Sweden – Covid Deaths Plummet as Cases Rise …WTF???

This seeming enigma is also happening in the United States and elsewhere! Number of deaths declining rapidly while cases increase.

In case you weren’t aware of this, Sweden refused to go into a lockdown mode. Restaurants remained open, bars remained open, the entire country remained open, all because Swedish authorities decided to let the virus run its course.

“Over the past ten weeks, the number of daily reported COVID-19 cases in Sweden has more than doubled, yet the number of deaths has plummeted,” writes Tony Heller. “The deaths in Sweden were in nursing homes receiving more elderly ‘COVID patients’.”

Can anyone see what is really going on?

If you have already read my other blogs on the Corona topic, you will know that about 100% of the people have the corona virus presence in their body’s virome 100% of the time.  Ergo: the more people tested over time, the more the case numbers will always necessarily increase.  Get it? There is no increase in ‘cases’, just the number of individuals that have been tested. You make the case count increase just by doing more testing.

Now, look at the mortality charts.  As they run out of old death certificates to relabel ‘cause-of-death: COV’, the fake mortality from COV must necessarily decrease.  And this, despite the massive genocide of the elderly.  There have been zero, as in no deaths from COV. People don’t die from the ‘common cold’.  They die from other mortal diseases.  Maybe, in their already weakened state, they also develop a cold, but that is never the cause of death. There are no deaths from the corona virus…the cold. You can white-out all the old death certificates you want….there is still zero deaths from corona.

Sweden Coronavirus: 67,667 Cases and 5,310 Deaths – Worldometer

“The same pattern is occurring in the US,” says Tony Heller. “The number of daily deaths is declining markedly”. The truth is, you can’t decline from zero.

United States Coronavirus: 2,681,811 Cases and 128,783 Deaths – Worldometer

The point here is that the number of new cases is meaningless propaganda. All of those new cases came as a result of more testing for a ‘positive’ result, every time, which is already basically a “known”, but they will never tell you this.

Sneaky little traitor

Forget the number of “new cases.” What we need to keep our eyes on are the sneaky little traitors who are manipulating the people by fiddling the data and ‘genociding’ the elderly. Once the elderly are gone, you are next.