Over 56 Billion Killed per Year

The greatest source of animal cruelty worldwide is intensive factory farming, commonly known as feed-lots. This system has an adverse effect on human physical health, the environment, on wildlife, on the human spirit and on all slaughter animals. Animal cruelty is not the only reason to shun meats in your diet. Whether you like it or not, you are a herbivore. You are not a carnivore or a omnivore. Every dietary study that has ever been done proves that eating animal flesh goes hand in hand with bad health. You can find no greater proof of this than to study diet and disease in the USA.

                                  How we like to think cows live their lives.

If you see a TV ad selling meat products, you would assume all animals have charmed lives, grazing the fields in the sunshine surrounded by grass and open space. Packaging continues to promote this myth by showing pictures of animal’s looking happy and healthy living on a farm, basking in the sunshine. Cows being led around like pets by cute little girls with flowers in their hair, smiling in the joy of it all.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A few free range and organic animals may live this way but they are the few and far between.

                                                Pony being killed for meat

Now here is the reality. The vast majority of meat, poultry and fish you eat today are being raised on factory farms, where they live a brief life of ‘hell on earth’.

                            For animals, Earth is Hell and humans are the Devils

This type of farming is used on cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, ducks and fish. Your grocery store meats are over 80% factory-farmed. Many large grocery chains sell specific brands of feed-lot meat products exclusively.

Over 56 BILLION Factory Farmed Animals Are Mercilessly Killed Every Year by Humans using the Cheapest Methods Available. 

They stand in line, fully aware of their fate, waiting for the sledge hammer or knife to end their life at its very beginning, so that humans can partake of this form of non-food, which is less than 1% efficient, in terms of food input versus food output.  (In other words, for every 100 pounds of feed, you get one pound of meat and a lot of feces, urine, etc.)

Factory farms are corporations that maximize profits by using every square inch of available space to host animals that are being processed through a brief life until reaching a certain market weight, at which point they are rushed to the slaughterhouse.

The animals are injected with steroidal hormones so they will grow twice as fast as they normally would.  The animals are also full of antibiotics, as conditions are so unhygienic that diseases spread rapidly. So rather than improve their living conditions, they are injected regularly with enough antibiotics to prevent death, while allowing diseases to continue.  Their only satisfaction is in knowing that this is a version of the same Matrix in which humans also exist, unbeknownst to them. The human consumers are injected regularly to maintain their disease during a foreshortened useful period, and die shortly thereafter.

This is 56 billion animals suffering every single day of their brief lives: 10 billion cows, 4 billion laying hens, 1 billion rabbits, 40 billion chickens, 150 million ducks, 700 million pigs per year live and die this way.

                                                         Animal Holocaust

23 million dairy cows are in zero-grazing sheds, with little or no access to pasture throughout their entire adult lives. Selectively bred to produce five times more milk than is normal, these intensively farmed dairy cows are treated as milk making machines, even though they are sentient beings.  They, too, are on continuous injections of antibiotics, steroids and hormones to increase production while living in a state of sickness.

 Fish are also farmed intensively. Most are grown in huge floating nets while some are grown in concrete tanks on land.  Waste from the floating nets sinks to the bottom of the sea floor, reducing oxygen levels, causing huge risk to the surrounding ecosystems.

Pesticides and antibiotics are added to their food to try to prevent spread of diseases.

15-20 million farmed salmon are produced each year, of which  26.7% die of disease.

Ultimately pathogens and parasites do spread to healthy wild fish populations, as a lot of the fish escape and breed with the wild fish spreading diseases amongst them.

The fish are also killed in a cruel manner, sea bass and sea bream are dumped into large buckets of ice slurry fighting for their lives, and while still struggling to breath many are being packaged. Trout are left to flail in bloody water after having their throats cut.

                                                      Aging = decomposing

These animals cannot graze grasses in an open field. Their everyday lives are a living hell. They have no access to fresh air, clean water, sunlight, exercise or proper food.

Most of the animals have so little room their legs do not work anymore. If they did have room to stand up, their legs have become too weak to support them. Some chickens grow larger on one side of their body as they can only move around in tight circles.

                                                        A chicken’s life

Animals are sentient beings, they should be outside in the fresh air, and they should be given nourishing food.  Humans do not even kill these animals with gratitude, as did the Native Americans, who took only as much as they needed to survive, while giving thanks to Nature for each and every one taken. They always took care to preserve the populations.

You may feel helpless to do anything about this matter, even if you are sympathetic.  The same is true for inter-human wars.  This can only go on if there is a demand.  If no one shows up, they cannot have a war.  If no one purchases this form of food, feed-lots cannot exist.

And this does not even take into account that this type of ‘food’ is not real food.  Humans are herbivores, like monkeys.  We do not have the necessary attributes to be carnivores, so we must let the meats decompose and get ‘soft’ so our lack of claws and fangs do not prevent us from ingesting it.  We are ignorant of the fact that our digestive systems do not process meat like those of carnivores.  We have very long digestive tracts that are designed for extracting nutrients from plants that do not putrefy.  Carnivores have very short digestive tracts and secrete very strong acids to extract nutrients very quickly from meat and then discharge it from their bodies in a short time.

Worse yet, humans believe that they are superior beings to all others and thus have the right to do whatever they please, however they choose to do it, regardless of the impact on other sentient beings.  And they feel they have the right to do this in the most cost-effective way, based on their callous lack of empathy, and with no sense of gratitude what-so-ever. 

In their own blissful ignorance, humans march merrily along their life paths without even being aware that they are not the most superior beings in existence.  They do not even realize that they are the creation of much more advanced beings, who are also not the most advanced beings in existence either.  Humans live in their own feed lots, although they, in some cases, seem to be nicer than those provided by them for their slaughter animals. 

The advanced beings that created humans have their own agendas and businesses to mind.  They created the humans as slave labor, sex pets and food also.  It is the same thing except on a more sophisticated order.  The creators gods were not evil, anymore than cattle or pig farmers are considered evil by today’s society.  It’s all just business and the ‘king of the hill’ makes the rules.  Our masters and enslavers look upon us just as we look upon these poor animals we torture and eat.  There is very little difference.

Just like the cows in the pasture or the feed-lot do not believe that they are nothing more than food for humans, so do humans believe that they, in their busy lives, are something more to advanced creator gods than slaves, sex toys and food.  It is all on an order of consciousness.  The DNA of lesser animals is only capable of a certain lesser degree of consciousness.  This applies to cows, pigs, chickens and humans.  We are all sentient to the degree of our current DNA bandwidth, which is changing during each life time. 

There is more to this than meets the eye, especially if one’s eyes only reveal the physical nature of existence.  The physical is only the smaller part of existence, where lessons are supposed to be learned.  Most humans pass through this opportunity learning little or nothing.  They don’t even take the time to look up from their smart-phone or hamburger dinner, that is poisoning their body. They are contributing to the wealth and power of their own master beings by means of their own labors and participation in the constructs of medical care that keeps them in a state of sickness, just like the cows.  The humans, too, are hooked up to their own antibiotics, steroids and hormones so they can keep performing their functions until they are no longer viable or useful, to then be eliminated, just in a more subtle and less conspicuous way.

A further consideration is all of the various flu viruses that seem to appear on a regular basis, like the mad cow disease, hoof and mouth disease, swine flu, bird flu, etc.  Do you think that the wild animals living a natural existence just come up sick and infect humans?  Do you think that these diseases of sick animals could possibly be a product of massively polluted, disease-ridden feed lots where sickness and disease are rampant.  The CDC is busily concocting their next formula for the shots that you are going to receive to not protect you from anything. Your government is feeding lies to the media to rile up fearful customers for their toxin-laden serums and you are lining up, begging to receive them. Think about it.


For those who have awareness, what can be done?  Just as suggested above, nothing can exist if there is not a market for it.  Don’t buy these products.   

Most people do not know that over 56 billion farmed animals and, overall, more than 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year by humans.

Do we really need this much meat, that we are prepared to eat animals  that have been treated so inhumanely?  Is meat  so important we don’t care how we get it, just so long as it is cheap?

                                                              Abattoir Human

Farm Investigation 2018

Police are investigating after an animal rights group released disturbing video footage showing workers mistreating calves at an Indiana farm that Food & Wine once dubbed the “Disneyland of agricultural tourism,” The Associated Press reported.

The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released the footage Tuesday after what they said was the “largest undercover dairy investigation in history” at Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana. The farm is one of the largest dairy farms in the U.S. and produces the Fairlife milk brand in conjunction with the Coca-Cola company, according to The Indianapolis Star. The farm is also a popular field trip destination and draws more than 600,000 visitors a year.

ARM Founder Richard Couto told The Indianapolis Star that the footage was taken by an undercover investigator who was hired by Fair Oaks as a calf caretaker at its Prairies Edge North Barn from August to November 2018.

“The abuse began day one, hour one,” Couto said.

This is what the investigator witnessed, according to the group’s Facebook page:

Employees were observed slapping, kicking, punching, pushing, throwing and slamming calves; calves were stabbed and beaten with steel rebars, hit in the mouth and face with hard plastic milking bottles, kneed in the spine, burned in the face with hot branding irons, subjected to extreme temperatures, provided with improper nutrition, and denied medical attention. This resulted in extreme pain and suffering by the calves, and in some cases permanent injury and death.

The investigation also confirmed that male calves were being sent to veal farms, despite the company’s claims to the contrary.

The video prompted an immediate response.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday it was investigating the abuse, ABC7 reported. And three retailers announced the same day that they would pull Fairlife products from their stores. The retailers were Strack & Van Til, Jewel-Osco and Family Express, The Associated Press reported.

“At Jewel-Osco we strive to maintain high animal welfare standards across all areas of our business, and work in partnership with our vendors to ensure those standards are upheld. We apologize for any inconvenience,” Jewel Osco representatives said in a statement reported by ABC7.

Fair Oaks founder Mike McCloskey said  “It is with great disappointment to find, after closely reviewing the released ARM video, that there were five individuals committing multiple instances of animal cruelty and despicable judgement. However, Couto expressed doubt about McCloskey’s denials. “He is a seasoned dairy man and doesn’t need me to point out what is wrong with his company,” Couto told The Indianapolis Star. “He is plainly an uncaring greed-driven person.”

I am sure if people realized where their meat, fish and dairy is coming from and how much the animals had suffered before being slaughtered, they would think twice before purchase and consumption. At least I hope so.

The concern for the animals and fish is not the only issue, we ultimately eat the meat, fish and dairy, so we are eating food that is contaminated from sick animals, full of antibiotics, pesticides, steroids and intense negative energy, adversely affecting our own health.

Finally, we should also consider the spiritual implications of eating factory farmed animals. When we ingest their flesh, we also take in the negative energy released during their tortures and slaughtering. They have endured horribly miserable lives and miserable deaths.

Humans evolving into pigs.  Typical male physical deformity from excess meat

In the end, we are going to face the consequences of reality.  You do not have to wait until the end to do something.  Look up from your plate sometime. Think a little bit. Stop supporting these crimes. Do not purchase these products.