Trump Visits Queen

Have they told You Why?

You may be wondering why I am devoting so much time and energy to presenting information on this topic.  Please refer to the two recent blogs on this site entitled “Who Really Owns the World?”. The reason is simply that a deadly crossfire is being mounted to achieve a massive depopulation of humans and most are totally oblivious, thus unprepared.  The evidence is clearly visible as to the methods being employed.  The question as to exactly who is really behind this in less clear.  It is always attributed to nebulous entities like “Illuminati”, “globalists”, “The Deep State” or the Russians.  The first step in responding to this threat would seem to involve clarifying the actual identities of the perpetrators.  In attempting to accomplish this, I have followed a path that has led to places that may come as a surprise, although in retrospect, now seem obvious.  It was always apparent that the District of Columbia is a rotten cesspool with its dirty fingers in every traitorous aspect of conspiracy.  But D.C. is just the tail trying to wag the dog.

In the first two parts of this story, I  presented a great deal of evidence proving that the scoundrels who secretly rule and exploit mankind are  to be found in the three city/states known as the Vatican, the District of Columbia and the City of London (the Crown).  They are each a part of a huge multi-tentacled parasitic monster that was left to complete, or carry-on with the total exploitation of planet Earth that was the original objective of the ‘creator-gods’ who came to the planet 450,000 years ago to mine earth’s gold and ship it to their home planet.  Yes, the same ones who created us.

The creator gods brought their own labor force with them, but 135,000 years ago, the laborers (the Igiggi) rebelled against the non-stop drudgery and the solution was to genetically upgrade the homo erectus creature using DNA of the gods, themselves, to produce the homo sapiens as a worker species to take over in the mines and free the Igiggi workers.  The creator gods departed the planet Earth around 1,000 BCE to return to their home planet.  Up to this point, they provided all of the leadership, knowledge, technology and skills to allow civilization to thrive on earth.  Realizing that the homo sapiens were far too primitive to successfully take over the legacy being left to them, they created a more advanced specie called the homo capensis to fill the positions of kingships and preservers of knowledge.  These have become known as blue-bloods, royals, monarchs, popes, cardinals and down the years to pharaohs, tsars, kahunas, presidents, prime ministers, etc.

The “Western World”, of which we are a part, is a “Crown” colony, presently represented by Queen Elizabeth II, of the Capensis blood-line Saxo-Coberg Gotha.  This appointment was made by old Roman Empire Venetian power brokers under guidance from the Vatican. This illustrates the visible power structure of the current “reset” period. There is, and has always been, an invisible component of the power structure that is even more permanent than any part of the visible structure. We do not know the names or faces that only change due to deaths and predetermined succession. The program itself is never changed.

This reset period began in 1812 and is the era of exploitation of the “Western World” which is now in the process of completion and being closed-out.  This will be finalized by the immanent new ‘reset’ that will shut down and depopulate the “West” and launch the new era of exploitation of the “East”.  The surviving ‘Western’ population will consist of only 10 – 15 % of the current population, individuals chosen for specific skills to provide standby levels of maintenance of the landmasses and surviving infrastucture.  Productivity has almost totally been shut-down in the “West” as the staging for the new era of the “East” is completed.  After this reset, the era of exploitation of China and India will occupy the coming new reset period of the next 200 years.

You may be tempted to argue that, although the ‘West’ is no longer productive, we have a big military presence that is essential to world order.  Surely they would have to keep us around to continue to be the world police force.  This argument holds no water when the “Western World” is drastically depopulated and the survivors live in FEMA camps under UN control.  All the fake saber rattling and ‘ism-driven’ conflicts will be ‘disappeared’.  China will be able to police its own population.  This sets the stage for what is going on in the present time.  Until the ‘plug is pulled’, the facade must go on.  Most will never even see it coming.

Trump Visits Queen

Trump just got back from his recent state visit with the Queen.  No meaningful public disclosure was made as to the purpose of the visit and what, if any, outcome should be anticipated.   With rampant speculation ongoing about what “really” happened in England recently between the Queen and the Donald —the evidence suggests that the Queen is removing her government from the middleman position, and letting The Donald have direct interface with the Municipal Government system run by the Vatican. The Queen is no longer the middle man. 

Does this look like a happy couple?

It is apparent that no love is lost in the relationship between the US president and the Crown. After trading a number of juvenile public barbs and insults, the Mayor of The City of London described The Donald as a fat 6′-2″ tall person with the mentality of a 6-year-old child.

The Queen’s role as a Vassal of the Holy See is being revised, releasing her as an element of the soon-to-be greatly diminished “Western World” structure that is in-process.  What the new role of the Queen will be is up for speculation.  Historically, the Crown has a very long-standing relationship with China, over which the Crown has very successfully managed the exploitation of the ‘East’ in a previous olden era.  None-the-less, it is viable speculation to assume that the Queen’s job description has been re-written and she is quite busy implementing the changes, therefore no longer has time for The Donald and the likes. 

LONDON, ENGLAND – The Donald getting it on with the queen.

This also makes sense because The Donald actually works for the Municipal Government in his capacity as the POTUS—- but he was having to go through the Queen and bow and scrape because she has been holding  our Delegated Powers and exercising them “for” us.  Now The Donald must go directly, without protocol, to the Vatican.

The Lord Mayor of London and the Government of Westminster, the Queen and the Pope were supposed to be riding herd on “ways and means” of the US government — not letting them devolve into the biggest racketeering scheme in world history.

There was supposed to be a Global Defense Fund or Exchange Stabilization Fund or whatever other name(s) they want to assign to the same pile of ill-gotten assets that the rats assembled and used to utterly rig and control the world currency markets — about $65 trillion in assets used to manipulate, control, and enforce their schemes and interfere with the governments and economies of other countries under their stewardship.

Then there is the “Secret Constitution” — but there are no secrets, just things nobody has been told or bothered to learn. There are long-standing misunderstandings about our Federal Constitutions– some of them deliberate that need to be guarded against. But probably it is a little late in the game for that.

The Donald made a bad impression on the Crown royals.

“The United States” is the proper name of our national union of republican states controlling the soil jurisdiction of the country.  It was adopted on September 9, 1776.  At the same time, a federation of States was formed and named “The United States of America” controlling the international jurisdiction (both land and sea) belonging to The United States.  Five years later, in March of 1781 — still during the active American Revolution— a confederation of States of States was formed doing business as the “States of America”. Nation gives rise to Federation and Federation gives rise to Confederation.

Commercial corporations acting as Confederate States, at all levels, can be chartered by any government. The original Federal States of States (Confederate States) were all disabled and moth-balled in the wake of the Civil War, so henceforth there have been foreign-chartered interlopers manipulating the show to their own advantage, thus to the disadvantage of the US citizens.

So now it comes as no big surprise that there are three Federal Constitutions, take your pick —

  1. The Constitution for the united States of America  — governing the structure and operations of the States of America –the original Confederation– describes the duties and limitations of this government under contract to provide certain enumerated governmental services. 
  2. The 1787 Constitution, set up to define exactly what powers the States are allowing the States of States to exercise “for” them and under what limits. It addresses business organizations under contract to our States to provide stipulated government services, but there have been no American organizations in this position since 1868:  the Federal States of States haven’t been “reconstructed”. Instead, the Brits and the French-Benelux-Swiss-Holy Roman Empire goons have been in here “helping us out” of house and home and substituting their own Territorial and Municipal State-of-State organizations to do the work of our own Federal States of States.
  3. The Constitution of the United States of America — reiterates the structure and duties of “the” United States of America — the British doppelganger operating “in our name” to exercise our powers delegated to it.  This addressed British business organizations under contract to the States to provide agreed upon services. The Constitution of the United States – again reiterates the same basic plan for the Municipal Government which is operating “in our name” to exercise our delegated powers for us.  This addresses the rights and duties of the Municipal corporations which, like the States of America, are all business organizations, in the business of providing stipulated government services.

The Constitutions set up the three branches of the Federal Government — Federal, Territorial, and Municipal — to provide “essential government services”.

The Constitutions are glorified government service contracts backed via international treaties.  They spell out which subcontractor gets to manage which piece of the pie. 

By “conferring” municipal citizenship on us and “gifting” us with multiple Municipal PERSONS without our knowledge or consent, the rats have attempted to subject us under commercial code attempting to make us liable for their odious hypothecated debts, and have deliberately sought to create unconscionable contracts and do all sorts of other shenanigans.

This entire scheme has been a conspiracy to undermine, circumvent, vacate and otherwise avoid the lawful restraints and obligations of our Constitutions— and to deny the American People the guarantees and protections the people believe they possess. 

The British did not “lose” the War of Independence and the Germans did not “lose” WWII.  The ostensible “losers” simply went covert.  The WW2 was always a sham anyway. Between Freemasons and other secret societies the British ended up controlling the US economy and US politics, and between CIA Operation Paperclip, NASA and Argentina and Antarctica the Nazis lived happily with their tentacles in everything. Most of what we are taught, be it history, medicine, science, is a lie. The people are indoctrinated to seek their knowledge of everything important from the TV or You Tube.  Those who have never spent even one minute in true pursuit of real facts consider themselves experts based on what they learned from Tavistock propaganda designed to lead them by the nose to their own early graves.

British calumny and treacherous deceits have destroyed the world within its grasp, billions of lives, and now they wash their hands clean. Even the final lie, rubbing our noses in our own ignorance, we have Herr Mueller, special investigator, defender against 911 truth, leading the circus down the path of Russian collusion in the 2016 election of the The Donald.  Oh, now we are in 2019 and finally we see it was only the usual British collusion after all.  Still obscured is the 100+ years of using the sons of the colonies as a cheap mercenary army to fight and die to achieve the ends of the Crown and the Holy See.  Wait, we thought that was the Zionists who were doing that.  The Zionists are only the capos and Bibi is the Queen’s lapdog, trying to curry more of the Queen’s favor to satisfy his own greed, ego and nefarious goals.

America may be waking up to the fact that they have no more productive industrial sector. After all, since shortly after WW2, we have been running an enormous trade deficit with the rest of the world for over 75 years…this to the tune of $60 – $80 billions per month.  They told us this does not matter. 

They have been ‘off-shoring’ the viable remnants of manufacturing technology to China for more than 50 years.  They tell us this is to take advantage of ‘cheap labor’. Exactly ‘who’ is the one taking advantage of this cheap labor and deriving the benefits therefrom?

 We have been content to know that we are no longer an industrialized economy but rather are now a ‘service-sector’ economy, as if this is a natural progression and nothing to worry about.  Services are, by definition, “overhead”.  Anyone who knows even the first thing about business knows this.  Overhead is, by definition, a cost of doing-business, which must be covered from the “profits of the business”.  If you are no longer manufacturing and selling goods to trading partners, you are no longer generating profits.  Your only recourse is to revert to credit and borrowing.  Credit and borrowing are not inherently bad, but that is on the premise that you are generating profits from which you cover your own overhead and also repay the borrowed funds with interest.  Otherwise, it is a totally unsustainable non-viable fool’s errand that can only lead to ruin.  Is any of this ringing any bells? Does anyone see that the US debts, running at over $330 trillion can never, ever be repaid. There are no profits, so the overhead services cannot be sustained either except by more borrowing.

The party is still running on its own fart gasses, for some, but not for the no-longer-existing ‘middle class’ element of the population anymore.  The credit cards are still keeping the cocaine and beer coming, but the banks are all on-the-skids, and only continue because ‘reality’ is just ‘too unthinkable’ and they have no other ideas.  There is not going to be another $33 trillion bank bail-out.

Herr Mueller, after completing his job as the ‘cover up man’ on 911 has now finished his report on the 2016 election conspiracy. Everyone can now sleep easier. Do not leave your house without your ‘papers’ in order. You have been ‘NOTICED”.

So, what is going to happen?  Has anyone heard of an independent city/state already in existence called Hong Kong?  Now, who is the owner of Hong Kong?  It is not China, any more than the District of Columbia is owned by the United States. Hong Kong has been a very successful economic center for a long time.  It is a holding of the Crown, just like D.C.  It is within the land mass of China but is an independent entity owned by the Crown, not China.  Will China rise up and reclaim Hong Kong?  China is a much longer standing asset of the Crown than is the US and its Western friends.  China is a subject of the Crown. To the world, the identity of China and Hong Kong will be intermingled and eventually be confused as one-and-the-same. Just like DC and the United States.

Has it escaped anyone’s attention that China has built a powerful military with a large conscription of soldiers and modern weapons?  With the US and the West depopulated, is it too hard to conceive the idea that China will be able to take over the role of world police from the US?  Don’t worry about Russia.  They are already on-board with all of this. They are long running allies of China.

Are you sitting back witnessing all of this, yet thinking that somehow someone is going to make this all be OK?  After all, they always do, don’t they?  Yes, the always do until they don’t.  What can be done?  Whatever it is, it must be done sooner than later, while there are still 7.4 billion of us and maybe a few thousand of them.  Well, they have the big army, don’t they, with the sophisticated weapons?  Yes, but it is your sons and daughters who comprise the big army.  They have them deployed to faraway places while bringing in the foreign UN troops to the US.  Your sons and daughters in the military are not going to use the sophisticated weapons to kill their own parents, family and friends.  They know this, so they deploy them far away.  The UN troops have no such compunctions.

We do not have a lot of time as depopulation is underway as we read.  We need more awareness.  Help people to wake up.  We need to bring our military children home.  We need to be smart enough not to give up our arms based on all of the false-flag campaigns using fake crazed lone gunmen in mass shootings.  These are all staged government operations to influence the weak to voluntarily give up their arms. We need to prepare for food shortages.  As early as this fall, harvests are going to come up very short. Do not accept shots nor allow your family to be innoculated.  Your body is amazingly versatile and can detoxify itself to a significant degree.  They know this.  They try to overwhelm you with so many toxins that your body’s capacity is exceeded.  You can avoid as many toxins as possible by learning all of the ways you are being exposed to them.  Try to maintain a toxicity status within your body’s capacity to clear it.  You can’t avoid all toxins totally.

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the ongoing soap opera reality show that is Western democracy (not) and all western news.  They own the media, so expect to get inundated by non-news fake information that seems to be more entertaining than the facts.  When you get into this more, you will find the facts much more interesting and challenging.  The reality show is all fake and a total waste of time and energy. It can only lead you to one place….a hole in the ground.

Resets and Ghost Cities

Civilization Resets and Ghost Cities – It’s that Time Again

Most people have read about the “Ghost Cities” of China.  Few have any concept of what is actually going on with this.  Many take the view that China is just power-crazy and over-optimistic as to the future extent of their civilization growth.  Few have taken any serious interest and explored this matter in-depth.  They assume this is some kind of a novelty and maybe an indication of reckless insanity.

First of all, while China now has hundreds of these ghost cities and sometimes this is picked up by alternate news, what has not been noticed is… it’s not just China, but also all the “stans”, the former SSRs of the USSR, that are sporting impressive new ghost cities, again by the dozenss.  We do not know the details as far as the scope of this phenomena and what is driving it. Or do we?

New Ghost City awaiting residents 2019

These cities are not just tenement slums for herding in farmers from the countryside to perform some sort of slave labor tasks.  These cities are mostly extremely impressive and modern in design, obviously intended for a full spectrum of citizenry, from labor, to middle class, to upper class.  They are replete with facilities to support a complete modern civil structure.  They have everything that one could think of, from extremely high-end housing for well-paid upper class professionals to large apartment complexes which are definitely not slums, but very well appointed and high quality units of a very desirable nature with a comprehensive infrastructure and amenities.  They have wide boulevards with elaborate efficient traffic control for residents who will own many electric automobiles as well as rapid mass transit.  They have restaurants of all  types, cultural centers, sports facilities, libraries, schools, colleges and universities, parks, squares….you get the idea.  These are cities Americans can only dream of, as their own collapsing cities and infrastructure worsens. In fact, many of these cities are gross departures from the architectural style and life-style culture of the culture they are in. Many are distinctively Western or European in appearance. In other words, they don’t seem to be built for the people endemic to the area where they are located.

Brand new white marble, waiting for people. 2019

These new ghost cities are seemingly too plentiful for any readily conceivable scenario, assuming they are mostly ready to be populated by millions of new residents from “somewhere”.  We tend to think in terms of civilizations starting with muddy streets and rustic log buildings with new arrivals living in tents.  Prosperity must then be garnered by clawing out commerce little by little, enabling improvements that occur grudgingly.  We just do not see from our public history lessons any indication that people just arrived to find magnificent new cities already complete with deluxe accommodations and, furnishings with ready to use amenities.  After all, who would it be that funded these $trillion projects and who provided all the labor, design, materiel and craftsmanship? And for what reason would this all be provided ahead of any residents that are not even in evidence anywhere.

Nice neighborhoods, waiting for some inhabitants. 2019

One thing that is notable is this….none of these fabulous brand new cities are popping up anywhere in the “Western World”.  We have the seedy crumbling cities of LA, SF, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Newark, New York, Baltimore, Montreal, New Orleans, etc. that can’t seem to find a dime to clean the shit off the streets.  Is there a message here?  I would suggest so.

2019 brand new. No people.

Can you see a map of the future in all this?  Can you find any parallels in the past that might suggest this is not the first time around this block?  If you look, you will be surprised to find that, once again, you have been deceived and lead down a primrose path to your own demise.  This pattern has been repeated on a regular basis in past history.  Not the history lesson they gave you.  The one you can easily discover if you dispose of your past lessons in public education appropriately by putting it all in the trash bin.  Then start doing your homework.

White marble buildings with no people 2019
How many people know that CA was an island 200 years ago?

You will discover that the magnificent new ghost cities have appeared before, even within the period of history recorded in the era of photography.  These ghost cities are directly related to and associated with the “resets” of world civilization which occur about every 200 years.  The most recent reset occurred in 1812.  By examining old maps and photographs, you will find the evidence when viewed in the correct light.  It is all there, the exact same identical phenomena, just two centuries apart in history. After the reset comes the newly written revision of history. The children receive the new geography and history lessons and it passes from a lie into a virtual reality, no problem.

18th century fine architecture – no people 1819

We find, all over the world, incredible cities, complete in every respect, with unbelievable houses and public buildings, incredible by any standard, with paved broad roadways….just no people.  Cities capable of accommodating hundreds of thousands of residents, or more, just standing there with no people.  Exactly like what we see with the ghost cities of the present. In some photos, there are a small smattering of people, but nothing even close to what you would expect.  No less mysterious in appearance than what we see in the photographs of these new cities in China and the “stans” today.  It is the same.

Impressive city – no people 1819

Now, look at the old maps.  You will see, at this same period in time, drastic changes occurred in the geography and topography of the continents and seas.  It was earthquakes , floods, mudfloods, comets and volcanoes that changed the topography amid worldwide wars that killed millions during a time when the total world population was a great deal smaller.  The essence is, a massive depopulation of adults occurred, while the children were largely spared.  The old cities were destroyed. The geologic disasters were either anticipated or precipitated, as were the wars and consequences.  In the aftermath, complete new ultra-fabulous cities were built and readied to the nth detail for new inhabitants.  These were the orphaned children- survivors, who were delivered by train or boat to all areas of the world where the new civilizations were planned and needed to take existence for the next stage of planetary and civil exploitation of the ‘West’.

No people 1819

Who would it be that planned this and supplied the funding to create this new reality?  If you have been reading my blogs, you already know the answer.  Of course, it is the usual suspects, the homo capensis blue blood Matrix controllers that have been pulling off this same scenario time and time again.  What is money to them?  It is a currency that is no more than a construct to deceive the slaves into exchanging their labors for the same worthless fiat currency they have always worked for.  It is manufactured in any quantity, at any time for no cost, just like today, the present time.  So, the new ghost cities are arising by the multitudes, costing countless $trillions which, to them, is no-cost at all.  Once again, the adult slaves are accepting worthless compensation to construct the new cities for the children from all over the world to occupy while they will be rotting in their graves, if they are even lucky enough to get a grave.

No people 1819

Why do they want to do this?  The reason is simple and obvious.  The reason is always the same.  They are ready to stage their operations for stripping the real resources of the planet in a new theater of operations and depart from the old toxic over-exploited theater whose wealth is now already in their coffers.  Secondarily, the adults are much harder to fool with the fake constructs of their reality in the Matrix than the children.  Awakened slaves are “Trouble” with a capital “T”. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.  The children, who are orphaned and afraid, are very easy to fool and manipulate.  Let’s start fresh in the new endeavor, in the new territory with new young slaves who are trainable, ambitious, young and healthy.  Who would want to start a new enterprise with the 300+ million Americans of today, who are fat, sick TV addicts with no work ethic?

No people 1819

These are the “useless eaters” as the Queen calls them, who must be disposed of.  The cities are built and the mechanisms of disposal are fully in place and implemented.  The geologic natural disasters are now within the capabilities of the full-spectrum dominance of the world-wide controllers of weaponized weather, which is occurring all around us as we read.  You are breathing the shit they are spraying night and day into your air supply.  Are you sneezing? Is your nose running, for no apparent reason?

Where are the people? 1819
Children and foundlings transported all over the world to begin civilization again .

With the technocratic Matrix of the present, there are a lot more adults today in a world with a population at 7.4 billion.  In 1812, it was only 500 million.  Are there proportionately more awakened adults today?  Can they clear the fog from their eyes and do something about what is presently happening?  The royals are betting the homo sapiens cannot do a damn thing about it. When the disasters occur, they will be sitting by their swimming pools in their deluxe underground cities, sipping pina coladas and planning dinner.

Medicine is a Control Construct

Allopathic Medicine is fake….But don’t worry, there is no need for it either.

Medicine is a term that has been introduced into the vernacular only recently, since the rise of Rockefeller allopathic medicine about 100 years ago. “Well, didn’t the Indians and older cultures have Medicine Men?”. They had shamans and plant healers, but they were not called by the term ‘medicine’ something. The Rockefellers would like you to think the term is one that has been around forever, not something they just made up and incorporated in this most recent version of revised history. The word is obviously coined from the older term ‘medical’.

It is a term to describe “something” that you are supposed to introduce into your body by eating, drinking, inhaling, absorbing or direct inoculation. The “something” is ascribed to have some property to alleviate disease. This pre-supposes that you will contract ‘diseases’ somehow. It is said that diseases are contracted by exposure to ‘germs’ that exist in the external environment surrounding your body and each one of the multitude of different ‘germs’ is going to infect your body with one of countless different diseases. This is bull-crap. The term ‘germ’ is also a recent addition to the vernacular, used in the fake allopathic paradigm. Most of your body’s cells are germs in this context. They are not only beneficial but totally essential.

You buy into this bull-crap because you do contract diseases. Just not in the manner ascribed. You contract diseases due to the environment created inside your body that is a direct function of what you eat, drink, breath, absorb or is injected into your body. You can also become diseased because of worry or stress that compromises your immune system from functioning normally.

Let’s get this out right up front.  There is no such thing as ‘medicine’ in the context as it is described, as something beneficial or viable, quickly curing diseases.  There is only eating, drinking, breathing, absorption or injection….all means to introduce substances into of your body. The issue at hand is: just what are the various substances you are introducing into your body? You have a mouth, which introduces substances, foods and liquids, into your Gastro-intestinal tract. This tract continues right down to your anus, through which wastes and non-foods are ejected from your body.

You have a respiratory system which allows your nose and mouth to exchange air into and out of your respiratory system to provide oxygen needed to support cell metabolism and eject carbon dioxide, the waste by-product, by the inhalation and exhalation faculty inherent to this system.

You have an epidermis which is porous, allowing absorption of sunlight, certain liquids and oils into your body and perspiration of toxins and water to cool your body under certain conditions.

Let’s take a look at these essential functions that provide nutrition, hydration, oxygen, cooling and detoxification:

  1. Eating:  Introducing food into the body via the mouth.  You can put anything, from the most potent, fresh and nutritious natural plants to the most toxic disgusting poisons into your mouth….your choice.  Putting nutritious pure fresh natural foods will nourish your body, as it extracts the nutrients and matches them up with enzymes to deliver what the body requires for normal health, free of toxins or poisons.  Your body will automatically maintain homeostasis and you will be free of all disease.  To whatever extent you put unnatural processed toxin-laden, acid producing junk into your mouth, including pharmaceutical or recreational drugs, your body will be less able or unable to extract viable nutrition, your liver will be toxified and you will become diseased. Allopathic pharmaceutical drugs are nothing but artificial toxic chemicals. This the most common description of medicine? Yes, these ‘medicines’ can make you high, dilate or constrict your blood vessels and kill indiscriminately your entire biodrome of bacterial flora.
  2. Drinking:  Introducing liquids into the body via the mouth.  You can put anything from pure, clean, fresh water or juices extracted from plants to the most disgusting sugar-laden soft drinks, fluorides, chlorides or artificial colored trash….your choice.  Putting pure clean water or plant juices will hydrate your body and provide viable nutrition.  You will enjoy homeostasis and be free of disease.  Putting artificial processed trash like Coca-cola into your mouth will toxify your body and you will be acidified, oxidized and diseased.
  3. Breathing:  Inhaling pure toxin-free air into your lungs will enable your body to exchange CO2 for O2 which will be transported via your cardiovascular system to all of your cells to enable each of your trillions of cells to produce energy by means of the ATP cycle and your body will be strong, energetic and disease-free.  Breathing air sprayed with heavy metals, chemicals, radioactive isotopes, self-replicating nanofibers, industrial toxins and cigarette smoke will disable your flow of O2 to some degree proportional to the amount of toxins and you will be weak, lacking oxygen and probably full of cancer.
  4. Absorption:  Absorbing sunlight, pure essential oils and negative ions from the earth will vitalize and anti-oxidize your body and assist in maintaining homeostasis and you will be free of all disease.  Absorbing chemicals like sun-blockers or cosmetics will poison your body and will make you diseased or dead.

Now we get to the vaccine story. You will note that all of the above natural ways to provided your body with various ingredients needed for metabolism also provide a way out for the waste components. They all have safety mechanisms to protect your body from the detrimental effects of toxins and poisons. If you eat or drink poison, you will vomit or have a rapid and forceful ejection from your anus. Your respiratory system is protected by cilia and sticky sinus discharge or coughing. Your pores are a two-way passage, allowing the ejection of toxins or poisons.

You were never meant to receive anything by direct injection…NEVER, EVER. Your body has no defense from direct injection, therefore poisons and toxins can be introduced with no means of protection or ejection. You are just relying on the idea that the vaccinators and serum makers are all good guys who are working on your behalf to save you from diseases, the same ones which they are also working hard to create and infect you with (yes, the same ‘good’ guys). This is a means to stick these toxins and poisons into you with no way out. If they were not infecting you with diseases first, there is no way you would be allowing them to stick these needles into your butt or shoulder. It is a multi-faceted attack on you, your body and your very existence, along with that of the children you have borne and are responsible for. These children have no opportunity to become educated to refuse these shots. They are relying on you to become educated and protect them.

OK….this is it, the full story.  There are no such things as medicines.  There are herbs, which are particularly potent sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  These are foods.  Pills, drugs, opiates, and antibiotics are all poisons.  You can put them into your body via your mouth but they are still nothing but toxic poisons.  They will maintain your state of disease and eventually bring premature death while alleviating symptoms, which are not the disease.

Healthcare is no more complex than this.  Anyone and everyone can take care of their own health.  There is a deliberate and direct attack on your health carried out by the Matrix, your government, your royal masters. You must educate yourself and thwart these attacks. You must stay clear of alloquack drugs and poisons in the grocery or drug store, which are just another part of this general attack.  You can find everything you need to know and do in the blogs on this website.  If you do this and teach your children, you will never have appendicitis, cancer, autoimmune or cardiovascular disease.

Many will say…”this is simple.  I already know all of this”.  Good, if you do know this, but the evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary.  If you do know it, you are not practicing it. This is proven by your own government’s published health statistics. I have studied them. If you do not believe me, you can easily look them up and read for yourself. Countries with the most allopathic ‘medicine’ also have the sickest populations.


Sugar Addiction

Refined Sugar is 8X more addictive and 10X more poisonous than cocaine.

It sounds like a movie plot – men with dubious intentions, a trove of secret documents, and a red herring to distract people from the truth. But unlike cinema, this story is 100% real —

Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) have uncovered long-hidden truths that manufacturers of sugary processed foodstuffs have attempted to keep hidden. An analysis of internal sugar industry documents has exposed what executives already knew about the health hazards of refined sugar and their unscrupulous plans to deceive consumers into becoming addicts. This addiction starts at infancy with sugar laden formulas and Gerber baby food in jars.

Fat, dumb and happy

In an article titled “Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents,” authors Stanton Glantz, Laura Schmidt, and Cristin Kearns expose how sugar industry execs buried the truth about the risks of sugar consumption in an effort to push their product on an unsuspecting public.

Authors of the analysis, published in September, 2016’s JAMA Internal Medicine, combed public archives to uncover the trove of nearly 1,600 pages of internal sugar industry communications referred to as the “sugar papers.” The documents expose a sinister scheme to boost sales of sugar during a time in our collective history when public health was facing unprecedented risks – risks that spotlighted an increasingly unhealthy Western diet and the worst record of disease in the world..

Science Links Sugar to Heart Disease

In the mid-1950s, consumer watch-dogs began to link sugar consumption with high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels – two of the primary risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD). The sugar papers reveal that executives at Sugar Research Foundation (SRF), an international sugar industry trade organization, were aware of the link between refined sugar and CHD.  Heart disease was the leading cause of death in the United States, a distinction it still holds today, and public concern about preventing CHD was growing.

This dangerous association did not deter SRFs plans to increase nationwide sugar consumption, a harmful mandate that we know in retrospect was staggeringly successful. Since the 1950s, Americans’ sugar intake has increased three-fold. It is estimated that an average American now consumes between 120-170 pounds of sugar each year, or about 53 teaspoons each day.

Sugar consumption US

Rewind to the mid-1960s: executives at SRF realized that a strategic PR campaign could give their product the illusion of safety while also boosting sales. They brainstormed a plan to deflect the harms of sugar by shifting blame for increasing rates of cardiovascular disease to saturated fat. In so doing, they effectively turned saturated fat into our nations #1 dietary scapegoat for elevated blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Please refer to the blog post on this site entitled Deliberate Confusion About Cholesterol and Omega Oils. Saturated fats are mostly healthy fats and the no-fat, lo-fat craze is as crazy as a loony bat, costing people not only their lives but incalculable amounts of money, all into the pockets of big sugar and big pharma. The Matrix plays you like a fiddle and you rarely even have a clue.

To accomplish their ends, SRF commissioned a bogus research project from Harvard University School of Public Health Nutrition called Project 226. Published in the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine in 1967, Project 226 was designed to shape not only public opinion regarding the cause of heart disease, but also the dietary recommendations that would be made by the medical scientism community. By convincing everyone that a low-fat diet was the way to stave-off heart disease, SRF knew that individuals would fill the dietary gap with more sugar.  Omega essential fatty oils are just that, “essential”.  Processed sugar is just an addictive drug that should be eliminated from all diets.  This is one of the countless ways they maintain our state of disease and eventual premature death.

obesity prevalance USA

The Bitter Truth Surfaces

UCSF’s academic analysis of the sugar papers focuses on communications between two men: Roger Adams, a then-professor of organic chemistry and sugar industry advisor, and D. Mark Hegsted, one of the Harvard researchers who produced Project 226. These communications reveal several interesting facts:

  • Sugar executives paid Harvard ($50k in today’s dollars) and set the objectives for the project;
  • Critical facts were suppressed about the role of blood triglycerides in CHD in order to focus solely on the role of saturated fats and cholesterol;
  • Industry executives contributed biased, pro-sugar articles for inclusion in the project;
  • SRF reviewed project drafts (and ostensibly approved the report) before publication;
  • The source of funding and blatant conflict of interest was not disclosed.

UCSF professor and senior author of the analysis, Stanton A. Glantz, PhD, does not mince words: “There are all kinds of ways that you can…manipulate the outcome of a study, which industry is very well practiced at. He who pays the piper calls the tune.” 

Leading causes of death USA

Refined Sugar’s Death Grip Tightens

Thanks in large part to the success of SRF’s saturated fat campaign, sugar has continued its ascent into dietary dominance. It is one addiction that is literally killing us sweetly.  Collectively, Americans eat more sugar than any other nation, consuming in excess of 11 million metric tons of the powdery poison in 2017.

Cardiovascular disease is not the only negative health outcome to stem from a high-sugar, low-fat diet. Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist from California who gained national attention after his lecture, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” went viral in 2009, has shown how excessive sugar consumption plays a key role in the development of obesitytype II diabeteshypertension, and  cancer.  His research has led him to conclude that 85% of all diseases in America are caused by lifestyle choices and are, in fact, entirely preventable.

Practicing Sugar-Tainted Medicine

Perhaps the most shocking truth that the sugar papers reveal is the ease with which medical research standards can be violated and the public trust betrayed. The authors of this analysis stated, when speaking about their research, that it demonstrates the need for more integrity and less greed when presenting results of bought-and-paid-for research studies.

The authors emphasize the irrelevance and dishonesty of the peer-review process, and that financial disclosure be mandated in nutrition science. Co-author Laura Schmidt, PhD, comments to the fact that nutrition science was set-back by the ruse of saturated fat, and health policy must now play catch-up to reflect the dangers of sugar consumption.

“There is now an irrefutable body of evidence linking refined sugars to hypertension and cardiovascular disease, which is the No. 1 cause of premature death in the developed world,” Schmidt said. “Yet, health policy documents are still inconsistent in citing heart disease risk as a health consequence of refined sugar consumption.”  Once a money-flow mechanism is working smoothly and in high-production, evidence of fraud and bribery are insufficient to change the system to any meaningful degree..

Revealing Big Sugar’s Influence on Dental Health Policy

The researchers were inspired to continue pursuing the truth behind the sugar industry’s influence on the scientism agenda thanks to the results of a previous analysis. Published in the March 2015 journal, PLOS Medicine, Kearns, Glantz, and Schmidt called-out Big Sugar’s interference with the 1971 National Caries Program (NCP), designed to eradicate the growing problem of tooth decay in the nation.

In the early 1970s, it was becoming clear to medical science that sugar consumption was a direct contributor to the development of tooth decay, or dental caries. The NCP, sponsored by the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), started out as a scientific initiative to prevent tooth decay, but sugar industry influence altered the program’s priorities.

The UCSF analysis of industry documents between beet and cane sugar executives and NIDR officials reveals that dental health policy in the 1970s was effectively altered by the undue influence of the sugar industry. Rather than emphasizing prevention through adoption of a low-sugar diet, research was pointed towards identifying interventions to be applied instead. Don’t prevent tooth decay; treat it with a vaccine – one of several dead-end applications that were tested and abandoned.

In tactics that were similar to SRF’s manipulation of heart disease prevention priorities, sugar industry insiders contributed nearly 80% of the adopted suggestions for where research in the National Caries Prevention program would ultimately focus. Of course, their suggestions were to look everywhere except at sugar. The authors call the NCP “a missed opportunity” to contribute valuable science on the effect of minimizing sugar consumption on dental caries. The corruption they uncovered is a “historical example that illustrates how industry protects itself from potentially damaging research.

Bingeing on Refined Sugars Leads to Obesity Epidemic

With all of the dirty science bought by the sugar industry to alleviate the facts and the guilt of refined sugar’s detrimental health properties, the trending habits of the Westerners for instant gratification and convenience provided all the further inducement needed for an addictive binge to hook everyone on the sugar drug.  Addiction is now rampant and evidenced by the massive obesity epidemic.  It is easy, apparently, for consumers to rationalize away any correlation between the addictive habits of overconsumption of sugar and any related health issues.  If you don’t drop over dead on the spot, it must not be a problem. 

Human Body is a Sugar-Burning System

The irony of it all is that the human body is a sugar-burning system.  Of the total food consumed, 85% is converted into a form of sugar called glucose.  Each of the  trillions of cells in your body require energy to perform their functions.  The cells use a process called the Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) cycle, also referred to as the Krebb’s cycle and the citric acid cycle.  In this process, ATP is manufactured and used in a fuel to charge the cell’s battery.

So, what’s the problem then?  The problem is that simple refined sugars are not able to be stored or preserved within the body.  They remain in the blood and must be burned very quickly, faster than the body can utilize them.  The body must do something to lower the blood sugar level, so it converts these simple single-carbon sugars into fat, adipose tissue. Then, the body is quickly depleted of its energy source because the liver has no store of glycogen and becomes exhausted.  Since we usually don’t eat continuously, once used up, the body is out of energy until the next meal or snack.

Sugar is just another recreational drug.

Complex Carbohydrates Versus Mono-Carbohydrates

On the other hand, natural sugars from plants are complex carbohydrates, having two or more carbons.  Your body can regulate these sugars by converting them into glycogen, which is stored in the liver.  Now the body can control and release the glycogen to be quickly converted back into glucose again and utilized in a controlled process according to the energy demands incurred due to activities or work levels.  The body uses insulin to control the metabolizing of sugars to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.  This is further complicated by a bad tendency to respond to glucose exhaustion by grabbing a candy bar, and starting the cycle all over again.

When the diet makes it impossible for the body to control the blood sugar level, Type 2 diabetes is the result, usually due to insulin deficiency.  You can read about diabetes in a post on this site entitled Obesity and Diabetes. If you go to the allopath, he is not going to give you a dietary plan to overcome this disease.  Instead, he is going to start you on a regimen of testing your blood sugar level and shooting up on insulin as a means to deal with this problem.  That way, you remain diabetic and must return to consult with the doctor repeatedly and incur the expense of insulin test kits , syringes and serum for the rest of your life.  This is just how allopathy works.  This is just how the Matrix works.  One example of a thousand ways to exploit you and keep you coming back for more.

What is the Answer When You Want to Make Something Sweeter?

In the first case, the wrong answer is always processed foods.  There is nothing bad about sugar beets or sugar cane. The “bad” comes from the process.  How is the plant processed for your consumption?  Bad processing can make every good plant of any kind into a totally non-viable poison. 

Bad processing is all about appearance, convenience and taste and nothing about health and nutritional viability.  If it looks very appealing in an attractive package, is white and crystalline like cocaine, it is appealing. It was processed to be like that.  The process is a high-temperature de-molecularizing of the plant to separate out all of the beneficial ingredients and isolate a part of the plant called “sugar”.  This word is a broad term because there are numerous forms of sugar.  In chemistry, sugars are the ones with the suffix “ose”.  This same term covers both good sugars and bad sugars without differentiation.  This is the most common trick used on consumers where food naming is concerned.  “Bread” covers everything from the pasty sweet white “Wonder Bread” to the hearty  fermented full-grains that fed millions of people successfully over tens of thousands of years.  Wonder Bread and its likes are pure poisons with no nutritional viability yet both are called “bread”. 

The food industry can only do this because consumers do not educate themselves and public education is not about to be of any help in this regard.  Children, who are uneducated on these matters, tell their parents they like the Wonder Bread and the white sugar because they like how they taste and have been allowed to acquire such tastes.  The parents, who should be educated, acquiesce to their children because they are also uneducated and choose the easy route.  Many sugars are hidden within other processed foods and drinks and again, lack of education makes people choose these products to the detriment of themselves and their families.

You Can Never Go Wrong Choosing Nature

The plant produced by Nature is already perfect and can never be improved upon by humans.  Never, ever!  The reason humans take to processing these plants is first, profits and second, because you select these products in preference to totally integral natural whole foods.  If you did not choose the de-natured isolated packaged ingredients in their products, they would have to reconsider their strategies and maybe sell some real food.

The integral whole real plant made by Nature is never an isolated molecule.  It is always a complete holistic food that is usually a large complement of different molecules that need to be eaten together in the exact combination as they were made, in order for you to obtain viable nutrition.  You do not know more than Nature, who has fed humans successfully for many tens of thousands of years.  You are willingly allowing yourself to be manipulated by food processors, your children who watch the TV commercials, and the Matrix, who wants to make sure you and your family do not receive viable nutrition.  If you did choose the natural plant- integral, you and your family would not be diseased and feeding the fake allopathic medical industry, the pharmaceutical drug industry, the disease researchers, the hospitals, the insurance companies and all the related paraphernalia companies alike.  You can easily learn to feed yourself and your family a viable diet of foods that your body will use to maintain health and wellness by virtue of its own mechanisms.  The Matrix has you indoctrinated in its grasp.  You have free-will and can choose to break out of its grasp and change your life.  It’s worth it .