Corona=Reset=UN Agenda 30

Let’s Take this crisis right to the Bottom Line, shall we?

Corona Virus is the “Trojan Horse”

Do you get the feeling that we are pawns in someone-else’s chess game?  Is there still anyone out there that is missing the point of this current bullshit game that we find ourselves trapped in?  If there is, then it is wake up time.  This is not game-playing, like all the past rehearsals.  It has gone way beyond that, and there is no going back. Look objectively at the events of the recent few months.

We now, suddenly, have the very mysterious corona pandemic that could not be any more fake.  Followed by totally irrational measures imposed by the governments world-wide, in perfect sync, to supposedly fix this pandemic which comes and goes whenever the TV says so.  Followed by a totally fake ‘white cop on black hero’ murder, all filmed from every angle and playing on every channel.  This leading to fake race riots all over the world with fake BLM rioters, only 19% are black, who are paid by Soros and bussed to the riot sites, pre-prepared with bricks, arson materials, banners and t-shirts. 

Now, shoulder-to-shoulder rioters, by the thousands, are said to be freed from the ‘distancing’ orders because justice is more important than corona virus.  Now, the ‘second-wave’ of corona is here and the lockdowns are being re-imposed with enthusiasm and greater over-steps destroying rights and personal freedoms even further.  The mass vaccinations are being readied.  Now, the local police are being defunded and disbanded.  Now, the police are being replaced by UN military forces to take over control of the cities.  The UN troops have been on-the-ground in the US for several years, fully armed and equipped, awaiting this moment.

Meanwhile, jobs are disappearing by the millions, as attested to the almost 50 million new jobless benefits claimed in the US alone. Since the jobless benefits pay more than the jobs, no one is looking to go back to work, just as planned. Businesses are failing by the thousands and most are well beyond  recovery.  Food supplies have been destroyed and not replaced.

I could go on, but I am sure you see my point.  This game is going only one place…to total defeat for us 99%ers.  Some will be going for re-education, but that may be 1 out of 10.  The rest are going to the FEMA camps with the guillotines and mass coffins.  Once the UN troops have finished confiscation of all weapons, self-defense is going to be moot.

What makes you so sure about all this, you may ask? 

Well, just look at the facts objectively.  If, and I say If emphatically, there is even such a thing as a corona virus threat, then it is equally threatening across the board, to all people in the world, everywhere, at all times.  The quantities of virus existing in this world is so massive that, although every body contains about 60 trillion viruses, that is not even a drop in the bucket compared to how many are at large in the greater world, land, oceans and sky. 

Virus do not hang around in groups, socializing or some such thing.  They are not even alive until, if and when, they have breached the wall of a eukaryote cell in some living plant or animal.  Even then, they are not alive in the form of an individual living organism.  They are just random scraps of RNA unless they have been ‘weaponized’. Those, that by random natural chance are naturally absorbed into a cell, will be destroyed and disposed of by any body with a healthy immune system.

The weaponized viruses, coming out of the US laboratories at Ft. Detrick or the University of MD, are ones that have specific names (like COVID-19) under which they have been patented by their designers.  The RNA molecules of these weaponized viruses have been re-sequenced to give them an edge on getting inside the eukaryote cells of, specifically, the human animal to create an un-natural environmental problem.

In the natural world, virus density seeks uniformity and your body’s virus response is also routine and uniform. That does not say that temporary gradients cannot be created where concentrations can be very high for a brief time. Concentration can artificially cause temporary problems due to the creation of imbalances. This applies to both viruses and bacteria. Out-of-balance concentrations are the problem causers in all disease. Nature tends to seek uniformity and balance. Killers tend to seek concentrations and imbalance.

How could a fake pandemic be created by killers who wish to establish pandemonium in the populations? First, the killers can order up the production of weaponized virus in large quantity. Then some victims can be subjected to high concentrations of this weaponized virus. This could be delivered to people in high-density populations like Wuhan, China, where people are already diseased from pollution. Delivery could be by food, water or air (atmospheric spraying). Even by pills, shots or other direct means.

If you already own all the media outlets, then you can direct hysterical attention to the local situation. This situation is going to be very temporary, as the concentration quickly returns to uniformity. You can put it in all the media outlets in the world and get people’s minds into a state of fear and dread. Next, you can do the same things in some other high-density population centers in other countries in the world, giving anxious media viewers the impression that this is going to spread rapidly to where ever they live.

If you already own and control the alleged medical experts and institutions that are responsible for public health, you can mobilize highly visible responses, like interviews of those with supposed expert opinions, you can claim the hospitals are filling up with infected victims, you can broadcast fake statistics. You can orchestrate a response by governments that are enforceable by authorities, no matter how ridiculous and absurd. You can make the death certificates of every person dying from normal attrition into a statistic supporting the fake claims. Most potential victims go crazy when they are told someone has died. They forget that it is normal attrition in a world populated by 7.4 billion people for annual deaths to total 96,000,000.

Virus and bacteria are not something new.  Viruses are referenced in relics dating back to 1700 BCE.  They have been known much further back in history, but the archeological evidence is lost or hidden. Uncountable numbers of viruses, of all types including newly mutated ones, are everywhere.  They are inside you, your house, car, outside your house in every square inch of space, in every public or private place, in hospitals or out, in water out of water, in air out of air, mask or no mask.  There is absolutely no difference in viral exposure for all people in the world, including China or the US. You can hide in lock down, wear a mask, distance yourself, not drive your car, go one-at-a-time into the store. Your exposure to the viruses is exactly equal to all others, no matter what they are doing or where they are at.

This leads us to immutable premise number one:  Everyone faces the exact same threat, across the board.  Everybody contains every possible virus at all times. Those with health will not suffer any disease, as the body is fully capable of taking care of viruses. Those without health will suffer. They have engineered you to bad health to make sure you will suffer. But, no one will die from the virus. It will always and only be from some other health problem or old age.

Who are the ‘THEY’?

Cowering in victimhood, people see threats to their life and wellbeing all over, especially on TV and YouTube.  They believe that these threats are ‘out to get them’ and they are helpless to do anything about it. On TV, they see drawings of virus that look like ferocious little bugs with intelligent design and malicious intent. This TV crap is for one purpose…to try to scare the shit out of you so you will obey them unquestioningly.

 No one could escape seeing that there is an ever-escalating divide in society between the masses and the elites. The ‘have nots’ and the ‘haves’. This divide is widening at warp speed.  Isn’t that how revolutions start? “Inequality will not be abided”.  But here and now, revolution is their objective.  As soon as they can get a serious revolution going, they can turn over control to the UN forces already there and waiting, under the Obama treaty implemented during his reign. The US will go done first, but the same fate is impending for all of the empire of the West.

Those who still believe we live in a democracy, or a free republic are grasping at a dream that never existed.  We were created as slaves by the elder gods, the Anunnaki (the basis for all of todays religions).  When they decided it was time to depart the earth, they created the homo capensis, the blue-bloods, the royals, the priests (the powers-that-be, the illuminati, etc.) to step into their places as the new kings of the world…to rule over the homo sapiens in perpetuity. They were commanded to maintain the purity of their blood-lines by exclusive interbreeding only within these blood-line families. Do you know any history?  Not much more than one life-span ago, the royals were sitting on their thrones arranging for their daughter’s wedding to prince so-and-so.  I suppose you think that the serfs rose up and seized all the wealth and power, writing constitutions and bills of rights and redistributing all the wealth and opportunity equally among men who were all born as equals, free to carve out their share of the world’s treasures and the “American Dream”.

The elder gods were colonizing the planet to exploit its resources, especially gold.  Can you imagine powerful forces that just show up and claim resources as though it was their right? Have you read any American or European history? Although they brought their own laborers, it became necessary to replace them with new ones, that they genetically created from the endemic homo erectus, to serve the task.  When the blue-bloods took over, their mission was to continue exploiting the planet using the humans as the source of labor.  Over the millennia, they developed a more sophisticated control matrix that occulted the old king and serf model…feudalism seemed to have disappeared.

In the very recent times, meaning just 100 years ago, or so, the idea of feudalism was seemingly overthrown by a slaves rebellion, from which humans attained freedoms and rights never before possessed. This was the intended illusion. However, these kinds of illusions are fragile and hard to maintain.

Some humans start to see the flaws in the narrative after a time. Humans have never seen freedom during the entire period of their existence, spanning 135 thousand years. The lusty elder gods, needing more resources, interbred with human females and produced hybrid humans who were given privileges over lesser humans. They were educated and given positions of authority to expand the reach of the power structure.  Humans continued to work as slaves and warriors, killing each other and dying to keep or expand the property and wealth of their kings.

The royals are still here, although their numbers have not increased commensurate to the bloated human population.  For that reason, they have taken to secret societies and lives well hidden from public view.  Those faces seen by the masses are just minions and greedy traitors who follow their orders, thinking they will fare better than the rest in the end.  I, for one, am skeptical about this.

It is absolutely no different today.  They have just perfected the matrix of control to extend their power ratio over humans, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of their exploitation and amassing of the planet’s wealth.

I suppose you have never seen photos of the gold vaults of the pope, the queen or the Rothschilds?  I suppose you think there is gold at Ft. Knox too? I suppose you think you are ‘one-up’ on them by hedging your wealth in the form of precious metals or bit-coin?  Like it could never happen that the day is coming when you will go to their internet, attempt to open your bitcoin account, and find only “address unknown”.  I assume you believe they would never confiscate gold and silver?  It never happened before…did it?

There are a lot of “THEYS” out there, if you think about it. Unfortunately, most humans seldom ‘think about it’.  So long as they believe they can ‘own’ nice things and watch their TVs, what does it matter…right?  We didn’t have anything more pressing on our agenda anyway…right?  We worked all week, gave them the bag of gold we mined and received our piece of paper…right? It doesn’t get much better than this…right?  My kid joined the army and now he is well paid to kill those filthy non-believers in some place we could not find on a map.

Immutable Premise Number Two:  There is, and always has been, a lot ‘us’ referring to the ‘theys’.  ‘You’ have always been the serfs and ‘they’ have always been the royalty.  This is true no matter how much you want to think “it couldn’t be”.  If you are even able to conjure up one objective thought, and think about it, you already know this is true. You may think referring to the ‘they’ somehow means someone you voted into office…that would be incorrect.  The royals do not need your vote anymore than they need you.

So, you can rid your mind of politics altogether.  The politics have always been the false dialectic, to keep people pre-occupied with petty irrelevant issues that play no part in reality. The various presidents are, and always have been, psychopathic, wealthy, ambitious criminals who believe they are entitled to play the lead role in the political theater.  This goes all the way from top to bottom.  All fighting for their place at the hog trough. 

Government, the entrenched and the passers-through, are concerned with one, and only one thing…and it’s not you. You are just another number on the corporations’ books that can be deleted at any time it is convenient. The extent of their concern is that you are well under their control and contributing to their plan for strip-mining the planet of its natural resources.  The moment you are inconvenient, you can be gone.  This is usually done through operations such as the current one, where every 200 years, a RESET is fully ready to take out the hegemon of the past 200 years and install the hegemon for the coming 200 years.  In the present case, the outgoing hegemon is the US and the new incoming is China.  Don’t you remember “outsourcing” everything of any commercial/industrial value during the recent 40 – 50 years, sent to China?

This is how empires get changed on a 200 year cycle.  By the end of the 200 years, there is nothing to salvage.  The people don’t even remember what it was to be productive.  They are now accurately described as “useless eaters”, a term you may think is a joke.  The queen could not be more serious when she orders their demise.

The RESET of 1812 can be studied in detail using readily available photographs, maps and documents.

MINNESOTA issues written notice of plan to (kidnap) kids based upon ‘public health’ (COVID-19)

This mirrors the occurrences of the 1812 RESET and lends insight into the subject of RESETS.  From the 1812 reset, we remember the children, the Orphan Trains, which took the children to their new homes in new places to re-establish new cultures and populations. The children’s minds are clean and moldable.  Not so much for the adults, who are already beyond value.

When I saw this announcement notice about Minnesota’s plan to take children away from families based on corona, it reminded me of the 1812 RESET, which culminated with the ‘Orphan Trains’ that delivered children to destinations prepared in advance in faraway places.  They arrived and occupied fully functional new cities readied for them to start the new civilizations of the new empire, this time, of the West, under the hegemony of the US.  These children had been separated from their parents, presumed to have died from a catastrophe (floods, comet strikes, wars, pandemics, etc.).

You are making a whole lot of assumptions when you cling to the belief that your ‘government’ belongs to you and is interested in your best interests.  “THEY” are only interested in their own best interests, which no longer includes the US and its empire.  You may think that “THEY” need the US military power, so they have to keep us around.  You would be totally wrong if that is what you are clinging to.  The new hegemon, China, is now the only military “THEY” need.  While you have been doing what “LALA-Landers” do, everything has changed.  All your credit cards are ‘maxed’ out and you have no means to make the payments anymore.

Contact tracing whistleblower warns of door-to-door forced vaccinations and FEMA kidnapping campaigns

Making the disposition list.  The list of children for deportation. Dispense lethal vaccines on the spot.  Record resisters.

In a Natural News exclusive, a California-based whistleblower is stepping forward and sounding the alarm on door-to-door “contact tracing” campaigns which are under way right now, justified by the coronavirus pandemic government response. These campaigns will be escalated to forced vaccinations and FEMA kidnappings of “dissenters” who refuse vaccines, we’ve learned.

California government hiring people to go door-to-door, building “red flag” lists of dissenters

Right now, California is hiring people to go door-to-door, creating “red flag” lists of vaccine dissenters, flagging them for forced vaccination, medically kidnapping or execution by California government authorities in the near future.

Yesterday we interviewed former FEMA administrator, Celeste Solum, who confirmed that FEMA is gearing up to medically kidnap and forcefully place American citizens into FEMA camps where so-called “anti-vaxxers” will be exterminated (that’s not a metaphor, they will be murdered by the state). We’ve also confirmed from another source that FEMA’s leadership has been completely overrun with UN operators who are planning on exploiting FEMA authority to flag and exterminate pro-America, pro-Trump dissidents who tend to be vaccine skeptics as well. We have also received documentation of the exact inventory of FEMA’s killing machines which have been distributed to FEMA centers across the nation and will be used to murder large numbers of dissenters who are flagged by FEMA. These include quad guillotines.

Make no mistake: FEMA will be the vehicle of genocide in America as the civil war ramps up and the royal enforcers attempt to round up their selected victims and exterminate them in death camps. They will use vaccine compliance as one of the vehicles through which dissenters can be easily identified and later removed by force.

In other words, being flagged as a “vaccine resister” is now the equivalent of being placed on a government death list, and door-to-door contact tracing campaigns are the mechanism by which Big Government is building these lists in preparation for their “purge.”

Does anyone think the current status is going to return to “normal”?  It’s not.

 Does anyone think the current status is in any was sustainable?  It’s not.

It should be apparent and obvious to any thinking person that this is going-down in short order and it is the UN Agenda 30 population purge, part of the current RESET.

Child Mortality

Vaccination Rates fell During Lockdowns, Deaths Followed Suit

Vaccines are praised, mostly by the vaccine serum manufacturers, as the gold-standard for saving millions of lives worldwide. That’s the promise that we are led to believe as parents ritualistically submit their infant sons and daughters to a cornucopia of state-sanctioned injections.’ Well-baby’ visits are designed to introduce up to 26 liability-free vaccinations in the baby’s first year of life, during six or more visits to a pediatrician. Why is it so critical that the government has a law shielding vaccine serum makers from any responsibility or liability from their products?

During the covid-19 lockdowns, ‘well-baby’ visits were cancelled and vaccination rates plummeted as a result. More parents stayed home, nursed their babies, watched them closely, and kept them away from pediatricians.

When the national emergency order was declared, provider orders for routine pediatric vaccines dropped significantly. The Vaccines for Children Program and the Vaccine Safety Data link reported a drop-off in vaccination rates starting in the third week of March, 2020, as hundreds of thousands of parents stayed home and skipped ‘well-baby’ visits. The downward trend was observed from March 23rd to the end of April for all non-influenza vaccines, especially measles-containing vaccines.

Clear correlation between rate of infant vaccination and infant mortality

So why did infant mortality rates drop to historic lows as vaccination rates fell?

If vaccines are so important for an infant to survive, then why didn’t the infant death rate dramatically increase as the vaccination rate fell? The data shows that the opposite effect occurred; infant deaths actually plummeted to historic lows! In the U.S., to roughly 700 babies per week. This trend of infant death and sacrifice remained steady from 2014 to 2019. In 2020, this all changed. From early March to mid-April, infant deaths fell by 30 percent on average each week! Throughout April and into mid-May, the infant mortality rate had declined to 500 on average per week.

Child Mortality during the 2020 Lockdowns improved due to less vaccination

Deaths among children under 18 are relatively rare when compared to deaths from other age groups. For the average death rate to change by 30 percent in the youngest age group (infants) – that is unprecedented!

The main causes of death for infants is congenital malformation (birth defects), representing 32 percent of all infant deaths. On average, accidents account for 31 percent of infant deaths. Circulatory complications (9 percent) and homicide (7 percent) are also contributing causes. The biggest grey area for infant death is “sudden infant death syndrome” which accounts for roughly 32 percent of infant deaths. This is when an otherwise healthy infant suddenly dies in sleep, through suffocation, poisoning, or from an undiagnosed condition or adverse reaction.

Infant mortality rates fall when less vaccine doses are administered

The study finds correlation between the number of vaccine doses given and the death rate. The study asks: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? After all, the cumulative safety of the entire U.S. vaccine schedule has never been studied.  Aren’t we onto something important here? The logical extrapolation of this evidence is that there are more infant lives to save here, just by eliminating all infant vaccines.  And the next question that logically follows is…how about eliminating all vaccines for all people and observe where this takes us.  My money is on the total elimination of all vaccines to yield the optimum number of lives saved…the lowest mortality rate..

Infant mortality rate is defined as the number of infant deaths per 1000 live births. The infant mortality rate for the US is an abysmal 6.22. Singapore, Sweden, and Japan have an infant mortality rate that is less than half that of the US (2.80). There were major differences in infant mortality for nations that gave 12-14 doses in the first year of a baby’s life compared to those that gave 21-23 and 24-26 doses. As of 2009, the five nations with the lowest infant mortality rate only require 12 vaccine doses in the infant’s first year, compared to 24-26 doses required by the US. The US pathetically has the highest infant mortality rate out of the 33 developed nations in the study.

The covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 provided more insight into how a nation can lower the infant mortality rate. As a nation that alleges to care for the lives of its citizens, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) must rethink the purpose of ‘well-baby’ visits and the necessity of pumping infants full of numerous vaccinations. If the US can save 200 or more babies on average each week by simply foregoing ‘well-baby’ visits and vaccinations, then how many more babies can be saved if pediatric care was reformed entirely, and vaccine doses were eliminated? How many babies can be saved if pediatric care adopted a more comprehensive and integrative approach to infant health and neurodevelopment? Finally, what if vaccine manufacturers were held liable in a court of law?

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