inability to resolve the problem, King Alalu was dethroned by Anu. Hoping to get the throne back, Alalu landed on Terra (Earth) with a craft, searching for gold (needed to repair Nibiru’s damaged atmosphere). The gold was to be converted to monatomic gold, a fine white powder possessing the characteristic of slightly negative gravity. Dispersed in the atmoshpere, this monatomic gold would increase the filtering capacity of the atmosphere. Gold was needed in vast quantities.

(Modern science reached the same conclusions without knowing the Sumerian stories. According to our scientists we can use gold nanoparticles to repair Earth’s damaged ozone layer. After hearing this, Sitchin stated that the Sumerian tablets were always accurate and never disappointed him. As a truth seeker, I was very pleased to see him having the “I told you so” smile on his face.)

445,000 BCE

Anunnaki extraterrestrials landed on Terra and established their base, named Eridu, wanting to extract gold from the Persian Gulf. They were led by Enki, one of Anu’s sons, the eldest.

430,000 BCE

Earth, recovering from an ice-age, became partly hospitable again, thanks to the warming weather. The Anunnakis came in great numbers on Earth (approximately 1000). They were led by Enki’s step sister. She was a doctor and had a leading rank.

416,000 BCE

The gold production was disappointingly low, which made Anu come to Earth at the next shar, coming to close Terra proximity. Together with him came his other son, Enlil. Anu decided the mining to take place in Africa and promoted Enlil to be in-charge of the Terran mission. Enki was sent to SE Africa. When he was about to leave Terra, Anu was attacked by Alalu’s nephew, who was defeated and banished.

400,000 BCE

In Southern Mesopotamia were seven developed villages. The most important were: The “Sipar” Spaceport, The “Nippur” Mission Control Center and the Metallurgy Centre, “Shuruppak”. The ore was transported from Africa in crafts. After the metal was refined it was sent up into orbit. From there, it was loaded in ships, which were constantly coming from Nibiru each shar (point of close proximity, when Nibiru was within the solar system of Terra. Igigi were responsible for the delivery of the finished product as well as the actual mining of the ore.

380,000 BCE

Igigi support Alalu’s nephew who tries to take over Terra. In the end Anu wins the war.

300,000 BCE

Igigii revolted against their masters because the work in the mines was too hard and ceaseless (my note: please read “The true human history” article for the detailed explanation). Enki and Ninhursag had to find other workers. They took DNA samples from a female ape, homo erectus, and after genetic manipulations using the sperm of Enki, the first Homo Sapiens were bred, gestated by Anunnaki’ females, wives of the officer corp. The humans were raised to adulthood, then put to work to replace the Igigi workers.  With ample slave workers at last, Enlil brought primitive workers (homo sapiens) from the Edin, Africa (note: Initially, homo sapiens lacked the ability to procreate, but Enki made the solution. Homo Sapiens could now procreate, so they began to proliferate.

200,000 BCE

A new Ice Age, the Lesser Dryas, struck Earth. Life regressed.

100,000 BCE

The climate turned warm again. The Igigi, freed from the toil of the mines, found the human females to be fair (attractive) and begun interbreeding. This made Enlil angry. He called these the “Fallen Angels” but did not specifically forbid the practice.  From this were born the Nephilim hybrids, many giants among men, the “Mighty Men”.

75,000 BCE

A new Ice Age struck Earth and the weather was cold again. The Cro-Magnon human and the Nephilim survived.

49,000 BCE

Enki and Ninhursag decided to choose human leaders for Shuruppak, but they choose ONLY from those who had Anunnaki parents (note: this is another very important moment). This made Enlil very angry and he decided to exterminate the entire human population.  Enki and Ninhursag regarded the homo sapiens as their children and continued to make genetic improvements of the species.

13,000 BCE

Enlil knew that Nibiru will pass close to Earth and a catastrophe will be struck. He understood that giant waves will flood Terra and kill the human and Nephilim hybrid population. He makes the Anunnaki swear not to tell this to the humans.

The Sumerians wrote the first tablets as narrated by the reptilians. The first events are generally true, in my opinion. How the reptilians came to Earth, how Anu took over Nibiru’s throne by challenging and defeating Alalu, etc. I’m sure that Nibiru is not their original or only home planet, though. They lived on many planets like kings, enslaving the native species who considered them gods.

Before I can continue to the “Post flood” events, I want to add a few more things about the Reptilian Anunnaki, for a better understanding of events.

You’ve probably already noticed the exceptional longevity of the Anunnaki. We find many of the same figures mentioned over the extremely long time-span. While the mentioned humans lived their normal allotted lifespans of 150 years (as designed by Enki), the same Anunnaki leaders appear over hundreds of thousands of years, proving they are semi-immortal, at least in the eyes of humans.  For example, Enki ruled over Earth for 120 SARs. (1 SAR = 3,600 earth-years and represents one complete Orbit of Nibiru. 120 x 3,600 = 432,000 Earth-Years).

The Anunnaki do not suffer from disease or cellular aging, thus may rule Earth from their home planet today through their surrogate homo capensis Royals. Enki designed human DNA with telomeres, which are little-by-little consumed in the process of mitosis.  All Eukaryotic life on this planet have a controlled life span to match loosely with the collective system.  Otherwise, the planet would soon be over run.  When the telomeres are consumed, the Eukaryotic cells can no longer reproduce, termed cellular aging.  We originally lived our life-spans of 150 years without disease and died from cellular aging, as planned.  This was a safety valve that Enlil imposed to assuage his concern that humans would multiply out of control, soon reaching a million, at which point he feared they could overwhelm the 1000 Anunnaki by sheer force of numbers. A risk he was not willing to take.

You will notice that they have allowed “hybrids” (those resulting from the interbreeding between Anunnaki males and human females) to assist them with certain areas of management and administration, these called now, in translation, by the title Priests.  These Priests were not involved in any superstitious religious business, but were educated and trained to be able to control the ignorant masses and relieve them of tedious tasks.   Whenever things got loose they always came back to establish their order. The Anunnaki always controlled the events from the shadows. The wars between humans were bloody, but each time the Anunnaki got involved, cities or even civilizations were wiped out completely using nuclear weapons.  Wars were always one of the convenient means to reduce excess human population.  The mating of Anunnaki Royals with human females produced off-spring with notably longer life-spans, such as Methusalah and Noah.

The three shapes of the Anunnaki gods

The Anunnaki rulers have been depicted in 3 different forms by the Sumerians:

a). The human form.

b). The bird form – The Anunnaki have been depicted as man-birds many times, having wings and hawk heads. This depiction may be interpreted as someone wearing a helmet and having the power of flight. For a civilization who lived 10,000 years ago that’s a pretty good depiction of someone able to fly, even if by space craft.

Bird Form

(Both depictions present them having the pine cone in the right hand, the symbol of Illumination and supreme knowledge. The pine cone represents the PINEAL GLAND, also known as the third eye, or the ‘Eye of Hours’ by the Egyptians. This is still visible today in most Illuminati institutions, including the Vatican’s courtyard and encrusted onto the Papal staff).

Human Form

c). The most important for us is the Reptilian  shape. Whenever the Summerians depicted the Anunnaki as warriors (or whenever they got angry), they have portrayed them in Reptilian form. Isn’t this the perfect example of shapeshifting? To be easily accepted by the humans, they kept the human appearance; but why the reptilians shape when angry? There are two plausible explanations for this.

Firstly, humans lose their emotional control whenever they get aroused or angry, so possibly the same happens to the Reptilians (We can also add that our reptilian brain is much smaller than theirs. A bigger reptilian brain may amplify the negative emotions. Read about the human part of the brain called: “the reptilian brain” and its purpose).

Secondly, they could intentionally switch to the reptilian shape to become frightening to their enemies (A Reptilian Anunnaki is 3 m in height, dark gray or greenish scaly skin, big ashy reptilian eyes, muscular bodies, sharp teeth and claws, dark brown spikes on their backs. Some have powerful tails and even small “gorgon type” wings).

I’ve read from multiple sources that no one was allowed to depict them in their true reptilian shape. Those few depictions that survived to our days were probably made in secret. So, instead of depicting them in their true shape, they’ve invented different reptilian-like gods (serpents, crocodiles, dragons, etc.).

This explanation fits with our history. All our ancestors worshiped or feared gods and other ‘out-of-this-world’ reptilian creatures, like: serpent gods, feathered snakes, dragons, human-crocodiles, etc.

Reptilian Form

                 Sumerian statues depicting the Anunnaki in their reptilian form. Very rare statues.

Events after the flood

The Council, having decided to allow all humans and Nephilim to be obliterated by the tsunami, swore all to secrecy.  Enki had a son with a human female, producing a hybrid named Ziusudra (also known as Utnapistim and Noah).  He was very close to this son, and anguished with his vow of secrecy.  He finally discussed the impending tsunami with his wife, but within earshot of this son.  When Noah approached him later, telling of overhearing the prediction, he decided to teach him how to build a safe boat for him and his family, and to take DNA from many animals and plants to replenish the earth after the flood. Nibiru’s close passage upset the melting polar ice caps and the expected tsunami occurred.   The Anunnaki watched the events from on board their orbiting ships. After the waters withdrew, they returned to the surface and discovered survivors.  Fatalistic by nature, Enlil agreed to provide tools and seeds to the surviving human population. They began cultivating the high lands. Enki taught them how to domesticate animals, metallurgy, how to design and construct buildings and all other types of skills needed for their future survival.  The Anunnaki decided to remain on earth for 3 more shars, about 10,000 earth-years.  During this time, Ningishzida, the youngest son of Enki decided to go to all parts of the world, bringing civilization, culture, learning and technology to as many places as possible. First, he ruled Egypt, there known as Thoth (of Emerald Tablets fame).

(Anunnaki king – Ninurta, son of Enki, wearing templar cross medallion at his neck, watch or another device at his left wrist, pressing buttons on a device/machine. Our entire history revolves on their symbols and habits that we really don’t know anything about. They’ve replicated many things from their home planets on Earth.)

10,500 BC

Ziusudra’s descendants received three regions. Ninurta, Enki’s son, made for them fertile lands, by building dams and drying up rivers. Enki himself made Nile’s Valley arable. The Sinai Peninsula was transformed into the new spaceport. The Anunnaki built a Control Center on the Moriah Mountain, the future Jerusalem.

9,780 BC

Rule of Egypt was arranged by Enki such that he and his sons each has a prescribed term of office.  Enki’s first born, named Marduck (known as Ra in Egypt), divided Egypt’s rule between Osiris and Seth.

9,330 BC

Seth captured Osiris and killed him by cutting his body into pieces. He became the sole ruler of Egypt, as such.

(This has much to do with the Illuminati worship. The thousands obelisks all over the planet represent Osiris’ fallus, cut off by Seth, but never found).

                                                       (Seth in his human form; with Hathor)
Please notice the serpents getting out from their third eyes, as sign of their reptilian origins and the Sun from above their heads as proof of enlightenment. They had the true knowledge, they were Illuminati = The enlighten ones.

(Seth in his non human form. Please keep in mind that no civilizations had the right to depict the Anunnaki in their reptilian form. So, every civilization found their own methods of showing that their gods were not humans).

All Egyptian gods had non-human forms with Suns and serpents on their head. All carried staffs in their hands.
Actually, all important figures in our history carried staffs: kings, priests, popes, high ranking army officers, etc. What do they REALLY mean and what was their use in the past?

(Right Side: Egyptian Gods with serpents and Suns above their heads. The male is Sobek, the “crocodile” god with reptilian head).

8,970 BC

Horus, the son of Osiris avenged is father, initiating the first war of the pyramids. Seth managed to escape by running into Asia. Horus took the Sinai Peninsula and the Canaan.

8,670 BC

Enlil’s descendants were angry that Enki’s descendants controlled all the airports, so they initiated the second war of the pyramids. Ninurta won the battle and took the entire battery of equipment from inside the pyramids. Ninhursag organized a peace conference. Egypt’s leadership was taken over by Thoth’s descendants. The Marduk (Ra) dynasty lost its power. The Heliopolis was built.

(Heliopolis was ancient Egypt’s most magnificent temple. After Osiris was killed and cut into pieces, the only part of his body that was never found was his phallus. The obelisk was a representation of his phallus, built as a temple in his memory. All the obelisks found on Earth are the Illuminati obsession with the worship of Osiris, their killed pure blood ancestor. Today we have hundreds of obelisks built by the Illuminati all over the world. They’ve also brought from Egypt the surviving originals and placed them in public places all over the planet (Italy, Vatican, UK, etc.).
Just as intriguing are the are obelisk shaped buildings found all over the planet, that always have in the vicinity a dome shaped building; or planned to be built soon. More to the point, all churches have obelisks and domes integrated in their architecture. I also want to mention the reptilian looking gorgons watching us from the rooftops of the most important cathedrals).

7,400 BC

This was a time of peace. The Anunnaki revealed new knowledge to the humans. Egypt was ruled entirely by hybrid-gods (demigods), the Pharaohs.

(Demigod = Humans – reptilian blood; Reptilian father and human mother. Also known as human-reptilian hybrids);

3,800 BC

The Anunnaki decided to rebuild the cities of the Sumerian gods. The civilization flourished. The first rebuilt cities being Eridu and Nippur.

Anu came to visit Earth. For this event the city of Uruk was rebuilt. Uruk’s temple was dedicated to the goddess Inanna, who was Anu’s niece.

                                                                 (Eridu, probable depictions)

Please keep in mind that this is the Sumerian history re-written on tablets, copies of the original tablets written by the Anunnaki, but lost in the floods.  Although more than a million tablets have been recovered by archeologists, and they clearly provide the factual and historical basis for the jewish bibles, humans have been brain-washed by their rulers into buying the obviously fabricated fictitious bible stories over the obviously unaltered and accurate tablets recovered from the true historical sites. How do you figure this out?

 The important buildings where the Anunnaki lived, were huge constructions meant to last forever, the same as the clay tablets.  How long do you think your written or paper accounts will survive?  Not to mention the alterations by Kings and Priests over the centuries.   Enormous Anunnaki temples, with superior technology to that of present today, still stand in witness to the truth.  Think and you will understand how the Reptilians lived in no shortage of any kind. Meanwhile they were also building the secret underground cities in which they live today.

Note:  This story will be continued in further chapters.

Corona Countermeasures on the Path to RESET 2020

“Only a psychopath would ever think of doing these things, only a psychopath would dream of abusing other people in such a way, only a psychopath would treat people as less than human just for the gain of more power.

~ Arun D. Ellis, Corpalism

Covid-19, as it is called, was invented for many reasons, none of which are more evident than as cover for the coming RESET 2020.  Long before the fake pandemic, that collapse was already imminent, but now it can take place in plain sight, as the eyes of the masses will remain blind to the truth. The planned global RESET is in the works, and in order to accomplish such a massive task as this, the current economic system will have to be eliminated in favor of a digitized system designed for total control over the current monetary order and the people themselves. This dystopian nightmare is well underway, but the American people are not prepared for the destruction of the economy at every level from freedom, money to food and survival. What is coming is a grand nightmare on all levels.

Forgetting for a moment all that is to come this fall and spring, and after, just try concentrating on how devastating this government response to this manufactured pandemic has been so far. That alone should send chills up the spine of anyone paying attention to what is happening and will follow. There is no need to go into the vast complexities of social theory to see the imminent risk we face. Just six months ago, lockdowns and isolation began in earnest. Initially, what were falsely called “non-essential’ businesses were shut down, and all employees were sent home and told that they could not work to sustain themselves. This was a major swath of the American workforce, and as private businesses, mostly small and medium sized businesses were forcibly closed due to the fact that there are few essential businesses left in the ‘service sector’ economy of the West.

In response, the Trump administration decided to give everyone a one-time ‘free’ $1200 check and a period of extra unemployment pay, which should have been an insult to anyone able to think and function normally. Sadly, it was accepted by most, and thought of as some sort of benevolent gesture by government, when in essence, it was nothing more than a pitiful token to temporarily appease public discontent.

It is telling to understand that many large businesses were left alone, including places of large gatherings of people like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, large grocery chain stores, government-owned businesses from the last bailouts, and many others, while normal people were greatly harmed. Most of the large businesses that were shut down were on the receiving end of much largesse coming from the bailout money said to be for the people. That of course was a bad joke, as most all the billions of dollars slated for false restitution for the herd was given to those in-bed with government. This of course was a massive wealth transfer planned long before the actual staged ‘virus plandemic’.

With these draconian policies firmly in place, mass unemployment ensued, and huge numbers of businesses closed, most, if not all, for good. Many more will be forced into bankruptcy in the near term; especially once more lockdowns are imposed over the next few months of hanta virus 2. Americans had been carefully guided and long-groomed into a mindset of consumption by means of debt instead of saving, this due in large part to brainwashing and frivolity based on fake prosperity, but more due to a decade long period of zero interest rates, meant to stoke credit and debt at the expense of the future. With 70% of Americans not having enough money to even last a month without a paycheck, one can only imagine the great harm that has and will continue to decimate the general population. Now, with about 60 million more people out of work, what is on the horizon is poverty, starvation, and total dependence on the state, only increasing the state’s power and control over the people.

The long-term effects of this government response will continue to worsen the situation, causing even more unemployment reach total government dependence on the part of the surviving few, but also will lead to massive psychological problems and record sickness and suicide. This is already evident, and this nightmare is just beginning.

Money printing by the Federal Reserve has gone completely off the charts, and is being done purposely to extend all wealth transfers to the top 1%, while destroying the lives of the rest of society. Not that this really matters, as money printing is free for the money printers.  This can only lead to total disaster for all except the top tier of controlling ‘elites,’ and their political pawns that continue to force policy as the real masterminds of this global RESET have instructed them to do.

There is another aspect of this tragedy that is not understood by the masses. There have been many reports lately concerning the fact that the U.S. government now owns 100% of all U.S. mortgages. What is actually going on with the mortgage market is that government appears to own 1/3 of the mortgage bonds, but these are mortgages that have been packaged by Wall Street and sold as high-grade investments due to the government backing of all mortgages. Government backed mortgages are one thing, but in reality, the government agencies like Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, and Jinnie Mae buy virtually every residential mortgage in the country immediately, so these bonds now being purchased by the government are in essence already government owned, and are merely repurchased in another form that is packaged by the investment banking system. This takes all the risk away from the banks, and places it squarely on the shoulders of the people. So, the government is buying mortgage bonds that are already owned by government. Of course, that means that the citizens appear to be on the hook for all residential mortgages, and by government’s destruction of the economy during this response and reset, based on a fake virus, every default of a mortgage will be the responsibility of the taxpayers, at least on-paper. What a coup? All of you are paying for all the defaults to come that were purposely caused by this response to a so-called flu named Covid-19 that, in all likelihood, does not even exist.

Three years ago, the government held all the credit risk of 60% of total mortgage loans, but that number has increased dramatically since that time, and this year alone, it has increased exponentially to 100%.  So, while the government now owns all mortgage bonds created and profited on by Wall Street, this does not even touch the surface of the real truth of this criminal fraud. Once again, this simply exposes the gargantuan wealth transfer that is taking place today at the expense of the public. We are not talking about wealth in the form of fiat paper currency that is inherently worthless.  When millions of Americans lose their homes due to this plot, the same people selling the government these bonds will own the real assets for pennies on the dollar.

The coming upheaval and increase of tyranny have just been touched on here. Soon, new mandates will surface, more lockdowns will occur, more quarantines and isolation will be enforced, more businesses will be closed, and a deadly vaccine will be said to be the answer to your problems. Be careful what you wish for, as what you are wishing for is exactly what you are being trained to seek. It is not for the well-being of citizens of the Western World, but only to advance the control agendas of the state ‘elite’ globalist ruling class. The rioting, looting, property destruction, and criminal assaults will far exceed what has been seen so far, and will be much more widespread, all planned and fully supported by this corrupt fake elected government façade, who believe that they are chosen to survive this RESET.  They will receive their bad news as soon as their utility is gone.

The risks to liberty and freedom going forward are extreme. This will not end well, regardless of any pushback at this time, but without mass resistance now, we face a dystopian future of living hell.

“Laws are no longer made by a rational process of public discussion; they are made by a process of government-created problems, all demanding solutions from the government by the citizens who think loss of freedoms, blackmail and intimidation are saving them”

~ H.L. Mencken (2012). “Mencken Chrestomathy”, p.260, Vintage

The 200 year regular planned RESET is going to remove the ‘useless eaters’ from the landscape, by order of the Crown Queen and her supporting Royalty.

Now that analysis reveals that this a regular–reccurring event that has been happening for thousands of years, for the purpose of maintaining the power structure and the ultimate purpose and goals of the Royals, we must, necessarily contemplate what this means regarding humans. Unfortunately, it proves that humans are only what has been claimed by many for a very long time…humans are a slave race. The purpose of human creation was to serve the needs of the Anunnaki to extract the natural resources of the planet for off-shipment to their own planet.

It became necessary to create ever increasingly clever systems to keep the slaves motivated and productive. This is ultimately done by making humans believe that the feudalistic system of control under which they exist is just a kind of a myth of a blurry and vague history of dubious relevance. The very recent Matrix system is an innovation that has allowed the human population to grow in huge numbers beyond those of the past, increasing the labor capacity. The Matrix system creates an illusion, from cradle to grave, that convinces humans that they are expending their labors for their own benefit. That they have rights, own property and choose their own leaders.

In this Matrix, humans are motivated, by its illusions, to be self-serving when the reality reveals they are still actually only serving the ultimate goals of their masters in exploitation of the natural resources of the planet. They do this willingly by expending their labors to produce ‘real goods’ which they give to the King in exchange for a totally worthless piece of paper, made at no cost, in infinite quantity, at any time the King chooses. Don’t bother with the argument that the pieces of paper have value. That is a fool’s piece of fabled imagination, a Ponzi scheme that is very near its undoing. The fact is, you produce a real hard asset and exchange for a fake asset of no inherent value. Its value is just illusory and as soon as enough humans realize this, its value will evaporate at the speed of light.


There are some cases of judicial initiatives that are challenging the overreaching measures being imposed on humans on the basis of emergency unconstitutional powers based on medical pandemics. Both the governors of the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania are being sued by private attorneys on behalf of some citizen groups. Watch these cases very carefully, as they will soon reveal whether or not there really is an effective Constitution in the US. There are many ways the Kings can undue these legal potholes, just by raising the stakes with greatly expanded new medical threats like the impending second-wave hanta virus, or something of this nature. You will know soon enough, and I hope that it turns out all the evidence of criminal fraud is is found to exist and punishment is meted out by the judicial system.

5G the Humans

The global shutdown, enacted by the Architects of the Plandemic, required misdirection, carried out with the skill of a magician: Lure the audience into hypnotic focus on a single object as they rolled out their agenda in veils of concealment. Like the lead up to a grand finale, the Masters of Illusion hooked the audience’s attention with one dazzling move after another. First, with the virus breaking out of China showing people falling dead in the streets and hospitals overrun with bodies. Then, with the worldwide epidemic infecting cruise ships and decimating industries.

 Next, they imposed fear of the unknown with “asymptomatic” carriers. At each turn there was a new trick. They sold Vaccines made at “Warp Speed” as the only solution; the only way to “return to normal.” They planted more seeds of doubt to keep eyeballs glued on COVID-19 with an endless stream of news bytes on wearing masks, social distancing, and the CDC’s new “Twindemic” coming this flu season.

They weaponized Big Media, while directing the Tech Giants to ban, censor, and erase opposing narratives. They controlled the news. They controlled the information. They controlled the people. Take your eye off the magic wand and one can see the coronavirus serving two purposes:

First, the Architects used it to distract people from discovering the underlying cause of the virus-blamed illnesses. Second, it allowed the rollout of 5G infrastructure on earth and in the sky. The world had been hoodwinked. Using the shelter-in-place orders as cover, telecom contractors installed 5G equipment and networks in empty schools and offices, while many businesses switched on surveillance spacing and tracking apps, electrifying the environment with non-ionizing radiation. With few eyes on the stealth rollout of 5G in 2020, they erected cell towers camouflaged as trees and cacti, and hidden on lamp-posts in the suburbs. The Architects did all of this and more, neither informing the public about the true nature of their plan nor seeking their consent to being exposed in the greatest biological experiment in human history.

The majority of people around the world have little idea they are being doused daily with non-ionizing radiation from space, where they live, and where they travel. Add WIFI, laptops, smartphones and new tracing and spacing apps, and the exposure to millimeter waves have grown exponentially. Soon 5G wireless technology will be everywhere. An omnipresent eye.

The end goal of what the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab wrote in the Fourth Industrial Revolution report in 2016, aims to transition societies to run on data while be controlled by AI and automation. The onramp of smart vehicles, smart homes, smart buildings, smart factories, and smart cities will one day connect consumers, businesses, and industries in the 6G web of Nikola Tesla’s digital “ether.” Selling the promise of magnitudes of efficiency gains and super-fast download speeds, what’s rarely discussed are the darker elements of the cashless society or the 24/7 surveillance state. Convenience traded in for absolute control. But what is not talked about are the health impacts of living and working in the “hot” environment.

Test Case: Wuhan, China. The industrial hub of 11 million people became the first 5G city in Asia.

On the same October 18, 2019, day as the Gates Foundation-sponsored Event 201 simulated a coronavirus pandemic killing 65 million people, Wuhan hosted the World Military Games. During the two-week expo, Wuhan turned on 20 percent of its 10,000 base stations that all went live by year end. Was it a coincidence that the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in the world’s first 5G hot spot city? Or that many of its citizens dropped dead in the street, their brains starved of oxygen, an ailment known as hypoxia or acute mountain sickness? Does this remind anyone of the earlier tests of 5G where millions of birds suddenly dropped from the sky, dead, in the 5G zone.  Or herds of elephants suddenly dropped dead in the 5G zone in Africa.  Why the enormous push to get the African continent saturated with 5G towers?  Is Africa the hub of high technology with millions of businesses being threatened by lack of internet bandwidth?  Not exactly.

The next outbreak occurred on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship in February. With one person out of 3,700 people on the ship said to be infected with coronavirus when it docked in Japan for quarantine, the shelter-in-cabin order backfired. In two weeks, COVID-19 spread like wildfire infecting 712 people on board, almost one fifth the total head count.  Or, was this due simply to running more tests, all ‘positive’ ultimately, because everybody has hundreds of trillions of viruses of every type in their bodies at all times.  So, all tests are ‘positives’. 

How did that happen? The world health experts could only venture a guess. Food? HVAC duct systems? Anything but the truth. What was left out of the probe of the Diamond Princess, however, and three of its sister ships: Princesses Cruises was the first cruise line to become a wireless hot spot. Late last year, the four ships installed Medallion Net, a dual-satellite system using near-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites to beam WIFI down to the vessels crossing the vast open space of oceans.

The Grand Princess, which docked in Oakland, California, avoided a similar fate. In that case, authorities disembarked the passengers and sent them to quarantine at a nearby military base. The Ruby Princess, which quarantined in Australia, triggered a homicide investigation when eleven of its 250 “unwell” passengers died in less than a week. The next epicenter in the global pandemic shifted to Northern Italy. It, too, like Wuhan, became Europe’s first 5G hot zone. Soon, the Corona-Plague killed off the elderly and the weak, with stay-at-home orders and shutting down businesses, doing great economic harm while having no measurable effect of containing the epidemic. In each instance, like New York and Seattle that followed, COVID-19 spread unevenly correlating with areas having more intense testing.  This, of course, is because all humans, as well as all other Eukaryotic life forms manufacture viruses by the trillions of trillions.  Want more cases, just do more tests.  You will get as many as you test.  Months later, this has been slowly exposed.  Cases were being called infections when they are just an inevitable and normal part of Eukaryotic metabolism. This is where the asymptotic carrier nonsense comes in.  Every body is asymptomatic. You can’t be alive without manufacturing and carrying hundreds of trillions of viruses.

 Weaponized viruses can be patented, proving they are man-made, manufactured in laboratories to produce the patented variations of common viruses. Your immune system quickly nullifies these miscreants while Nature quickly undoes the mutants, returning everything back to normal.  Bio-weapons are destroyed by Nature.  That is the reason, in spite of hundreds of attempts, all of their virus-based pandemics have quickly flopped.

The question becomes: Why has the world been dealing with a coronavirus outbreak that doesn’t behave like its predecessors, dating back to the 1960s or before? And, are the list of unusual ailments, many related to oxygen deprivation, the result of the “common cold” virus? Or is it something else, something less quantifiable such as the next permutation of blanketing the world with Space-X’s new 5G StarLink satellite system?

Under new scrutiny, the coronavirus cover story begins to break apart like the RNA fragments the worthless PCR tests identify as “positive” cases. The faulty tests are a tool of deception to run up the hysteria over a totally normal situation.   The elderly and people with comorbidities died due to the onslaught of the next plateau of irradiating the planet.

These thought-provoking arguments must be taken a step further, into the dark minds of psychopaths with unlimited funding and zero empathy, who are finally unleashing the inevitable RESET 2020, which is overdue.  The “Useless Eaters” must be dealt with.  The unproductive, super wasteful uber-consumers will not be tolerated much longer.  The planning and impetus for this has been clearly visible for a long time.  Of course, none of the useless eaters are able or willing to face their fate, so they gladly accept the fake alternative lies about what is happening with these fake crises as the truth.  Unfortunately, embracing obvious lies just works into the plans to pull off this massive operation with the smallest amount of chaos possible.  You are surely hearing about the openings of the long-ago constructed FEMA camps, now under the guise of COVID shelters, where the meek line up to be cared for totally in their final days.  It was always a question of just what is the basis of so many hundreds of these FEMA camps in every state of the union. We are now seeing the state governors imposing quarantines on huge numbers of citizens.  Where are they being quarantined?  In these FEMA camps, of course. 

Those quarantined in the FEMA camps are pretty much out of the mainstream view.  In these camps, they can be inoculated with the experimental vaccines without noticeable protests, visible to the citizens at-large.  These vaccines are going to be multi-purpose, probably controlled using 5G.  One of the main features will be a ‘kill switch’.  This is all going to require a lot of beta testing, out of the public view.  The FEMA camps are perfect for this.  Disappearances will be confused and obfuscated, and soon become common.  Of course, non-prisoners will not be allowed visitation with so-called ‘infected cases’, so who is going to keep tabs on the operations in these camps.  This offers a means to conduct these operations in an orderly fashion at a manageable pace and explains the huge stacks of multi-person coffins already waiting for victims at these places, to handle large-scale disposal.

Apparently, FEMA ordered and received 30,000 guillotines, which must, by now, be unexposed fixtures at these camps.  Once the ‘second wave’ hanta viruses are brought into the hype, the fatality rates are going to be said to increase dramatically.  They will be able to save a lot of time using guillotines to accelerate the killing.  By this point in time, medical martial law will have already been implemented and the total door-to-door weapons confiscation by UN forces will have eliminated any possibility of defense or revolution.  At the time the guillotines were being received, this created a couple days of concern, now quickly and quietly forgotten, until it’s too late to do anything about it.

Your blue-blood royal rulers are careful planners, smart, thorough and un-empathetic.  These 200 year RESETS have been going on for thousands of years.  Ample evidence exists to prove this beyond a doubt.  The adults are eliminated and the young malleable children are salvaged.  They are sent to brand new unoccupied cities, already built and ready for occupants in China and the “stans”, the former SSRs of the Soviet Union.  It is easily researched back to the recent RESETS.  For example, the ‘Orphan Trains’ of the RESET 1812, of which there are many existing photos.  These orphaned children were taken to pre-constructed cities and thoroughly propagandized with new public education materials and curriculums.

Why are the adults eliminated?  Because ‘you can fool most of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time, at least not for too long.”  Because the people have been living in the Matrix Reality for 200 years, more and more are no longer fooled by the fake virtual reality.  A small breach in the curtain can reveal a hint of the existence of the MATRIX wizard.  Very quickly, the whole curtain can be torn down and control can be lost.  When and if this happens, the royal blue-bloods could be overcome by the sheer number.  They are few, the humans are many.  They control a great amount of power over humans, but it would certainly be possible they could be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.  This is the paramount concern that the royals live with.  They must always make sure of their continuity of power.  Better to clean house every 200 years than take an unacceptable and needless risk.

The young children, on the other hand, are valuable assets that are malleable and can be brain-washed to continue the process of strip mining the resources of the planet for the ultimate benefit of the royals and probably the Anunnaki.  The Anunnaki can only visit planet Earth when their solar system enters the known solar system, putting them in close proximity.  Their orbital cycle brings this proximity about on a 3,600 earth-year cycle, called a ‘Shar’.

The last time this occurred was around 1,000 BCE, when they departed earth, leaving the homo capensis, the blue-blood Royals, to maintain the rule over humans in perpetuity.  You doubt this?  You really have lost contact with even semi-modern history.  We still have ample evidence of the blue-bloods in the present day.  But not much more than a generation ago, Royals overtly ruled the humans without any cloak of secrecy.  In our present day state of ignorance, have we already lost this knowledge?  If so, they deserve a lot of respect and credit for accomplishing their goals so thoroughly. So much evidence abounds, in every part of the world, of the feudal system under which they ruled.  Their castles are everywhere and written materials abound.  It’s just that not much integrity remains in the public educational system.  And every one is too busy being entertained to even understand why they should care.

Mandatory Covid Vaccination Is Unethical and Unscientific

Today’s covid world is a surrealistic nightmare. Tens of thousands of businesses have been shut down wholesale without any evidence that these shutdowns save anyone from anything. Tens of millions of Americans have become unemployed due to these shutdowns. There are already threats of mandatory covid-19 vaccination, even before an alleged vaccine is said to be available. “Let’s make vaccines free, don’t allow medical or personal objections, and create huge penalties for those who refuse these vaccines known to be unsafe and ineffective”. Who says they are safe and effective?  Is it the same monsters who created the pandemic with the real underlying intent to impose their fake vaccine on everyone?” Why are they so desperate to get everyone vaccinated immediately?  The covid virus is not killing anyone.  The reason is this…they need to have you in a desperate state of fear to get you to do something as irrational as accept this vaccine.  Every day, more people are realizing this pandemic is a fake, created by ones who want you to peacefully and willingly accept the fake vaccine.  It is not good publicity for them to be giving fake vaccines at gunpoint, with bodies laying around.

Any vaccine available will neither be 100 percent safe nor 100 percent effective.  They will, in fact, be both unsafe and ineffective.  The fact is, there is no such thing as a vaccine for a virus.  Viruses are dead, waste mRNA molecules from a completed cell mitosis, that has been ejected from the new cell for disposal.  What is this irrational mad rush to mandate a nonfunctional vaccine for a virus that is not even dangerous and most likely does not even exist?.  I guarantee you that the so-called vaccine is extremely dangerous and is the ultimate reason for inciting the pandemic..

The unbiased truth is that the entire concept of ‘vaccination’ is a fatally flawed concept based on pseudo-scientism, from the cookbook of none other than John D. Rockefeller Jr.  Rockefeller is the uber-wealthy protégé of Baron Rothschild, who was funded  to create the oil monopoly in the USA, Standard Oil.  After becoming the wealthiest family in the US, the Rockefeller Foundation has gone on to more heinous mischief.  They cooked up the entire idea of allopathic medicine and used their enormous wealth to endow the medical schools to exclusively use their special allopathic medicine curriculum and to buy a monopoly licensing scheme from the government to exclude all other systems of medical care from legal status and compensation by government or private insurers.

Allopathic medicine, by its own definition, means treating sickness by means of pills, chemo, radiation, serum and surgery. There is no mention of preventive care or treatment, such as correction of diet, lifestyle and mental state. These practitioners are not even trained in these areas. They are, by and large, drug pushers. Who produces the drugs? Why the Rockefellers, of course. The drugs are designed to immediately remove the symptoms. The symptoms are the effects of your body’s own healing process. So you can go to the allopath’s office, receive a prescription and a shot that suppress or suspend your body’s healing process and the fever or ache immediately disappears. Eureka, I’m cured. Many people get a stent installed in their arteries. They say, “wow, I have never felt so good. I’m cured.” The facts are, nothing has been ‘cured’. Did you think your problem was lack of stents?

Meanwhile, the Rockefellers and their cohorts are making $trillions. They can not, nor do they wish to cure you of any disease. They want to get you hooked on pills. Many people have a vast collection of pills and believe they can not live without them. They do not even remember what these pills are for, in many cases. They just keep taking them.

The only healer in this whole equation is your own body. No other person, no matter what methods they practice, can cure anyone. THE ONLY CURER IS YOUR BODY. Do not be so foolish as to take comfort in the false idea that you have your health problems ‘covered’ because you have health insurance and your allopathic doctor. You don’t have it covered unless you have education, expertise and the discipline to eat a healthy diet, lead a healthy life-style and maintain a healthy state of mind. Do you ever wonder why you do not learn this in public education?

The Defective Idea Behind Vaccines

Vaccines are a weapon of mass biological murder that you have been secretly and quietly inured to over many generations of receiving serums that are neither efficacious nor deadly harmful.  This more than 100 year old scheme has gained the trust of the public by virtue of endless propaganda, while not causing too much overt damage.  It is all waiting for the big pandemic event of the moment, where the lethal version will be rolled out.  The vaccine is not going to kill you on the spot.  This is not how they do it.  This is a very special radical vaccine that has a death switch, among other features of use to your masters.  It is said to be an injection of genetic-altering substances.  This has never been tried before, but they still call it a ‘vaccine’, because you are comforted by the term.  Astra Zeneca, one of the contenders for the vaccine contract had one person reported to have become ill after injection.  This is a further subtle comforting factor, as you will think…”look how safety is a concern.  Removed from contention over one ill test subject”.  They must be making sure it meets safety criteria. 

Justifications for Mandatory Vaccines

As such, vaccines are not regarded by the public as a medical danger.  Untold amounts of propaganda have been embedded in your mind during your lifetime, of the wonders and beauty of vaccines.  All for the purpose of the one single time the vaccine is really going to be administered for its ultimate purpose.   If a vaccine is 100 percent effective, there is no justification for mandatory vaccination. Anyone who wants to choose this alleged protection can voluntarily take the vaccine. It would not be possible for someone declining the vaccine to be harmful to someone who voluntarily took the vaccine. Any call for a mandatory vaccine is an explicit admission that the vaccine is not really totally effective.  So, they admit its less than 100% effective.  Maybe it’s still worthwhile if it is partially effective…but should it still be MANDATORY?  If a vaccine is partially effective, is it going to really be the ‘passport’  as Gates is claiming?  No one will really know who is safe and who isn’t.  How is that going to work?  Would it change the status quo to be any different than before the vaccine?

Testing for the presence of virus is a fool’s errand.  Your own body makes trillions of viruses every day and you live in a virtual sea of virus in this world, as all Eukaryotic life also makes trillions of viruses every day.  They call the presence of virus an ‘infection’ or a corona ‘case’.  You can test every single person in the world and you will get 100% positive results.  So, exactly what have you learned?  Nothing that wasn’t already obvious. 

The presence of hundreds of trillions of viruses is normal in the body of every person in existence now, and has ever existed or ever will exist.  The only time a virus is any problem is when these assholes have been ‘weaponizing’ the virus in their bioweapons labs.  Even then, in spite of hundreds of attempts, they have been totally unsuccessful.  Nature quickly ‘undoes’ their engineering and makes everything return to a benign normal state.  After countless attempts, they have finally figured this out.  So, this time, they rely solely on their propaganda programs and don’t worry about any virus reality.  It works much better this way, as the public never has been educated about virus, so they buy into the program based on trust in their lying, duplicitous, murderous government.

Concerns about Efficacy

An ideal vaccine induces an immune response that neutralizes a pathogen. Of course, this is totally unnecessary as every human body has already this immune system, and, if the body is healthy, it will do its job just fine.  Claims that a covid-19 vaccine will prevent infection are precisely totally meaningless and false. Immune responses are the job of the body’s immune system.  All you have to do is make the decision to get healthy.  Your immune defenses immediately act by destroying any organic substance that is foreign to your body and disposing of it.  Vaccines have been around for not more than a tiny instant of time in human history.  The advent of vaccines and allopathic medicine has precipitated the advent of medical disaster in the societies they have taken over.  You should be spending virtually nothing to stay healthy, but, in reality, you are spending yourself into ruin with this dysfunctional system.  And still not enjoying good health by any standard.  

Concerns about Safety

Advocates for mandatory vaccination always stipulate that the vaccine will be safe. What is safe? No vaccine can possibly be 100 percent safe. Even during the ‘inurement period’ of the general vaccine project, there has been contamination from heavy metals and isotopes, organic waste substances, both human and animal, as well as other ingredients that are harmful contaminants, thus huge numbers of children, who received many supposedly harmless vaccinations, have acquired mysterious new maladies shortly after being vaccinated.  Autism, Down’s, hepatitis, attention deficit disorder, etc. have been unequivocally linked to vaccines.  Keep in mind, these are the ones that are benign, during the inurement period.

Several decades ago, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention decided to eliminate tuberculosis from the United States. The plan was to test everyone with PPD and treat all the positive PPD patients with a drug called INH. This plan had to be stopped after fifty patients promptly died from liver failure due to INH toxicity. The liver toxicity was missed by small-scale clinical trials but was discovered by the much-larger-scale public health program. Neither the CDC nor the Food and Drug Administration can know that a treatment or vaccine is safe. The more people are vaccinated, the more side effects will be discovered. This is a huge ethical problem for the very idea of mandatory vaccination. If everyone is required to be vaccinated, there will be no control group for comparison of safety and efficacy. The risks will be papered over.

Advocates of mandatory covid-19 vaccination assure the public that the vaccine will be safe. Why was it necessary for government to indemnify the vaccine manufacturers against any liability for their vaccine prior to production? This is a clear case where one should ignore what government says and watch what government does. Government clearly knows something that is not being disclosed to the public. This is the opposite of transparency, yet anyone who opposes vaccination is labeled as stupid, uniformed, or inadequately concerned about their neighbors. In the present case, the corrupt government is a partner-in-crime, knowing full well what the results will be, because it is their specific intent to harm you.  If you doubt this statement, then don’t just rush into the line to get the new ‘vaccine‘.  You are in no danger from any virus.  If viruses were eliminated from your body, you would soon die from lack of cellular replacement anyway.  How can you eliminate something that is a normal part of your body’s metabolism?  You can’t have this both ways.

Markets Offer the Best Solutions to Complex Problems

How efficacious will the vaccine be? How safe will the vaccine be? We don’t even have an American vaccine to assess, yet authorities are calling for mandatory American vaccination. Even when vaccine options are available, we will have limited information about efficacy and safety. There are no objective answers available about efficacy and safety, so how can objectively correct decisions be made balancing risks and benefits? Markets offer the best solutions to these subjective questions. Just as markets determine value by the process of price discovery, the balance between risk and benefit of a vaccine can only be determined by how many people are voluntarily willing to take the vaccine.


If a vaccine were clearly 100 percent efficacious and 100 percent safe, there would be no need for coercion; people would voluntarily line up to take the vaccine. Real vaccines are never 100 percent efficacious or 100 percent safe. Judgments about risk versus benefit can only be made by individuals facing the risk. People who decline vaccines are not stupid, nor are they misinformed, nor do they have callous disregard for their neighbors. Advocates of vaccines who are disappointed by the number of people willing to accept the vaccine should stop blaming those who decline and reevaluate their own roles in exposing others to the obvious dangers they are mandating.  There is absolutely no demonstrated justification for any rush to vaccinate, or, for that matter, to vaccinate at all.  How about evaluating your own fake allopathic medical system that has entrapped everyone in a web of unaffordable fake remedies that do nothing more than sustain ill health for the benefit of profit.  Vaccine skeptics are necessary as controls in ongoing assessment of efficacy and safety. Vaccine skeptics are necessary as a hedge against catastrophic errors by experts who are really not experts, but psychopaths..