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      We are here to bring you wellness

This is a broad topic that encompasses many aspects of existence.  It is universally a positive term of expression describing a state of satisfaction with ones physical, mental and spiritual condition.  It involves much more than good physical health, which is a vital component, to be sure.  It encompasses a holistic ideal that requires a well integrated combination of sound health,  state of mind and state of spiritual attunement.

You  might get the idea that total wellness is not that easy to come by, but you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how simple and easy it really is, because it is the normal condition that your persona will maintain unless somebody or something is messing with you in an attempt to disrupt it.

What percentage of the human race is actually enjoying this state of wellness all or most of the time?  Published statistical data and simple observation indicates that most humans do not exist in this state most of the time.  We are existing in abnormality most of the time. This would tend to indicate that something is ass-backwards.

And not just on an isolated basis.  The prevalence of this state would indicate that the ‘normal’ state is actually  the state of unwellness. It appears that something is really out of tune hear.  Either I, the author, have it wrong or something huge, almost universal is imposing this abnormal state on the whole population. I wish I could just tell you that I have gotten it wrong, so just forget about it.

Sadly, this is not the case.  I have not just gotten it wrong.  What I have told you is totally correct, so there is an enormous and imposing problem that must be exposed here. I think it is not too difficult to expose it, but it may be difficult for many to grasp or accept its existence. The perpetrators desire to hide in plain site and to hope you will not recognize them or attribute the problem to them. You might ask…”why would they this?”.

If the perpetrators had a plan to use the humans for slave labor to extract the real wealth of the planet, which  would be ceded to them in exchange for worthless paper money that they could make for free in unlimited quantities, then that may well be a reason.

We also cannot assume that the perpetrators of a great fraudulent exploitation of an entire population is being perpetrated, or even could be perpetrated by other human beings.  Or, if so, could be sustained successfully for a very  long time period without suspicion or exposure. It is easier to pass off a fraud on immature and unsophisticated victims than those who are mature, experienced and wary.  Even among children there is often wariness. Yet, to pull this off, it would be necessary to have your trust.  Who would you place this must trust in?

Would you trust a senior personage in your family’s chosen religious institution?  How about members of the police force? How about doctors, nurses and members of the healthcare industry? How about your government and its various institutions?  How about your grocer or pharmacist? What about your child’s school teacher? A real estate agent? Different people would draw a line in different places on this.  But your very wellbeing is in the hands of many of these types of people.  You would like to think that they are all on your side, working for your best interests.

Is this realistic to believe that all those with whom you must place trust and rely on their skills and honesty are worthy of your trust?  Depending upon just how naïve you are, you will determine the point where trust is not automatically warranted.  These people are all in-business and are driven by combinations of integrity and greed.  Nice if you can have both at the same time, but if this is not possible, where will the demarcation line be drawn?

If you live in a so-called free society which is democratic, you may say that you can vote out the untrustworthy politician, get rid of him or her and put in a trustworthy one.  Do you think this is for real?  Do you think it is possible that you do not, in truth, live in a free society?  Could it be that the democratic system is just a front to create the illusion that you have power over government and something can be changed by virtue of your vote?

You can see that many of your assumptions may be presumptuous.  There is a big difference between hoping and knowing, no matter how sure you are that you know something. Many are shocked when they read reports that clergy, politicians, doctors and business men at the highest levels are involved in malicious sexual perversions involving children.  So, they just decide this could not be true and don’t read about it any more.

Just because you don’t read about it anymore and dismiss it as impossible does not make it false, or even less prevalent.  In the case of this example, further investigation not only proves that it is dead-on true, but reveals it is rampant, widespread and even more perverted than anyone even imagined.  Most people would be shocked to discover just how parochial their own views are.  We would like everything in our lives to be nice, neat and orderly so we can place our trust and reliance without further concern.  Not only is this unrealistic, but much farther from the truth than you could ever know.

Most people these days are not well schooled (even, or especially if they owe $100,000 in student loans), spend little time on seeking real factual information and doing logic-based analysis to connect various dots into a larger picture.  Yet, those who get most of their knowledge from the TV or You Tube are the same ones who will claim they are well informed.  Then they quickly get back to NFL or Dancing With the Stars.

The pursuit of knowledge, real research, real analysis, the opening of the mind to new ideas is largely a lost art these days.  People think they do not have enough time to spend in on such pursuits.  After all, everything is too complex and that is why we have all these high-paid experts.  They tell us everything we need to know in a simplified easy-to-understand way.  All we have to do is follow their instructions.

Many seem to think this is working out well for them and their families.  Others see reason for concern or at least have a nagging feeling that something might be rotten in the woodpile.

How much do you know about your real history and the origin of your race, your government or your religion?  I would venture an educated estimate that 99% know nothing, while thinking they know a lot. Religion and public education have books with stories of how god came to this place to create the universe, the planet, the life forms occupying the planet and established a set of commandments for you to follow, leading to an afterlife of heaven or hell.  Very simplified, easy to read and totally BS.