Mandatory Covid Vaccination Is Unethical and Unscientific

Today’s covid world is a surrealistic nightmare. Tens of thousands of businesses have been shut down wholesale without any evidence that these shutdowns save anyone from anything. Tens of millions of Americans have become unemployed due to these shutdowns. There are already threats of mandatory covid-19 vaccination, even before an alleged vaccine is said to be available. “Let’s make vaccines free, don’t allow medical or personal objections, and create huge penalties for those who refuse these vaccines known to be unsafe and ineffective”. Who says they are safe and effective?  Is it the same monsters who created the pandemic with the real underlying intent to impose their fake vaccine on everyone?” Why are they so desperate to get everyone vaccinated immediately?  The covid virus is not killing anyone.  The reason is this…they need to have you in a desperate state of fear to get you to do something as irrational as accept this vaccine.  Every day, more people are realizing this pandemic is a fake, created by ones who want you to peacefully and willingly accept the fake vaccine.  It is not good publicity for them to be giving fake vaccines at gunpoint, with bodies laying around.

Any vaccine available will neither be 100 percent safe nor 100 percent effective.  They will, in fact, be both unsafe and ineffective.  The fact is, there is no such thing as a vaccine for a virus.  Viruses are dead, waste mRNA molecules from a completed cell mitosis, that has been ejected from the new cell for disposal.  What is this irrational mad rush to mandate a nonfunctional vaccine for a virus that is not even dangerous and most likely does not even exist?.  I guarantee you that the so-called vaccine is extremely dangerous and is the ultimate reason for inciting the pandemic..

The unbiased truth is that the entire concept of ‘vaccination’ is a fatally flawed concept based on pseudo-scientism, from the cookbook of none other than John D. Rockefeller Jr.  Rockefeller is the uber-wealthy protégé of Baron Rothschild, who was funded  to create the oil monopoly in the USA, Standard Oil.  After becoming the wealthiest family in the US, the Rockefeller Foundation has gone on to more heinous mischief.  They cooked up the entire idea of allopathic medicine and used their enormous wealth to endow the medical schools to exclusively use their special allopathic medicine curriculum and to buy a monopoly licensing scheme from the government to exclude all other systems of medical care from legal status and compensation by government or private insurers.

Allopathic medicine, by its own definition, means treating sickness by means of pills, chemo, radiation, serum and surgery. There is no mention of preventive care or treatment, such as correction of diet, lifestyle and mental state. These practitioners are not even trained in these areas. They are, by and large, drug pushers. Who produces the drugs? Why the Rockefellers, of course. The drugs are designed to immediately remove the symptoms. The symptoms are the effects of your body’s own healing process. So you can go to the allopath’s office, receive a prescription and a shot that suppress or suspend your body’s healing process and the fever or ache immediately disappears. Eureka, I’m cured. Many people get a stent installed in their arteries. They say, “wow, I have never felt so good. I’m cured.” The facts are, nothing has been ‘cured’. Did you think your problem was lack of stents?

Meanwhile, the Rockefellers and their cohorts are making $trillions. They can not, nor do they wish to cure you of any disease. They want to get you hooked on pills. Many people have a vast collection of pills and believe they can not live without them. They do not even remember what these pills are for, in many cases. They just keep taking them.

The only healer in this whole equation is your own body. No other person, no matter what methods they practice, can cure anyone. THE ONLY CURER IS YOUR BODY. Do not be so foolish as to take comfort in the false idea that you have your health problems ‘covered’ because you have health insurance and your allopathic doctor. You don’t have it covered unless you have education, expertise and the discipline to eat a healthy diet, lead a healthy life-style and maintain a healthy state of mind. Do you ever wonder why you do not learn this in public education?

The Defective Idea Behind Vaccines

Vaccines are a weapon of mass biological murder that you have been secretly and quietly inured to over many generations of receiving serums that are neither efficacious nor deadly harmful.  This more than 100 year old scheme has gained the trust of the public by virtue of endless propaganda, while not causing too much overt damage.  It is all waiting for the big pandemic event of the moment, where the lethal version will be rolled out.  The vaccine is not going to kill you on the spot.  This is not how they do it.  This is a very special radical vaccine that has a death switch, among other features of use to your masters.  It is said to be an injection of genetic-altering substances.  This has never been tried before, but they still call it a ‘vaccine’, because you are comforted by the term.  Astra Zeneca, one of the contenders for the vaccine contract had one person reported to have become ill after injection.  This is a further subtle comforting factor, as you will think…”look how safety is a concern.  Removed from contention over one ill test subject”.  They must be making sure it meets safety criteria. 

Justifications for Mandatory Vaccines

As such, vaccines are not regarded by the public as a medical danger.  Untold amounts of propaganda have been embedded in your mind during your lifetime, of the wonders and beauty of vaccines.  All for the purpose of the one single time the vaccine is really going to be administered for its ultimate purpose.   If a vaccine is 100 percent effective, there is no justification for mandatory vaccination. Anyone who wants to choose this alleged protection can voluntarily take the vaccine. It would not be possible for someone declining the vaccine to be harmful to someone who voluntarily took the vaccine. Any call for a mandatory vaccine is an explicit admission that the vaccine is not really totally effective.  So, they admit its less than 100% effective.  Maybe it’s still worthwhile if it is partially effective…but should it still be MANDATORY?  If a vaccine is partially effective, is it going to really be the ‘passport’  as Gates is claiming?  No one will really know who is safe and who isn’t.  How is that going to work?  Would it change the status quo to be any different than before the vaccine?

Testing for the presence of virus is a fool’s errand.  Your own body makes trillions of viruses every day and you live in a virtual sea of virus in this world, as all Eukaryotic life also makes trillions of viruses every day.  They call the presence of virus an ‘infection’ or a corona ‘case’.  You can test every single person in the world and you will get 100% positive results.  So, exactly what have you learned?  Nothing that wasn’t already obvious. 

The presence of hundreds of trillions of viruses is normal in the body of every person in existence now, and has ever existed or ever will exist.  The only time a virus is any problem is when these assholes have been ‘weaponizing’ the virus in their bioweapons labs.  Even then, in spite of hundreds of attempts, they have been totally unsuccessful.  Nature quickly ‘undoes’ their engineering and makes everything return to a benign normal state.  After countless attempts, they have finally figured this out.  So, this time, they rely solely on their propaganda programs and don’t worry about any virus reality.  It works much better this way, as the public never has been educated about virus, so they buy into the program based on trust in their lying, duplicitous, murderous government.

Concerns about Efficacy

An ideal vaccine induces an immune response that neutralizes a pathogen. Of course, this is totally unnecessary as every human body has already this immune system, and, if the body is healthy, it will do its job just fine.  Claims that a covid-19 vaccine will prevent infection are precisely totally meaningless and false. Immune responses are the job of the body’s immune system.  All you have to do is make the decision to get healthy.  Your immune defenses immediately act by destroying any organic substance that is foreign to your body and disposing of it.  Vaccines have been around for not more than a tiny instant of time in human history.  The advent of vaccines and allopathic medicine has precipitated the advent of medical disaster in the societies they have taken over.  You should be spending virtually nothing to stay healthy, but, in reality, you are spending yourself into ruin with this dysfunctional system.  And still not enjoying good health by any standard.  

Concerns about Safety

Advocates for mandatory vaccination always stipulate that the vaccine will be safe. What is safe? No vaccine can possibly be 100 percent safe. Even during the ‘inurement period’ of the general vaccine project, there has been contamination from heavy metals and isotopes, organic waste substances, both human and animal, as well as other ingredients that are harmful contaminants, thus huge numbers of children, who received many supposedly harmless vaccinations, have acquired mysterious new maladies shortly after being vaccinated.  Autism, Down’s, hepatitis, attention deficit disorder, etc. have been unequivocally linked to vaccines.  Keep in mind, these are the ones that are benign, during the inurement period.

Several decades ago, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention decided to eliminate tuberculosis from the United States. The plan was to test everyone with PPD and treat all the positive PPD patients with a drug called INH. This plan had to be stopped after fifty patients promptly died from liver failure due to INH toxicity. The liver toxicity was missed by small-scale clinical trials but was discovered by the much-larger-scale public health program. Neither the CDC nor the Food and Drug Administration can know that a treatment or vaccine is safe. The more people are vaccinated, the more side effects will be discovered. This is a huge ethical problem for the very idea of mandatory vaccination. If everyone is required to be vaccinated, there will be no control group for comparison of safety and efficacy. The risks will be papered over.

Advocates of mandatory covid-19 vaccination assure the public that the vaccine will be safe. Why was it necessary for government to indemnify the vaccine manufacturers against any liability for their vaccine prior to production? This is a clear case where one should ignore what government says and watch what government does. Government clearly knows something that is not being disclosed to the public. This is the opposite of transparency, yet anyone who opposes vaccination is labeled as stupid, uniformed, or inadequately concerned about their neighbors. In the present case, the corrupt government is a partner-in-crime, knowing full well what the results will be, because it is their specific intent to harm you.  If you doubt this statement, then don’t just rush into the line to get the new ‘vaccine‘.  You are in no danger from any virus.  If viruses were eliminated from your body, you would soon die from lack of cellular replacement anyway.  How can you eliminate something that is a normal part of your body’s metabolism?  You can’t have this both ways.

Markets Offer the Best Solutions to Complex Problems

How efficacious will the vaccine be? How safe will the vaccine be? We don’t even have an American vaccine to assess, yet authorities are calling for mandatory American vaccination. Even when vaccine options are available, we will have limited information about efficacy and safety. There are no objective answers available about efficacy and safety, so how can objectively correct decisions be made balancing risks and benefits? Markets offer the best solutions to these subjective questions. Just as markets determine value by the process of price discovery, the balance between risk and benefit of a vaccine can only be determined by how many people are voluntarily willing to take the vaccine.


If a vaccine were clearly 100 percent efficacious and 100 percent safe, there would be no need for coercion; people would voluntarily line up to take the vaccine. Real vaccines are never 100 percent efficacious or 100 percent safe. Judgments about risk versus benefit can only be made by individuals facing the risk. People who decline vaccines are not stupid, nor are they misinformed, nor do they have callous disregard for their neighbors. Advocates of vaccines who are disappointed by the number of people willing to accept the vaccine should stop blaming those who decline and reevaluate their own roles in exposing others to the obvious dangers they are mandating.  There is absolutely no demonstrated justification for any rush to vaccinate, or, for that matter, to vaccinate at all.  How about evaluating your own fake allopathic medical system that has entrapped everyone in a web of unaffordable fake remedies that do nothing more than sustain ill health for the benefit of profit.  Vaccine skeptics are necessary as controls in ongoing assessment of efficacy and safety. Vaccine skeptics are necessary as a hedge against catastrophic errors by experts who are really not experts, but psychopaths..