A Positive Test Does Not Make You a Covid Case

I cannot help thinking that the “second wave” of this virus is a bit like the Victorian legend of “Spring Heeled Jack”: a useful fiction intended to keep the children quiet…Sean Walsh

Spring-heeled Jack is an entity in English folklore of the Victorian era. The first claimed sighting of Spring-heeled Jack was in 1837. Later sightings were reported all over Great Britain and were especially prevalent in suburban London, the Midlands and Scotland.

If you are falling for the government’s tactics to fool you about the facts of corona virus, it is important that you take the matter of your own ignorance into your own hands.

If you need help here, I am going to give it to you.  The first thing you must know is that viruses are everywhere, in countless quantities.  You are literally loaded with hundreds of trillions of viruses.  So is everyone else.  Your body is the virus manufacturer. So, the government can dishonestly say that you are infected with the corona virus.  It is like saying “you are infected with your own blood”.  You would say “I hope so”.  You body produces trillions of viruses in the normal process of replacing worn out cells. So do all animals and plants that are eukaryotic. There is no such thing as an infection of viruses. You are the virus machine. The government has been trying to weaponize viruses for more than 100 years….unsuccessfully. Nature does not cooperate with the weapons labs at Ft. Detrick and the U of Md. Nature does not allow these violations to reproduce and they are quickly removed from existence.

Viruses are the dead waste materials that were used in the process of duplicating new replacement cells.  This dead scrap material is put into a small protein coated vesicle and ejected from the new cell as trash needing disposal.  Did you think your body could replace worn out cells without making scrap by-products?  It can’t.  Are these scrap by-products dangerous? Are they an “infection”? No. They are a normal waste product of the common occurrence of mitosis.

Do you think the ‘government’ is those you think you elected?  They are not. They are the side-show.  Do you think your government is controlled by you?  It’s not.  Do you think your government likes you?  It does not.  Do you think your government controls your life?  It does.  Do you think your government values your life?  It does not.  Do you think your government tells you the truth?  Never.  Why would your government lie to you?  To keep you in fear, therefore easily controlled. Do you think your government creates bogeymen to terrorize you?  They do.  Do you think your government would fabricate a false image of viruses to use as a fear inducing bogeyman?  They would and they are. Do you think the government would then attribute fake capabilities to viruses alleging they are alive and cause harm and disease?  They would and they are. 

Spring-heeled Jack has, of course, inherited this policing role from the dreaded “R” number, which even the most thick-headed members of the commentariat are beginning to suspect is of no use when infection rates are confused deliberately with the simple presence of the virus in all human bodies, which are the source of the viruses. Your cells reproduce on a scheduled basis, making viruses in the process. This is true for all eukaryotic animals, plants, molds, fungi…all living things having DNA in a cell nucleus.

So, the government has pivoted. With its now-familiar casual dishonesty, the government is alerting us to “spikes” in “cases” in some areas. We all live in the same sea of viruses, which we all create our own share of.

As with most deception, the deceit resides in the language. There are no spikes in cases, there are only spikes in testing, which, of course, all yield ‘positive’ results (entirely consistent with increases in test activity – and in fact explained by it). You have hundreds of trillions of viruses in your body, just like everyone else. How could you possibly test ‘negative’? Testing positive is ‘normal’.

Per the establishment, a ‘case’ is a ‘positive’ test.  Everyone tests ‘positive’, so the number of cases is only limited by the number of tests or the world population, whichever arrives first.

There is a qualitative and very consequential difference between testing positive for this virus and being a “case” of it. This is a distinction the Johnson-Whitty-Hancock axis of perpetual control seems to have decided to collapse for the convenience of perpetuating the lie generating the panic.

From the start of this crisis, the government hid behind every second-rate scientist that was sufficiently greedy and/or corrupt to render an interpretation in favor of the desired response, which was purely deceitfully jacking the numbers by virtue of mandates, threats and financial incentives. The number of ‘cases’, as explained, is a totally useless number in the vernacular of these frauds. Let’s look at mortality. Oh, there is no mortality unless you put all historic causes of mortality to zero and mandate every death a covid-death.

Mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences: it does not follow that important qualitative distinctions are never invisible to Her. In the case of COVID, as in past cases of HIV, SARS, Swine, H1N1, etc., they could never, in spite of every cheating scheme, jack the numbers sufficiently.  In the present case, they no longer seem to care that the numbers are just too flaky to justify any active response, let alone the insane one the have imposed.

Instead of informing us of epidemiological risk, the government decided, in March, to deprive us of the right to assess our lives for ourselves. This amounted to more than a confiscation of our civil liberties. This is nothing less than total tyranny. This tyranny has a purpose, is agenda driven and will soon be obvious. By then, it is too late.

Boris Johnson’s and Donald Trump’s interventions, in March, were a form of secular aggression against individual sovereignty. Those who presume to govern me need humility and at least a shred of honesty. I see nothing but dishonesty here and a hidden agenda for human disaster.

However powerful they seem to be in the moment, history is already laughing at them from the perspective of the longer term.

These clowns look into a TV camera and announce that we all must stay at home or emerge in public only when wearing a stinking coward’s mask while maintaining ‘distancing’. They know perfectly well that these useless tactics are only to destroy your dignity of life and to minimize the possibility of deciphering the lie.

There are real considerations of value which, by their nature, escape the variables of the grubby calculus of mortality which continues to dominate the narrative.

A second national lockdown, if one is imposed, will leave no “nation” left to emerge from it. This is likely the intent.

The bonds that tie a nation together are difficult to understand and therefore easy to accidentally destroy.

The public has been infantilized to the extent that it has become normal to see parents put masks on their children. Be sure to teach your child submission to tyranny.

A very logical consequence of the assumption that a government has the right to make it difficult for us to smile at each other in public places.

This is last chance stuff.

If there is a so-called second wave, it, too, is a total fabrication that means massive depopulation of the “west”.

I would imagine – hope – that every parent who told their child the tale of Spring Heeled Jack knew deep down that the inculcation of fear is very dubious, morally. I am sure the dysfunctional, patrician and unconservative governments lacks that level of compassion. Or understanding. Or even that it cares a whit about the mass deaths it is perpetrating. It’s all just a part of the thousand year plan.