‘Submissives’ – the new ilk marching bravely into NWO

Many people are saying “Oh, it’s only a facemask.  No big deal. Just wear it and pretend it is nothing. Don’t make a big fuss over something insignificant”.

The problem is, that, in reality, it is of the ultimate significance.

Are you a voiceless submissive or are you someone of significance?

“We are building the global society on a radically new concept. There is no individual who is the leader. Global order is no longer something that can be dictated or controlled from the top down. Globalization itself is the order” – Dr. Parag Khanna

Submissives’ are the new human crop, soon to fill the globe with their ilk.

 In the name of Covid, the State has already thrust itself into every aspect of human existence. This is a mechanism of hidden fraudulent takeover.  Our ignorance may be attributable to their deceit and our willingness to believe and accept their deceit. Humans are easily led by the nose. Even though the governments are well known pathological liars, the vast majority still believe every load of horse crap that they put in their slop bucket is Lobster Rockefeller.

Where do virus come from? Your own body is a major producer. Look around at other people, your dog, the mold on your sink, the plants, the insects, etc. These are all the producers of viruses. They are producing trillions to the trillionth power, none stop. As long as creatures are living, their cells are reproducing and creating waste products in the process. Virus is the left over waste of cell reproduction, packaged in a protein vesicle by the new cell and expelled from the cell’s interior as an exosome into the trash bin. Where did you think viruses came from? Your body contains about 400 trillion at all times. You do not need to obtain viruses from other people. Everybody is full up. The idea that you don’t have the virus, but some other person does, and that person might ‘infect’ you is the biggest joke in the world. The ‘case number’ joke.

However many living creatures with DNA in their cell’s nuclei…that is the ‘case count’. No one needs a tester because everyone is full up, loaded, with every virus. This is the way life works, has always worked and always will work. The problem is….you have never learned even the first thing about viruses. Yet, 100% totally ignorant assholes are running around telling others what they should be doing to prevent infections. Do you think you have an infection because your body has blood, muscle, bone or other normal components. I don’t think so.

This crisis is a poorly staged episode of politicized medical garbage that could not fool a one week old baby tree frog. Who do they think they are fooling with their juvenile antics and medical imbecileism? What is the real underlying treachery here, in their never-ending long line of treachery programs?

Imposition of technocracy of the New World Order (NWO) on every person on the planet would best describe it. The NWO is the culmination of a long chain of ‘isms’, the Matrix, that have been used to control the populations by means of the Hegelian Dialectic..  These dialectics have been a means of divisiveness that have kept the peoples divided into opposing ‘ism’ groups, states, countries, political parties, religions, etc.  This is the heart of the Matrix.

In the hierarchy of human control, Matrix is on the equivalent level of New World Order (NWO).  The Matrix is now being replaced by NWO. In other words, it is not just a change of hegemony or a new ‘strong man’ elbowing his way into the throne. The Matrix is being scrapped. The NWO is a’ state of existence’ within a technocratic reality framework. It bears no resemblance to the old Matrix. It’s not like a new leader got elected or ‘seized power’. It is not political in any way. Or, a disclosure of the hidden leaders of the Master Race .

It is the end of sovereignty. No more separation. Just one grand algorithm alleged to have the power to control and organize the entire order of planetary existence.

It is the end of politics, altogether.  There are no longer such things as politicians, elections, presidents, law-makers, pundits, lobbyists or political debates. There is just technocracy…a control algorithm that does not require any politicians…at all, for any purpose. Those psychopathic power mongers of the Matrix, that think they have a new prominent position in the NWO, are going to fill a short term transitional role, after which they, too, will be ‘of no further use’. Sorry, thanks and goodbye.

It is not some change of the monetary system or a new universal currency.   It is the end of currency, monetary systems and economics, altogether.  You are a number in a computer that translates to some level of ‘privilege’, granted in exchange for units of production. Your number is called a ‘social score’.  If your social-score becomes higher due to the algorithm’s approval of your performance, you will be granted more privilege, such as better living accommodations or increased food allotment. If your score becomes lower, you will lose privilege and be moving to poorer living quarters and eating a lesser diet. Money is of no use at all. It no longer exists.

NWO is not some military-based tactical operation.  It is the end of militaries altogether, except for a single universal police force, investigating ‘thought crimes’. This is the UN, the private army of the NWO. There will be no wars for there will also be no private property nor units of anything more than individual asset-units.

 It is not some new religious or philosophical ‘ism’.  It is the end of all ‘isms’, altogether.  You are what you are told you are.  You are a unit of production that performs the function for which you have been designated and trained. Your performance level, established by the algorithm, will be measured, for which you will receive a relative rating level that will contribute to your ‘social score’ for the purpose of establishing your level of ‘privilege’.

 It is not some new adoption of group identity or diversity.  It is the end of all ‘joining’ and all ‘diversity’, altogether.  You are an ‘asset-unit’.  You are not a team, workgroup or family of your own choosing any longer. Any group identity is chosen for you. You receive training accordingly. There are no more institutions of elective learning.

 If you produce children, your children will immediately become additional ‘asset-units’ of the NWO. Children will belong to the technocracy and will be developed into whatever type of asset-unit is needed, as determined by central AI planning.

NWO does not bear any resemblance to any aspect of life as you now know it.  The closest you can come to seeing it now, is found in taking a look at the current social order of China.

The pilot program for what is soon to be universal.

This is a giant leap in the social structure that will be technocracy reality. Some may welcome it. Many will never comprehend it.


Looking back at the present

Looking back at the present-day Matrix, the mask has come between the intimacy of husbands and wives. It has forbidden elders to embrace their children and grandchildren. 

It has denied us funerals, birthday parties and weddings, Locked the doors of public expression of art and culture. It is preventing us, literally, from being social creatures who can share common experiences of life , without fear. 

It has ordered us to stay at home, punished us for sunbathing, going on nature walks, swimming in the oceans, or even entering our front gardens. From walking next door to chat with the neighbors.  From assembling in groups for important meaningful discourse and exchange of ideas.

But worst of all, it has withheld us from intellectual and esoteric exploration of the greater potentials of our very existence. A fabricated control system has prevented us from ever being able to expand our consciousness into the greater reality of our true inner-being and the meaning of our lives.  The NWO will eradicate any concept of this type of deeper exploration.  We are going to be units of productivity and tightly controlled consumption based on absolute compliance and obedience to the ‘algorithm’.

At any point you fall short of minimum acceptable performance, you will have the trigger pulled to activate your vaccine.  You will be dead.

Can you even conceive of this change in your day-to-day reality.  Probably not, but those who are beyond adaptation to this new form of existence will not be survivors.  For this reason, the members of the populations who are beyond the ability to adapt are simply casualties of the RESET.  The  children, who are still malleable and adaptable, will be the survivors. 

Because the children are incapable of constructing complete communities and facilities, these are already constructed and awaiting the new inhabitants.  These are the mysterious unoccupied cities of China and the former SSRs of Russia.  You can find my other blogs that elaborate on this in the archives of this site.

The Government began its disproportionate shutdown of the world by spreading fear of a devastating plague that would kill billions of people. Now, many people find that Covid-19 is, in fact, nothing but the same common colds we have been surviving every year of our lives.  The perpetrators are desperate for new means of keeping up the facades and the panic levels.   We need riots, violence, war with China. This is to keep the public eye on the drama, while missing totally what is being installed to enable them to flip the switch over to the new system, the RESET.

The NWO technocracy is a totally different system of control than the ‘Matrix’.   You can see the model for this system by observing China and its social structure.  The citizens are ‘individual asset-units’ of the system, that serve the Master Race much more efficiently and productively with less risk and waste.  There is absolutely no need for politics, government, currency, religion, culture or inducements. (The Matrix was an artificial ‘inducement’ system to maintain production and control of its assets by making you believe you were the owner and beneficiary of your own fruits of labor).

So just take all of that out of the picture and you simplify everything exponentially.  Where you had political disagreements, contentiousness, wars, and philosophical grid lock, now you have no need of any of this.  5G communications provide lock-tight implementation of the algorithms that dictate literally everything for every asset-unit to enable performance of its function, free from distraction and overhead waste. The NWO is not just a control system…it is the total ‘reality of existence’, where humans have only one responsibility, which is productivity. When your ability to deliver efficient productivity wanes, you will not become a “useless eater”. You will vanish without fanfare.

Do not labor under any delusion that the Master Race cares one wit about you as a human being.  Beyond being an element of the means of production, there is no caring, in any semblance of the contextual meaning we might attribute to the word.  You have heard of ‘crop rotation’ .  You do not plant the same fields every season in the same crop.  You rotate your fields so that some are under active cultivation and others are refreshing and healing for future periods of productivity.

That is why the rotation occurs on a basic 200 year cycle.  The Master Race has been using its human laborers to exploit the planet, in similar fashion to the practices of its own Master Race, the Anunnaki. However, they are only a figment of the Anunnaki.  They are not god-like creators and powerful kings bearing incredible weapons.  They have become more and more human-like over the generations, as they have violated their instructions to preserve the integrity their genetic blood-lines.

At an earlier point when they were more powerful than today, they ruled us in the same fashion as the Anunnaki, in a system of feudalism.  Over the recent 1,000 years, they have lost their stature and became more human-like.  They adopted the Matrix system, not just to protect themselves from the masses, but to enhance productivity by giving humans the illusions of freedom and private property, via fiat currency.  Humans work harder when they believe they are working on their own behalf, rather than in a system of overt slavery to the sole benefit of a blue-blood Master or King.

Humans have become spoiled children who are now very demanding.  The inducement-based Matrix is being discarded in favor of the NWO. Advances in technocracy have now been implemented for the changeover.  Meanwhile, controlling humans in Western societies is becoming a more difficult problem.  Westernized humans are no longer productive. The once successful empire has now gone to ruin. The workers have turned into spoiled brats that are intent on perpetual amusement, drugs, entertainment and consumption. They must be put under conditions that impose discipline, unconditional compliance, obedience and submission. They must be frightened into the vaccine lines, sooner than later.

Meanwhile, the Eastern cultures have been the laboratory experimenting with refining the technocracy of the NWO.  Specifically, China is directly connected to ‘Silicon Valley’ technocracy developers. The The human assets of the ‘East’ have been generationally conditioned into a total technocratic existence.  Technocracy is the venue they exist in. Every semblance of the Matrix inducement system must be made to vanish.

When I tell this to people, they laugh and express the opinion that the human resources of China, for example, are less human and more robotic than in the West.  The Chinese just can’t figure out how to ‘get it right’, thereby imposing no real threat to the ‘West’ in terms of military, industrial, economic or social capabilities.  They say this now, when it is obvious that the US is only a corrupt old bully who is ready for the grave.  Producing nothing but empty threats, boycotts, and unlimited amounts of worthless paper money with absolutely nothing to back it up.

So, the opinions of humans living in the Matrix are mostly stemming from historical willful blindness, despair, fear and loss of hegemony.  It does not matter whether ‘Westerners’ believe that they are the trash and corpses of the Old World Order.  It is already well in-process and far beyond repair.  This is the moment of realization of what is coming…”PUT ON YOUR MASK”.

As you ‘bend the knee’ to comply with this order, you have already conceded the entire issue.  What more is there to discuss? Your Masters want you to wear a soggy cloth muzzle, a ‘face-nappy’ that turns its wearer from a normal human into a mumbling, mouthless submissive complier. Any objective observer can easily see where this is headed.

Looking around, it seems this is popular. Is there nothing the ‘Western’ people will not stoop to comply with?  Antibacterial consumption is now so high that soon there will be reports of dolphins and whales floundering about in an ocean made sticky by billions of gallons of hand-sanitizer, as they choke on congealed clumps of used muzzles. And, I thought this is supposed to be a ‘viral’, not a ‘bacterial’ problem.  You don’t rid yourself of virus using anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

Hurry up.  Get in line to receive your new Gates/Fauci vaccine that is going to ‘save you’.  Maybe you can sneak back in line and get a double dose.  You are not going to drop over dead on the spot.  Look, everyone is fine.  Since you are not smart enough to see where this is going, you will have to patiently wait and see.  There are a lot of humans in the ‘West’ that have been “useless eaters” for a long time.  ‘Useless eaters’ do not have a spot in the NWO.  The queen has been demanding for a long time that the ‘West’ be ridded of useless eaters to the extent of 80-90%.  Figure this on the basis of a billion plus ‘useless eaters’ and you will get a large number which can probably be rounded off at one billion, as a talking point for the first round of depopulation.

This sounds like it could become a little messy.  How could this be done in a tidy manner?.  It seems to me that a lethal injection, which has a control mechanism for releasing, or not releasing, the fatal component into the body would be one of considerable efficacy.  If the humans are sufficiently compliant and trusting, they will clamor to receive their controlled fatal injections, thinking they are rescued from the threat of a ‘horrible evil old virus’.  These humans can not be salvaged by the NWO. They can not even make the mental leap from the inducement system to the technocracy.

Once your body now contains this triggerable DNA vaccine, there is no retreat.  Those carefully selected for having some value in the future will go on as though nothing happened.  The vast majority of the ‘useless eaters’ will be ‘triggered’, probably using 5G, and they will drop dead in their tracks.  The corpses will be disposed of by the interim survivors.  The neat feature is that the timing is controllable.  The plan is to reduce world population by a lot more than one billion, probably more like five billion, but the overall timing is more urgent for the ‘Western empire’ element.  The efficacy is in the mortality-control provided by the vaccine such that things can be timed to occur in an orderly and convenient fashion.

The WHO held a position that facemasks were useless, but suddenly, on July 12, 2020, they took the opposite stance. The key fact is that its motive was not because of new scientific information – the evidence had not supported the wearing of face coverings – it was due to political pressure (funding).

In March, the WHO said: ‘There is currently no evidence that wearing a mask, of any type, by healthy persons in the community can protect them from infection against respiratory viruses, including Covid-19.’

The American TV news channel CNN reported on March 31 that Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO health emergencies program, had said at a briefing in Geneva: ‘There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit.

People are seen walking down London’s Oxford Street. There is plenty of research showing that the case for muzzles is lame, especially a survey done for the dental profession four years prior, which mysteriously vanished from the internet after mask opponents began to cite it.

At about the same time, Dr Jenny Harries, a Deputy Chief Medical Officer, warned that people could be putting themselves more at risk from contracting Covid by wearing muzzles. She said masks could ‘actually trap the virus’, and cause the person wearing it to inhale it repeatedly. She explained: ‘For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea.’

On April 3, the other Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, said he did not believe healthy people wearing them would reduce the spread of the disease.

What underlies the turn abouts?

Why are we more likely to spread Covid in a store than we are to do so in a pub or restaurant? Why are certain ‘aisles’ in the super market being cordoned off, restricting sales of some merchandise?  The question cannot be answered. The truth is that the muzzle policy is all about control and fear…nothing about disease. They like to come down on a daily basis with new additional measures that are even more absurd than the day before.

Findings are now also pouring in which suggest that a high number of the excess deaths during the last few months were not caused by Covid, but by people unable to avail themselves of treatment for heart attacks, strokes, cancer, etc. due to facilities being reserved exclusively for COVID. Interestingly, claims of hospital overcrowding, when investigated in-person, revealed that the hospitals were empty and staff were busy playing games with each other.

Despite the propagandists of the media, who have tried never to mention the legions of dissenting scientists who dispute the Government’s policy, people are beginning to wonder, in increasing numbers, if they have been ‘taken for a ride’ here. Meanwhile, they are collecting generous government financial inducements for turning away the patients who need help due to other medical issues than Corona.

This Government has no great authorities or experienced personnel to give them a basis for demanding ridiculous measures, like lockdowns. This is being driven by undistinguished, inexperienced uneducated but maybe greedy political agitators, headed by an exhausted and empty executive. The governments’ Center for Disease Control (CDC) has never been anything more than a source of deceit and lies, not to mention a manufacturer of exotic diseases.

In a few weeks’ time, the Government faces the onset of what may be reported as the worst economic crisis since 1929. It’s already obvious, but we must wait for the official numbers from the talking heads. It needs to keep the fear levels up to maintain its authority.

A way of doing this is the ceaseless promotion of an alleged ‘second wave’ of Covid, for which there is no evidence or precedent. Especially since there never was a real ‘first wave’. Viruses are dead. They do not plot out ‘second wave’ attacks, like an army general. They are nothing more than random opportunistic dead things in the environment that rarely cause problems, except in the imaginations of criminals with weapons labs at their disposal.

Another Fauci tactic is to undertake a ferocious testing policy where testers go from door to door to discover people who are ‘infected’ with Covid, even if they have no cold symptoms and display perfect health . It should be commonly known that ‘everyone’ has the presence of the corona virus in their body’s ‘VIROME’, so more testing for ‘virus presence’ is going to always be 100% positive. Yet they will then count it as a ‘new case’.  It’s like calling something that is already well known to exist a ‘new discovery’.

Every person in the world has every virus in their body, all the time.  It’s not a ‘great discovery’, when it is common knowledge by anyone who has any education on the subject.  Furthermore, presence of antibodies is also not a test for anything.  You either have a cold…or you do not have a cold.  Is this really complicated? Do we need all of these 25 cent little plastic testers?

In a few weeks’ time, the Government faces the onset of what may be the worst economic crisis since 1929. It needs to keep the fear levels up to maintain its authority. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is pictured all masked-up. Would you follow the example of this sorry excuse for a man?

The muzzle is a’ badge of subservience, submission and compliance to the absurd’. Anyone who dons it publicly is submitting to the Government’s coersive power over them.

Look at the muzzled multitudes, their wide eyes peering out anxiously from above the hideous gag which obscures half their faces and turns them from normal human beings into mouthless, obedient submissives. The psychological effect of these garments, on those who wear them and view them, is huge.

Dissenters, who prefer not to muzzle themselves, are made to stand out from those who have already surrendered, who then become quite keen on pressuring the non- conformists to do as they did, and on ‘informing’ against them. ‘Confirmation’ is the bastion of perpetration of fake beliefs.

Do you feel fear?  The observed pretext of a fake health disaster does not merit your fear.  Fear of exactly what is happening to us right now, the ultimate RESET, may be warranted.

It is my view that, if you don that muzzle, you are giving your assent for the coming consequences. Don’t act surprised when it happens.  You have just read the absolute truth of the matter.  Submit meekly at your own risk.