The Common Denominator

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If you have been reading the blogs posted on this site, you will no doubt have noticed that there is a thread, a common denominator, that underlies the nature of all disease and all healing.  That common denominator reveals the common source of all disease and the solution to all healing.  It is extremely simple and costs nothing.

Seem too good to be true?

If so, there is one simple reason why you would think so.  You have been indoctrinated into a very subtle but gigantic lie from the moment of your birth.  The liars, in this case, are the purveyors of the Matrix, the virtual reality in which you exist. There is another post on this site that offers a complete description of the Matrix. They have reason to make your life a total lie and scam.  It enables them to accomplish all of their goals with total ease, using your labors, yet unbeknownst to you.

When you have bought in to the fake medical system, you are willing to accept disease as organic and inevitable, you are willing to subscribe to their fake solutions that rob you blind and keep you sick, you live in a state of fear and unwellness that makes you a victim, a slave and a believer that your only option is to play their game.  They seem to have the monopoly on the solution. You just do as you have been programmed.  Pay your outrageous health insurance and go to the allopath for more pills, shots or surgery.

The Matrix has taught you to believe that sickness just can’t be avoided because of germs that are all around that you ‘catch’.   You believe that there are hundreds of diseases, each stemming from a different invisible germ.  Since there are many millions of germs and you can’t see them, you will inevitably fall victim to one or more on some frequent basis, like ‘flu-season’.  You must get vaccines that are touted to make you immune, one for each of the dozens of the most threatening of these germs.  Then, when you have a symptom, you must visit the allopath, get a quick diagnosis and a prescription for some more pills.  Most go on taking these prescription drugs for indefinite periods and have whole collections of pill bottles and even pill organizers.

The lies you have bought into have created a great growth industry that is highly profitable and now essential to the economic system of the nation.  You are now a compliant slave of the Matrix who keeps the medical industry growing and profitable while you are suffering along realizing this really does not work, but see no alternatives. As your body ages, toxins accumulate and you have more symptoms.  The cycle continues until you experience more severe types of disease.  This progression goes on until you die at half your biological life potential in a state of unnecessary diseases. 

You may be thinking, if this were all true, who would do this and why.  The doctors seem nice and caring.  Surely they are not evil.  The doctors may not personally be evil, but the system was not designed by the doctors.  The system was designed by the purveyors of the Matrix, specifically the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s,who are totally evil.  The doctors go through college in a program that was created by the Matrix.  They think they are healers and doing good deeds.  They have learned how to associate symptoms with prescription drugs.  If possible, they would also like to get some higher paying surgery into the mix too.

There is a question as to whether doctors eventually, at least in some cases, come to realize the fraud and nonviable aspects of their profession.  By then, they have practices and bills to pay.  Their licenses are at stake if they deviate from the party line.  There are very coercive government enforcers who deal harshly with deviators from the party line.  They have the status, privilege, respect, high incomes and the approval of authority.  Maybe it is best to just continue to go along with the game.

Some say, “I would not wish to live beyond the ‘average age of death  because who wants to live with a severely degraded quality of life”.  Here, again, you are buying into the lie.  Your life should be high-quality wellness and freedom from diseases for your total potential of 140 – 160 years.  If you could live in a state of energy, health and well being, would you then like to live longer? You can!

So, what is the way out of this disastrous state you have found yourself in?  You must start with awareness.  You must stop, sit down and decide to open your mind to full awareness.  Purge all preconceived notions of reality.  They are all not true.  You have to get rid of the ‘not true’, which may be virtually everything you think you know at the present time.  Everyone is in a certain state of awareness.  Some have little or none.  Others have had a glimpse behind the curtain on some one or more occasions that have given rise to suspicions that all is not what it seems.  No matter.  Your mind must be emptied of the indoctrinated lies you have accepted everyday of your life, starting with your own parents, religion, school, TV, peers, social media, books, school teachers, newspapers, magazines, politics, social media, Hollywood, music, and on.  Until you empty the trash, you may not have the capacity to begin the long process of becoming aware of truth.

At this time, we are addressing the matters of health and wellness.  There are countless more matters of truth to deal with, but we can’t cover them all right here and right now.  The main truth you must come to grips with at this moment is that you do not enjoy wellness and long life due to the primary fact that you are systemically induced into a state of disease which is maintained by means of the System, the Matrix, specifically allopathy.  That is the reason. Simple.

1, Diseases are not the result of germs.  Germs are actually your best friends.  Your own body is mostly made of germs.  Trillions and trillions of germs.  They are essential to your very existence and the greater the variety, the better for health.  These germs are called your ‘gut flora’, your ‘biodrome’ or your ‘third brain’.

2.  Diseases are the result of poor life-style, poor diet, excesses, imbalances, toxins, irradiation, poor sanitation, stresses and worries.  These are things you are doing to yourself or are being done to you by virtue of your participation in the Matrix.  All diseases come from these same causes.

3.  The pills of allopathy can do only things such as constrict or dilate blood vessels, kill all of your invaluable gut flora, sedate you or take you on an opioid trip.  If your gut flora are out of balance, you will suffer symptoms of a various nature while you body is correcting the problem.  If you kill your biodrome, you will relieve the symptom, but destroy your health in the process.  Because you immediately feel relief from the symptom, you will say you are cured.  The symptom is not the disease.

4.  The vaccines of allpathy are based on the same erroneous germ theory.  They have typically increased the incidence of the disease they are said to provide immunity from.  Seventy years ago, people received vaccines that were relatively less toxic.  They did not feel an adverse effect, so they allowed their children to receive the vaccines.  Now, generations later, the vaccines are loaded with toxins and heavy metals and people are allowing their one-hour old babies to receive 30 or more shots. Childhood diseases have sky rocketed and ADHD and autism are epidemic.

5.  The surgeries of allopathy, aside from trauma care, are all totally unnecessary.  Only when disease has been allowed to reach extremes do you need to have your appendix removed to avoid death.  This should never happen and only happens because the system denies you of the knowledge to permit your body to maintain itself.

6.  In spite of the Matrix, you can learn how your body works, how to feed it what it requires to function, how to get pure water, how to breath non-toxic air, how to avoid toxification, how to overcome worry and stress.  Just by discarding the lies and discovering truth, you can achieve a great relief from worry.  When you simply provide your body with what it needs to function, it will do all the rest for you.  Disease is the unnatural state and should be rare to non-existent.

You can read all of the blog posts available on this site. None of them are out-of-date, obsolete or difficult to understand.  The sooner the better, to get out from under the fraud and slavery and on the path to wellness and longevity


Thyroid is the Master Gland

Thyroid Problems are pandemic in Western Society

The thyroid is the master gland that regulates metabolism by regulating the other glands of the endocrine system. There are two possible issues with the thyroid.  Hyperthyroid refers to an overactive condition.  Hypothyroid refers to an underactive condition. The thyroid manufactures a hormone called thyroxin. As the name suggests, it can make too much or too little thyroxin, as the case may be.

Hypothyroid is the more common case.  The most prevalent form of hypothyroidism is Thyroiditis, an auto immune disease affecting the thyroid gland (refer to the blog on Autoimmune disorders on this site). Hypothyroidism can also be caused by a thyroid gland that is inflamed or exhausted. Thyroid problems can be due to iodine and selenium deficiency, allopathic medications, dysfunction of the pituitary or other glands, over-exposure to microwave/nuclear/xray radiation, ingestion of flourides/chlorides, and dietary deficiencies.  There are various herbs, salts, ocean plant life, and natural remedies for correcting this condition.

Thyroid Gland

Symptoms of hypothyroidism:

  • Weight gain, especially if of an unusual nature.
  • Dry and rough skin.
  • Dry, coarse hair and hair loss.
  • Anxiety, irritability and depression.
  • Aches and pains unassociated with direct causes.
  • Constant fatigue.
  • Lowered body temperature, especially upon awakening.
  • There could also be memory loss, cramps and constipation.

Some or all of these symptoms can be present.

Thyroid problems usually do not appear in isolation from other health disorderss. A blood test for levels of thyroid hormones TSH and T4 may not be helpful because a “normal” thyroid level for one person may not be normal for another.  Thyroid problems can appear in someone who has the same levels as another who has no problem.

The best way to maintain your thyroid for optimum health is by taking a holistic approach to nutrition.

Veggies and Fruits of a wide variety of colors
  • Eliminate white flour (“wheat flour” is really white flour unless it is integral), refined sugars, processed foods, and stimulants like alcohol, some tea and coffee.
  • Food with additives and preservatives should be avoided.
  • Increase your intake of nutrient-dense foods such as dark leafy/green vegetables and greens from he ocean.  Plants contain three classes of micronutrients that are critical for optimal health: vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.   Phytochemicals are not “optional,” they are essential in immune system defenses. Strive for a plant-based diet that is rich in colorful vegetables and fruits. If at all possible, try not to buy ANY food product that has a label on it. Labels on fruits and veggies often indicate GMO, although it is not stated as such. Or it can contain a pesticide warning code.
  • Eat sea vegetables twice per week. Sea vegetables are a good natural source of iodine to support the thyroid. Incorporate some sea veggies into your diet. Note that Pacific ocean sea vegetables are contaminated with radiation from Fukushima over an extensive area
  • Include some butter or other healthy fats. The endocrine system loves butter. Even if you’re cutting out other forms of dairy, like milk and cheese, consider keeping grass-fed butter in your diet. Never eat oleo as it is a plastic.
  • Cook your kale. If you have thyroid issues, then raw cruciferous vegetables may not be the best choice. You might want to skip the kale smoothies and salads, and eat your greens lightly cooked instead. The reason is that the cruciferous vegetables contain goitrogens that may disrupt the thyroid if consumed raw in large quantities. Other cruciferous veggies include cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Eat your meals more slowly. When you rush while eating, the food does not benefit from all of the available digestive enzymes in the mouth. Meals should always be relaxed. This is good health advice no matter what: sit down, slow down, savor, breathe and chew your food. Since the thyroid is the master of your metabolism, you want to eat slowly enough so it can become aware that food is entering the body.
  • Avoid radiation exposure. We already know about the connection between cell phones and brain tumors. But this little radiation machine that you hold up to your ear is near to your thyroid gland as well. A good alternative is to get a headset to use while speaking on the phone or use the speaker. 5G technology is going to be deadly as it begins to appear in full-scale implementation.
  • There is a lot of radiation around in the world today.  The Fukushima TEPCO reactor detonation has resulted in the contamination of almost the entire Pacific Ocean on the coasts of North America all the way to Alaska.  There is more radioactive water entering the ocean now than ever, with no end in sight.  This radioactive water circulates with the prevailing ocean currents and has long since reached the coasts of the American continent in massive doses.  Sea animals and plants are now destroyed so far as food value.  5G cell towers and satellites are being installed everywhere.  They are high-powered microwave radiators.  Your microwave oven is a source of radiation that molecularly mutates everything you put into it. Put it in the trash.
  • Speak up and say what is on your mind. Once again, if you look to the anatomy, you find the thyroid gland located in the throat, the center of your communication with others. People with hypothyroid tend to “swallow down” what they really want to say. It can be very healing for them to learn to speak their truth. People with hyperthyroid talk too much, and can benefit by listening more.
  • Practice some form of daily exercise.  This can be resistance or aerobics work at the gym, or yoga, chi gung, tai chi, dance, zumba or similar practices.
  • Support the adrenal glands.  Thyroid and adrenal glands work together.
  • Oysters – Oysters are rich in zinc, and having a balanced trace mineral ratio between copper and zinc can help with healthy neurotransmitter function and adapting to stress. Oysters – superfood of the sea – are a great way to achieve this balance to help ease your stress levels.
  • Organic turkey – A post-Thanksgiving meal heavy on the turkey will put you into a “food coma.” The reason is the calming amino acid tryptophan in the turkey. Tryptophan is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is calming and helps with anxiety.
  • Grass-fed organ meats – Organ meats like liver are some of the best sources of nutrients needed to beat fatigue, like zinc and vitamin D. They also contain copious amounts of choline and other B vitamins needed for methylation.
  • Eat more green superfoods – Plant foods like Swiss chard and spinach are rich in magnesium, which helps to regulate and optimize communication in the brain-adrenal axis.
  • Asparagus – This sulfur-rich vegetable also contains the beneficial B vitamin, folate. Low levels of folate are linked to neurotransmitter impairment, which can lead to brain-hormonal problems.
  • Eat healthy fats every day – Avocados contain beneficial B vitamins and monounsaturated fats that boost neurotransmitter production and brain health. This fatty super fruit also contains potassium, which naturally helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Full-fat kefir – Bacterial imbalances in your gut can contribute to a host of problems. Kefir is rich in beneficial bacteria for your microbiome and also has fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K2, which are important for brain health.
  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil is super versatile – you can cook with it, put it in smoothies, or just eat it off a spoon. It offers good fats like medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that improve cholesterol ratios.
  •  Sip on herbal tea.
  •  Increase magnesium intake.
  •  Bring down inflammation – Curcumin, a compound in the turmeric root, has potent antioxidizing properties, as well as a neuro-protective quality.
  • Improve sleep habits – Break the bad habit of staying up too late. Allocate 7-8 hours of quality sleep time.
  •  Learn stress management techniques – Stress can have devastating effects on health. Even if you do everything else right health-wise, if you don’t manage your stress, none of it will mean much.
  •  Spend more time outdoors – Get vitamin D levels into a healthy range – Spending more time outside in the sun also helps boost levels of vitamin D, because your body manufactures this important vitamin/hormone when it senses sun on your skin. Vitamin D, is responsible for regulating over 200 genetic pathways.
                                                       Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Functions

The thyroid is a crucial endocrine gland, involved in energy regulation, the production of proteins and sensitivity to hormones, among a wide variety of important functions. Medical statistics show that about 59 million Americans suffer from thyroid problems. Since  most people don’t even understand they have a problem, my estimate is that the numbers are much higher, especially among women.

Women outnumber men 3:1 in terms of thyroid disorders. As stated above, thyroid problems, such as hypothyroidism, can cause a number of health issues related to metabolism, mood and energy levels. Undiagnosed thyroid conditions can increase the risks of heart disease, depression, anxiety, infertility and many other problems.

                            The Liver is closely associated with the thrroid

Both an overactive and an underactive thyroid can cause muscle and joint issues like weakness, cramping and stiffness. Hair loss is also a symptom. An underactive thyroid can make it difficult to lose weight even when you follow a strict diet and rigorously exercise. An overactive thyroid can make you drop weight without even trying. Thyroid conditions can also lead to tarsal tunnel or carpal tunnel syndrome, causing tingling and burning or other discomfort in hands and feet.

During autoimmune thyroid conditions, the thyroid starts to become inflamed, too many thyroid hormones are excreted into the system, and you develop hyperthyroidism that slowly burns out into hypothyroidism. Of all thyroid conditions, hypothyroidism (low thyroid) is the most common.

It’s an important question: Why do we have so much hypothyroidism? The thyroid regulates the pace of our metabolism — the pace of life. And in today’s day and age, our pace of life seems to be speeding up exponentially. Many women are at extra risk when they juggle family and career, and, in so doing, are moving through life at a much faster rate than ever before. And that’s when we see women in their 20s, 30s and 40s burn out their thyroid, developing hypothyroidism at younger ages than in the past.

If we have too many things to do and we can’t do everything on time, we speed up the thyroid so we can catch up. As a result, the gland gets exhausted and stops functioning well. Therefore, one of the best ways to help the thyroid is to slow down, to take a break. This is important, but not always easy. But keeping up with adequate sleep, regular exercise, good hydration and proper nutrition can make a big difference.

                Thyroid Connection with other organs

        Adrenal glands are very closely associated with the thyroid

Often, when the adrenals are weak, the thyroid jumps in and tries to balance your physiology.  Conversely, when the thyroid is weak, the adrenals ramp up, and you get an exhaustion of all these glands.

Because of this relationship, if you can support the adrenals when the thyroid starts getting weak (which is a bit harder to do), the thyroid will rest. Or if the adrenals are exhausted, you have to support the thyroid so the thyroid doesn’t work as hard. Then the thyroid can catch up on some of the work, and the adrenals can rest. There is ongoing interaction among the adrenals and the thyroid. These are important relationships that we have to address.

The thyroid delivers T4 thyroxin to the liver, which, in turn delivers T3 thyroxin to the gall bladder.  T4 and T3 refer to the number of iodine molecules in the thyroxin structure.  Liver and gall bladder issues are directly associated with the symptoms of thyroiditis.  Nothing works in isolation in the body.

Glowing Irradiated Pacific Shark

If you seek treatment from an allopath, you will likely be advised to have this organ surgically removed.  Basically, allopaths know about prescribing drugs and removing organs surgically, so this is not a surprising recommendation.  Don’t do it.  You will not be rectifying anything and you will be taking pig thyroxin or synthetic thyroxin in pill form everyday for the rest of your life.  Nothing will have been done to determine the root cause of the original problem, therefore you will continue to suffer from this same problem which will just manifest in some other symptomatic way. 

                Detoxification Is Key

Our increasing exposure to toxins and heavy metals may be one of the greatest contributors to thyroid problems (and overall health problems in general). Because the thyroid is such a fast metabolizer, it’s easily affected by pesticides, pollutants and heavy metals. The thyroid utilizes iodine in the production of thyroxin.  If the more chemically active elements of the halogen family are present (fluorine, bromine, chlorine),  they can displace the iodine by virtue of being more negatively charged, that going straight into the thyroid and producing a mock hormone that does not serve the function of thyroxin. So engaging in regular methods for detoxifying the body of toxins, pesticides and heavy metals (including mercury, lead, cadmium, barium, strontium and arsenic) is critical for protecting the thyroid. The fact that the skies are being sprayed on a daily basis by geoengineering programs is exacerbating toxicity for everyone.

                The Truth About Iodine

Iodine is important for underactive thyroid conditions, especially in relation to toxins. It’s an inherent mineral needed to make thyroid hormones. But if you have too much iodine, it can also become an issue.

Currently, iodine is very popular in treating hypothyroidism, but it can easily be over-used and produce new problems.  Initially, doses of 12.5 mg. can be used, then, reduced to 2-3 mg. per day as the condition improves.

Generally speaking, iodine exchanges with bromine and other toxins in the thyroid, allowing them to be excreted from the body over time. This is especially important if you live near agricultural areas that are heavily treated with bromide-containing pesticides, such as vineyards or apple orchards. Never expose yourself to flourides in any form. Iodine also exchanges with fluorine and chlorine. Water supplies are frequently contaminated with these chemicals intentionally, as well as toothpastes, dental treatments and table salt.

If you have Hashimoto’s or hyperthyroidism, however, it’s important to avoid iodine. Too much iodine causes over-activity in the thyroid. In that case, the thyroid ceases working, a situation that is already a risk with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroid issues.

 Some people take iodine and feel much better right away, and that’s a sign they might be deficient. But it’s important to avoid high doses of iodine for a prolonged period.


Minerals in general are very important for the function of the thyroid, particularly magnesium, calcium and selenium. Selenium helps to reduce inflammation of the thyroid, especially during a viral infection. So, sufficient amounts of selenium, zinc and other trace minerals are key.


Regarding the issue of soy, fermented forms of soy are better than raw soy.


Thyroid conditions are highly prevalent in modern Westernized societies due to diet and lifestyle issues.  The entire endocrine system of members of these societies is compromised by atrociously poor diets, hectic and stressful lifestyles, and general toxicity.  If you have read my other posts, you will already have noticed a common thread.  It is THE common thread that is creating the massive loss and lack of wellness among the populations.  This is not a case of  more new diseases stemming from different outside germs.  In fact, it has more to do with the lack of important germs that are missing in your gut flora.  It has nothing to do with germs outside of your body, just like outside germs have nothing to do with any diseases.  Wellness is not complicated, as allopathy would wish you to believe.  It is totally simple, easily correctable and requires no costly interventions of any kind. 



Over 56 Billion Killed per Year

The greatest source of animal cruelty worldwide is intensive factory farming, commonly known as feed-lots. This system has an adverse effect on human physical health, the environment, on wildlife, on the human spirit and on all slaughter animals. Animal cruelty is not the only reason to shun meats in your diet. Whether you like it or not, you are a herbivore. You are not a carnivore or a omnivore. Every dietary study that has ever been done proves that eating animal flesh goes hand in hand with bad health. You can find no greater proof of this than to study diet and disease in the USA.

                                  How we like to think cows live their lives.

If you see a TV ad selling meat products, you would assume all animals have charmed lives, grazing the fields in the sunshine surrounded by grass and open space. Packaging continues to promote this myth by showing pictures of animal’s looking happy and healthy living on a farm, basking in the sunshine. Cows being led around like pets by cute little girls with flowers in their hair, smiling in the joy of it all.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A few free range and organic animals may live this way but they are the few and far between.

                                                Pony being killed for meat

Now here is the reality. The vast majority of meat, poultry and fish you eat today are being raised on factory farms, where they live a brief life of ‘hell on earth’.

                            For animals, Earth is Hell and humans are the Devils

This type of farming is used on cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, ducks and fish. Your grocery store meats are over 80% factory-farmed. Many large grocery chains sell specific brands of feed-lot meat products exclusively.

Over 56 BILLION Factory Farmed Animals Are Mercilessly Killed Every Year by Humans using the Cheapest Methods Available. 

They stand in line, fully aware of their fate, waiting for the sledge hammer or knife to end their life at its very beginning, so that humans can partake of this form of non-food, which is less than 1% efficient, in terms of food input versus food output.  (In other words, for every 100 pounds of feed, you get one pound of meat and a lot of feces, urine, etc.)

Factory farms are corporations that maximize profits by using every square inch of available space to host animals that are being processed through a brief life until reaching a certain market weight, at which point they are rushed to the slaughterhouse.

The animals are injected with steroidal hormones so they will grow twice as fast as they normally would.  The animals are also full of antibiotics, as conditions are so unhygienic that diseases spread rapidly. So rather than improve their living conditions, they are injected regularly with enough antibiotics to prevent death, while allowing diseases to continue.  Their only satisfaction is in knowing that this is a version of the same Matrix in which humans also exist, unbeknownst to them. The human consumers are injected regularly to maintain their disease during a foreshortened useful period, and die shortly thereafter.

This is 56 billion animals suffering every single day of their brief lives: 10 billion cows, 4 billion laying hens, 1 billion rabbits, 40 billion chickens, 150 million ducks, 700 million pigs per year live and die this way.

                                                         Animal Holocaust

23 million dairy cows are in zero-grazing sheds, with little or no access to pasture throughout their entire adult lives. Selectively bred to produce five times more milk than is normal, these intensively farmed dairy cows are treated as milk making machines, even though they are sentient beings.  They, too, are on continuous injections of antibiotics, steroids and hormones to increase production while living in a state of sickness.

 Fish are also farmed intensively. Most are grown in huge floating nets while some are grown in concrete tanks on land.  Waste from the floating nets sinks to the bottom of the sea floor, reducing oxygen levels, causing huge risk to the surrounding ecosystems.

Pesticides and antibiotics are added to their food to try to prevent spread of diseases.

15-20 million farmed salmon are produced each year, of which  26.7% die of disease.

Ultimately pathogens and parasites do spread to healthy wild fish populations, as a lot of the fish escape and breed with the wild fish spreading diseases amongst them.

The fish are also killed in a cruel manner, sea bass and sea bream are dumped into large buckets of ice slurry fighting for their lives, and while still struggling to breath many are being packaged. Trout are left to flail in bloody water after having their throats cut.

                                                      Aging = decomposing

These animals cannot graze grasses in an open field. Their everyday lives are a living hell. They have no access to fresh air, clean water, sunlight, exercise or proper food.

Most of the animals have so little room their legs do not work anymore. If they did have room to stand up, their legs have become too weak to support them. Some chickens grow larger on one side of their body as they can only move around in tight circles.

                                                        A chicken’s life

Animals are sentient beings, they should be outside in the fresh air, and they should be given nourishing food.  Humans do not even kill these animals with gratitude, as did the Native Americans, who took only as much as they needed to survive, while giving thanks to Nature for each and every one taken. They always took care to preserve the populations.

You may feel helpless to do anything about this matter, even if you are sympathetic.  The same is true for inter-human wars.  This can only go on if there is a demand.  If no one shows up, they cannot have a war.  If no one purchases this form of food, feed-lots cannot exist.

And this does not even take into account that this type of ‘food’ is not real food.  Humans are herbivores, like monkeys.  We do not have the necessary attributes to be carnivores, so we must let the meats decompose and get ‘soft’ so our lack of claws and fangs do not prevent us from ingesting it.  We are ignorant of the fact that our digestive systems do not process meat like those of carnivores.  We have very long digestive tracts that are designed for extracting nutrients from plants that do not putrefy.  Carnivores have very short digestive tracts and secrete very strong acids to extract nutrients very quickly from meat and then discharge it from their bodies in a short time.

Worse yet, humans believe that they are superior beings to all others and thus have the right to do whatever they please, however they choose to do it, regardless of the impact on other sentient beings.  And they feel they have the right to do this in the most cost-effective way, based on their callous lack of empathy, and with no sense of gratitude what-so-ever. 

In their own blissful ignorance, humans march merrily along their life paths without even being aware that they are not the most superior beings in existence.  They do not even realize that they are the creation of much more advanced beings, who are also not the most advanced beings in existence either.  Humans live in their own feed lots, although they, in some cases, seem to be nicer than those provided by them for their slaughter animals. 

The advanced beings that created humans have their own agendas and businesses to mind.  They created the humans as slave labor, sex pets and food also.  It is the same thing except on a more sophisticated order.  The creators gods were not evil, anymore than cattle or pig farmers are considered evil by today’s society.  It’s all just business and the ‘king of the hill’ makes the rules.  Our masters and enslavers look upon us just as we look upon these poor animals we torture and eat.  There is very little difference.

Just like the cows in the pasture or the feed-lot do not believe that they are nothing more than food for humans, so do humans believe that they, in their busy lives, are something more to advanced creator gods than slaves, sex toys and food.  It is all on an order of consciousness.  The DNA of lesser animals is only capable of a certain lesser degree of consciousness.  This applies to cows, pigs, chickens and humans.  We are all sentient to the degree of our current DNA bandwidth, which is changing during each life time. 

There is more to this than meets the eye, especially if one’s eyes only reveal the physical nature of existence.  The physical is only the smaller part of existence, where lessons are supposed to be learned.  Most humans pass through this opportunity learning little or nothing.  They don’t even take the time to look up from their smart-phone or hamburger dinner, that is poisoning their body. They are contributing to the wealth and power of their own master beings by means of their own labors and participation in the constructs of medical care that keeps them in a state of sickness, just like the cows.  The humans, too, are hooked up to their own antibiotics, steroids and hormones so they can keep performing their functions until they are no longer viable or useful, to then be eliminated, just in a more subtle and less conspicuous way.

A further consideration is all of the various flu viruses that seem to appear on a regular basis, like the mad cow disease, hoof and mouth disease, swine flu, bird flu, etc.  Do you think that the wild animals living a natural existence just come up sick and infect humans?  Do you think that these diseases of sick animals could possibly be a product of massively polluted, disease-ridden feed lots where sickness and disease are rampant.  The CDC is busily concocting their next formula for the shots that you are going to receive to not protect you from anything. Your government is feeding lies to the media to rile up fearful customers for their toxin-laden serums and you are lining up, begging to receive them. Think about it.


For those who have awareness, what can be done?  Just as suggested above, nothing can exist if there is not a market for it.  Don’t buy these products.   

Most people do not know that over 56 billion farmed animals and, overall, more than 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year by humans.

Do we really need this much meat, that we are prepared to eat animals  that have been treated so inhumanely?  Is meat  so important we don’t care how we get it, just so long as it is cheap?

                                                              Abattoir Human

Farm Investigation 2018

Police are investigating after an animal rights group released disturbing video footage showing workers mistreating calves at an Indiana farm that Food & Wine once dubbed the “Disneyland of agricultural tourism,” The Associated Press reported.

The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released the footage Tuesday after what they said was the “largest undercover dairy investigation in history” at Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana. The farm is one of the largest dairy farms in the U.S. and produces the Fairlife milk brand in conjunction with the Coca-Cola company, according to The Indianapolis Star. The farm is also a popular field trip destination and draws more than 600,000 visitors a year.

ARM Founder Richard Couto told The Indianapolis Star that the footage was taken by an undercover investigator who was hired by Fair Oaks as a calf caretaker at its Prairies Edge North Barn from August to November 2018.

“The abuse began day one, hour one,” Couto said.

This is what the investigator witnessed, according to the group’s Facebook page:

Employees were observed slapping, kicking, punching, pushing, throwing and slamming calves; calves were stabbed and beaten with steel rebars, hit in the mouth and face with hard plastic milking bottles, kneed in the spine, burned in the face with hot branding irons, subjected to extreme temperatures, provided with improper nutrition, and denied medical attention. This resulted in extreme pain and suffering by the calves, and in some cases permanent injury and death.

The investigation also confirmed that male calves were being sent to veal farms, despite the company’s claims to the contrary.

The video prompted an immediate response.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday it was investigating the abuse, ABC7 reported. And three retailers announced the same day that they would pull Fairlife products from their stores. The retailers were Strack & Van Til, Jewel-Osco and Family Express, The Associated Press reported.

“At Jewel-Osco we strive to maintain high animal welfare standards across all areas of our business, and work in partnership with our vendors to ensure those standards are upheld. We apologize for any inconvenience,” Jewel Osco representatives said in a statement reported by ABC7.

Fair Oaks founder Mike McCloskey said  “It is with great disappointment to find, after closely reviewing the released ARM video, that there were five individuals committing multiple instances of animal cruelty and despicable judgement. However, Couto expressed doubt about McCloskey’s denials. “He is a seasoned dairy man and doesn’t need me to point out what is wrong with his company,” Couto told The Indianapolis Star. “He is plainly an uncaring greed-driven person.”

I am sure if people realized where their meat, fish and dairy is coming from and how much the animals had suffered before being slaughtered, they would think twice before purchase and consumption. At least I hope so.

The concern for the animals and fish is not the only issue, we ultimately eat the meat, fish and dairy, so we are eating food that is contaminated from sick animals, full of antibiotics, pesticides, steroids and intense negative energy, adversely affecting our own health.

Finally, we should also consider the spiritual implications of eating factory farmed animals. When we ingest their flesh, we also take in the negative energy released during their tortures and slaughtering. They have endured horribly miserable lives and miserable deaths.

Humans evolving into pigs.  Typical male physical deformity from excess meat

In the end, we are going to face the consequences of reality.  You do not have to wait until the end to do something.  Look up from your plate sometime. Think a little bit. Stop supporting these crimes. Do not purchase these products.


Meditation is a Life Essential

Meditation as Medicine

                Multi-dimensional Awakening

Ego is the local construct of material being.  Spirit is the quantum aspect of conscious being. Ego is a construction of self, arising from external views or perceptions of who we are strictly as a material body. The ego measures us against others and competes for a greater sense of self and fulfillment, bound by local algorithms stemming from past experiences, particularly in childhood.  Thus ego has an input as to what we will do in the future and is limited to a single dimensional aspect of self.


Spirit is non-local, non-material and multidimensional.  Soul is the interface between the spiritual aspect of being and the material aspect, which performs the functions of establishing and maintaining material existence and sentience. 

Misconceptions about the brain are legion.  The brain is a physical element of the material body and is the junction box for the body’s nervous system.  However, it is also established that the brain is not essential to material being.  There are numerous cases of beings having a condition known as hydrocephalus, in which the cranium is full of water, replacing the brain cells to varying degrees including totally.  In many cases, these persons can function normally, complete an education and work a job.  The point here is that the brain is not the seat of consciousness, intelligence, ideation, memory, creativity nor is it capable of providing sentience to any cell in the body, including its own cells. Ideas about second and third brains in the heart or the intestinal flora are just as incorrect, but the very idea points to the fact that the functions attributed to the brain are everywhere in the body….in every cell, actually. 

Brain meat. The same inert chemicals as found in all other cells of the body.

Ego therefore is a unique tasking system of analyzing, judging and labeling, thus creating in your mind an idea of who you think you are. The ego can never be satisfied, and, because it exists on the outward surface, it plays no role in universal cosmic awareness of self and others. To get beyond our ego self, we must manifest a new orientation towards a greater awareness and a connection to spirit self. All of our fears, judgments, random thoughts and emotions are part of ego.  

Due to materialism, most humans, allow ego to be in-charge of everything.  The purpose of meditation is to transcend the ego and discover spirit, our higher-self, the one we really are, that transcends the death of the physical body.  Here we can process the world though love, gratitude, compassion and a sense of unity to all of the cosmos.

                        Ego vs. Cosmic Spirit

When we say that we must ‘get rid of the ego’ we are really saying that we must release ourselves from that false sense of self that is created by the local mind and boxes us in as ‘better than or less than’. Our need is to release ourselves from the false sense of self that is created in society that labels who we are by the superficial aspects of ourselves such as our name, job, appearance, religion, sex, nationality, culture, heritage, lineage, etc.

“In the light of spirit awareness, the ego still serves an important function. In the old paradigm of survival, the ego helped us to compete, by virtue of local algorithmic response to situations, be they dire or mundane (we call ‘muscle-memory).   In our new paradigm of peace and harmony, the ego must be integrated with the spirit and placed in the subordinate position.”

 “How do we make the transition from the old false ego self  to the true enlightened spirit? We enter into a greater sense of wholeness within and oneness without. It is how we experience our oneness while still maintaining our unique identity.”

Cosmic spirit is multidimensional

The practice of finding one’s cosmic spirit is described as a means to connecting oneself to our higher level of awareness, beyond the demands of the selfish ego. The ego does not disappear in this process except in the state of direct contact with spirit, that part of you that exists in the higher dimension. The ego is trained to remain in the subordinate position and judgments and decisions are made at the appropriate higher level by the higher self.

  Multi-Dimensional Cosmic Aspect of Oneness

Dr. Jude Currivan, PhD Quantum Physics, explains that the multi-dimensional aspect of ourselves and our universe are diminished or denied by the ego, which chooses to reflect back only the illusion that is visible using our five ordinary senses, which are capable of perceiving only a tiny bit of our physical reality and none of our quantum reality. Consciousness is much greater than our physical body and is multi-dimensional. She sees this time in history as one where we will be able to dissolve our ego-based human persona created by our personality and replace it with a connection to the portal of unity consciousness. Her perception, shared by many, is a view of the entire Cosmos as an inter-related, multi-dimensional and conscious whole. As such, her view on ego is that we can overcome the drive for power and recognition that the ego constantly seeks. As Currivan states:


We are spiritual beings undertaking the physical experience of being human. In doing so, we take on a personality, an ego-based persona that goes with the territory. I don’t feel that we can or should attempt to be ego-less, but I do believe we can go beyond just living from its limited and typically imbalanced view of the world. When we begin to take responsibility for our choices, listen to our inner voice, live in love rather than fear, empower ourselves and sense something greater than us alone, we begin to not only balance the needs of our ego, but to transcend it and become spirit-driven.”

In the world of Ayurveda and evolutionary medicine, there are energy centers on the human body called Chakras. The seven energy centers create a balance and harmony of the human mental and physical condition. When the chakras are in balance, the body and mind are operating as the highest self. When the energy is blocked, out of balance or we are filled with fear and doubt, it creates blockages that affect us physically and torment the human psyche. Through expanding mental practices such as meditation, we are able to maintain a core alignment to the benevolent energy that enters the human aura and re-tunes our chakra energy systems.

                        A Shift in Spirit and Unification

While various holistic health experts, psychologists and evolutionary medicine practitioners all agree that we can transcend our ego and reach a higher level of existence, we are still in a culture that battles each other unmercifully. It could be said that today’s society has reached an unprecedented turbulence driven by a Matrix control construct.  Were it not for uncontrollable egos, maybe no one would show up for the latest inter-human war. In the struggle for conscious evolution, the world view of humans might make a quantum shift in order to align all souls to a single purpose. The paradigm will shift as we reach a higher level of evolution as a species:

“While I honor all spiritual paths, I do feel that more and more people are, and will, decide to undertake their own journey of enlightenment away from religious organizations. Organized religions of all types in this world are relics of a dimly remembered past when the creator gods lived among us and not only ruled and enslaved us but gave us all of the technology to survive and pursue a viable future.  It is only the demigods that they left to rule us that now enslave us totally in the Matrix technocracy virtual reality.

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth and contemporary spiritual teacher, sees a new consciousness arising balancing our egos and empowering us to create new ways of living together:

“Humanity is faced with a choice of finding new ways to live together or continuing the cycle of violence and conflict. If the structures of the human mind and ego remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.”

The ego keeps us small, exaggerates our mistakes, passes judgments and criticisms, and prevents us from attaching to the highest level of human understanding. It is a barrier between our true selves and our connection to the totality of the multi-dimensional cosmos. When the ego is not driving our thoughts, we connect to the cosmic conscious self, creating a larger sense of purpose and a greater knowingness of our connections to all of humanity and to Nature. As a society, we need to reach an age of evolution where we are overcoming our ego-based attachments and evolving as a species into a more civilized unified society, together experiencing spiritual growth as peaceful beings. In unity consciousness, we connect to each other and to the universe with love and unite in a complex and cosmic structure of mental awareness. This is the primary purpose of our material existence….the reason we are here.

Meditation, an ageless practice that involves clearing away the information overload that builds up in our psyche, is gaining popularity as a means to deal with today’s fast-paced environment, where our minds are constantly inundated with a steady stream of mostly useless information. Stress, often caused by “mind clutter, is identified as the primary cause of many diseases in our bodies, is greatly reduced using meditation. For this reason, meditation, an ancient practice in the East, has gained significant acceptance in the West. Today, clinical research has proven that meditation has positive effects on an individual’s overall health, physical and spiritual well-being, and is recommend by holistic doctors  to their patients to treat and prevent illness and disease.

                        Inner Peace Transforms Humanity

In simplest terms, meditation is the practice of quieting our physical bodies and our minds and focusing our attention inward instead of upon the world around us. As you begin to practice meditation daily, it will become easier. You might also notice that the sense of peace inside you during meditation will begin to carry over into the different parts of your day. Although some schools of thought suggest that the mind should be blank when you are meditating, I feel the mind can be used as a constructive force in the process of reaching the higher self.

Meditation promotes coordination at three levels: causing relaxation of the physical body; quieting our random thoughts on the mental level; and reenergizing us spiritually. By following a few simple steps, anyone can learn to meditate; even beginners may experience the calming effects of a few moments of purposeful silence. Michael Hathaway, a regression therapist and author of It’s Time to Simplify Your Soul’s Code sees meditation as a natural way to reconnect to the loving universe and find gratitude as opposed to greed.

“Sending out positive thoughts forms a channel to attract back to us that same energy,” comments Hathaway. “Deepening our connection to our inner self, finding love and acceptance, creates a sacred space of peaceful satisfaction where we can then release our traumas and negative energy. Meditation for only a few minutes a day can deepen our connection to the greater good and give us a nobler and more compassionate connection to nature and humanity.” 

This connection to a deeper  realm of guidance gives us wisdom and promotes physical health by the flow of positive energy throughout the body.

Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a spiritual educator whose lifework is dedicated to uplifting human values, agrees. He is the co-founder of the International Association for Human Values, a nonprofit service organization committed to promoting the development of human values throughout the world. He is also the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, a nonprofit educational and service organization designed to assist individuals at all levels of society in reaching their full human potential.

“Today I see the crisis in the world as one of identification: A man identifies himself with his profession, religion, race, culture, nationality, language, region, or sex. Only after that does he identify with being a human being. Limited identification leads to war. Through education we need to bring about a change in our basic identity. We are all first part of the Divine, and secondly, we are the human race. This can happen only through right spiritual knowledge,” explains Sri Ravi.

            Attaining a Meditative State

The ego tends to clutter the mind with non-stop random thoughts that are often frivolous, meaningless and  inane.  Transcending the ego is the initial goal of meditation.  It is not necessarily the objective to reach a state of’ empty mind’, but rather to reach a state of single-focused meaningful thought, that can develop into an intention that will be manifested by the body. 

An easy means of reaching this state is to undertake what is known as conscious breathing.  Breathing can be a totally subconscious or autonomic function which your body will perform without requiring conscious thought or intent.  However, this subconscious type of breathing will be shallow and rapid.  It is going to keep you alive, but is not the healthiest method of respiration possible. 

If you practice conscious breathing, you will begin by counting seconds as you inhale with a pause, followed by counting an equal number of seconds as you exhale.  The objective is to breath very deeply, utilizing all of your lung capacity and eventually increasing your lung capacity.  For example, rather than just allowing yourself to breath 10 or 20 times per minute, you can count to 10 as you inhale, pause, then count to 10 as you exhale.  You will expand your lungs much more and your respiratory rate will be 3 times per minute.  You can work on this by increasing your seconds to 12, then 15, for a respiratory rate of 2 times per minute.

This will keep you focused on a single train of thought, intent, and manifestation that will establish a state of physical relaxation and ego transcendence.  You will be meditating.  You can carry this idea to other autonomic functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and ultimately to much more advanced functions such as organ or joint repair and other medical-related goals.  You can learn to manifest many things that are desirable and beneficial.  Eventually, you will be able to access the total blue-print for you entire body and retrieve the healing codes needed to make repair, replacement or fine tuning and countless other manifestations.

Martial Artist

Athletes and martial artists use meditation to increase focus.  An analogy would be a mother who lifts a car to release her child that has been run over.  She would be totally incapable of performing this feat except in this case, she does not stop to think about her ability to perform, but just does it through complete and total focus.  She is not capable of performing this feat again because she does not have the power to bring this much focus of intent into manifestation under normal circumstances. An athlete or artist who can use meditation to train the skill of super focus can gain more power and speed.

 This same idea can work for ideation and creation.  Often we solve problems in the morning when we are not yet totally awake, but are still in a relaxed semi-dream state.  The genius, Nicholas Tesla always solved his technical problems by this means.  I, for example, composed this segment of this paper in my mind as I was slowly awakening from an afternoon siesta and hurried to the computer to write it all down.  You do not have to be in some special physical position or form.  You can meditate while lying down or in your car waiting for the light to change.

Chakra Energy Centers

It is a common practice to meditate on the points of the body that are the energy vortices, the chakras.  Each chakra point controls specific aspects of the physical being and is associated with a major organ.  Since these are the body’s points of quantum energy exchange, it makes perfect sense to utilize them in your meditation.  The easiest point to use is called the ‘ajna, located between the eyebrows.  This point is associated with ‘power of the mind’.  The next most easy to learn point is the ‘manipura’, located at the navel. It is associated with relationships, sexuality and creativity.  If you are not already familiar with the chakras, there is a great deal of information available for your study.

Transcendental Meditation for Health and Preventative Care.

Hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted on the benefits of the TM program at more than 200 universities and research institutions world-wide over the last 40 years, and the NIH awarded $26 million to research TM for reducing stress with a focus on cardiovascular disease. According to Bob Roth, Executive Director:

“Transcendental meditation provides direct experience of the self with a capital “S” the unbounded, infinite, unchanging transcendental value of our innermost nature, the cosmic spirit, our own true inner self. When we experience that, new healthier, more integrated connections are made between different parts of the brain, the DNA and the etheric body.”

“Children from the age of 10 and up can learn TM; it is very calming to the body and awakening to the mind. TM research has shown it to be effective for treating ADD, ADHD and autism.” 

Already, meditation has shown effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety and boosting test scores in school.  Meditation is free and you can use it to prevent non-wellness as much as you like, whenever and wherever you like.

Meditation – The Past, Present and Future of Medicine

Meditation may seem ‘new-agey’, but that is only because you have not been taught any real history, so this seems like another one of the ancient sciences that modern science is trying to take credit for re-discovering.  Meditation is as old as mankind and probably much older.  Throughout history, it has been a common practice in Asia and many other areas.

Reducing the use of drugs and surgeries is a primary concern, considering the ineffectiveness and dangerous side-effects caused by pharmaceuticals, especially when given to children, and the needless removal of vital body parts. A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry concluded that mindfulness meditation is more effective and permanent than antidepressants in preventing depression. Said researcher, Stefan Hoffman, professor of psychology at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, “I was skeptical at first. I wondered, ‘Why on Earth should this work?’ But it seems to work quite well.”  The very fact that Stefan had to wonder at how and why this works illustrates the lack of training received by so-called experts in the field.  

People wonder, if meditation is so effective in treating patients then why isn’t it covered under our health insurance? 

First of all, meditation is virtually free.  You do not need any pills, hospitals, doctors, nurses, machines or anything else.  You just do it yourself, anytime, anywhere.  Meditation is effective, so it will actually facilitate the body’s own healing process.  This may create a disaster for the medical industry, health insurance included.  No one in the health care industry wants to see people getting well for free.  They realize that if people discover how to take care of themselves, the industry would evaporate like a puff of steam.  An industry equal to 25% of the GDP of the US could disappear, leaving many comfortable, well paid folks to look in vain for other employment. Is that a good reason to keep people diseased and dying prematurely?

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, labeled the “Father of Holistic Medicine” , reintroduced knowledge from ancient civilizations for access to health and well-being. Cayce’ teachings emphasize how we can allow our body to continually rebuild itself with emphasis on diet, exercise, rest and meditation, which keeps us mentally and physically young and spiritually centered. This concept evolves as we adapt to the notion of our spiritual being as the most intricate part of the human entity. Based on all the scientific evidence, Cayce was right about meditation – inexpensive and effective – certain to continue its rise in popularity in mainstream practice. This ancient futuristic medicine is a method of blending a holistic approach to wellness, a mind-body-spirit wisdom that accepts the true nature of reality as both esoteric and physical.