What is a Virus?

Now is a Good Time to Learn ‘What is a Virus?’

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All you really need to know on this subject is viruses have existed for billions of years, long before humans.  They are non-living organic molecules contained within a proteinaceous membrane or shell.  They can be a nuisance to the health of any cellular organism by gaining entry into the interior of its’ cells and being used as raw material for cellular replication.  In the case of humans, your best and only defense is a strong immune system that will eliminate defective cells by killing them, after which your bacterial microbiome will consume the morbid remains and eliminate them from your body. 

That’s it. Lockdowns, face masks, washing with alcohol and antibacterials, staying isolated indoors ,nurturing fear are all for the purpose of compromising your immune system so you will be more susceptible to the viruses. Obviously, the pandemic is a smoke screen and diversion to keep you focused on the wrong thing.  ‘They’ have a bigger agenda underway which has nothing to do with corona virus.

Pre-allopathic-medicine medical texts identify viruses with ailments:

Corona viruses are the ‘common cold’

Prior to the time of the Rockefeller’s re-invention of medicine into the fake ‘allopathic theory’, around 1933, it was commonly known the corona viruses were the common cold.  Everyone had experienced the common cold during their life and knew there was nothing that could be done except to allow the body’s own immune system to do its job and run its course.  The symptoms, which are not the disease, but the side effects of the immune system’s work in healing the body, varied in severity from person to person, based on the constitutional state of health of the individual. In the simplest terms, those who make a priority of staying healthy, the ‘non-victims’, enjoy wellness, while those who have not taken the necessary initiatives to maintain their health, the victims, will suffer disease proportionately.

Symptoms might include coughing or sneezing, expelling mucosa from the sinuses, bronchial tubes or lungs.  Excess production of sticky sinus fluids to trap and prevent toxins from making their way into the body’s breathing apparatus.  Fever is the immune system’s way of weakening the virus-contaminated cells. Leukocytes, killer cells, sent by the immune system to destroy abnormal cells that have invaded the body. Antibodies are developed to help the body identify and deal with threats more rapidly. Exosomes, the cell’s own mechanism for expelling molecules accidently permitted to enter the cell, encapsulate the unwanted molecular materials, form a vesicle around it and kick it back out of the interior of the eukaryote cell.

Individuals with strong, healthy immune systems usually escaped the cold altogether.  Weaker individuals suffered bouts with the cold, and those with highly compromised immune systems, suffered a longer battle with possible complications. 

It is common knowledge that there is no treatment beyond rest and drinking fluids, and that the body can take care of itself.  No pills, shots or vaccines were effective, then as today.  The mortality from the common cold is insignificant, limited to those already very susceptible, elderly or others with more severe unrelated mortal maladies.

This may seem inconsistent with the reports you are receiving from the main stream media. This is the truth, while the media, owned and operated by the government, is using every resource to try to make you believe a host of lies which will distract you from the actual agenda they have underway. This agenda is explained in detail in other posts on this site, which you should read carefully to understand where the real dangers lie.

Even though we have lived successfully in the presence of countless viruses and bacteria for tens of thousands of years, ‘They’ have used these seemingly invisible tiny inevitabilities of nature as part of their system of control over humans. You will pretty much believe anything they tell you, so this works effectively for them to keep you fearful and busy doing ridiculous things to make yourself more vulnerable. Their narrative has you impairing your own viability.

Eukaryote cells (those with central nuclei) wear out and have a scheduled replacement program, whereby they make a new version of themselves and then commit suicide (called ‘apoptosis’), This is occurring on a massive scale in all living creatures in this world. Viruses are nothing more than than some of the dead RNA materials from old, now dead cells that have been expelled from living creatures over the millennia as waste matter. These molecules exist within a vesicle and continue to exist indefinitely. They cannot die. They are not alive. They accumulate.

These countless invisible dead packaged organic molecular chains are not life-threatening unless and until they are weaponized in government military/scientific facilities. Weaponization means resequencing the RNA molecules into new versions of their old sequences that are able to more easily enter into the interior of living cells of specifically human bodies be used in the process of cellular replication (mitosis) to produce defective copies.

Rockefeller’ medicine, a highly profitable fake medical system

A virus is a tiny strand of nucleotide molecules leftover from cellular replication of a living organism.  Viruses, themselves, are not living organisms, but tiny scraps of excess RNA materials that are excreted with the morbid waste of the now dead cell.

The cells of the human body are specialized by their functional roles. Cells wear out and replace themselves at varied intervals, from a few days to a few years.  There is no cell in your body older than 15 years, the oldest being the bones. Suicided cells leave morbid material that must be disposed of. 

Raw materials for both replication and energy production are available in the blood stream for the cells to utilize from metabolism of food .

The cell-wall allows entry only of that needed at the moment.  The cell creates an opening in its security barrier, the cell wall, for materials circulating in the blood stream.

Strand of RNA molecules inside a proteinaceous vesicle

Bacteria are sometimes confused with viruses

Bacteria are single-celled living microorganisms (prokaryotes) that exist in abundance within living hosts throughout the planet (e.g., soil, water, plants, animals).  By their nature, they can be either beneficial or harmful to the health of their hosts.

Viruses are acellular (no cell structure), having only a proteinaceous outer coating or membrane.  They are non-living, but contain sequenced organic molecules that are potentially useful to cells of living organisms as materials used in replication.

Columbia University Lecture Series 2020

The body of a human is comprised of about 3 trillion eukaryotes (cells having central nuclei), 30 trillion bacteria and 60 trillion viruses, existing in a normal state of symbiosis. The body is an agglomeration of cells that form a mutually beneficial configuration enhancing survival, adaptability and functionality.  A body can suffer disease due to imbalances or toxicity. The body’s ‘immune system’ intends to maintain balance and expel foreign materials (toxins). The health of the body is a function of the capability of its immune system. You can compromise your health by mismanagement of diet, life style and state-of-mind, resulting in disease.

Disease caused by imbalance of harmful versus beneficial bacteria can almost always be rectified with antibiotics. Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers of all bacteria, including essential good bacteria, your entire microbiome.  Antibiotics should only be used as a desperate last resort measure.

Healthy immune systems will prevent disease autonomously. Only in cases of gross mismanagement of diet, life style, toxicity or mental distress will the immune system become weakened beyond its capacity to perform its job.

Columbia University Lecture Series 2020

Viruses can be weaponized by resequencing the molecules to have a geometric structure to fool your cells into allowing entry through the cell walls.  These sequenced virus-weapons are developed in military labs and patented by the designers.   These include such types as HIV, Ebola, H1N1, SARS, MERS,COVID, etc.

Bacteria and viruses bear little similarity.  But, since the establishment is trying to confuse this issue by making you take measures that are antibacterial, not antiviral, you need to know the differences.

Comparison chart:

IntroductionHuman bacteria constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms, called the microbiome.. Typically, a few micrometers (mm) in length, bacteria take a number of shapes, ranging from spheres to rods and spirals.A virus is a submicroscopic string of organic molecules that is waste material from mitosis.(replication). Its shape is determined by the amount of RNA fragments as well as the outer coating.
RibosomesProtein synthesizers PresentAbsent
Cell wallPeptidoglycan / LipopolysaccharideNot a cell. Protein coating may exist..
Living attributesLiving organismNot a living organism..
StructureUnicellularNot cellular; not living
FeaturesHas cell wall and cell membrane.Snippet of linked mRNA molecules encased in protein coating. Mutates frequently.
ReproductionFission (asexual reproduction)Invades a host cell and interferes with the process of replication making a copy that is corrupted. 
TreatmentImmune system will correct imbalance. Antibiotics as last resort.Immune system produces antibodies and exosomes to kill and be removed from the host.
InfectionLocalizedViral infection can create rogue defective eukaryotes.
BenefitsBacteria are not harmful germs existing outside the body that bring disease into the body.  They exist as a permanent part of the body’s microbiome.Viruses facilitate errors in cellular replication. Can be biological weapons of mass destruction created in laboratories. They are also an important factor in maintaining the world’s ecology.
SizeUp to 1 mm.  Can be viewed using common optical microscopesSubmicroscopic (20 – 40nm). Can be viewed using scanning electron microscopes.


  • Viruses are the smallest and simplest biological precursors known.
  • Viruses and bacteria are two different things. Bacteria are living organisms that can replicate and consume organic material, like morbid body wastes.  Viruses are errors of replication consisting of fragments of organic molecular RNA.
  • Bacteria are cellular and intercellular organisms whereas viruses are subcellular chains of organic molecules. Most viruses never cause any harm, but some, especially the weaponized varieties, can trick their way into the cell’s interior and cause influenza and the common cold. Flu season is when the weaponized viruses are released into the population..  Miraculously, new vaccines are already available and ready for injection into your body as soon as the flu materializes…a seeming impossibility.
  • There are many useful bacteria. Viruses are generally at least comparably useful to us.
  • There are bread-molds that can indiscriminately kill bacteria.  Viruses, even weaponized viruses, usually kill themselves by means of random rapid mutations that rob them of their trick geometric shape for cell invasion.
  • Harmful bacteria are those such as ‘staph’ or ‘strep’ that have become immune, themselves, to bread molds due to abuses of over-presciption.  Viruses are not living, therefore cannot be killed.  They are generally not harmful, which is a good thing since your body contains 60 trillion of them. They are only able to harm people who have compromised immune systems. Meanwhile, viruses play many useful, even critical roles in maintaining the worlds ecosystem.
Structure and contents of a typical Gram positive bacterial cell

Differences in Reproduction

Bacteria are self replicating organisms. Viruses, being random accidental scraps from the replication process, are tiny incomplete segments of RNA molecules. Viruses can be integrated into the new RNA sequence of a replicating cell which causes faults in the new cellular structure.

Transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of a recreated 1918 influenza virus
1918 Spanish Flu virus recreation

Transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of a recreated 1918 influenza virus

The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 is often cited as the mother of viral epidemics.  Why did this epidemic not display the typical rapid mutation characteristics of all the subsequent ones, and just disappear on its own?  The reason is classic…a “vaccine” was developed and given to virtually everyone in the theater.  This vaccine was really just another dose of the Spanish Flu, so, as many doses as could be delivered all caused the furtherance of the epidemic. This was not influenza but tuberculosis.

The Cold

Everyone has experience with the corona virus who has ever contracted the common cold.  Based on this universal experience, we can derive some important information pertaining to the present corona problem.  The cold comes and goes periodically. This means that you do not attain any immunity by contracting a cold the first time.  Neither do those who contract HIV or Ebola.  But all ‘vaccines’ are based on this idea that once you have contracted a viral condition, you are automatically now in possession of antibodies that make you immune for the rest of your life. Obviously, this is not true. 

This is not rocket science. Any idiot can figure this out.  That is why the governments and their health experts are frantically handing out hundreds of billions of dollars to fake vaccine developers, to develop this totally new and untried type of non-vaccine that will be able to enter through your cell walls and permanently alter your DNA.  Please read carefully – There is no vaccine or pharmaceutical that can intervene to cure or give immunity in cases of viruses.  But, there is also no need for any such treatment because viruses are only nuisances that your body can cope with so long as your take measures to maintain health.

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Only weaponized viruses are dangerous, but even those have had marginal success in harming humans due to rapid mutation as explained above.

You have been conditioned your whole life to believe in the idea of vaccination, but the facts clearly show that vaccination is a fraud.  Vaccination conditioning – getting people to accept the idea that vaccine is harmless, or even good, has been their goal.  Only the ‘final injection’ is the one that matters, the lethal one.  They believe you will be eagerly standing in line for your shot. You are not going to fall down dead on the spot after receiving the final injection.  This one has a remote trigger.

What About this Second-wave that the Government is Predicting?

The is no basis for expecting any genuine ‘second-wave’ of the corona cold.  In just the same way as they invented the first wave, they are planning to invent the second wave and prematurely demand the second lock-down and insane worthless measures that won’t protect from viruses. You have always carried 60 trillion in your body. They will be harmless unless you take the imposed measures and compromise your health further.

How are all these Viruses being Transmitted?

Gollum and Fauci, two of a kind

The so-called medical experts, like Gates, Fauci and Birx, lead us to believe a story that goes like this:  someone from another country unknowingly traveled to our country carrying some virus that they got from a bat, monkey, bird, pig, human, etc. They carry it inside some of their cells.  Supposedly, they ‘have it’, but we don’t, as yet,’ have it’.  Almost instantaneously, this virus makes its way from this one carrier into the bodies of millions of other victims.  It is never clearly explained how this mass transmission occurs in such a short time into so many locations distant from the carrier.

But the alleged point is, somehow, now millions of people that did not previously have this virus inside their bodies, now do. Yet, our body is comprised of 60 trillion viruses at all times, but prior to this one, we did not have this mysterious sickness. As said above, most viruses cause no harm that is not rectified by the immune system.  While your immune system is dealing with the virus, you may have symptoms of the cold or flu. In this case, asymptomatic persons should stay home, sleep and drink lots of fluids. Simple presence of virus is just a fact of life.  Everyone has presence of virus.

The method of transmission is in the government-imposed measures to allegedly counteract the transmission…Lockdowns!  The truth is, literally everyone has every form of corona virus present in their bodies 100% of the time, by the trillions.  Therefore, worthless so-called ‘tests’ for corona virus presence are meaningless.  The test for the ‘presence’ will always be positive.

We know about viruses but not really
Columbia Lecture Series 2020

Then, why are some people sick while others are not?  Because some people are constitutionally healthy while most are not.  This is due to corrupted diets, life-styles, lack of exercise, lack of sun exposure and living in constant fear.  Fear is what establishes a state of immune system shut-down by the body’s sympathetic nervous system…called “the fight or flight mode”. When you fear for your life, your system shuts down all non-essential functions to support whatever desperate measures you are going to immediately take to survive the threat.  This is supposed to be a very short-term situation, but when you feel threatened all the time, you deny yourself the ability to fight off disease all the time.

When you get your information about what to do for the latest health threat from the allopath, TV or YouTube, you are going into self-imposed lockdown, you will wear a filthy face mask, you will sit in your house and watch hysterical TV programming intended to keep you in fear, therefore with your immune system shut down, you will not shop for fresh food, you will snack on non-foods, you will not go for walks in the sun or to the gym and, in many cases, you will not have a place to go to work due to the shutdown.

It is all about self-responsibility, learning how to take care of your health and having the confidence to do what you already know will keep you healthy.  The health threats have always been there.  They are nothing new.  What is causing your current problem is abiding all the new measured threats from the governments.  Corona is the smoke-screen to keep your attention on the wrong things, while the ‘reset’ trap is being sprung.

The work-camps and re-education centers are already open.
‘Cracker-Jack’ box medical equipment

PCR and Antibody testers are children’s toys yielding nonsense results that exaggerate to create unfounded fears.  To pour gasoline on their own fire.

The pandemic is fake but the slavery is real.