The Metaphysics of Life

What Makes Inert Chemicals Alive?

‘When considering the essence of life from the Newtonian materialistic view (the current scientific paradigm of the Westernized World), the chemicals that comprise our bodies somehow acquired a ‘Life Force’.  In theories of the origin of life, we hear about the ‘primordial soup’ that is brought to life by a lightning bolt.  Or we see Dr. Frankenstein, working on his creation in the laboratory closing the switch on a high voltage electrical discharge device and the inanimate monster opens its eyes.  Somehow, the dead chemicals, in just the right formulation, magically come to life. 

In other words…. there is no viable explanation offered. 

Religion claims a supranatural god came to the vicinity and created heaven and earth, including man, in 6 days….another non-starter.  This story stems from the Jewish bible, written around 400 BCE, which adopts the Annunaki gods, specifically Enlil as Jehovah, Jahweh, God the father.  The Anunnaki are advanced beings, who colonized Earth about 450,000 years ago on an interplanetary mission to extract gold and other minerals for transport back to their home planet.  The Anunnaki god, Enki, half-brother to Enlil, genetically upgraded the homo erectus, using his own DNA, to create the homo sapiens as laborers, pets, and food. They did not create anything new. They just made a huge genetic evolutionary leap in a life-form that was pre-existing using available pre-existing components. The degree of consciousness manifested by a  life-form is a function of the communication bandwidth of its DNA which is a function of its coding capacity. Increase coding capacity to increase conscious resolution.

Image of an atom

If one looks deep enough at these elementary chemicals, they are configurations of atoms.  But what are atoms? Atoms are configurations of energy waves that can manifest as physical particles under certain conditions. They are almost totally empty space.  Atoms display magnetic or electrical charge characteristics that result from the configuration of the subatomic particles which or either positive, negative or neutral. Magnetically, atoms can form all of the elements found in the periodic table. These elements are stable structures to varying degrees that can all exist independently, or can react with one another under certain conditions, forming molecules. They exist within the matter comprising the earth itself. They are inert, possessing no properties of life, consciousness or intelligence. They can be observed by a ‘consciousness’ thereby collapsing their wave field to form a particle of matter during the period of observation, after which they return to energy waves.

10 week old fetus insitu

To make some of these atoms into something ‘sentient’ requires intelligence and a vast information flow from a source that does not exist in the  physical plane. The simplest form of sentient life, a single-celled organism, must, at the least, be able to sense and respond to its environment, seek and find food, ingest food and metabolize it into life-energy, it must be able to repair and maintain itself, it must be able to replicate another identical entity using elements from the food, it must be able to invent and implement a survival strategy and a cyclical pattern of routine activity. It must be able to access vast amounts of information and make decisions, either automatically or consciously.

More complex organisms arise from cells that have joined together into an agglomeration, a multi-celled configuration. These include archaea, plants as well as animals. In the case of a human body, this begins with a single stem cell that can replicate and eventually specialize itself.  From this same intelligent information stream, information works with the DNA in each cell of the agglomeration with a synergistic plan to enable a unified consciousness for the benefit of a higher-ordered existence.  The ‘bag of chemicals’, the body, is an agglomeration of cells that have learned to survive and thrive through uniting synergistically, and developing specialized functions. 

Certainly it is simple to see that a non-physical consciousness must precede this occurrence. For this to happen, it must be pre-planned, then executed and maintained. A lot of information much be exchanged continuously, very rapidly and accurately. This information must transfer intelligent instructions on an atomic level, for the atoms to unite in specific configurations to establish form and function according to the plan or blueprint. So, it is obvious that consciousness does not stem from the physical body, or brain. Nothing physical could exist without a conscious plan, execution of the plan, and information of form and function of the entity in the first case.

Drawing of a cell. Photos are non-existent.

A typical human body is comprised of more than 100 trillion cells.  Each of these cells is a complicated entity, like a small city that performs a multiplicity of functions. The cells of all living entities contain DNA, a helical structure (coil) that facilitates continuous communication with the higher dimensional Source Field via the energy field called Chi, or Zero-point energy (ZPE).  It is the Information Source that configures the atoms into molecules, molecules into their structural form and directs the functional operations of each cell.  How this is done will be the main topic of this dissertation.  The degree of consciousness or sentience that a lifeform can manifest is a function of its DNA structure, which determines information processing bandwidth per unit of time. Information must be refreshed at an extremely high rate, called Planck speed (named after physicist Max Planck).

How do we Perceive This Reality?

Let’s begin with an analogy.  Analogies are useful for teaching but are never perfect, always containing certain defects. Therefore, they cannot be taken literally, only as illustrations of certain principles. Television stations transmit electromagnetic waves that are not directly perceived by human senses, yet they are real energy fields bearing information that the TV set can detect, receive, decode and display.  A “field”, in this definition, is the presence of ‘energy density’ that has information encoded within it by a remote source through a technique called modulation.  The carrier wave is ‘modulated’ in such a way that the information is detectable and can be stripped from the carrier wave and decoded by the TV’s sensory circuits. The TV has a channel selector to choose the desired carrier frequency by means of a resonant circuit. Several TVs can operate independently while sitting side-by-side, each selecting a different carrier wave and displaying the associated information.

Your body’s senses cannot detect the TV signal, but the television set can detect, select and decode the information in the field created by the TV station’s broadcast antenna, if it is within ’range’ of the station.  This is a one-way system of communication called simplex.  The TV station sends out the signal, the TV set receives and decodes the signal.  No information is sent back from the TV set to the TV station. 

TV screen showing pixelated elements

This system operates under the laws of classical material or local physics governing the paradigm of our physical existence, popularly known as Newtonian physics, named after Isaac Newton.    The principles are known by most people who own TV sets.  You can receive this invisible information so long as you are within ‘range’ of the station and other stations, which are too far away, are called ‘out of range’.  This is because the energy field  produced by the station diminishes as a function of distance, by what is called the ‘inverse square law’, or, the signal strength diminishes exponentially the greater the distance from the transmitting antenna.  This signal travels at the speed of light.  For all practical purposes, that appears to be instantaneous to our local physical domain. 

The information obtained, both audio and video, is processed by the TV to present an animated picture with synchronized sound  by fooling our body’s senses  The image is created by scanning the information onto the phosphorescent screen pixel by pixel at a fast enough rate that your sense of vision can’t detect the process, so it appears smoothly animated to your senses.  The pixels are created at a rate of 15,750 frames per second. The screen has a characteristic called ‘persistence’ whereby the pixels stay illuminated for a short time after excitation.  If our sense of vision had higher resolution, we would see all of this scanning and interlacing going on and the trick would be revealed. It would be very ugly.  The fact is, our senses are capable of perceiving almost nothing of the reality within which we exist….far less than 1%.  Yet, we go along thinking that we know something about our reality, when, in ignorance, we know virtually nothing. We are just experiencing a complex illusion without knowing anything about how it is created or where it comes from.

TV raster scan

We are all familiar with this analogy,   It is just that we ‘think’ somehow things operate differently in the case of our body, granting inert chemicals far more capability than they actually have. There are no miracles in this reality. You are just incapable of perceiving the details.

‘Using this analogy, in the case of ‘life-force’, the carrier wave which carries the essential information is the well known ‘Chi’ or Zero Point Energy (ZPE).   This field is electromagnetic, but it is not governed by the laws of classical physics. Due to the fact that this Source Field emanates from a higher dimensional plane of existence, it is governed by the laws of quantum physics.  This field is considered ‘non-local’, meaning it is not originating from an antenna somewhere in the physical plane.  This quantum energy field is not diminished in any way, not by distance or resistance.  The signal strength remains constant at all times, everywhere in the cosmos, wherever you may be.  It is also not bound by any speed limit, like the speed of light.  It is instantaneous throughout the entire cosmos.  It can carry information both to and from, meaning it is duplex.  It can both send and receive, instantaneously. This is a common feature of quantum mechanics.

Chi or Zero Point energy is also called Torsion Energy which was studied by Physicist Max Planck.

Your body is comprised of over 100-trillion entities called cells that form an agglomerated synergistic community called a human body.  The same is true for all organisms, not just humans.  All organisms that manifest consciousness or sentience are the same in the general sense.  There are, of course, differences in the levels or degrees of conscious manifestation.  This is a function of the DNA found in each cell, which is the resonant element of the cell’s communication system.  Depending on the information processing capacity or bandwidth of the DNA of a given organism, it has more or less capacity for consciousness.

The cellular DNA, the coil, is the determinant of resonant frequencies which can be selected from the ZPE in a similar fashion to the channel selector of the TV, which can selectively tune-in to one of many channels whose energy field may be present (in range) and each carrying different information.

DNA showing telomeres

The source of the information exchanged via this medium is not physical.  Maybe you have been taught that cells are just blobs of protoplasm and your brain is the source of consciousness and intelligence.  Why would they try to teach you something like this, which is obviously nonsense? Is it possible they would like you to consider yourself as something far less than you really are?

Your brain is just more of the same physical chemical elements comprising all of the other cells in your body.  It is the junction box for your nervous system, similar to the junction box in your home’s electrical system, where all the wires converge for the purpose of hooking up to the source of power coming from the power plant.  There is no intelligence, consciousness, memory or anything else in your brain other than a few hard-wired algorithmic subroutines in your reptilian brain.  These hard-wired programs, called the subconscious, are algorithms that just run in response to a specific physical stimulations.  Each cell in your body, including your brain, gets its information from the same quantum source via the same communications system.

Hydrocephalic person

In fact, there are many people who have a condition called hydrocephalus, water on the brain, which can manifest in degrees, including total water, no brain cells at all.  These people are able to lead relatively normal lives, completing education, working jobs and having families.  In spite of hundreds of years of intense searching, no one has ever found the seat of consciousness in the brain, and no one ever will. They can apply electrical signals to various parts of the brain to stimulate movement of different muscles because your nervous system is electrical and the neurons converge at the brain. There is also a lot of evidence that consciousness is holographic, projecting your total physical reality as a hologram. This will be the topic of a separate blog post.

Scientism Insists that Consciousness is Physical

Scientism is based solely and totally on the materialistic paradigm, acknowledging no other aspects of reality. They insist that consciousness is a property manifested by the brain, a product of physical matter. When your brain dies, your consciousness also dies. That is the end of you. Materialism is a superstitious belief system that cannot be proven either by science or logic. If they can get you to believe it, you will be much easier for them to control because you will never seek or find your true higher self and manifest its power.

Every life experience a person has involves the “I”, the subject of the experience. It is impossible to verify any experience without an “I”. You must have an “I” to have an experience and the “I” is consciousness. Without at least one conscious observer, it could not ever be proven that the cosmos even exists. By assuming that matter comes first, before consciousness, how can it be proven that anything exists or has ever existed?

The materialist perspective is not grounded in experience. It requires an abstract line of reasoning that presupposes the existence of a reality outside of consciousness, although no one has ever experienced this, nor could they over experience it…..Rupert Spira, Philosopher

The materialist asserts the reality of that which is never experienced – ie. matter outside of consciousness – while denying that which alone is always existing and experienced – consciousness itself. The existence of matter before consciousness can never be known, therefore it is an abstraction. You are reading these words, so consciousness is unquestionably “known”. it is concrete.

Materialism assumes that matter precedes and creates consciousness. The existence of matter before consciousness is unknown while consciousness is definitely known. Materialism suggests “Let’s use an unknown, abstract thing to infer the known, concrete thing. Logical inquiry must always start with the ‘known’ to infer the ‘unknown’. These are the clowns that rest their laurels on evidenciary proof while accusing others of superstition. And peer-reviewed at that…..proving there is a multiplicity of idiots comprising the field of scientism.

“How can something as immaterial as consciousness ever arise from something as unconscious as matter?”

Materialism is putting the cart before the horse. We must invert the order to find reality: consciousness comes first, not matter. Matter, chemistry, biology and brains all exist, but they exist only within consciousness.

This is why you will never find ‘logic’ taught in any class in public education.

The Physical Body is a Small Part of the Human Body

The source of all the information of life, as stated, is not physical, just like the majority of the entity manifesting as a physical organism in this realm  is not physical.  This should not come as a great surprise to anyone who spends even a little time thinking about this.  You have just accepted the nonsense you were taught in school, which is definitely not factual.  There are forces that would like to have you believe you are much less than you really are.  You are told you are a small element in a cosmos of vast and unknowable mysteries.  In fact, you are a powerful creator having a brief physical experience in this physical plane for the purpose of evolution through experience of duality.

German physicist Max Planck (1858-1947). Planck pioneered quantum mechanics, revolutionizing classical physics. His 1900 paper describing black body radiation proposed that radiation must be emitted or received in energy packets (quanta), rather than continuously. Quantum theory was fully accepted after its successful prediction of the photoelectric effect (Einstein, 1905) and of the electronic structure of atoms (Bohr, 1913). Planck received the 1918 Nobel Prize for Physics for his work.

Some organisms at some level of consciousness may watch a TV and actually believe that something real is going on inside.  It is a convincing illusion at some level.   Similarly, our primitive brain and senses are deceived into believing that matter is real, because matter coalesces from energy at a reduced frequency, slow enough that our senses can detect it, but it is an illusion, like the TV set.  The pixels of the TV look real when being refreshed at 105 times per second.  Max Planck studied the Chi energy field and determined its frequency to be 1047 cycles per second, thus refreshing the information provided to your cells vastly more rapidly than the TV. Every one of the hundreds of thousands of operations of each cell requires the information to be updated at 1047 times per second for you to be alive.  Refresh frequency determines resolution, whether of the TV set or your life functions. If this extremely high rate of information refreshment were to stop or slow down, you will be physically dead.

Atoms are 99.999999….% empty space, but matter looks and feels solid to our senses due to repulsion of polarized energy.  Our senses can only detect a minute portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and even then are easily fooled because of low resolution and very limited rate of processing.   What appears to be the totality of reality to us is almost insignificant in terms of the actual reality we are partaking of. The energy waves of the ZPF are similarly all around us at all times.  In the state of ego consciousness, we are unaware of them, but in the state of meditative transcendence of ego, our higher consciousness can directly engage this energy.  The process of exchanging information between the body and the Source Field is autonomic. Like breathing, we can live on auto-pilot, but the process can be greatly improved through taking conscious control. That is what we do when we meditate.

It is estimated that our physical senses can perceive no more than 0.005% of the reality that we exist within.  This is equivalent to almost total sensory deprivation Yet we are taught that we see and know everything .  No wonder most go through their lives in a state of almost total ignorance of reality.  In doing so, nothing of significance is accomplished during this life, as the pursuit of physical treasures, power or money is not going to make one iota of difference in the end, as none of this is going to endure beyond this brief physical state.  But you are immortal and will endure forever, beyond this physical experience.  This is where your life pursuits should be focused.

The powers that rule you do not wish for you to know any of this.  They have their experts and scientismists to tell you all you need to know.  You are incapable of dealing with these complex technical matters, so ‘just let us do your thinking for you and we will tell you what to believe’.  How does that work for you? Are you good with being told that the few  gases and chemicals that your body is made of just miraculously ‘come to life’.  I hope not, because this is beyond absurd and only a fool would believe it.  If you are told things that make no sense and are physically impossible, it is best to be skeptical at the very least.  You are being lied to by your superiors who think you will never be able to discern the truth. Who “they’ are is discussed extensively in other blog posts on this site.

The Energy Body

We are much more than our physical bodies which are just chemicals from the Earth, inanimate, possessing no intelligence or life-force energy.  Our “life” comes from our non-physical energy body, of which there are four hierarchies or tiers.  The etheric body is directly associated with the physical body and interfaces via the chakras, the energy vortex centers into and out of the physical body.  The Source Field contains the three dimensional blueprint for the structure of the physical 3d body as well as the information required to  flawlessly perform quadrillions of simultaneous operations necessary to direct hundreds of thousands of cellular functions in each of the 100 trillion cells comprising your body (your physical ego-brain is capable of doing about three things simultaneously). Biologist Rupert Sheldrake terms this morphic resonance. Recall this term from the analogy given above.  The physical and etheric bodies never separate from one another except in death. 

Your physical body is the least part of you. Your energy body is the essence of you.

The etheric body exists in both the 3rd density and the 4th density, facilitating the duplex communications between physical and quantum. The etheric body can be perceived in the physical plane as the ‘aura’.  Some have the ability to see the aura naturally.  There is also a photographic method, called Kirlian photography, that can produce a photographic image of the aura. The colors of the aura indicate the status of the body’s wellness. Some people with highly evolved consciousness are able to view auras at will and can differentiate various aspects of the physical body by means of colors and intensity.

Kirlian Photography reveals the aura of all life-forms.

 The next tier encompassing the physical/etheric body is the astral body, the higher emotional center of our being.  The emotions of the physical body reflect the nature of our ego while astral emotions reflect the nature of our spirit, our ‘’higher self”’. 

The fourth and fifth tiers are the mental and the causal bodies. These higher or more energetic tiers are acquired during physical life by some, but not all, and they survive death.  Those who have not discovered and cultivated these higher levels may not survive death in a form that enables advancement to the next stage or higher plane of existence.  Those may be destined to recycle through countless incarnations back to 3rd density until, if or when they succeed in cultivating these advanced conscious features.

The mental energy body is associated with the world of thought.  These are not the casual thoughts that flit through the mind inanely on a non-stop basis.  These are deep and meaningful thoughts of your imagination coupled with intentions that are real energy transmitted into the collective consciousness where they live on forever, long surviving the death of the current physical body.  These thoughts are imprints of our life’s actions that accompany us from this life to the next, and on.  Perception of the mental body requires higher level meditative skills than those needed to perceive the etheric and astral bodies. 

The causal energy body is the ultimate of knowing in this world and only the few very adept meditators have had experience with its aspects.  It is associated with the divine process of creation and the source of emanation of our reality. According to G. I. Gurdjieff, the causal body is man’s interface with Source.  He described it as “a ray of creation that proceeds from the unifying reality of the absolute Divine Source of all this is.”

Human energy centers. The Chakra

To develop ones three higher spiritual bodies, requires looking beyond ego consciousness through the practice of meditation.  Meditation is within the realm of all to learn, but ego transcendence takes time and dedication.  The super conscious higher self is within all of us, whether we chose to take the time and effort to make contact or not.  Allowing the ego to be in charge of one’s life is the easy path to a wasted opportunity.

Biological Water as an Information Medium

The question arises as to how this enormous amount of information can be distributed to the vast number of locations where it is needed throughout the body on a timely basis.  The idea that everything goes via the brain is nonsense.  Each and every one of the more than 100 trillion cells comprising the body contains the double strand helical coil that makes up the resonant circuit for transmission and reception of vast information carried in the ZPE. Information does not come to the body in ‘serial’ fashion, but to each cell simultaneously, in ‘parallel’ fashion.  Each cell has to perform hundreds of thousands of functions each second to keep you alive, functional and healthy. The cellular agglomeration, the body, requires synchronization and coordination. This is where water comes in.

H2O in the body is called Biological Water which has enormous powers.

The body is about 75% water (a fertilized egg is 97% water) and water is virtually everywhere in the body at all times.  The biological water in our bodies is imprinted, via the etheric energy field, with the  information received via the ZPE to direct the function of physical cells.  Dr. Felix Franks of Cambridge University, in his 2006 article appearing in New Scientist, The Quantum Elixir, states “Without water, it is all chemistry, but add water and you get biology”.   Biological water is capable of being imprinted with information, has memory and can retain and deliver information to the physical cells at a high rate. 

Amazing fractalized water crystal snow flake

Although chemically simple, H2O has special properties that are critical to life.  Unlike all other liquids, in the frozen state, water becomes less dense than in the liquid state.  This fact allows marine life to survive cold conditions because the ice is on the surface, not the bottom.  Water is also reluctant to absorb heat energy, allowing organisms time to adapt to gradually increasing temperatures.  The chemical bonds between the hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecule are at least ten times weaker than ‘normal’ bonds, so they break apart much more easily at room temperature.  This causes a kind of abnormal chemical chaos, with binding and separating  occurring more frequently than with typical  liquids. It makes the boiling point more than 150 degrees F higher than comparable liquids as well as causing a marked reluctance toward compression. 

Creation of elements, building blocks of physical matter

The ZPE, standing energy waves, that fill the cosmos and carry the information between the Source and the physical, are quantum and ‘non-local’.  At the point of conscious observation, physical matter comes in to existence as a self-sustaining imploding vortex of energy.  Each of these vortices is a configuration of subatomic quarks.  These quarks arrange themselves into Platonic Solids (named after the Greek philosopher , Plato) that take the shape of all of the different atoms in the Periodic Table of elements by nesting, one inside the other, into symmetrical geometric shapes called fractals.

Platonic solids are the basis of all the elemental structures

These geometric shapes develop the quantum numbers, the electron shells and the valence bands that give elements their chemical properties.  In 300 BCE, Plato correctly identified water as an icosahedron.    When basic elements combine to form more complex structures such as molecules and so on, up to all of the physical matter that is observable, a matrix of the various nested Platonic Solids builds evermore complex fractals.  The imploding force of these ultimately countless vortices is gravity.  Think of the vortex in the drain of your kitchen sink and the suction force that it creates as the water drains with increasing centrifugal force. This is the collapsing of the energy wave function as it becomes a particle of matter.

Platonic Solids are the building blocks for the self-organizing universe and they are able to establish resonance with their common frequencies of the ever-present standing energy waves.  The amazing properties of water discussed above reveal how it can be the receptor for information from the ZPE by forming trillions of different fractals, each oscillating at a unique frequency to resonate with the encoded  information frequencies modulating the standing waves of the ZPE, doing this at a quantum rate called Planck speed (derived from the constant discovered by the physicist, Max Planck) of 1047 times per second. 

Water molecule has unique properties not found in other liquids

Although water is technically electrically neutral, the geometric difference between the large oxygen molecule and the two small hydrogen molecules results in an uneven dispersal of charge within the molecule that creates a weak magnetic dipole.  The hydrogen becomes somewhat positively charged and the oxygen becomes somewhat negatively charged, and , because of this, water molecules can combine together as the positive charges attract the negative, and form complex fractalized geometric shapes, each with a unique frequency of resonance.  As a communication system, the bandwidth is enormous. Cellular functions are largely formation of geometric shapes that can perform functions by virtue of matching geometric openings with geometric blocks that can pass through cellular gates, or not, by virtue of their matching geometric forms.

Fractalized water molecule

Martin Chaplin, Professor of Applied Science, Water and Aqueous Systems at the London South Bank University, has published photographs of structured water fractals consisting of up to 1820 molecular icosahedrons.   He explains that these complex and rapidly changing fractals are actually wave guides, highly efficient shapes to conduct electromagnetic waves.

Quantum Physics vs. Newtonian Physics

Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority       —- Thomas Huxley (1825 – 1895)

Social cultures operate on the basis of “world views” or paradigms, and the West has operated under the world view of Newtonian mechanics for about 300 years.  Under this paradigm, reality is said to be mechanical, and the basic building block is the atom, which is a tiny sphere of matter that looks something like a micro solar system, with protons, neutrons and electrons as the planetary objects.   Quantum physics, discovered by Einstein, Bohr, Pauli, Planck (and others) around 1925, also deals with atoms.  Atoms are indeed composed of these elementary components, and these have been found to be composed of even more elementary components, such as quarks, muons, mesons, baryons, bosons, photons, neutrinos, gravitons, antiquarks,  and hundreds of others, all bound into various combinations by gluons.  At this level, however, they are all energy waves until they are consciously observed, whereupon they temporarily condense into particles of matter

The dual nature of reality has been demonstrated experimentally by the famous double-slit experiment of Thomas Young. If light consisted strictly of local or classical particles, and these particles were fired in a straight line through a slit and allowed to strike a phosphorescent screen on the other side, we would expect to see a pattern corresponding to the size and shape of the slit. However, when this “single-slit experiment” is actually performed, the pattern on the screen is a diffraction pattern in which the light is arrayed.  Similarly, if light consisted strictly of classical particles and we illuminated two parallel slits, the expected pattern on the screen would simply be the two matching single-slit patterns.  In reality, however, the pattern changes to one with a series of light and dark bands, indicating that light consists of waves, as the distribution of brightness can only be explained by the alternately additive and subtractive interference pattern of wavefronts.  

Double-slit experiment show the dual nature of energy/matter

Physicist Thomas Young’s experiment, performed in the early 1800s, played a vital part in the acceptance of the wave theory of atoms, vanquishing the corpuscular theory proposed by Isaac Newton, which had been the accepted model of light propagation in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Why has allopathic medical science clung to the Newtonian model?

The double-slit experiment (and its variations), later conducted by numerous physicists with various types of subatoms, atoms and molecules, has become a classic thought experiment for its clarity in expressing the central puzzles of quantum physics. Because it demonstrates the fundamental limitation of the ability of the observer to predict experimental results, Richard Feynman called it “a phenomenon which is impossible to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum physics”.

The normal state is energy waves. Only when under conscious observation does matter appear

 The observer can decide whether or not to put detectors into the interfering path in an attempt to determine which slit a given particle passes through.  When making this observation, the nature of the of the beam changes from that of waves to that of particles.  So, merely by deciding whether or not to observe the path through the two-slit frame, he can decide which property can become reality.  If he chooses not to put the detectors there, then the wave pattern will become reality; if he does put the detectors there, then particles will become the reality.

Thus, conscious observation causes the wave to become matter during observation, and then return to energy, the normal state.  Yet the observer has no influence on the specific element of the world which becomes reality.  Specifically, if he chooses to determine the path, he has no influence whatsoever which of the two slits, the left one or the right one.  Nature will tell him the one where the particle is found. Likewise, if he chooses to observe the energy interference pattern he has no influence whatsoever where in the observation plane he will observe a specific particle. Both outcomes are completely random, yet uniform.  Even when the beam is controlled to release one unit at a time, the observer can not determine which path will be taken.

The First Pillar of Allopathy

The reason this new paradigm matters is that allopathy is totally based on the old paradigm of the science of Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727), the developer of the equations of classical physical mechanics.  As the story goes, the apple fell from the tree and hit Newton on the head, inspiring him to express the laws of space, time, mass and force (including gravity) that allowed the determination of actions and reactions in the physical domain.  One could now express the future positions of the planets, harnessed by the gravity of the sun into orderly orbits determined by their mass and velocity.  This all seems tidy in the everyday physical world and thus was adopted as the absolute basis of reality, applying to all physical elements, including the human body.  By this theory, the chemicals that make up the bodies of living things are structured in similar fashion to a watch.

 When the watch develops a problem, it can be fixed by opening the housing and finding the spring or gear that is malfunctioning and replacing it, or by cleaning and lubricating it.  All things of the physical world are determinate and obey the laws of Newton’s mechanics.  This includes the mind, intellect, memory, consciousness and all esoteric aspects of human beings.  It is all in the brain or the nervous system somewhere, even if it cannot be specifically identified yet.  If physical things are taken apart down to their smallest element, the secrets of life will be revealed and repairs will be possible (reductionism).  In this paradigm, life-force is something akin to the mainspring of the watch that moves all the parts.  Your life is pre-determined, just like the watch, to a specific course or path, so what you do in life is of no significance because you lack the ability to alter the course.  Genetics are brought into the picture to make you believe further that you have inherited all the aspects of your parents that will determine your susceptibility to future disease or malfunction.

Do you buy into this paradigm?  As a student of “reality”, I suspect not.  But hundreds of millions of people, who get most of what they know from network TV, are thoroughly indoctrinated into this paradigm on the basis that their expert scientists and leaders know best. Quantum physics is still an emerging science, but it has irrefutably proven that the old paradigm is obsolete with regard to the ultimate reality of life.  Quantum physics shows that matter is just a “special case” of energy, which is what really makes up the cosmos, thus proving that the wisdom of the ages is correct, after all. 

Human Genome Project made fools out of experts

Furthermore, the Human Genome Project, that was to decode the human genome once and for all, arrived at the conclusion that only 3% of human genes are coding, meaning influencing physical traits.  The other 97% were call ‘junk DNA’.  Well, the ‘junk DNA’ turns out not to be junk after all.  This major component of DNA is dynamic and responds to its environment and its quantum link to the Source Field.

Life is not like a mainspring, but is the universal intelligent energy we know as Chi, Prana, Akasha, Universal OM, the Zero Point Field, grace of God, Logos and a thousand other names from a thousand different cultures throughout all of recorded history, and beyond.  This is very good news for the students of holism.  It means that there is going to be a paradigm shift in the world that is going to prove once-and-for-all conclusively that allopathy is a fraud and a bogus science that is incapable of understanding disease let alone bringing healing in any form, especially including pills, shots, surgery, chemo or radiation. 

This obsolete paradigm can be compared to another one that shackles humanity….fossil fuels. At least 100 years past obsolescence, the world is still in the grasp of this obsolete energy technology. Why? Because the elite Illuminati, rulers of us all, have enormous investment in the system and simply buy out the patents of competing technology and file them away in the basement.

The paradigm shift is going to be resisted at all costs.  Far more-so in this time in history because the entire bankrupt economies of the Western World are all built upon the obsolete worldview.  Your life is not determinate (pre-determined) and you do have free-will.  Matter is only a special case, not “all there is” thus materialism, that rules supreme in the Western World, is not reality.  In fact, virtually nothing you are told by your government is true.  The truth is generally the exact opposite of your indoctrination (education).

The Second Pillar of Allopathy

The second pillar of allopathy is built on the theories of Charles Darwin on the subject of The Origin of Species and the role of genetic mutations.  Darwin found a world shaped by bloody claws and fangs, as the struggle for survival weeded out the weaker and lesser advanced life-forms.  Around the same time period, Mendel published his discoveries about genes.  Together, they formed an idea that life-forms with weaker genetic traits would not be survivors, thus species would become stronger through the survival of the fittest.  This presupposed that all traits were passed at birth, from parents to offspring, and, once again, predetermination casts those born with weaker genes to a destiny of failure to reproduce.

Darwin’s theory of evolution fails to provide any viable answers.

 Darwin also produced a path to answer the question of “how did we get here?”  The answer is through accidents of evolution, a very acceptable answer to the science of materialism that emerged around 1859.  We are accidents of Nature struggling for our existence against hostile forces.  If we don’t beat somebody else to it, they will kill us in the immutable process…..the law of the jungle.  Civilization is based on competition, not morality.  He who dies with the most toys wins the game.  That is why the US, with 4.4% of the world population consumes 30% of the world’s resources…..and decimates the planet and the people of other civilizations in the process.

In 1953, with the discovery of DNA, it was thought that the single key to our determinate lives had been found.  All that was needed now was to study and decode the DNA helix and Nature would be “putty” in the hands of science.  The Human Genome Project was started and strange things began to arise.

By 2001 it was determined that man has only about 23,000 genes, less than a tomato plant, and most of them do not decode to a trait and thus were called “junk DNA”.  We were supposed to find at least 150,000 coding genes to identify all the traits of our existence. 

Just when we were about to finally conquer Nature, she is toying with us again.  Genes don’t work the way we thought.  They are not determinate at all.  They are like a symphony orchestra, with a finite number of instruments and musicians, but with the potential to play an infinite number of different scores, and all the “junk DNA” is involved in turning genes on and off In complex sequences, like orchestral scores. This new field is called Epigenetics.  So who is the symphony conductor that is directing this great orchestra?  Wow…’s you, by virtue of the internal environment you create through your diet and life-style and the Universal  Source of intelligent energy of the Cosmos again.  Imagine that!

The Third Pillar of Allopathy

The third pillar that allopathy stands on is the theory of germs put forth by Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895).  Although venerated by the establishment and educational system, Pasteur was a conniving, deceining fraud employed by the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s who knowingly put forth a false theory that holds that disease travels outside the body in the form of “germs”.  Thus you “catch” diseases…..I “caught a cold”, I “caught the flu”.  This, just like genetic theory and Newton’s mechanics, makes all people victims of things outside their control. “It couldn’t be that because I live on coca-cola and potato chips that I am sick……no, I am a victim of my genes and those nasty germs that other people leave on doorknobs”. 

Pasteur, the fraud, sold out science to serve the Rothschilds for money

Another French scientist, a contemporary of Pasteur, Antoine Bechamp (1816 – 1908) proved that disease originates within the body, not from external germs, and the constitutional state of health determines to what extent we succumb to illness or not and why we recover when we do. 

It is the disease that produces the microbes (germs), not the other way around.  The microbes assist in the restoration of order and balance inside the gut, tissues and organs of the body.  Bechamp’s findings were shared with Pasteur, who altered and falsified them, publishing them under his own name with the opposite conclusions. 

These conclusions stated that there is a unique germ that causes every type of disease which invades the body from outside….invisible external enemies of health.  Furthermore, every type of ‘symptom’ is a unique disease with a different unique pathology requiring a unique definition, diagnosis and treatment (pill, shot, surgery).

Pasteur was funded by establishment elites (the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) to put forth the idea of vaccines, each to counteract and protect from one among a myriad of different diseases.  The presumed efficacy of vaccination has long been promoted as a means to make trillions of dollars and to control the populations, while actually poisoning them. 

Vaccines are a fraud that bring bankruptcy to national economies and kill millions of people annually, while the people pay the tab for their own demise. The fact is, microbes feast on already dead cells, ridding the body of the corrupt necrosis and never attack living matter.  When the corruption is cleaned up, the microbes disappear. 

Vaccines are the long-range plan for extermination of humanity. Initially, 70 years ago, the sera used was benign. People received vaccinations with no apparent side effects, thereby accepting them as safe. They allowed their children to receive vaccines, who, in turn, allowed their children. Now, people do not fear the vaccines and extend liberties to authorities to administer them to children without their specific consent. When your baby is born, they automatically administer about 30 shots to the baby within hours.

During the past 20 years, children have been infected by vaccines which cause strange diseases like autism, ADHD, ADD and meningitis among others. Correlation was slow in coming, but it is well established at the present time. This has all been an experiment and a proving out of the use of vaccines to deliver diseases. At the present time (5/31/2019), there is suddenly a greatly expanded and persistent campaign to vaccinate everyone, of every age again in multiple order of sera, not just for the measles that they are infecting the population with, but 15 or 20 more so-called diseases. This current vaccination program is intended to have no survivors. This is a set of lethal injections that is designed to be fatal, with delayed reaction long enough to get everyone loaded up with the poisons.

This has been the plan for vaccines all along. They are cunning and patient. People are stupid, trusting with short attention spans. Those who have already taken the vaccines are lost. Every measure should be pursued to avoid receiving any of this current batch of sera. It is not known at this time, how this is going to play. Will some constitutionally strong people survive a single dose? A multiple dose? The answers won’t be know until it is too late. Those in the military will receive the full load automatically. But this may be their plan for disarming the public. Guns are harmless in the possession of the dead.


There are certainly virulent pathogens, most invented and patented by the CDC for the purpose of causing epidemics. Ordinary disease is not contagious (although corrupt inner constitution may make it seem so) and vaccination doesn’t work as claimed, but does introduce disease into the bodies of constitutionally weak individuals who will succumb easily.

First comes the disease, then comes the scavenging bacteria. Pasteur’s false theory of external disease-causing contagious germs and the immunization theory is the underlying basis of the multitrillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that controls the government-mandated monopoly of Rockefeller medicine, the modern system for exploiting people using fear of death and disease. This system now constitutes 25% of the US GDP. and is absolutely vital to the economic survival of the country.  Do not expect disease to lessen, as the predictions show an increase of the health industry to become more than 40% of the US economy in the near future.

Conclusion Regarding Allopathy

To summarize, allopathy is the monopoly medical care system licensed and sanctioned by those controlling the US and other governments.  Allopathy is based on underlying principles of reality now known to be fraudulent, incorrect and inapplicable: Newtonian mechanics, old gene theory, Darwin’s theory and Pasteur’s germ theory.

Surgical medicine has a place in healthcare, but it has no place as an exclusive State-mandated monopoly across the board.  The vast majority of surgeries are totally needless. Surgeons serve the need for emergency reconstructive  trauma care.  Allopathy is diametrically wrong where preventative and curative health care is concerned.  It should not even be an alternative option.  The problem as seen by the Illuminati, is that prevention and holistic care are almost free of cost and release their slaves from stress and financial burden. This is exactly what they fear.

All of the most recent knowledge in all of the fields of scientific inquiry clearly indicate that reality is that truth which has long been known…..The wisdom of the ages.  Although called by many different names, there is only one single vibratory field that connects all things in the cosmos to the universal source of information.

The matter which our physical senses observe is actually this same energy in a special state of coalescence, brought about by conscious observation.  Prior to conscious observation, this energy is probabilistic potential.  Upon observation, it is interpreted by our senses as matter by collapsing or imploding the energy field, which may be nothing more than interpreting the information held by the field in a manner similar to a holographic projection.  Once conscious observation ceases, all is intelligent energy again.

The Zero Point Field

The Zero Point Field (ZPF) is where spirituality and science finally meet and unite with each other.  This conflicts with the so-called “modern” or prevailing scientific paradigm, which is based on physical matter as the sole reality. As previously stated, the world view that dominates thinking today is based on eighteenth century Newtonian physics which is now known to be only a ‘special case’ of reality as manifested in the faux physical world.  

Zero Point Field Concept

Western civilization has an unfanthomably large investment in this 18th century world view. The entire allopathic medical system……the doctors and nurses, the educational institutions that train them, the government bureaucracy that licenses and shelters them, the government agencies that enforce their monopolistic status, the pharmaceutical industry whose products are the basis of their therapies, the medical equipment suppliers, the hospitals, and even the insurance companies and the food industry.  All of this is threatened by the emerging truth of interconnected matter and consciousness.

 Contemplating the significance to the already crippled economies of the Western world, you will realize that this new world view will be opposed with the full coercive force of the Angloshphere to the last breath, just as revolutionary paradigm shifts have always been opposed throughout history by the old and threatened power structure, the ones who wrote the text books that are full of bullshit. This shift will also be opposed by the organized theologies of the world, whose dogma has stemmed from the Jewish Biblical teachings,  to serve their own purposes of control and extortion through fear of damnation in a hell that does not exist.

All of these theologies freely make use of the term “God”, as though they have knowledge and expertise, with a special path of communication that everyone else lacks.  They refer to the “kingdom of heaven” as though God is some bearded potentate on a throne waiting to judge man at the end of his life and mete out rewards or punishment. This is artifact from the days of the Anunnaki creator gods who behaved in this disgusting manner. 

By accepting these kinds of ideas, we get a totally erroneous idea about what “God” means.  They talk of the God-the-father, God-the -son, and God-the-holy-ghost, further confusing and mystifying the concept so that only they can be man’s intermediary with God. 

Your intermediary with God the Source Creator??

Man does not require an intermediary.  In fact, it is impossible to have an intermediary because God is always the part of you that is reality and your purpose for living this life is to see through the false reality of materialism and create a life of spiritualism in direct communion with your Source.  There is no need for churches, edifices, statues, priests, ministers, popes, collection plates, tithing, rituals like masses or confessionals or any other fabricated control constructs. 

All that is needed is to look beyond the physical and the spiritual is right there.  God the Father is the quantum energy Source Field that is all pervasive.  God the Son is you.  Just as Kristos and the Buddha, and others have taught man to emulate them, as the sons or children of God, so are you the child of God.  They taught us the way to fulfill our lives to see the reality that exists. These persons manifested the ideal that we are to strive for in life in order to fulfill the purpose of our brief and temporary physical existence.  The Holy Ghost is the spiritual link that reveals God within each of us through the process of meditation.  This is quantum consciousness that interfaces with the Source field, as will be further explained.  No physical matter is going to ever leave this Earth, but you are.

The ZPF provides the explanation for all of the phenomenon that have baffled Newtonian science and continues to defy explanation by the Newtonian paradigm.  But, it also explains clairvoyance, telepathy, NDE’s, Remembrance of past lives, reincarnation and spontaneous healing (placebo ) at the same time.  In fact, the ZPF contains the complete blueprint for our existence.  Everything and everyone is interconnected through this field which determines who we are, who we have been and will become.  All of the information in the entire cosmos from all time (past, present and future) is stored in the great Akash and accessible by the ZPF and everything in the cosmos is continually a connected part of this field. 

Werner Heisenberg

 One of the laws of quantum physics, called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, states that no object can be brought totally to rest energetically.  This means that waves are always displaying a specific quantum of energy (quantified as Planck’s constant) at every possible frequency at all times and this adds up to the enormous energy, called the Zero Point Field (ZPF).  It is present everywhere and everywhen.  If you create a true vacuum, devoid of everything, it is still permeated by the ZPF.  The significance of this discovery basically supersedes the old paradigm that “all is matter” by the new paradigm that “all is energy”.

We define light as that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes can see, from about 400 to 800 nanometers.  Light, like all other energy waves, exists as quanta…..tiny packets of energy called photons.  However, just because we cannot see the primary portions of the spectrum, it is still  all there, the same energy.    Essentially, the ZPF is light, because the waves inhabit all of the possible frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Light is more than the tiny portion of the spectrum to which our eyes respond. The ZPF is this “light” of the Source Creator which carries the information of our existence.  

It  is also the repository of all existing information (the fundamental unit of the cosmos), and the repository of all possibilities, past, present and future.  In fact, time is only an illusion and a convenience for our ego,  that operates linearly, so our very slow responding sensory equipment can comprehend it.

This also means that the ZPF is the reality of everything that exists in the cosmos, including us.  It is the “one-energy” of the Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Tibetans and many other ancient Eastern cultures.  It is the all encompassing information field that connects consciousness and matter… fact, creates the illusion of the physical world most people take as reality.  Tuning in to the ZPF is what we do through our meditation practice as we transcend the false reality of the ego and come into oneness with the true reality of our higher energetic self. 

So, it turns out when you look deep enough into matter, you find energy waves.  It’s only upon conscious observation that the wave collapses into particles.    Furthermore, the dimensions of time and space do not apply at the quantum level.  At this level, “non-local phenomenon” make connectedness permanent (entangled), all pervasive and instantaneous (ie. not limited to the speed of light). 

Studies at Yale, attempting to find the specific areas of the brain where memories are stored, discovered that long term memory is a non-local phenomena.  The conclusion of these studies and numerous others is that all memory is already stored in the ZPF and we just access that information when we remember.  This is also where clairvoyants get their visions. Studies on clairvoyance at Stanford University (Puthoff, et. al.) concluded that the information is already available in the ZPF even before the actual events occur.  Since this is the very forefront of modern science, how did wise men know all this thousands of years ago?  They called it the Akashic Record, Chi, Ki, Prana… may have heard of it.

What is Time?

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, time is a creation of our nervous system.  The past, present and future exist simultaneously in a field of endless possibilities.  Albert Einstein said “Space and time are modes in which we think, not conditions in which we live”

Time is only an illusion

The ZPF already contains all of the possible outcomes of every possible scenario.  This is the true meaning of the concept that we create our own realities.  Every possible scenario is available to us and reality is the one we choose by retrieving this memory from the ZPF.  Intuition, inspiration, clairvoyance, premonition, telepathy and all psi phenomena stem from accessing the information already stored in the ZPF.  This realization means that we are not individual islands of life in a hostile world.  We are all one with each other, every aspect of the world, the cosmos, and with Source Creator. Every single possibility is available to us by tuning in to the ZPF and making the desired choice.

Everything in reality exists as information waves until an observer becomes conscious of it.  Quantum physicists call these wave functions “proxy waves”.  They contain the sum total of all possibilities and they are non-local.  Many physicists, including Einstein, had a hard time accepting the idea of non-locality, but John Stewart Bell, a theoretical physicist at the CERN accelerator in Geneva settled the matter conclusively in 1964 with what has become known as Bell’s Theorem

John Stewart Bell

All elements of reality are non-local.  Non-local influences do not diminish with distance and they act instantaneously, not being limited by the speed of light.  A non-local interaction is unmediated, unmitigated, and instantaneous.  They are not rare or experimental but rather underlie every single event of everyday life.  Bell’s Theorem has been verified both mathematically and experimentally to the point of scientific acceptance by the majority of quantum physicists today.


Physicist Werner Heisenberg, in an attempt to describe what “unobserved” quantum reality might look like, introduced the concept of superposition and potentia.  Superposition is the coexistence of multiple “tendencies for being”, the potentia.  Prior to conscious observation, none of these potentia are totally real, but upon conscious observation, one of these potentia is promoted to actuality.  All potentia, the raw material of reality, exist in the ZPF and are available to the conscious observer. Bell’s theorem requires that these opportunities be entangled together instantaneously everywhere in the universe. These actualized potentia combine to form the paths of our individual lives in the local physical holographic plane of our daily existence, sometimes referred to as “Paths of Variations”.

Werner Heisenberg

According to philosopher Emmanuel Kant, humans cannot experience reality itself because our senses and brains were developed for the mundane purposes of the physical mind (the ego).  For example, Einstein’s theory of relativity proves that the world is four dimensional, even though humans experience it as three dimensional with a linearly flowing phenomena called time. 

In fact, time is another dimension with the entire history of the universe spread along its axis from beginning to end.  Human perception, in which the present seems to travel along this axis from past to future, is just an illusion, and not the way the world is at all. 

Imagine a reel of film in a projector.  The cells pass through the light source sequentially, one at a time, as the movie plays.  This is the illusion of time.  Take the film off the reel and spread it on the floor.  This is reality.  The whole reel of film is in the ZPF. The objective world simply “is”, it does not “happen”.  Thus, the unobserved world is a simultaneous superposition of all its infinite potentia at once

Human observation of the world, with our “one track minds”, only allows the experience of one set of potentia at a time.  Human perception of things is out of step with reality.  Heisenberg called this the “Cinderella Effect” where everything appears “classical” (non quantum) to humans.

Since all human experience is “classical” and all reality is proven to be “quantum”, the great mystery would seem to be consciousness, where the twain seems to meet.  This is where most physicist’s collection of theories seems to come up empty and spiritualist’s theories seem to take over.

  Conscious awareness has more than one nature.  There is the classical kind of knowing…..the experience of facts, emotions, and body states.  The other kind of consciousness is sometimes called “consciousness without an object”, or spiritual awareness of quantum knowledge.  Classical knowing is strictly “local” while spiritual consciousness is strictly non-local, thus the means of accessing the true reality (according to Bell’s Theorem).

  The spiritual consciousness into the deep reality of the universe is superluminal…..unmediated, unmitigated and immediate…….consciousness without content. 

To once again quote Albert Einstein:  “A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest —a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.  Nobody is able to achieve this completely but the striving for such achievement is, in itself, a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner serenity.”

The Hologram

What did Einstein mean by this restrictive delusional prison that we find ourselves confined to? The answer to this question may be supplied by two of the world’s most eminent thinkers, University of London physicist David Bohm (a protégé of Einstein) and Stanford University neurophysiologist Karl Pibram.  Bohm and Pibram arrived at their conclusions independently and from two different directions.  Both have reached the conclusion that the universe we live in, ourselves included, is a hologram

Simple Holograph

Holograms are three-dimensional images that are projected into space with the aid of coherent light.  To produce a simple hologram, a beam of coherent, monochromatic light, such as that produced by a laser, is split into two beams (with a beam splitter). One part, the object or illumination beam, is directed onto the object and reflected onto a target (high-resolution photographic plate or video camera). The other part, the reference beam, is beamed directly onto the target. The interference pattern of the two light beams is recorded. At this point, the image looks like a bunch of standing waves. When the developed hologram is illuminated from behind (in the same direction as the original reference beam) by a beam of coherent light, it decodes the information and projects a three-dimensional image of the original object in space, shifting in perspective when viewed from different angles.  The interference pattern from which the hologram is developed is an information wave pattern such as may be found encoded in the ZPF. 

Albert Einstein
David Bohm

Dr. Pibram conducted an experiment on a man using only local anesthesia, so the man was conscious during open-brain surgery.  He located the area of the brain associated with neural sensation from the man’s left little finger and placed a sensor to detect the signal from the finger nerves to the brain.  His thesis was that he could measure the time required for a stimulation sensation to the finger to arrive at the brain, which should require a small but measurable transmission time. 

Contrary to expectations, he found that the signal appeared at the brain approximately six seconds prior to applying the stimulation to the finger.  How could it be possible for the brain to know six seconds beforehand that the finger was going to receive a stimulation, in a cause-and-effect material world?  One must conclude that the world works in the opposite manner from that of a cause-and-effect material world.  The brain does not detect the physical sensation as a result of the stimulation (the cause).  The brain is part of the process that manifests what is going to happen in the future.  The “happening” is already scripted in the particular “path of variations” or “set of potentia” that already exists in the ZPF and is projected by the hologram.

Karl H. Pibram

The first question that most people ask when confronted with the idea that all memory is non-local and accessed individually from the ZPF is “how do we all see the same thing if nothing is real?”.  The answer, of course, is we all access the same information, the interference pattern of the background world.

Creating Reality

There is no illness of the body apart from the mind  –  Socrates

 When we talk about creating our own reality in this world, we are talking about accessing the specific individual information patterns available to each of us personally.  From the infinite possibilities available to us, we make choices based on our true beliefs.  We create our reality based only on our deepest true beliefs and we never chose what we don’t believe. The choices we make about our health, diet, lifestyle, relationships, jobs, attitudes and other aspects of our lives are those that we believe the strongest, whether they are positive or negative.  If you make a bad decision that is negative to your best interests, it is because you believe this is the best choice for you under the circumstances, even though you may be fully aware it’s the most positive possible choice.  This is because deep down in your local subconscious,  you have acquired a “program” that you may not even be consciously aware of, that controls your true belief on this matter. This program is a simple algorithm that just runs when it is triggered by a certain stimulus. It is the same every time is runs. I is usually not logical or readily explainable.

For example, you know consciously that it is in your best interest to exercise regularly and you make a plan to get up early and exercise prior to going to work.  When you hear the alarm go off it is decision time. You may turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep.  It is only possible for you to go against your conscious awareness that way if you have a stronger subconscious belief that it is better for you to skip exercise this morning.

 A more extreme example might be you are scheduled to make a major stand up presentation at work and you are filled with dread and feel unprepared.  Instead of building confidence by preparing extensively, you decide to call in sick.  Consciously, you know this is the wrong decision, but you feel unable to overcome your fear for reasons you cannot readily explain. 

The Shadow

Most people have fear-based complexes, negative images and subconscious programming that overwhelm their consciousness to the point that their most important job is to get through the day with as little pain as possible.  There is so much imprinted painful false belief and programming, beliefs about how bad, or how incompetent, or how the world is not safe, how they are not secure, or how they are not significant, that no amount of conscious rationalization can bring about a strong enough belief to overcome them. These deep rooted negative feelings, memories and programs are called the “Shadow”. 

Working out the deep seated problems of the Shadow can be the most important aspect of your meditation work.  Willpower alone will never solve these issues.  Until the Shadow is confronted and integrated, it will prevent the creation of the best reality available to you.  Most of these subconscious programs were acquired in childhood, prior to the time of having developed a sophisticated intellectual response to life’s traumas.  You no longer remember the aspects of the trauma that created the program, but you are still subject to the programming, which is triggered by some seemingly unrelated current event. The program is an algorithm, a set of actions that follow from a stimulus automatically, without thought.

We all seek to thrive and fulfill our highest purpose in life.  The conflict between who we are and who we want to be is the very basis of how well we succeed.  It is necessary to become fully aware of the dualities of which our local world is comprised.  Life and death, good and evil, hope and despair coexist in all of us.  If we recognize courage it is because we have known fear, honesty because we have known deceit, pride because we have experienced shame.  Denying the negative aspects of our Shadow gives it more power.  It is only by delving deeply and boldly into the Shadow that we illuminate the false basis of its control over our beliefs. 

Quantum physics proves that the source of all realities is available to us at all times.  We need only eliminate the source of our negative unfounded  beliefs to access the health, happiness and success we desire and deserve.

Placebo is just the power of belief

A demonstration of the power of belief is the so-called placebo effect.  This term is commonly associated with double-blind clinical studies of pharmaceutical drugs, where the test is between the drug and a ‘placebo’, usually a sugar pill.  Participants do not know which one they are taking and,  thus the results are presumed to be significant if the pharmaceutical performs better than the placebo.  The magic is all in how the statistics are reported or whether they are reported at all. 

The effectiveness of placebos regularly exceeds that of the drugs being tested.   When this happens, it is usually decided the test was flawed and must be dropped from the reported results.  In other cases, where the pharmaceutical barely yields a better result, the statistics are reported in a manner that grossly exaggerates the favorable results.   Why do placebos work, often in more than 50% of the cases?  The only explanation is “belief”.  The patient’s own belief system brings about relief without other factors.  Whether the recipient takes the sugar pill, the pharmaceutical or any other medication, believing  fully that they are receiving some valid cure, they will respond to their own belief, no matter what it was that they took.

Placebo is a denigrated term because allopathy uses it to in reference to the so-called ‘fake’ pill, in contrast to the so-called ‘real’ pill.  The reality is that they are both only pills that have no capability to cure anything.  Let me repeat – no pill has the ability to cure anything!  Just because a pill kills all your gut flora indiscriminately, or causes your blood vessels to contract or dilate, or is an opiate, which gives you some immediate change in the symptoms you are feeling, does not mean that anything is cured.  Placebo causes you to manifest a change for the better due to ‘belief’, the same thing that manifests everything in your life.  The symptom relief re-enforces your belief in the results.  These results are not going to be effective in the long term, unfortunately.  You can’t fool Mother Nature, as the saying goes.  The root cause pathology that brought about the symptoms is not changed due to this fake treatment.  Other symptoms are going to emerge or re-emerge and you may take more pills, but you are not cured in any way.  Your belief ultimately has to be based on reality, not on trickery or wishful thinking.

Even though the DNA in your cells is able to send and receive the Source Information via the chi, the system is assuming that you are making available to your cells the raw material necessary for their functional operations. That you are ingesting a viable diet of living food. If you let your subconscious make a choice for a bad diet, you cannot truly ‘believe’ your way to sound health and wellness.

So, what is the mechanism to deal with the Shadow that is holding us in its grasp of false beliefs?  The Shadow has us surrounded in a fog of illusion, the most damaging being the idea of separateness.  The first step in disempowering the Shadow is to expose its process.  The Shadow may cause you to keep secrets, harbor guilt, pass judgment (guilt wearing a moral mask), cast blame, criticize (projection), feel separation, feel superior or arrogant, feel prejudice, to idealize others (celebrity worship), feel paranoia and see evil in others or yourself.  According to Carl Jung, the Shadow tells us to ignore our own weaknesses and to project them onto others as a defense to avoid looking inward.  This creates a false state of self-acceptance based on “I’m OK, but you aren’t”.  The moment you see that you are projecting a hidden feeling is the moment to contact it.  There is a brief moment before you erect your defense where you will actually feel the cause of your need to project. Once you feel what’s really there you have choices.  You can push it down and go forward with your defense mechanism, or you can acknowledge the unwanted feeling and make peace with it.  Pushing it down gives power to the Shadow.  Accepting reality takes power away from the Shadow.  

Every past deep emotional trauma you have ever experienced has imprinted its remains in your Shadow.  Most are rooted in childhood, the learning ground for guilt, shame, resentment, inferiority and all of the most primal negative baggage we carry along in life.  When you encounter and accept responsibility for this baggage, you understand the validity for holding on to it.  You had no choice because it was secretly deposited and remained hidden.  Fear wasn’t holding on to hurt you; it thought you needed this response mechanism to prevent other future hurts and traumas.  But those threats are not going to happen again and, in maturity, don’t pose the powerful hurts of childhood.  You can either come to understand and integrate these programmed responses, or keep recycling the past and reinforcing the Shadow. The main reason the Shadow exists is as an instant defense mechanism against non-existent threats.  Detachment from the Shadow does not show fatalism or indifference.  It just shows that you don’t want negativity to stick to you.

When you add the ingredient of self-judgment to any emotion, it can be damaging.  Love and compassion, the two most powerful of all emotions, can only be valid when self-judgment is left out.  It is the Shadow’s judgmental voice that never sympathizes.  To keep its power over you, it must intimidate you.  What if you offer unmitigated sympathy to yourself?  The inner judge would dissolve. When you offer unmitigated sympathy to another, their woes are heard and passed on to a higher level of awareness and you open a channel to the healing powers.  Your emotional self, like the physical self, must be properly nourished and exercised.  Your emotional self should remain energetic, alert, flexible, and pleasing to experience. Rebuilding your emotional self is the best long term strategy for health. Do not spend your time and energy everyday defending your Shadow, which only makes the ego feel good.  The ego is not capable of realizing that it has the potential to feel even better by giving up its narrow, selfish stake in the world, but this is the only way to find wholeness.  Wholeness overcomes the Shadow by absorbing it.

Wholeness is achieved by integrating the Shadow

Everything in reality is interconnected and nothing is excluded.  All aspects of your SELF, other living beings, and all aspects of the world and the multi-dimensional cosmos are one with Source through the Zero Point Field.  This is the new holistic world view, the ultimate truth that can never be denied or long repressed.  The ego-driven mind, the hologram, seeks in vain for cause-and-effect explanations for everything.  We were never trained to look for another way to explain the unseen workings of reality before now.  Everything that exists, visible or esoteric, is part of a single whole which is nothing but consciousness, infinite, all-embracing, all-powerful, and all-knowing.

 The five senses of the ego mind are not capable of sensing most aspects of this true reality, thus we tend to not feel one with far off galaxies, jellyfish in the ocean, or rocks on the mountainside.  This causes us to miss a vast portion of reality that far exceeds the human mind.  The power that maintains the configuration of your body and coordinates the infinite number of biological actions each second among trillions of highly complex cells is much more primal than thinking.  Primal must not be mistaken for primitive, for this force far exceeds even our most extreme imaginings.

Wholeness is what we seek through our meditation, for to be whole is to be healed.  The approaches to wholeness based solely on positive thinking and will-power cannot ultimately succeed.  The illusion that life forces us to choose between good and evil is false illusion.  The only possible way to succeed is to become whole, fully integrated with all aspects of reality.  When you can experience yourself as your source and your world at the same time, you have become whole.  You do not conquer the Shadow by fighting it, but by transcending and integrating it.  The Vedas and the Kristos  both taught that you are not of the world, but the world, the kingdom, is in you.  Wholeness eliminates conflict and brings peace. 

American perpetual war

Conflict has become a “way of life” in the Western world.  There would seem to be just about nothing that has not had “war” declared on it.  This is the government meme to control the masses with fear of all the bogey men (government created) that only the government can save the cowering masses from.  “Conflicted” is the path to disease and destruction.  You are choosing not to transcend when you choose to struggle at the level of the problem, whether contrived or perceived.  One side has been labeled good, the other bad.  Someone else is made “wrong” so you can feel “good and righteous”. 

Think of countries that proclaim peace, but feel so insecure and unsafe that the bulk of  their wealth and energies go to armaments and wars.  This is obviously folly, for duality is always unsafe and wholeness is always safe.  Jungian psychology holds that feeling unsafe is rooted in the collective consciousness (psyche) and specifically in the Shadow.  You will feel safe when you discover that the Source is within you, there is no division, therefore the external world cannot threaten the inner world.  Your core self is stable, permanent, everlasting and the all-powerful truth which has nothing to fear from the ever-changing outer world.  To find love you must be capable of seeing yourself as lovable.  Remove fear, and what remains is love.

Our thoughts are not confined to the insides of our heads, but are real energy that is sent out to the ZPF. When you are sending out positive energy frequencies, you can resonate with the waves of possibilities that give positive energies back to you, and positive results in the process.  When you send out negative thought energies, these will resonate with other negative energies and take energy from you, and give negative results in the process.   These waves of encoded energy are analogous to the waves in the ocean.  Imagine swimming in the ocean, with endless waves passing by, one after the other.  If you have the skill, or a surf board, you can select a wave and use its energy to propel you to your destination, the shore.  The waves have no opinion about whether you select one of them, or whether you sink to the bottom and drown.  They are just opportunities. Whether you struggle and maybe drown, or whether you take the exciting, fast, and easy ride to your destination is your choice. Source provides us with all potentials and gives us free will and choice.  Before you enter into deep water, it is a good idea to assess your capabilities, correct any problems and acquire some skills.


Meditation is easy anytime

Meditation is the tool to deal with all of the issues in your present, local holographic experience.  You are body, mind and spiritl…..a tripartite being.  Your body is the temporary local contrivance of the hologram to provide the experiences of duality and to challenge you to discover reality.  Your spiritl (superconscious mind) is the singularity of the ZPF, which is non-local and the true reality.  Your mind intermediates, interprets and gives meaning to the information from the ZPF for your physical entity to act upon.  Your ego mind is very limited and can only deal with three, or at most four tasks simultaneously, although it never stops ruminating.  This does not stop your ego from thinking it is “in charge” and wanting to call the shots.  In fact, it fears above all, that you will discover your spirit and put your ego where it belongs……in a secondary capacity.  Your spirit, on the other hand, performs literally quadrillions of simultaneous tasks effortlessly and with utmost perfection.  It tries to show you the way to success, happiness, fulfillment and reality all the time, but the ego demands absolute obedience from you.  When you get inspirations, intuitions, premonitions and other subtle communications, this is the spirit trying to help you.

 Meditation is only a means to make the ego “shut up” for a brief time, so you can transcend to the ZPF and work on getting to reality and select the “paths of variability” that will bring you to what you desire.  These subtle communications from the spiritl that get past the ego once in a while, are just hints at the true possibilities available to you when you put your spiritl in-charge.

 Almost everybody wants to succeed, but only a very few achieve the kind of success that is brilliant, lasting and obtained honestly and effortlessly.  Furthermore, your ego does not have the capability of creation.  It can take creations apart and make different versions and even improvements, but it is only the spirit that is able to truly “create”.  Do you feel that you have creative potential, but just can’t reach it?  You’re correct.  It’s there, in the ZPF and it is only your ego standing in the way, demanding to try to do it with its analytical symbology that will never succeed.

Chakra Meditation

Dreams are an interesting related topic.  When we dream, we are having an “out of body” experience.  Dreams are not illusions, but are a trip to the ZPF, where all possibilities are available.  Since all of the “potentia” exist simultaneously, your super-conscious can take a trip on any of them and things can happen very rapidly, because there is no matter or ego involved to put a drag on the process.  That is why dreams have the simultaneous threads of reality, fantasy and impossibility interwoven in them. 

Meditation is not an esoteric experience that is some smoky combination of mysterious ancient Eastern practices and new age drug-induced trances.  It is a scientific fact that four different stages of consciousness are routinely experienced by virtually everyone every day.  This has been demonstrated by analyzing brain waves using the Electroencephalograph (EEG).  In the Western world, most people spend most of their wakened time in the “beta” level of consciousness.  At this stage, the mind (ego) is totally one-hundred percent in-charge and is considered the “normal” state.  But at times of peacefulness and quiet, we enter the “alpha” state.  This is where we are at least somewhat receptive to communications from the spirit and where we get our ideas and inspirations.  There are two other states, the ‘theta” and “delta” that are usually experienced when we go to bed with the intent to fall asleep.  Theta is the first level of sleep, often called REM sleep and delta is the deep unconscious out-of-body level of sleep.   Meditation practitioners are able to eventually learn to enter alpha, theta, and delta states at-will while being totally awake. 

If everything is energy and consciousness, does it really matter to your physical and mental health if you don’t exercise regularly, eat poorly, toxify your body, have bad hygiene, stress out…?  Recall that you can only select from the fields of variability (potentia) those that you truly and deeply believe in your heart.  If you lead a bad lifestyle, eat processed junk food regularly, drink cola or alcohol, is it possible for you to also hold the true and deep belief that radiant health should be the result?  How about the idea of cheating by just going to the allopath and getting a prescription for pharmaceutical drugs that will quickly mask over your symptoms of disease with no consideration as to the root cause and any meaningful rectification?  Pharmaceutical drugs are not different from recreational drugs.  They are harmful foreign chemicals that have adverse affects on your fundamental state of health and prevent you from attaining a true state of good health.

 Look at Americans, who take more drugs than any other culture in the world and have the poorest state of health in the world by their own actual statistics. Symptoms of disease are nothing more than a warning signal from your body, like the oil warning light in your car, that something is seriously wrong and needs to be fixed.  Taking drugs, chemo or radiation, or getting surgery is nothing more than putting black tape over the oil warning light, so you won’t have to look at it.  Nothing is fixed.  Your poor health just gets worse.

You choose your path of variability (potentia) with your conscious intent.  Your intentions are guided by either your ego or by Source (ZPF).  Who would you rather have in charge of guiding your intentions?…….your feeble insecure ego or the Source of All Things.  Conscious intent is not the same as physical desire.  Everyone desires many things in the physical hologram, but physical desires have no influence in the non-local quantum domain, thus do not provide the ability to select your reality.  Conscious intent is only possible through deep true belief, which is only possible when you are truly on the right path in all aspects of yourself, physical ,vital and spiritual. You must be communicating on a quantum level.

When I use the term “Source”, it should not be confused with the word ‘God’, used by the dogmatic organized religions of the world, and especially the West.  The word God is a term that is used very freely to describe a very wide host of meanings.  The term has been usurped by countless demagogues who operate the businesses of telling people what they want to hear about the seeming unknowns in their lives and how to “get to heaven”.  There is nothing dogmatic in the spiritual world.


No explanation of the essence of life would be complete without an explanation of the essence of death.  The Western World fears death above all things because it is totally into the old world view of matter as the only reality. The end of matter is “the end”.  Materialism is the single most descriptive adjective for the value system of the Western World.  When you think that matter is the only reality and your value system places materials at the pinnacle, then abject fear of death makes sense. 

Fortunately, the new world-view of quantum physics clearly demonstrates that reality is not matter but energy.  Matter only appears in the hologram.  The most abiding principle of science is that energy can take many forms, but it can never be created or destroyed.  The physical body, the bag of chemicals, has a finite useful life (a lifetime).

 The reason for this is that your time in the hologram is for an evolutionary experience that is a part of the growth of your cosmic consciousness.  You have a finite time to seek and find reality and embrace your own Higher Self.  Death of the bag of chemicals is simply the end of the hologram (the end of the movie).  You, however, are infinite, with no beginning and no end.  When the bag of chemicals returns to the Earth chemicals, from which it came, you, your energy takes its quantum form.  You will have accomplished your purpose during your physical lifetime, or not.  It may take many more physical lifetimes for you to “get it”.  We may have lived countless lifetimes already and may live countless more lifetimes during this evolutionary process.  There are no doubt other venues and levels of challenges in this process.  Take comfort in the fact that you will never die, in the sense of cessation of being.  In the duality of the holographic artificial world, death is just the other part of birth, the heads and tails of the same coin.  It is nothing to fear, any more than you should fear the end of a good movie. 


To summarize the essence of life, we hold the following concepts:

  1. The chemicals derived from the Earth, which comprise our physical body, do not and cannot provide the infinite intelligence and information needed to create “life”.  The theory of the Human Genome, that the DNA-encoded information to form life reads out like a book, has been proven totally false.  The 18th century Newtonian physics world view of materialism is an incomplete approximation of reality and is superseded by the quantum world view.
  2. The five senses of the physical body are capable of sensing only a minute portion of reality and are suited to use only in the local domain of false reality known as egoism.
  3. The three-dimensional holographic information field that defines the physical body, as well as all else in the visible material universe, is defined by the Zero Point Field (ZPF ) and projected as the common local physical world through collective consciousness.
  4. The infinite amount of information that is required instantaneously at every point throughout the body at all times is provided by the Source Filed, encoded in the ZPF, communicated via the etheric body blueprint to the DNA, and transferred within the body via biological water.  Biological water has the unique properties to perform this immense task.
  5. Quantum physics proves that everything is energy waves from the ZPF.  When a wave is observed by consciousness, it implodes into a particle of physical matter, but remains so only while being observed.
  6. The ZPF is the “light” of creation and the repository of all possibilities, past, present and future.
  7. The Quantum energy reality has been known by the Ancients for hundreds of thousands of years, and not only explains ordinary reality, but all meta-physical phenomena.
  8. Implosion physics prove how the wave function collapses into a particle of matter and creates gravity at the same time.  In the macro-world, this happens on a macro scale. All of the chemical elements of the Periodic Table form from complex fractals that impart the elemental properties.
  9. Everything in the artificial holographic world of human senses is “local”.  Everything in the reality of quantum physics is “non-local”.  Non-local means instantaneous (not limited to the speed of light), unmitigated (not diminished in intensity by any condition, such as distance) and unmediated (the direct cause, with no intervening conditions). Memory is non-local and is recalled directly from the Source via the ZPF.
  10. The ZPF provides for the creation of infinite potential at all times (potentia).
  11. The human brain is only the Junction box and the sensory equipment was developed for the mundane needs of the artificial holographic world.  They are totally incapable of sensing or comprehending reality. Reality must be sensed directly, through meditation, which is a way to transcend the ego, and experience the Source Field directly.
  12. Because the physical body cannot experience reality, it is limited to a serial sequential three-dimensional experience of artificial reality called time.
  13. The Cosmos is at least four-dimensional and very probably thirteen dimensional.  Time is an illusion and everything in the time axis exists simultaneously in the “now”.
  14. Our artificial world, including our bodies, is a projection hologram derived from the information energy waves of the ZPF.  Everyone creates approximately the same background world, derived from the same information source. 
  15. We have the capability of creating our own individual reality from the infinite possibilities already existing in the ZPF, and we do this by consciously remembering or recalling or ideating the specific reality we want to create.
  16. Individual realities are created based on true beliefs founded upon our past actions.
  17. The Shadow or subconscious part of our psyche  forms many of our programmed reactions and beliefs that stem from negative traumas, mostly in childhood, that often leave us conflicted and unable to create the best and highest reality that we may consciously desire.
  18. Meditation provides a way to integrate and transcend the Shadow, allowing us to become whole, thus free to create the health, happiness and success we desire.
  19. In our lifetime, we have a mission.  That is to seek truth and find reality.  In so doing, we can succeed in realizing our highest purpose while in the duality of polarities.
  20. Quantum physics clearly proves that we, in reality, are energy, which can be transformed, but never created or destroyed.  Your bag of chemicals will exceed its usefulness and return to the Earth, from which it came.  But you are eternal and infinite.

The Grand Unified Law of Everything

All is energy.  When the frequency of energy is temporarily low, it becomes polarized.  This is the particle state.  The physical is an illusion that serves a useful purpose.  It provides the duality of polarities.  The duality gives the illusion of separation.  This is the challenge of the physical existence.  We are not separate but are all a part of the same WHOLE.  You are to discover this during your physical life.  

UNITY. This is the Grand Unified Law of One.


The essence of life is not revealed by the five senses and the ego-state of consciousness.  Reality is not the material world that first glance would have us believe it to be.  Quantum physics and consciousness have come full circle to a common agreement on this.  The significance could hardly be more profound. 

The world paradigm of the current century is one of materialism as the sole reality because our egos are fooled into believing that matter is the only reality.  A totally materialistic world is, by definition, a deterministic world (things are predetermined, preordained) and we have nothing to do with the destination or purpose of our existence.  We cannot determine our own destiny.  This creates a belief system on the part of those born into and educated into this type of system that offers little hope for human control over fate and places inordinate value on accumulation of material things and pleasures.  This underlies that pitiful plight of a culture of drug addicts, narcissists, and war mongers.

Source  has placed the infinity of possible outcomes on the menu for us to choose our realities by ‘re-membering’ who we are.  This requires absolute transcendence of ego.  Those born into and grown up in the current world paradigm have a challenge to reach the necessary understanding and awareness of reality.  In the future, once the new world paradigm of quantum reality is re-acquired, we will have no Shadow to overcome and will enter conscious maturity with clear vision.

by Dr. Patrick Riley (shamaniam). Reproduce with permission only.


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I hope you found this information enlightening.


Obesity and Diabetes

Fat Cells and Chronic Illnesses:  Food as Medicine or poison.

                                                   Obesity epidemic in US

Inflammation is the root cause of a wide array of health problems. Insulin resistant type 2 diabetes, periodontal disease, stroke, arthritis, and heart disease all have inflammation in common.

The majority of inflammatory diseases start in your gut. Chronic inflammation in your gut disrupts the normal functioning of many bodily systems. Pathological bacteria and body fat combine to produce an excessive heightened inflammatory response which drives the process that creates numerous body malfunctions.

Remember this fact, which arises in every and any discussion about disease: no disease is contracted by germs outside the body. That is simply a lie perpetrated by the establishment medical system to keep you taking pills, shots and surgeries that have no potential to correct any health problem, thus maintaining your diseased state.

Superantigens—toxic molecules produced by pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus (staph)—play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes through their effect on fat cells.

Fat cells (adipocytes) interact with superantigens, triggering release of molecules called cytokines, which promote inflammation…

All staph bacteria make these toxic superantigens — molecules that disrupt the immune system. Superantigens cause the deadly effects of various staph infections, such as toxic shock syndrome, sepsis, and endocarditis.

When you have type 1 diabetes, your pancreas can’t make insulin. This vital hormone helps your body’s cells convert sugar into energy. Without it, sugar builds up in your blood and can reach dangerous levels.

Ulcers can lead to amputation

The chronic inflammation caused by the superantigens also hinder wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers. These ulcers, which affect 15 to 25 percent of people with diabetes, are notoriously difficult to heal and can often lead to amputation.”

        Inflammation Promotes Diabetes

Staphylococcus Aureus

Obese people have different intestinal bacteria than lean people. Lean people tend to have higher amounts of various healthy beneficial bacteria compared to those who carry a lot of excess weight,  tending  toward imbalance in favor of pathogenic bacteria. All individuals have both pathogenic as well as beneficial bacteria all the time.  When they are in balance, the body can maintain homeostasis. Loss of balance enables malfunctions that manifest many symptoms, thus are called by many different names in allopathy, but they are all the same disease from the same root cause.

The human adenovirus-36 (Ad-36) — a cause of respiratory infections and pinkeye –-transforms adult stem cells into fat cells capable of storing excessive additional fat.

type 1 diabetes deprives your cells of the sugar they need for energy. Your body starts burning fat instead, which causes ketones to build up in the blood. These are acids that can poison your body. Acidity is the cause of almost all disease. Acids are oxidants that are highly chemically reactive. Oxidation is the bane of the body in countless ways.

Staph and E. coli, trigger fat cells to produce inflammatory cytokines, .provoking the development of obesity-related diabetes.

The evidence for this:

  • Obese people have a tendency to become heavily colonized with staph bacteria
  • Staph bacteria is the most common bacteria found in diabetic foot ulcers
numbness or tingling of feet, blurred vision –  type 1 diabetes

When both staph and E. coli have a dominant presence in the gut flora, the inflammatory cytokine response in fat cells are further amplified, thereby boosting the risk of diabetes.

The E. coli that resides in the gut produces LPS [lipopolysaccharide], a toxin, and every day a small amount of this toxin gets into the circulation, but it is generally cleared from the circulation by the liver. However, people over-colonized by staph bacteria are also chronically exposed to superantigens, which shut down the LPS detoxification pathway.

Type 1 diabetes: Bacterial infections Fungal infections Itching, dry skin, poor circulation

That creates a synergy between the ‘uncleared’ LPS and the superantigen. These two molecules cause inflammation and cytokine production. So in essence, their presence together creates a perfect storm for inflammation

Babies with high numbers of bifidobacteria (beneficial bacteria) and low numbers of Staphylococcus aureus, appear to be protected from excess weight gain.

This may also be one reason why breast-fed babies have a lower risk of obesity, as bifidobacteria flourish in the guts of breast-fed babies, unlike babies fed artificial formulas (basically poisons).

There is a Link Between Gum Inflammation and Heart Health

Your oral health can have a significant impact on your cardiovascular and heart health. For example, a study has shown that those with the worst oral hygiene increased their risk of developing heart disease by 70 percent, compared to those who brush their teeth twice a day.

Improved gum health was shown to significantly slow down the progression of atherosclerosis—the buildup of plaque in the arteries, which increases  risk of heart disease, stroke, and death. 


 Results show a clear relationship between what is happening in the mouth and thickening of the carotid artery, even before the onset of full-fledged periodontal disease. This suggests that incipient periodontal disease should not be ignored.

Gum recession and affraction

Here, bacteria are again playing a preeminent role, as periodontal disease is the result of the colonization of certain bacteria in your mouth. This bacterial profile, by the way, is again linked to an imbalance of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria in your gut. Fermented vegetables, kombucha, apple cider vinegar and other sources of beneficial bacteria are important to reducing periodontal disease involving both bone and the tissue that is in contact with that bone. From this contact, bacteria and toxic inflammatory compounds can easily enter your blood stream. Once in your blood stream, these toxic compounds can harm the lining of your blood vessels, which can lead to both strokes and heart attacks. So, reducing inflammation is of primary importance for your overall health, and brushing your teeth regularly is one way to combat chronic inflammation in your body. The sooner you brush after eating anything, the more effective the prevention or rectification.

Findings such as these offer potent testimony to the fact that heart disease is a condition that can be prevented, most of the time, by leading a healthy lifestyle — which includes the simple act of brushing your teeth regularly to prevent periodontal disease, and optimizing your gut health by eating foods that allow healthy bacteria to flourish and keep pathogenic bacteria in check.

Fermented Vegetables maintain gut flora balance.

Diet and Environmental Factors Affect Your Gut Flora

It’s generally a wise choice to “reseed” your body with good bacteria, ideally by regularly eating non-pasteurized, traditionally fermented foods such as:

  • Fermented vegetables eg. Kimchi, pickles, tempeh, tofu, sauerkraut
  • Lassi (an Indian yoghurt drink)
  • Fermented milk, such as kefir
  •  Natto, tofu (fermented soy)
  • Kombucha fermented green tea

Fermentation is a process that’s used to produce some of our favorite foods and beverages — things like wine, beer, breads, cheese, chocolate, coffee and yogurt, for example. Throughout history, fermenting foods gave our ancestors the option of prolonging the freshness of produce that was available to them during the different seasons. Today, you can make a large batch of fermented foods, such as sauerkraut or yogurt, to have ready to eat in your refrigerator, that should keep a relatively long time.

Eating fermented (or “cultured”) foods is the most convenient way to obtain a daily dose of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Some of the many ways that fermented foods support overall health include improving digestion and cognitive function, boosting immunity, helping treat irritable bowel disease, providing minerals that build bone density, and killing harmful yeast and pathogens that cause issues like candida.  Fermented foods also facilitate reduction in excess fat.

Keep in mind that eating fermented foods may not be enough if the rest of your diet is really poor. Your gut bacteria are an active and integrated part of your body, and as such are vulnerable to your overall lifestyle. If you eat a lot of processed foods for instance, your gut bacteria are going to be compromised because processed foods in general will destroy healthy microflora while sustaining bad bacteria and yeast. Your gut bacteria are also very sensitive to the following factors—all of which should ideally be avoided as much as possible in order to optimize your gut flora:

  • Antibiotics, including antibiotic-traces found in meats from factory-farmed feed-lot meats and animal products
  • Agricultural chemicals, especially glyphosate
  • Chlorinated/flouridated water
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Pollution in any form

Your Diet Is Key for Reducing Chronic Inflammation

As you can see, the running thread linking a wide variety of common health problems—from obesity and diabetes to heart disease and stroke—is chronic inflammation. Clearly, addressing your oral health is an important step, but the real key to reducing chronic inflammation in your body starts with your diet.

Healthy All Natural Diet

Diet is the most essential part of a healthful lifestyle, and keeping inflammation in check is a major part of these benefits. It’s important to realize that dietary components can either trigger or prevent inflammation from taking root in your body.

For example, whereas transfats and refined white sugar will increase inflammation, eating healthy fats such as omega-3 fats found in wheat germ, flaxseed oil,  krill oil, olive oil or the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA) will help to reduce it. To reduce or prevent inflammation in your body, you’ll want to AVOID the following dietary culprits:

  • Refined/processed foods including sucrose/dextrose (white sugar), corn syrup and sugar substitutes.
  • Oxidized cholesterol (cholesterol that has gone rancid, such as that from overcooked eggs)
  • Foods cooked at high temperatures
  • Trans fats, hydrogenated oils like oleo margarine, canola and other cheap cooking oils
  • All junk/fast foods/TV dinners/pasteurized/denatured/microwaved foods

Replacing processed foods with whole, ideally organic, foods will automatically address most of these factors, especially if you eat a large portion of your food raw, steamed or lightly cooked. Equally important is making sure you’re regularly reseeding your gut with a variety of beneficial bacteria, as discussed above. The ideal way, again, is by adding a variety of non-pasteurized traditionally fermented foods to your daily diet.

Maximizing your vitamin D levels is another important aspect of optimizing your gut health and immune function. Vitamin D is as effective as animal-based omega-3 fats in countering inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis for example. One of the reasons for this is because it helps your body produce over 200 anti-microbial peptides capable of fighting all sorts of infections. In simple terms, if you are vitamin D deficient, your immune system will not activate to do its job. And since vitamin D also modulates (balances) your immune response, it helps prevent overreaction in the form of inflammation.  Ample vitamin D can be derived from 2-hours of sun exposure daily.  Sun exposure is healthy and is not carcinogenic unless exposure is extreme.  Like all good things, you must seek balance and moderation. By the way, it is the ‘sunscreen’ chemicals that are the carcinogens.

Get some sun. The sun is the source of all life. Be sensible, not extreme.

Grounding or earthing is a powerful strategy

Another simple lifestyle strategy that can help prevent chronic inflammation is grounding or ‘Earthing’. Stated in the simplest terms possible, earthing is simply walking barefoot; grounding your body to the Earth. Your skin, in general, is a very good conductor, so you can connect any part of your skin to the Earth, but if you compare various parts, there is one that is especially potent, and that’s right in the middle of the ball of your foot; a point known to acupuncturists as Kidney 1 (K1). It’s a well-known point that conductively connects to all of the acupuncture meridians and essentially connects to every nook and cranny of your body.

By looking at what happens during grounding, the answer to why chronic inflammation is so prevalent, and what is needed to prevent it, can be understood. When you’re grounded there’s a transfer of free electrons (negative ions) from the Earth into your body. And these free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man. These antioxidants are responsible for beneficial changes in heart rate and blood pressure, decreased skin resistance, decreased levels of inflammation and  lessening of blood viscosity.

This can have a profound impact on cardiovascular disease, which is now the number one killer in the world. Virtually every aspect of cardiovascular disease has been correlated with elevated blood viscosity. It turns out that when you ground to the earth, your zeta potential quickly rises, which means your red blood cells have more charge on their surface, causing them to repel each other, lowering viscosity.

This repulsion makes blood cells less inclined to stick together and form an unwanted clot. Additionally, if your zeta potential is high, which grounding can facilitate, you not only decrease your heart disease risk but also your risk of multi-infarct dementias, loss of brain tissue due to micro-clotting in your brain.


Remember, the micro-organisms living in your digestive tract form a very important “inner ecosystem” that influences countless aspects of health. More specifically, the type and quantity of organisms in your gut interact with your body in ways that can either prevent or encourage the development of chronic inflammation, which is at the heart of many diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. The composition of your microflora may even dictate the ease with which you’re able to shed unwanted pounds.

Since most of us are exposed to factors that destroy beneficial gut bacteria, such as antibiotics (whether you take them for an illness or get them from contaminated animal products), chlorinated/flouridated water, antibacterial soap, agricultural chemicals, or pollution, ensuring your gut bacteria remain balanced should be considered a vital ongoing process.

Cultured foods like yogurt, kombucha and kefir, some cheeses, and fermented vegetables are good sources of natural, healthy bacteria. Make cultured or fermented foods a regular part of your diet. This can be your primary strategy to optimize your body’s good bacteria.  Older cultures in the world do this routinely, but Western cultures typically do not, attributable to lack of education.

Replacing processed foods, white sugars and de-branned or GMO grains with whole foods is a critical step to address chronic inflammation. Optimizing your vitamin D levels and making sure you’re getting plenty of omega-3 fat in your diet is also important, along with grounding, to keep inflammation in check.


Detoxification Power

Conversations on Wellness

Detox Your Body to Begin Your Transition to Wellness

Over the period of your lifetime, eating a typical ‘Western style’ diet, your body has become highly contaminated with a lot of very nasty substances, much of which you are hauling around with you every day, and will remain in your body indefinitely.  If your typical diet consists of dairy, white bread, meat, French-fried potatoes, processed packaged foods, or street-corner junk food, you can be assured that your colon is compacted with undigested particles of putrefied food mixed with mucous and pus, called mucoid plague, that has firmly entrenched itself into the lining of your colon.  Some of this disgusting poison is making its way into your blood stream every moment.  It is common for autopsies to reveal 20 pounds of this junk, or more, in a typical case.

GI Tract

In some notable autopsies, such as Elvis Presley and John Wayne, the impacted plague stuck in their colons exceeded 30 pounds.  This is not the record, as others have had over 40 pounds of junk in their colons at death.

This mucoid plague is toxic in the extreme and is the root cause of a great deal of human disease, including cancer, colitis, Crohn’s, absorption problems, digestion problems, psoriasis and even the common cold. 

Your Digestive Tract

Like the epidermis, your outer skin covering, you have an inner skin that extends from your mouth to your anus. This inner tract keeps whatever you ingest through your mouth separated from your body, except for those certain digested molecules that can pass through this skin by a process of osmosis.  These molecules that pass through the inner skin are supposed to be viable foods that your body needs for energy and cell replacement parts.  These viable molecules are separated from the nonviable food components, which remain outside your body, to be moved along and discharged from your body via the anus.

Bowel Habits

If all of the matter that you ingest through your mouth is clean, pure, viable food and water, this process will sustain your body’s needs for energy and replacement parts without creating any health problems and the waste will be moved out with the assistance of fiber and roughage, leaving your inner skin nice and clean. This process will be very nice and regular, based on the frequency of your meals.  Humans have a very long digestive tract due to the nature of extracting all available nutrients from plant foods, which can take up to one day in passage.  You should have a bowel movement, releasing the waste material, once for each meal that you consume.  The bowel movement should be an easy natural process that relieves any pressure built up in the colon.  The discharge should be relatively soft, moist, light in color and weight, and relatively odorless.  If you eat three meals each day, you should have three bowel movements during the course of each day.

Plague impacted colon

Ideally, you should eat your largest meal in the morning, consisting of fresh fruits and fruit juices.  Fruits begin the digestive process while in your mouth, as most contain their own digestive enzymes which react with the saliva in your mouth and move through the stomach quickly.  This meal will be processed by your body’s digestive system very quickly, as fruit is the easiest food to digest.  Do not combine with any other type of food for at least 45 minutes from the end of your fruit breakfast.  Food combinations is something that must be controlled, as categories of foods require differing digestive processes using different bile acids and enzymes. Mis-combining can result in fermentation and gases.

If you have a morning exercise routine, you can either perform this routine before or after your fruit breakfast.  Some people feel that exercising before eating any food is the most beneficial for them.  I do not argue this point one way or the other, but morning is an excellent time to do your daily exercise routine.  If your lifestyle permits, you can eat a brunch or lunch later consisting of something like oatmeal, eggs, whole-grains or vegetables.  Later, after work, but within 8 hours of breakfast, eat your last meal, which should be the lightest meal, consisting of more vegetables, legumes, seeds, fatty vegetables, avocados, squash, egg plant, zucchini, or whatever you prefer.

In the ideal case, your meals should be eaten within an 8-hour time period, or as close as possible, leaving your body with an 8-hour period of digestion and another 8-hour period of cleansing. Many people make the mistake of leaving insufficient time for their body to complete its digestive process, followed by a time for detoxing. Eating too much over too long can stress your body and contribute to many health problems.  Your body needs to detox, even if your diet is very sound. Your body produces much waste material and dead cells that have to be discharged each day.


Huge Colon cleanse. Hopefully, it is unlikely you would have this quantity of mucous in your colon, but it is unhealthy to retain any mucoid plaque.

You are not going to enjoy life until you completely rid your body of the putrefaction and obstructions in your colon and digestive tract.  It is always a good time to modify your diet towards improvement, but, essentially, the first order of business is ‘get clean’.  Your colon, the large intestine, is about as long as your body height and has a diameter about the size of your wrist.  But, it you have been eating a poor diet and not giving your system sufficient time to clean out prior to putting more in, you may be shocked to find your colon distended to over 12 inches in diameter, but the passageway for feces is less than pencil thin.  If your bowel movement patterns differ from the above description, you are in need of a good cleansing.  The mucoid plague in your colon may resemble a hardened blackish-green truck tire.  You have got to get this problem fully corrected to even get started on your path to wellness. Because we are not regularly confronted with the sight of this problem, we find it easy to pretend it does not exist.  But the health issues that result from it are sure reminders that do not alleviate, but worsen over time.

This source of contamination can be poisoning your body 24/7, causing a host of problems.  This root cause alone, can account for over 200 documented allopathic diseases, when it is really only one and the same.  In fact, for all the thousands of diseases of allopathy, there are only 5 root cause pathologies, in reality.  But all the doctors like to have a syndrome named after themselves so they can celebrate their fame and importance.  Drug companies and medical researchers love all the names, because they can specialize more products as each one needs a separate research grant and more new shots and pills.  Remember, allopathy claims that every symptom is a new disease caused by a new germ that requires a new pill, shot or surgery, etc. Ironically, they never seek the root cause, because this would reveal the scam and severely reduce sales.

Furthermore, no allopath would have the first clue as to how to rectify this problem, even if they ever did find it, because it is not a germ, therefore not even supposed to be a problem, so there is no pill. Meanwhile, the germs in your body are what are keeping you alive and trying to resolve your real health issues for you.

Cleaning out the colon is not a rapid process.  You must start with intermittent fasting.  Fasting has been a medical practice dating back to as far as written history exists.  It is a well-known and effective remedy known since ancient times, all throughout the world….known to all except allopathy.  If your dog gets sick, you may notice that he/she will not want to eat. This is fasting.  Your dog will quickly return to health, because he/she has been following this practice life-long, thus has no mucoid plague build-up, and because he/she has a very short carnivore digestive tract that does not retain foods for long periods of nutrient extraction.  You may notice that your dog has a bowel movement about one hour after eating.

The detox cleanse starts with giving your body a break from digesting food.  Many people will not find it easy or comfortable to begin fasting for long periods, so, to begin, we start with daily intermittent fasting periods of 4 hours.  The fast is broken with fruits initially, then later with vegetables.  This dry-fast is total elimination of both food and water during the 4 hour period.  It will put the body under stress to come up with both nutrients and liquids from within itself. The endogenous water that your body comes up with is from a process of metabolizing fat cells.  This water is quite different from the exogenous water that you would normally drink, were you not fasting.  It is of superb quality, containing no negative imprints of any kind.  Using this unique water, your body’s cells start to experience a miraculous rebirth.

During this type of total intermittent fasting, your skin changes function, from being an organ of excretion to one of absorption, taking in any water that is available from the air, as well as carbon dioxide and nitrogen for manufacture of amino acids.  Since there is no water available to wash away endogenous toxins, each cell uses a dormant process of burning its own trash. Bacteria consume the remaining wastes.

Inflammation Needs Water to Manifest

      Fasting Benefits

During a total fast, there becomes a state where no water is available for inflammation to manifest. In cases where imbalance of bacteria are a problem, fasting can cause rebalancing to occur due to water starvation of hungry cultures. Fasting also stimulates the immune system function, activates anti-inflammation mechanisms, purifies the blood, clears blood vessels, cleanses the GI tract and renews its mucosal lining. In addition, it promotes tissue regeneration and eliminates parasites.  Each of the 100 trillion cells comprising the body literally undertake a ‘house cleaning’.  Only the strongest and healthiest cells survive, while unhealthy cells, cysts and tumors dissolve through autolysis, a process whereby the body sacrifices its weakest cells for the survival of the organism.

People who are heavily impacted and toxic may experience discomfort during initial periods of fasting.  Each individual will have a pace at which they are capable of progressing through this initial detoxification.  This pace must be determined and taken into account in scheduling the process.  Everyone will want to purify their body as fast as possible, but it is best to set a pace that can be sustained without undue discomfort.  You cannot expect to totally rectify a problem that may have taken a life-time to accumulate by an overzealous approach.  It is going to take time, depending on the extent of the problem and the tolerance of the individual.  A transition diet in conjunction with a custom fasting program will get the job done in the most effective manner.

 Pus is an ugly term that no one likes to think their body may contain a lot of.  It is a thick, viscous slippery discharge comprised of dead cells, mucin, inorganic salts, infected tissues, white blood cells, bacteria, tissue debris, serum and other nasty ingredients.  It is commonly found in areas of infections which the body is trying to eliminate by isolating and discharging the trash.  It is also considered to be the same as dead animal meat that is rotting in the colon after being eaten, in an already decomposed state from ‘aging’.  Dairy is also a pus producing product when in the colon, due lack of digestability. On feed-lot dairy farms, over-milking of animals is common and the teats are infected, discharging cow pus into the product.  This is all very disgusting and everyone would like to pretend this is not the case and some how the junk just disappears once it passes the lips. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the junk just gets more rotten the deeper it goes into our body.  Much of it is trapped and remains in the colon for the duration. This is one of the five fundamental pathologies of all disease and is usually chronic, manifesting in the form of hundreds of different symptoms. You go to the allopath and get some pills to sedate you, or block nerve function or kill all your gut flora indiscriminately and, because the symptoms abate, you think you are cured of something.  Meanwhile, you’re a disease-ridden body that is just getting sicker by the day.  Other symptoms appear and you go to get more pills.  This is a vicious never ending cycle that goes on until you are dead.

Pus and mucous forming foods are acids, free-radicals, that scavenge everything that is good or healthy in your body and cause all of the thousand diseases of allopathy.  As we have discussed before, acid is sickness, alkaline is health.  This state is determined by the foods that you eat.  No one can or should eat all acid-forming, or all alkaline-forming foods.  We need to eat both types, but find the balance on the side of slight alkalinity.  This does not mean that you can or should eat meats or pepperoni pizzas or Big Macs.  You should never ever eat this type of junk under any circumstance. But you need the essential oils and other vitamins and minerals found in some acidic foods.  You must make sure that you are safely on the side of alkalinity in the balance.

        Mucous vs. clean

 To help you find this balance, we have below, a list of foods and their attributes relative to this topic. You can use this information to make your grocery lists and food selections.


  • Blood of Animals
  • Eggs (All Kinds)
  • Lard
  • Meat (Beef, Chicken, Horse, Dog, Mutton/Lamb, Turkey, Veal, Pork, etc.
  • Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Gammon, Chitterlings; Wild Game: Bison, Rabbit, Venison, etc.)
  • Margarine (Made with Animal Fat)
  • Crustacean (Crab, Crawfish, Lobster, Shrimp)
  • Fish (All Types)
  • Mollusks (Clam, Oysters, Mussels, Snail, etc.)
  • Roe (Caviar)
  • Salmon
  • Shell Fish
  • Butter, Cow
  • Buttermilk
  • Cheese (All Kinds)
  • Cream
  • Crème fraîche
  • Kefir
  • Milk (All Animals and Kinds; Raw Organic, Skim, 1 or 2 %, etc.)
  • Yogurt
  • Dried Convenience Foods
  • Fast Foods
  • Frozen Convenience Foods
  • Packaged Convenience Foods
  • Processed Meat
  • Baked Goods (All kinds including pies, cakes, pastries, etc.)
  • Candy (All Types; Bars, Caramels, Chocolate, Fudge, Jelly candies, Rock, Taffy
  • Gelatin (Jello)
  • Ice Cream (Dairy and Non-Dairy)
  • Marshmallow
  • Alcoholic Beverages (All Kinds; Ale, Beer, Brandy, Champagne)
  • Syrups (Brown Rice, Barley Malt, Chocolate, Corn, Artificially Flavored)
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Kombucha Tea
  • Soft Drink (Soda Pop)
  • Vinegar (White, Apple Cider)
  • Fish Sauce
  • Fermented Vegetables (All; Kimchi/cabbage and other veggies, Olives)
  • Pickles/cucumbers. Sauerkraut/cabbage, etc.)
  • Miso
  • Sauces with Vinegar (Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Relish,
  • Tartar, Barbecue, Salad Dressings, Salsa, etc.)
  • Soy Sauce
  • PH-Neutral Foods:

  • Barley
  • Breads (All Kinds; Barley, Black, Rye, White, Graham, Pumpernickel, etc.)
  • Cereal Grains (All Kinds; Maize, Farina, Kamut, Millet,
  • Oats, Quinoa, Spelt, White Rice, Brown Rice, Whole or Refined Wheat, etc.)
  • Pseudocereals (All Kinds; Amaranth, Buckwheat, Chia, Cockscomb,  Quinoa) 
  • Pastas
  • Beans (All Kinds and Forms; Black Beans, Black-eyed peas, Fava Beans, ETC.
  • Nuts (All Kinds,Almonds, Brazil, Cashews, Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Pecans)
  • Seeds (All Kinds; Sunflower, Pumpkin, Hemp, Seasame, etc.)
  • Artichoke
  • Avocados
  • Cassava
  • Cauliflower (Raw)
  • Coconut Meat
  • Corn
  • Durian
  • Fungi (Mushrooms)
  • Green Peas
  • Olives
  • Parsnips
  • Peas (Raw)
  • Plantain
  • Plantains
  • Pumpkins
  • Raw or Baked White Potatoes
  • Raw Squashes (Winter, Acorn, Butternut, etc.)
  • Raw Sweet Potatoes
  • Rutabaga
  • Turnip
  • Unripe Banana

  • Apples
  • Banana
  • Black Cherries
  • Blood Orange
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cherries
  • Grapefruit
  • Grapes
  • Honeybell Tangelos
  • Honeydew
  • Lemons
  • Mandarin
  • Mangos
  • Nectarine
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Pineapple
  • Plums
  • Raisins
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet Cherries
  • Tangerines
  • Watermelon
  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Bananas (my favorite fruit to bake)
  • Cherries
  • Dates, (Dried)
  • Figs (Dried)
  • Grapes/raisins
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberries
  • Arugula
  • Cabbage
  • Collard
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Kale
  • Leafy Herbs (parsley, dill, basil, thyme)
  • Lettuce (green, red, romaine, Boston bibb)
  • Mustard Greens
  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Dandelion
  • Green Onions
  • Onions
  • Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow, or Orange)
  • Red Beets
  • Sea Vegetables (Dulse, Kelp)
  • Sprouts (Alfalfa)
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Acorn Squash (baked)
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Butternut Squash (baked)
  • Carrots (steamed and eaten with raw salad)
  • Green peas
  • Peppers (green, red, yellow, or orange)
  • Spaghetti Squash (baked)
  • Sweet Potato (baked)
  • Zucchini (steamed or baked)

 As we discussed above, fasting is the way to alleviate colon-related problems.  Fasting is not something that you do for a week or a month and then stop.  You must go through a clean up process by following the above instructions and increasing the duration of your fast as well as the clean-up of your diet.  As you get your problems a little more resolved, you will find that you have the capacity to fast longer periods, more frequently and to exercise more discipline in your eating habits.  You will know when you have achieved your first objective of colon cleansing and repair.  You will feel the difference in your energy, clarity of thought, bowel habits and general state of health and well-being.  Now, at this point, it is imperative to maintain your program to avoid falling back into the old habits.

Do not wait for your autopsy to cleanse your colon.  When you are living in accord with Nature, you will definitely know the difference.  Now you know why and how to stay well.


Immunity from Cancer

Conversations on Wellness

Body Fluids must be Alkaline at all Times

Roxli Doss

In what seems like a Christmas miracle, the inoperable brain tumor of an 11-year-old girl in Texas has disappeared, and doctors say they don’t know why. Roxli Doss was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG, in June, 2018. The girl’s medical team are equally in a state of disbelief. Cancers are not supposed to be able to do this.  

We are all exposed to carcinogens everyday.  Learn to make your body a place where cancer cannot exist.          

Cancer cell

Part One: Introduction

“The time has come to shift the conceptual framework away from the idea that cancer is something bad that happens to the body, to something the body does in order to survive in an increasingly toxic and nutrient-deprived environment. Only then we will begin to unravel the mystery behind the colossal failure of the conventional medical system.”

Let’s understand something right now.  There is no intent to eliminate cancer.  The Matrix has gone to great lengths to perfect cancer and intends to sustain it indefinitely, at least while the population is above the limits they feel comfortable with 

Cancer is a $500+ Billion a year industry from which millions of people and thousands of companies make a very prosperous income. Cancer is, first and foremost, a product of the Matrix.  In parts of the world where “Westernization” has yet to reach, cancer incidence is statistically insignificant. Cancer results from denaturing the environment, chronically exposing life to unnatural foods, irritants, toxins, chemicals, refined sugars, meats, dairy and many other un-natural products. It also stems from bad life-style habits and practices, including cosmetics, cleaning products, aerosols, cigarettes, household-pest poisons, some building products and even some food preparation processes.

Cancer is not a disease. It is a malfunctioning body defense mechanism gone wrong due to chronic inflammation or irritation. It stems from the rise of the cities, smokestacks, chemical plants, oil refineries, food processing plants, feed lots, steroid injections, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, smog, pollution, toxic irritants like asbestos and cigarette smoke, lead in paints, mercury in amalgams, aluminum in cookware, aluminum sprayed in the atmosphere, plastics in containers, fluoride in drinking water, pesticides, herbicides, depleted soils, genetically modified foods, ad infinitum. Credit-based affluence has brought about not only a departure from Nature but chronic stress, loss of spirituality and gross excesses of every imaginable kind. This is how cancer incidence reached almost one in every two persons in the US, where more money is spent on so-called “healthcare” than any other civilization on Earth.


Most allopathic physicians in the world today claim that cancer is such a complex problem that they have no idea what cancer is, how it develops, or how to eliminate it. They identify  thousands of different forms of cancer, each requiring billions of dollars of research to glean some knowledge of its insidious properties. In the allopathic paradigm, we “catch” sicknesses, each type being different from another, for which we take pills, shots or have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments to alleviate the symptoms while leaving the root cause totally unaddressed. There is no drug, vaccine, or “magic bullet” that will ever cure cancer. This has been known for well over 70 years.

However, cancer is not something inevitable that is just happening to people for no reason.  Nothing just happens.  There is always an underlying cause, whether obvious or not.  Therefore, cancer is avoidable.

To quote Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling…. “Everyone should know that the war on cancer is a fraud”.

Cancer is a failure of the immune system.

Most of the cells in our bodies are germs or archaea that are vital to our immune system. It is when the immune system is compromised, overloaded or disabled that the cancer causing mechanism can thrive. It does not fit the allopathic paradigm to have cancer be curable, or better still, totally avoidable, by diet, lifestyle and a healthy attitude at zero cost. There would be no research grants, no patent drugs, no use for the operating rooms, chemotherapy and radiation equipment, and no oncologists then. This would inflict a crippling blow to Western economies that rely on this spending to comprise a large portion of their reported annual GDPs.

Continue reading “Immunity from Cancer”