COVID-19 Theory built on killing old people

   The basic deception
The New York Times (June 27, 2020) is reporting that 43 percent of all US COVID deaths are occurring in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities for the elderly.  In at least 24 states, more than 50 percent of all COVID deaths are occurring in these facilities. The situation is far worse than the Times makes it out to be.   

The medical establishment is facing the embarrassing and devastating fact that a huge percentage of so-called COVID deaths are occurring in nursing homes.  The elderly are dying prematurely. And not only in nursing homes.  In hospitals, and alone in their apartments.

All told, huge numbers of old people are dying premature deaths.

It’s obvious these patients have many serious and long-standing health conditions that have NOTHING to do with a corona virus.  They’ve been treated for decades with toxic medical drugs.  Their immune systems are severely compromised.

THEN they’re terrified when they’re handed a diagnosis of COVID-19 based on fraudulent tests, or no tests at all.  They’re shut off completely from the outside world.  No family or friends are permitted to see them.  So the elderly just die.

New York City is the claimed epicenter of corona deaths.

From for data, the latest figures available:
As of May 13, take these two age groups—65 to 74, and 75 and older—and together they account for a staggering 73.6 percent of all COVID deaths in the city, with the 75 and older group accounting, all on its own, for 48.7 percent of all alleged COVID deaths in the city.

For this, New York is on lockdown, boarded up, Imprisoned.  Economically torpedoed and devastated, with two ignoramus-vampire trolls—Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio—administering their ‘wisdom’ over the situation.

If you subtracted the premature and forced deaths of the elderly, the fiction of New York as “the epicenter of COVID” would blow away in the wind in minutes.

The Hill, dated April 2020, reporting on data…gathered at Northwell Health, New York state’s largest hospital system, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)…for the oldest age group, ages 66 years and older, patients receiving mechanical [breathing] ventilation recorded a 97.2 percent mortality rate.”

Just in case all the other obvious factors failed to produce premature death in the elderly, ventilators provided the method. There is added government insurance money to be made from it too.

New York—the “epicenter of the pandemic”—is an epicenter of killing old people.

Public health agencies think: “How can we falsely explain all these old people dying, in terms that will operate as a diversion and a cover story?”
And they come up with: “Well, of course these elderly people already had medical problems before the COVID virus came along, and yes, these problems contributed to their demise.  But in the end, the cause of death was surely the VIRUS…”

A convenient and false statement.

So let’s look at this Wuhan VIRUS again. Instead of blithely accepting the claim that the virus was “sequenced” and its genetic makeup was laid out, do the study you never did.  Do something coherent.  Since you announced a global pandemic affecting billions of lives, do a real study.

Select a thousand people you claim are suffering from the “epidemic disease,” and take tissue samples from them.  In the real world.  Now, under proper supervision, with independent observers recording on video every single step of the process, CORRECTLY put these samples through a purifying procedure that involves centrifuging them, and extracting the relevant material—and place small bits of this material under an electron microscope.  Take photos (EMs) of what you see.

Now place these thousand photos side by side.  In each photo, do you see many, many particles of what is unmistakably a virus?  Is it a virus you’ve never seen before?  From photo to photo, are the many particles of this new virus all the same?

When you’ve done that, let another set of technicians follow the same procedure, and see what results a duplicate study shows compared to the first one. Do they confirm each other?

There is no procedure that can climb inside a person’s body and record what is happening in real time at the level of a virus—but the closest you can come is the electron microscope procedure… that you didn’t do.  Don’t show us a few random anecdotal cases from here and there, of which you found some electron microscope photos.  Don’t tap dance.

The planet went on lockdown as a result of what you claim you discovered—so do the coherent study.  Go the whole distance.  That’s what science is supposed to do.  And then other teams of researchers can weigh in with their own large electron microscope studies and confirm or deny your findings.

Meanwhile, what you have is an unproven virus theory.  A fake.  A story about a virus that is conveniently shadowing what you really have going on…mass murder.

All your diagnostic tests “for the new virus” are a sham.  They’re based on something you never even demonstrated to exist in the first place.

All those elderly people dying for obvious reasons in nursing homes, and in their lonely apartments, and in hospitals all over the world?  You have no proof they’re dying from a virus.  How could you?  You never properly discovered the new virus.  You have dust in your hands.  Saying these elderly people died as a result of the COVID virus is meaningless and total bullshit.

Actually you have murder.  You have blood on your hands.  Your death-dealing COVID diagnosis of these old people is the final straw that drives them into terror and over the edge into death.  You have that to answer for.

The medical “experts” keep falling back on ‘THE VIRUS’ to explain away all objections.  The truth is right in front of their eyes—it’s obvious why all these old people are dying, and why fake scientists and medical fraudsters must count their deaths as COVID cases…they can’t fabricate enough to alarm anyone just by back-labeling old death certificates to revise ‘cause of death’ to COVID-19.

Without those gigantic death numbers, the illusion of a pandemic would fall apart in an hour.


They’re dying in nursing homes, in isolated apartments and houses all over the world, and in hospitals.  And on their bodies is built this vicious war against the population of the planet.


John Rappaport

COVID Increasingly Being Used to Medically Kidnap and Traffic Children

June 30, 2020

Background: A study of previous RESETs clearly shows that the children of the present system are the key to propagating the new culture, as the children are, as compared to the adults, less propagandized into false history and they are malleable to a much greater extent toward a revisionist narrative.

Previous resets have the characteristic of depopulating the adults of the outgoing empire while gathering their children for redistribution into the newly birthed empire as the founding stock of the repopulation.

In this present RESET, the fake corona pandemic is facilitating this same phenomenon.  The following report provides a good example among a host of similar reports.  

This past Friday (June 26, 2020) US District Judge Dolly Gee ordered the release of migrant children who are currently being held in ICE family residential centers, allegedly due to fears of COVID-19 spreading.

While this may sound like a good thing on the surface, it is not. Judge Gee only ordered that the children be released, but not their parents or adult family members. She left the decision to release adult family members of the children up to ICE.

This is a peculiar ruling, given that children have almost a ZERO chance of dying from COVID, while older adults with pre-existing conditions are most at risk.

So, if the children’s parents or other adult family members are not released, where will the children go?

They are to go to “non-congregate settings” that include “suitable sponsors.” This is basically the foster care system, which we know is the main pipeline for supplying child sex slaves in the child trafficking industry.

Children coming across the border with no birth certificates and other documentation are ripe for child trafficking, and this was highlighted in a 2016 report by U.S. Senator Rob Portman which showed just how widespread this is.

His Senate report noted several “Systemic Deficiencies” in the government’s failure to protect these vulnerable children from organized criminal trafficking:

  • HHS’s Process for Verifying a Category 3 Sponsor’s Identity and Relationship with a UAC Is Unreliable and Subject to Abuse
  • HHS Is Unable to Safeguard Children from Sponsors Attempting to Accumulate Multiple Children
  • HHS Failed to Require Background Checks on Non-Sponsor Adult Household Members or on Backup Sponsors
  • HHS Policy Allowed Non-Relatives with Criminal Histories to Sponsor Children
  • HHS Does Not Ensure a Sponsor Has Adequate Income to Support a UAC
  • HHS Approves Placements with Sponsors Who May Not Remain in the Country
  • Sponsors Often Inflict Legal Harm on UACs by Not Ensuring Their Appearance At Immigration Proceedings

So these migrant children in ICE family residential centers were already in the safest place they could possibly be, but now due to a federal district judge Dee, they could potentially be released and enter the lucrative child trafficking network, all under the excuse of “protecting them” from COVID-19.

We have also previously reported how COVID is being used as an excuse to take American children away from their parents.

In another bad news report for child sex trafficking, it was reported that the top attorney representing victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking crimes was fired last week. Matt Agorist reports:

Geoffrey Berman, the powerful US attorney for the Southern District of New York has been the lead investigator into the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking case since before the billionaire’s suspicious suicide.

However, this friend of President Donald Trump, who contributed to his campaign, was surreptitiously removed from his post by Attorney General William Barr — who falsely claimed Berman “resigned.”

Now, the lawyer for several of Epstein’s victims, Spencer Kuvin, is speaking out about the “highly suspect” removal of the top attorney.

He is speculating that Trump or one of his staff may have asked Berman to stop investigating Prince Andrew over his ties to the billionaire pedophile and then fired him when he refused.

As the Guardian points out, Berman and the Duke of York have become embroiled in a series of public rows over what the US prosecutor alleges is his refusal to answer questions in their investigation into allegations of sex trafficking and other crimes against Epstein.

This has put a target on Berman’s back by the ones who continue to protect those involved in the elite child trafficking scandal.

In a scathing interview, Kuvin told The Sun that Berman’s firing was a massive step backward in the progress they’ve made for obtaining justice for the victims.

“The timing of this is highly suspect for an internal favor having been requested by the President,” Kuvin told The Sun.

“Because we know that the investigation and requests for repeated interviews with Prince Andrew ramped up in just the past month. And now all of a sudden, the one man that’s been pushing for those requests has been fired, for no reason.” (Source)

Do You Want to Protect Your Children from Medical Kidnapping? Do NOT Get Tested for COVID and AVOID the Medical System!

We have been warning America for over 5 years now that Medical Kidnapping is REAL, and threatens every family in the United States.

Well, the Pedophile system behind this is kicking things up a notch with COVID, and the situation is about to get much, much worse!

As efforts go full speed ahead to implement contact tracing, the Government is getting ready to take many more children away from their parents using the excuse of “protecting” them from COVID, even though all medical statistics show that COVID is not a risk to children.

They take on a far greater risk of dying by simply riding in an automobile.

The best way to try and avoid this is to abstain from using the medical system completely. Do not get tested for COVID!

If they take a cotton swab sample from your mouth, or a blood test, they now have your DNA that can be recorded in a database, and you can be subject to contact tracing.

Most all cell phones now have contact tracing apps that have been installed without your knowledge. Try to locate it and disable it.

But the best policy is that if you leave your home, turn your cell phone OFF!

Or at least put it on Airplane mode, because you never know when you might encounter someone who has been or will be identified as COVID positive, and if there is a record of you interacting with this person, you could be quarantined and they could take your children away from you.

I am old enough to remember life without cell phones, and I can assure you the world will not come to an end if you do not carry your cell phone around with you everywhere you go!

If you want to carry it to use in an emergency, just turn it off or put it on Airplane Mode, and then only turn it back on if you need to use it in an emergency.

Children should NOT carry a cell phone around in any circumstances. When they leave your home, make sure they are accompanied by a parent or trusted adult within your household who understands just how serious the stakes are today in this current Plandemic operation.

Make sure you keep a well-stocked first aid kit in your home and in your car, and avoid the medical system as much as possible.

We have been educating the public for years on just how dangerous doctors and hospitals are when it comes to medical kidnapping, and now the stakes are ten times higher in the new COVID world we live in!

Sadly, the world is run by pedovores, and you will find them in the highest sectors of our society, especially in institutions that are supposedly “protecting” children.

In any government institution or private business that works with children, just assume there are pedovores present somewhere, waiting for the opportunity to kidnap your children, especially through the medical system.

If you think I am exaggerating to make a point, I encourage you to research this topic more fully, because if anything, I am not even coming close to reporting just how bad and widespread this is.

As Businesses Close Due to Coronavirus, The Business of Child Sex Trafficking in Foster Care Flourishes

And, unfortunately, statistics show that poor people of color face a far higher risk of having their children taken away from them, as they have very little means to fight back.

Can President Trump Fix The Foster Care System With An Executive Order?

The other news that happened this week regarding the foster care system is that President Trump signed an Executive Order that many applauded as a way to help fix the Foster Care system.

The Hill reports:

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order intended to improve the child welfare system, seeking to strengthen foster care and adoption programs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The order, which Trump signed in the Oval Office without media present, aims to improve transparency and oversight and increase collaboration between public, private and faith-based groups that focus on child welfare.

“Among other changes, the Order seeks to increase partnerships between public, private, faith-based, and community organizations to help keep families together and, when that is not possible, to find children forever families,” the White House said in a news release announcing the order.

The measure directs Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar to assist care-givers by increasing the availability of trauma-informed training, expanding educational options and addressing barriers to accessing federal funding.

The order also attempts to improve federal oversight of child welfare requirements by putting HHS in charge of advising states on the use of federal funds to support legal representation for parents and kids.

It comes as foster care and adoption agencies across the U.S. struggle with effects related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Associated Press reported that family court proceedings have been interrupted by the outbreak, routine visits for biological parents have been disrupted, and some agencies have reported having difficulty recruiting potential foster parents.

Study after study proves that children in foster care have worse outcomes in life than if they had been left in their own homes, even if those homes were “troubled” such as when parents have a drug addiction problem.

And allocating even more money to the system to supposedly improve it is not a solution, but just continuing the problem.

The real solution is to defund it completely and stop trafficking children, leaving them in their own communities and letting the communities deal with troubled homes without massive profits from government funding.