Corona is About Chinese Hegemony by Means of the Vaccine

The homo capensis are exactly the same actors who instigate these world-wide global RESETs every 200 years.  
The current RESET has been hundreds of years in the planning, long before the RESET of 1812 that set-up the American empire, now ending its 200 year cycle, rise to fall.  This is nothing new and repeats on a regular basis. This is the way the homo capensis go about exploiting the resources of the planet on a systemic basis.

It has been known, hundreds of YEARS BEFOREHAND, that a lethal vaccine would come into play using a fake super virus as the pretext.

To initiate, the the Chinese government launched a massive lockdown of its own citizens.  50 million of them in three cities.  Rapidly expanding to 100 million.

Without the Chinese mass lockdown, COVID would have unfolded like Swine Flu ,Veterans, SARS and Zika unfolded.  Small brief disturbances in a calm lake.

The Chinese regime is the major instigator, pretending to fumble, bumble, and fawn before the World Health Organization and the CDC.  Acceding, as it were, to those “superior” virus hunters, asking them to help figure out what was going on in Wuhan—knowing the WHO/CDC researchers would claim to find a new deadly virus—that was actually planted there by American army personnel posing as athletes participating in a military sports competition in Wuhan at the exact same time.  They finished about dead last in the competition, by the way. The Chinese regime would then sit back, lock down millions of their own people, knowing the events of the fake pandemic would automatically play out, with the West following suit and locking down their own populations and causing economic havoc and destruction, subverting all basic human values.

This is the front the Chinese regime, in fact, put on it.  But behind that front, it’s clear a higher level of cooperative planning was alive.  The Chinese lockdown was in the cards all along.  In the cards for the West, for the whole world. 

Most people simply do not believe intelligence operations can involve that degree of subtlety.  This underestimation is a failing which unfortunately opens the door for takeover.  But the subtlety gets more interesting.  During much of the second half of the 200 year RESET period, you have been carefully indoctrinated into the idea of the efficacy and safety of vaccination as a standard medical protocol.  That is because the serums have been mostly benign, the propaganda has been incessant and you have no education in the field of health.   With the stage set for the imminent mortal threat of the pandemic, people are eagerly awaiting availability of the alleged ‘life-saving’ new vaccine. 

Endless hoopla is pouring out of the media outlets about how this vaccine is the only solution to save the population from immanent death.  A very special vaccine is required for this special unique ‘non-existent corona pandemic’…one that is going to change your very genome.  One that is dead lethal.  This is the big culmination of the entire vaccine scam that has been so many years in the process of gaining your trust. 

The lethality is not going to display itself on-the-spot, like inoculate, then drop dead.  People might be smart enough to catch-on, should they witness such a thing from their position in line, with ‘distancing’, of course.  The order of things has to be;  inoculate – delay –  trigger – drop dead.  And the mechanism has to have a selective aspect to it because the immediate depopulation target is of the citizens of the American Empire. Once that massive genocide is finished, the trigger can be useful for dealing with undesirables, on an individual basis.

The trigger is probably related to the 5G radiation towers that they are so frantic to get installed post haste. The tower installations are very dense, like one tower for every 5 houses in a subdivision. This new technology is basically unrelated to the 3G and 4G predecessor technology, being essentially microwave radiation. No one seems to know exactly what the 5G is and how it will be used. It is not just the advance in speed over 4G systems that is the big benefit being sought after. In the few tests of 5G that the public has become aware of, there are many strange phenomena including animal deaths. There has also been a report that 5G tower installers have been updating the systems with a large circuit board having ‘COVID’ etched in the copper ID information.

The pandemic is based on an unproven claim of having discovered a new virus. Diagnostic tests, which do not work, open the door to the phony escalation of case numbers; the gathering and labeling of people who have conditions of disease obviously not “COVID-19”; and the plan to introduce a deadly vaccine as the “solution.” They have to maintain the faith in vaccinations, that has been so carefully cultivated.  Should enough of the citizenry wake up and see through this scam, the ‘moment’ could be lost. The situation could turn ugly with vaccine resisters who must then be dealt with forcibly.

To begin, the Chinese regime’s model of absolute control over its population is fully in line with Rockefeller-type Globalists’ model of control over all of Earth via NWO.  This is a direct match for how this is going to go down.  The Chinese Empire is the successor to the American empire, which is finished and done.  All the support accrues to China now.

The new Chinese empire has 1.4 billion people and has been preparing for the RESET for at least 50 years.  A few million may be spilled in the making, but there is no shortage of Chinese.

The obsessed virus hunters at the WHO and the CDC are playing their part, thinking they will be survivors and big-time players in the new empire.  This may not be the case.

The Chinese were more than willing to lockdown a few cities to get the ball rolling for the RESET changeover. No quarantine of such size had ever been tried prior to this huge lockdown, at least in the current revision of the history books.

By “humbly acceding” to the authority and desire of the CDC and WHO—who always say they’ve found ‘a new ‘deadly virus’—the Chinese government has helped to engineer a massive lockdown, now no longer needed. Dr. CDC and Dr. WHO can take it from here, if the rest of the scheme can be pulled off this fast and easy.

The forced premature deaths of the elderly, under the cover of “demise by COVID,” is a straight-out exercise in population control. These are not accidents. This is the order of business. Pick the low-hanging fruit first.  Killing the elderly can be done without a lot of pretense.  Members of the American empire obviously do not have a lot of respect nor use for the elderly.  If this were not true, then the elderly would be protected and cared for in the homes of their family.  Instead, they are stuffed away in retirement homes or eldercare facilities, which are very expensive.  There is an attitude of ‘get them out of sight and we will make the obligatory visit once in a while, when it’s convenient’.  

In summary:  A world-wide RESET is instigated on a 200 year cycle. During a cycle, the citizens of the hegemon create the empire during the first 100 years, get lazy, arrogant nd perverted, then sink into decline destroying their empire during the second 100 years. History is full of examples. The spoils of productive empire are taken by the homo capensis in exchange for inherently worthless paper currency. Once false affluence has been realized, the empire starts to lose its productivity, its work ethic, its wealth, its morality, its sense of value, its willingness to do what is needed to sustain the empire.  It becomes a service-sector economy rather than a productive economy. It chooses criminal gangs to take over its illusion of political power structure. It sends its technology and remaining useful means of production to the designated successor, without realizing why…or even wondering why.

The population has to be dumbed down through public education to keep order during the actual process of changing over the hegemony to the new empire . A mechanism of destruction is deployed, leading to a massive depopulation of the ‘useless eaters’. The new empire is given birth. All of these things are already done or are in-process for the current reset 2020, also known as UN Agenda 2030.

This is how it is going-down, unless some people wake up and quickly get some back-bone.