To the Leaders of the World…

You have dictated many mandates upon those who are supposedly subject to your command, mostly by unjustified mumbo jumbo on subjects of which you haven’t a clue.  What you have levied requires translation into plain language in order for you subjects to interpret your meaning, so here it is.

In the words of the World Leaders, translated:


“We’re too stupid to know what’s going on.  So, we either have to ask Bill Gates or rely on our public health hirelings, like Fauci and Birx.  What they recommend becomes effective law or edict.  Right away. We can change or replace these hirelings anytime we do not like what they say, so they are inclined to carefully say what they are told to say”.

“We’re in the process of committing economic suicide.  We would ask you to join us, but there really is no asking.  You’re in, whether you like it or not.  And the ‘we’ is a bit of a misnomer, because, as leaders, our jobs, perks and paychecks are secure.  Also, “in the process of committing” isn’t entirely correct, because we’ve already accomplished the aforementioned suicide.  Apparently, one can achieve the act of self-destruction multiple times.”

“For example, we announce the re-opening of our economies, then expand testing with ‘known-to-be worthless’ tests, rack up false ‘positives’, and then, on the basis of these meaningless positive case numbers, we move back to lockdowns again. Do you see how this works?”

“Don’t blame us.  We’re too stupid to know what we’re doing.  Of course, we SEE what we’re doing, but there is a distinction between seeing and knowing.  Our people are sorting out that distinction now, and we’ll get back to you with clarifications, if and when possible.”

“There are two issues we need to explain.  First, the CDC has announced that only 6% of claimed COVID deaths have been caused solely by the virus alone.  Of course, this is well within the margins for error and it may be likely that the  number of COVID deaths is, in fact, zero, as many are claiming.  In all other instances, the elderly victims were already suffering from multiple serious health conditions, averaging 2.6 such alternate potentially mortal conditions per COVID death.  We’re aware that these prior conditions, plus the inflicted terror of a COVID diagnosis, plus the ensuing isolation from family and friends, masking, etc. have been sufficient to cause death in 94 percent of ALL persons labeled ‘death by the virus.’  So, you see, NO VIRUS IS REQUIRED.  Startling, isn’t it?  But we ignore all this.  Why?  Because we’re told to.”

Second, as the New York Times has revealed, up to 90 percent of all cases of COVID, defined by a positive test, are indeed meaningless, because we find now that every person in the world has hundreds of trillions of viruses, of every type, within their bodies at all times. It is hard to spread something that everyone already has a lot of due to it being normal and their bodies being the producers of the viruses.  We also ignore this matter, because we’re told to.”

“Ordinarily, these two major developments would lead us to proclaim, ‘Go back to work, go back to your lives, take off your masks, it’s all over.’  But we don’t make that proclamation.  We carry on as if nothing has been revealed.  Why?  In order to remain consistent, and because we’re told to.  We’re that stupid. We’re even starting to consider the possibility that they are using this virus thing to cover up for a totally different plot they have going on.”

“There is a third issue, now that we think of it.  The US and the UK, back in March, were considering open policies.  No lockdowns.  Then a demonstrably failed computer modeler named Neil Ferguson, from the Imperial College of London, reported that 500,000 people could die in the UK, and two million could die in the US.  On that basis, with no investigation of Ferguson’s abysmal track record, both countries went to lockdowns and the first round of economic suicide.  Other countries followed suit.  Why?  We leaders of these countries understood the economic and human devastation but we didn’t GRASP the consequences.  The distinction, here again, is in the process of being sorted out.”

“In the interest of full disclosure, there is a yet a fourth issue we must place on the table and enter into the record.  You see, at the beginning of this whole business, in Wuhan, we really have no idea what Chinese researchers did or didn’t do in their lab, which resulted in them announcing they had discovered a new coronavirus that was causing a serious outbreak. And, since human bodies produce countless trillions of viruses themselves, how does that work in with an ‘outbreak’?”

“We’re not permitted in these labs.  There is no video of the step by step process which occurred in the Wuhan lab.  There were no non-conflicted independent observers.  Bottom line: we don’t know whether a new virus was actually discovered or not. Very possibly, there is no new COVID virus in any case”.

“We do know that no legitimate large-scale electron microscope studies have been performed, using tissue samples from, say, a significant number of real patients who were supposedly afflicted with the epidemic disease”.

“We also know the researchers started with a piece of RNA they simply found and PRESUMED came from a virus.  One more…oddity.”

“We also know the researchers stated that pneumonia was the cardinal feature of the new epidemic.  Yet, going back decades, we see that about 300,000 people every year die from pneumonia in China.  That means millions of cases of pneumonia occur every year in China, unrelated to viruses, of course. In fact, it is entirely possible that viruses do not cause any disease at all. After all, they are just dead waste material.”

“We also know that if these researchers in Wuhan had looked out through the windows of their lab, they would have seen a deadly smog.  This is called ‘air pollution’.  In Wuhan, and other Chinese cities, the lethal mixture of early industrial age and modern industrial age polluting toxins is unprecedented in human history. We plan to study this one day in the future”

“This pollution causes all sorts of lung problems, including pneumonia, which, again, was said to be a cardinal symptom of the NEW epidemic.”

“We know and yet we don’t know, if you catch our drift.”

“We can add things up but the conclusion evades us.”

“We see but we don’t understand.”

“However, bear with us.  There is much to sort out and clarify.”

“The light WILL shine through the darkness, some day.”

“You’re in our thoughts and prayers.”

“Thank you for your service.”

“That is it.

John Rappaport, author