Medicine is a Control Construct

Allopathic Medicine is fake….But don’t worry, there is no need for it either.

Medicine is a term that has been introduced into the vernacular only recently, since the rise of Rockefeller allopathic medicine about 100 years ago. “Well, didn’t the Indians and older cultures have Medicine Men?”. They had shamans and plant healers, but they were not called by the term ‘medicine’ something. The Rockefellers would like you to think the term is one that has been around forever, not something they just made up and incorporated in this most recent version of revised history. The word is obviously coined from the older term ‘medical’.

It is a term to describe “something” that you are supposed to introduce into your body by eating, drinking, inhaling, absorbing or direct inoculation. The “something” is ascribed to have some property to alleviate disease. This pre-supposes that you will contract ‘diseases’ somehow. It is said that diseases are contracted by exposure to ‘germs’ that exist in the external environment surrounding your body and each one of the multitude of different ‘germs’ is going to infect your body with one of countless different diseases. This is bull-crap. The term ‘germ’ is also a recent addition to the vernacular, used in the fake allopathic paradigm. Most of your body’s cells are germs in this context. They are not only beneficial but totally essential.

You buy into this bull-crap because you do contract diseases. Just not in the manner ascribed. You contract diseases due to the environment created inside your body that is a direct function of what you eat, drink, breath, absorb or is injected into your body. You can also become diseased because of worry or stress that compromises your immune system from functioning normally.

Let’s get this out right up front.  There is no such thing as ‘medicine’ in the context as it is described, as something beneficial or viable, quickly curing diseases.  There is only eating, drinking, breathing, absorption or injection….all means to introduce substances into of your body. The issue at hand is: just what are the various substances you are introducing into your body? You have a mouth, which introduces substances, foods and liquids, into your Gastro-intestinal tract. This tract continues right down to your anus, through which wastes and non-foods are ejected from your body.

You have a respiratory system which allows your nose and mouth to exchange air into and out of your respiratory system to provide oxygen needed to support cell metabolism and eject carbon dioxide, the waste by-product, by the inhalation and exhalation faculty inherent to this system.

You have an epidermis which is porous, allowing absorption of sunlight, certain liquids and oils into your body and perspiration of toxins and water to cool your body under certain conditions.

Let’s take a look at these essential functions that provide nutrition, hydration, oxygen, cooling and detoxification:

  1. Eating:  Introducing food into the body via the mouth.  You can put anything, from the most potent, fresh and nutritious natural plants to the most toxic disgusting poisons into your mouth….your choice.  Putting nutritious pure fresh natural foods will nourish your body, as it extracts the nutrients and matches them up with enzymes to deliver what the body requires for normal health, free of toxins or poisons.  Your body will automatically maintain homeostasis and you will be free of all disease.  To whatever extent you put unnatural processed toxin-laden, acid producing junk into your mouth, including pharmaceutical or recreational drugs, your body will be less able or unable to extract viable nutrition, your liver will be toxified and you will become diseased. Allopathic pharmaceutical drugs are nothing but artificial toxic chemicals. This the most common description of medicine? Yes, these ‘medicines’ can make you high, dilate or constrict your blood vessels and kill indiscriminately your entire biodrome of bacterial flora.
  2. Drinking:  Introducing liquids into the body via the mouth.  You can put anything from pure, clean, fresh water or juices extracted from plants to the most disgusting sugar-laden soft drinks, fluorides, chlorides or artificial colored trash….your choice.  Putting pure clean water or plant juices will hydrate your body and provide viable nutrition.  You will enjoy homeostasis and be free of disease.  Putting artificial processed trash like Coca-cola into your mouth will toxify your body and you will be acidified, oxidized and diseased.
  3. Breathing:  Inhaling pure toxin-free air into your lungs will enable your body to exchange CO2 for O2 which will be transported via your cardiovascular system to all of your cells to enable each of your trillions of cells to produce energy by means of the ATP cycle and your body will be strong, energetic and disease-free.  Breathing air sprayed with heavy metals, chemicals, radioactive isotopes, self-replicating nanofibers, industrial toxins and cigarette smoke will disable your flow of O2 to some degree proportional to the amount of toxins and you will be weak, lacking oxygen and probably full of cancer.
  4. Absorption:  Absorbing sunlight, pure essential oils and negative ions from the earth will vitalize and anti-oxidize your body and assist in maintaining homeostasis and you will be free of all disease.  Absorbing chemicals like sun-blockers or cosmetics will poison your body and will make you diseased or dead.

Now we get to the vaccine story. You will note that all of the above natural ways to provided your body with various ingredients needed for metabolism also provide a way out for the waste components. They all have safety mechanisms to protect your body from the detrimental effects of toxins and poisons. If you eat or drink poison, you will vomit or have a rapid and forceful ejection from your anus. Your respiratory system is protected by cilia and sticky sinus discharge or coughing. Your pores are a two-way passage, allowing the ejection of toxins or poisons.

You were never meant to receive anything by direct injection…NEVER, EVER. Your body has no defense from direct injection, therefore poisons and toxins can be introduced with no means of protection or ejection. You are just relying on the idea that the vaccinators and serum makers are all good guys who are working on your behalf to save you from diseases, the same ones which they are also working hard to create and infect you with (yes, the same ‘good’ guys). This is a means to stick these toxins and poisons into you with no way out. If they were not infecting you with diseases first, there is no way you would be allowing them to stick these needles into your butt or shoulder. It is a multi-faceted attack on you, your body and your very existence, along with that of the children you have borne and are responsible for. These children have no opportunity to become educated to refuse these shots. They are relying on you to become educated and protect them.

OK….this is it, the full story.  There are no such things as medicines.  There are herbs, which are particularly potent sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  These are foods.  Pills, drugs, opiates, and antibiotics are all poisons.  You can put them into your body via your mouth but they are still nothing but toxic poisons.  They will maintain your state of disease and eventually bring premature death while alleviating symptoms, which are not the disease.

Healthcare is no more complex than this.  Anyone and everyone can take care of their own health.  There is a deliberate and direct attack on your health carried out by the Matrix, your government, your royal masters. You must educate yourself and thwart these attacks. You must stay clear of alloquack drugs and poisons in the grocery or drug store, which are just another part of this general attack.  You can find everything you need to know and do in the blogs on this website.  If you do this and teach your children, you will never have appendicitis, cancer, autoimmune or cardiovascular disease.

Many will say…”this is simple.  I already know all of this”.  Good, if you do know this, but the evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary.  If you do know it, you are not practicing it. This is proven by your own government’s published health statistics. I have studied them. If you do not believe me, you can easily look them up and read for yourself. Countries with the most allopathic ‘medicine’ also have the sickest populations.