Why Resets Every 200 Years

Entropy…“lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder”

The state of the real world order is never static. Entropy is always at work, converting the status quo from a seemingly predictable thing into chaos, while proving that things are not as we thought we knew them to be.
So long as humans are willing to accept an education that is only fit for a mental midget, and total reliance on so-called ‘experts’, ‘talking heads’, that have one objective…maintaining your dependence on them, it is going to stay f**ked up. This is entropy.

Why do we have a global RESET every 200 years? Why not just make it linear and continue on beyond 200 years? The reason is entropy. Nothing can just carry on for an indefinitely long time period because entropy just won’t permit it. The RESET of 1812 was designed to build a new empire based on certain Crown colonies, with the new colony, America, as the Hegemon. Halfway through, America was looking good and was a prime candidate to get involved at the end of two world wars, to finish them off and steal all the glory, credit and loot the world blind. These wars are carefully planned to yield certain desired results, carrying on through the period of decline, during which other equally desired results are achieved. The war machine from the big wars was utilized to continue on with the restructuring needed to prepare for the next coming RESET 2020.

America is a warring country and has been so its entire existence, starting with the war of 1812. During its 200 year allotment, the US has been at peace less than 10% of the time. Even today, the US is maintaining its troops and assets in over 280 military bases in all parts of the world. Interestingly, the UN, including the new hegemon of the 2020 RESET have their troops occupying the US. Entropy has released its indomitable forces to change the once proud and successful hegemon into a pitiful bully, evil and lying. Now turned against its own citizens to finish off the hulking unsalvageable remains, unpayable debts, unproductive labor, and deceit from high heaven.

What becomes of the dethroned hegemon at the end of its period? The pattern has been set for thousands of years. The children of a malleable age are saved to become resources of the new empire. The adults are depopulated by natural or manufactured disasters. The trashed areas of the globe are returned to health, slowly, over long periods of time, given over to the worthy hands of those who cared for it well during prior periods. In the case of this RESET 2020, it seems the lands of America are being returned to the Amerinds, from whom it was originally stolen.

At this moment, most humans are nothing more than a tightly controlled resources of the Matrix, employed in the exploitation of the natural resources of the planet.  This meets the objectives of superior off-planet entities to pick this planet clean using humans as the labor force.  Because humans have been trained to see nothing more here than physical matter in its most basic state, they willingly participate in this experiment, thinking this can go on forever. That they can be satisfied by exchanging the fruits of their labor for inherently worthless little pieces of paper or numbers in a digital computer.

It requires the coordinated energy of an empire’s slaves to drive the chaos back into order, only to see it overcome and drive the whole system back into chaos during the 200 year cycle.  “Oh no, there’s that insulting term again…slaves”.  “Obviously, I am a free person who can achieve my life’s objective through this process.”

The truth is, so long as you never question or doubt the terms of your state of reality, yes, you can remain a slave during this life-span, and even be re-cycled right back into this same venue, ‘re-upping’ for another tour, followed by many more.  This is the process of never fulfilling your life’s objective.  Just keep yourself in the ‘slave state’ forever.  Stay stuck in the cycle of entropy whereby you fulfill the objectives of your superiors, never your own.

States of Existence

No matter whether you realize, or not, there are many states of existence available.  We are obviously multi-dimensional conscious beings who are in this state recycled entropy for some reason.  We are also not the ones in control of our current state of existence, as it is apparent that more powerful forces are fabricating our reality for us and employing the coercive forces at their disposal to do so, either against our will or with our willing participation while totally indoctrinated.

Not that ‘our will’ is a great force to be reckoned with, really.  In 2010, Harvard duo, Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons published The Invisible Gorilla, which detailed their study of the human capacity to overlook even the most obvious things. In one of their experiments, Chabris and Simons created a video in which students, wearing white or black shirts, pass a basketball between themselves. Viewers were asked to count the number of times the players with the white shirts passed the ball, and many were later very satisfied to find that they were accurate in their counting. This satisfaction was tainted, however, when they were asked if they had spotted “the gorilla.”

Amidst considerable confusion, the video would then be replayed for the puzzled viewers, who were stunned to see a man in a gorilla suit walk among the students and balls, take up a position in the center of the screen, and wave at the camera. They’d missed him entirely in their initial viewing. The study highlighted the capacity for humans to become fixated on set tasks, events, or other distractions, and miss even the most elaborate and remarkable of simultaneous occurrences.

Public education is nothing more than indoctrination, with the intent of making humans mind-less, obedient little drones, with slight ability for independent thought or action.  Humans are easy to control and may, in fact, prefer or require strict control by others, who are seen as more ‘expert’. Maybe you like this system because you are now comfortable being essentially untaxed by any burden requiring your abilities to think, reason, imagine, analyze, create, strive for deeper understanding and purpose in life. Your important purpose in life is not just multiplying the population.  That is just a physical instinct from your reptilian instinct.  Many try to rationalize this to be their life purpose.  They continue on trying to incorporate the generations of their children into this model. This is just further avoidance of responsibility to be something more.  I am not speaking here about love and support.  That is something to be offered as needed, but you have a lot of years, post childbearing, to use your faculties for investigation into the important realms of higher consciousness while learning to evolve your own faculties.

I am going to take you on a thought journey that will require you to use your imagination to break-out of mental prison and discard the strict belief constrictions stemming from your indoctrination, that prevented you from beginning to explore and discover hjgher faculties that have atrophied from years of non-use.

Imagine that you are living in a fractalized universe of ever-present energy that bears information from a cosmic source.  This information-bearing energy is quantum in nature, meaning it is not subject to the laws of physics of the local 3D plane.  The laws of physics in the local plane are rules for how forces act and react for physical bodies in-motion. These local laws say that the fastest rate of speed that an object or atom can travel is the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles/sec. or 300,000 km/sec.

It says matter is made of tiny particles called atoms, which are more than 99% empty space. It says there is an electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies (EMF) of atomic vibration that range from zero to infinity and frequencies of this spectrum can be energized to higher power levels by contributing other forms of energy that boost the amplitude level.  The amplitude represents the ability of the ‘wave’ to exchange its energy for energy of another form.  The amplitude of the energy obeys a law, called the inverse square, whereby the power is diminished by distance from the source by the inverse square of the distance. This is called mediation

Power can also be diminished by penetrating obstacles of resistance.  The diminishing effect depends on the atomic structure and density of the obstacle.  This is called mitigation.

So common local laws of physics are applicable only in terms of this third dimension of physical matter.  Go to a higher dimension and the laws are different. They are governed by the laws of quantum physics, the laws of energy.  Energy can change forms, but it can not be destroyed or lost.  In the third, or local dimension, we, like other animals who inhabit this plane, have sensors that give us access to length, width and height with a sense of a fourth dimension, which is time.  We sense the time dimension as one where we travel along the time axis, which reveals only a single frame in a sequence of many frames, like a movie projector showing only one cell of the reel in a sequence, although the entire reel is right there,

In quantum laws of physics, there is no limit on rate of travel.  Everything is instantaneous.  There exists a property called ‘entanglement’ whereby two atoms can become ‘entangled’, meaning they are both experiencing everything at the same time, no matter what distance lies between them.  Everything is instantaneous.  There is no mitigation or mediation.  No matter the distance or what resistance lies between two points, there is no diminution of the amplitude.  These are all facts that we have become familiar with due to the experiments of quantum physicists. 

Another interesting factor is what is known as ‘state’, meaning energy or particle.  Again, quantum experiments demonstrate that all things in the universe exist as energy waves, with the sole exception being at the moment of conscious observation, at which point the wave implodes into a particle.  Stop observing and it is energy again.  This seems impossible, but it has been proven over and over to be accurate and correct.

I think it can be postulated that the big picture view of reality indicates that higher dimensions exist in progressively more energetic states, while lower dimensions exist more in lower energy states, or particle states. At this time in our long term chain of experiences of our existence, we exist as multi-dimensional beings, having a body consisting of physical matter that relies on ‘information’ from our higher-dimensional self, that is borne on the carrier wave energy, to provide the literally infinite amount of information required for the inert chemical gases, liquids, solids and plasma to take the form and function of a body, housing our consciousness, to have an experience in the third dimension, or maybe a hybrid state existing simultaneously in both third and fourth dimensions.

The ingredients of our bodies are nothing more than some inert solid chemicals mixed up with some liquids (water) and gases.  There is no possible way on this planet, that these inert, unintelligent ingredients can become alive without infinite information, to instruct each cell how to create organic matter out of these elements and what to do to form a living structure that has vast and complex metabolic functions.  These instructions are not a one-time assembly manual.  The functions for sustaining life and performing life functions must be monitored and updated at an almost infinite rate of speed.  Literally, trillions of quadrillions of operational functions must be accomplished at an almost infinite speed.

The quantum physicist, Max Planck, determined this speed.  The rate of update/refresh is 1047 times per second for everyone one of the 500 trillion cells comprising your body.  You can not even imagine this rate and complexity, yet our scientists would have you believe this all just happens by magic.  And, worse yet, you believe it.  This is all to keep up an insane belief that you are just a mechanical man and everything goes by the laws of local physics (Newtonian physics from the 1,600s).  Newton’s physics are a kindergarten level understanding of the minimum of third dimensional reality.  It is not even in the same cosmos with true multidimensional reality.

The ‘masters of the universe’, of course, say they know better.  What is amazing is that the humans, in the chicken coop, never seem to even give it a thought, let alone see right through it, as they should. They tell you that consciousness, memory, intelligence, imagination, creativity, perception, conscience is all in your brain…somewhere.  After countless, autopsies, bisections, surgeries, etc., no one has ever found any trace of these functions existing within anything of a physical nature.  In fact, your brain is the junction box for your neural system, made of the exact same dead, inert dirt that the rest of your body is made from, and to which it will return when you lose your connection to your higher dimensional self.

Now the Experiment

This is something I do often.  We are going to separate our energy body from our physical body, at least partially.  We can never separate the function that is providing the information to our cells that is necessary for their very form and function sustaining conscious life, as it  goes, in the world comprised totally of inert dirt.

The tool we will use is our imagination, one of our most valuable assets.  Imagination allows us to input some information and receive a response back.  Of course, the response must necessarily be based on intelligence, logic, analysis and memory from our own akashic record, accumulated over numerous experiences in prior existences.

You perform this experiment either in your bed, or a comfortable chair, a meditation mat.  Anywhere you can become totally relaxed and divorced from distractions. The first step is to become divorced from your ego, which is a non-stop distraction mechanism sending a flutter of random and meaningless noise and chatter into your subconscious mind.  This clutter is generated by your ego so that you will be unable to deal with it in a forthright manner. Your ego likes to be in-charge and behind the steering wheel.  This is a mental state called ‘beta’, a state many people spend a lot of time in.

In a beta state, you will not be the driver of your limo…the driver will be Mr. Ego.  Mr. Ego is a selfish, greedy, careless character that does not believe in morality or serious pursuit of esoteric meaning.  He wants to party and pursue frivolous actions that usually do not benefit you.  He is the one who wants to waste time doing meaning less or often harmful things.

You can get rid of the ego by fixating your attention on anything, like between your eyes, your navel, or any chakra.  At first, it may exceed your concentration span and you find yourself becoming distracted again.  This is normal and you just refocus beyond your ego again, until you have cleared away the clutter.  This mental state is called alpha.  Commonly, just before sleeping or awakening from sleep, you find yourself in this very receptive state. 

Soon, you will be able to enter alpha readily.  Conscious breathing can be helpful.  While in the alpha state, try to transcend your subconscious mind, …looking beyond ego and discovering super-consciousness.  Here is where we bring in imagination.  Assign an image to ‘super-consciousness’, any image that is pleasant for you.  Repeatedly make an association between your pet image and your consciousness.  Soon, the image will easily and automatically become super-consciousness. The image will be easily differentiated from the subconscious ego.

Having gotten this far, which hopefully was fun and easy, you will be able to visualize, in your imagination, two separate entities.  You will get better at this as you practice.  Now comes the fun part.  Select the image of Mr. Super-Consciousness and let it manifest within you, even acknowledging Mr. Ego.  Our objective is to allow the super-consciousness image to separate and leave your body for some period of time.  Once you get good at this, you may be able to expand this experiment into a game you can play in REM sleep state. 

I find that I can often play this game for what seems like all night, while asleep.  Mr. Super-Consciousness can become excited, wearing multi-colored lights, and shoot out of my body, soaring high in the night sky above.  He can visit places beyond the Earth, and interact with other similar entities in other dimensions.  He can have experiences and adventures only limited by your imagination.  Some adventures can be fun or amusing.  Others can be revealing and enlightening. As you just begin to awaken, in the morning, you can prolong the alpha state and continue the experience.

A point will be reached at which you can very easily communicate directly with Super-Consciousness and further experiment with some very useful capabilities.  Your super-consciousness (higher self) can be aware of any health issues you may be experiencing, mental or physical.  Mr. Consciousness has the connection with your original blueprint for your physical body. He knows how things are supposed to be in your physical body.  He can be requested to investigate injuries or faults that have developed over time, and provide special ‘information’ to your body facilitating rectification of these issues.

As far as I know, there is no limit to what capabilities are available to you to solve any type of problem.  Maybe you have lost, forgotten or misplaced something.  Mr. Super-Consciousness knows exactly where it is. Maybe you are facing some issue in your life that you just do not know how to resolve.  You can find the answers or just have an amusing time.  But, this is going to pay off for you at some time of need.

It is also going to solve a huge issue of how reality works and some of the help that is available to you, if you just choose to pursue it. Honestly, if more people would pursue this, we could probably solve the grave problems facing us in the time of great destruction and death.  We would also learn that death is not something to be feared, as death of the physical body only means the end of a phase of progressive learning.  This is far from the end of your very long journey to cosmic consciousness.  It is no doubt an experience you are destined to have.  Do not fear it.  Prepare for it. Capitalize on it.