100 Years of Conspiracy to Destroy American Freedom

There isn’t a tyrant alive or dead who has any love or respect for individual rights.

So, when Americans are confused as to why their own government would ever try to harm them, they either don’t understand the nature of evil or they don’t grasp how priceless the Bill of Rights actually are.

They are the bane of the Globalist tyrants, who seek to control all of humanity.

We could trace this conspiracy of tyrants all the way back to the 18th century, but we’ll begin with the year that gave birth to the Federal Reserve Bank, Big Pharma and Allopathic Rockefeller Medicine.

In 1910, the Carnegie Foundation published the Flexner Report, which directly led to the shutting down of natural traditional medicine and gave way for the Rockefellers to patent and monopolize the medicine industry.

That same year, Rothschild banking dynasty’s Paul Warburg, along with high-ranking members of US banking and government met in secret to hatch a plan that would financially rob every single American citizen for generations to come.

Fractional reserve banking was considered a scam for centuries. This changed in 1913, with the Federal Reserve banking system.

Fractional reserve banking became the norm, regulating the Fed.

They were also given the task of managing the US debt, otherwise known as ‘inflation’; the hidden tax, where the Fed gets to bail out members of their criminal cabal, while everyone else suffers.

Meanwhile, their families created their own interest-free banks, utilizing what’s known as a whole life insurance policies and family trusts, keeping their own wealth safely out of the Federal Reserve system – a banking system that gave this cabal unlimited funds to wage war against all of humanity.

In 1921, after years of meeting in secret, the Round Table movement, a group that sought to reunify America with the Crown and the Harvard Business School, merged factions to become the Council on Foreign Relations, another non-federal agency that writes laws for congress to pass without reading them, allowing bankers and industrialists the opportunity to engineer government policy and discreetly undermine American democracy. This agency belongs to Henry Kissinger, who has far more power than any American president.

In 1942, the OSS was formed by the Cabal as an intelligence agency to fight the war. OSS member, Allen Dulles went on to help create the CIA in 1947, who immediately began seizing control of the worldwide illicit drug market, starting with the heroin trade in Sicily.

The CIA’s reputation speaks for itself. They are the world’s biggest drug cartel, overthrower of nations and purveyors of propaganda and MK ULTRA.

The Globalist Cabal has these intelligence groups in all of their nations, with no oversight, using them as a secret army to carry out their agenda.

In 1944, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were created, under the guise of “fostering global growth”, followed by the United Nations in 1945.

What they actually did was work together to violently seize control of entire nations.

The World Bank trained people known as “economic hit men” to make a simple offer to world leaders on their behalf: Either accept a massive loan designed to bankrupt their nation, or be killed – and many were.

The game is simple: conquer by debt. The Federal Reserve Banking system does it to every individual and the World Bank and IMF do it to every nation.

Once indebted to these crooked institutions, they lose control over their own destiny.

The only difference between the Mafia and this Globalist Cabal is scale.

Starting in 1951, Henry Kissinger founded and directed the Harvard International Seminar, funded by Kissinger through grants from foundations known to be fronts for the CIA, the Harvard International Seminar was yet another group of Globalist leaders coming together to discuss the future of a One World Government.

The first documented meeting of the infamous Bilderberg Group was in 1954 but it would take the public fifty years to become aware of them.

In 1955, the Bilderberg Group privately discussed plans for the European Union and the Euro, 38 years before their creation, slowly making their way into a One World Government controlled by their own interests.

After they assassinated JFK, the agenda went into overdrive.

Destructive Leftist programs, under the guise of “Welfare” were deployed, making more and more people dependent on Big Government.

In 1971, the UN votes to admit Communist China and expel Taiwan, lighting a spark that leads to world war.

UN Ambassador, George HW Bush accompanies Henry Kissinger to open up business with the CCP.

That same year, a young Klaus Schwab, son of a Nazi industrialist and protégé of Henry Kissinger formed the World Economic Forum, replacing and expanding Kissinger’s International Seminar.

The World Economic Forum is made up of a thousand corporate entities, represented by a consensus of 100, the same exact entities that make up the Bilderberg Group, because they are one and the same.

At the World Economic Forum, this group of hungry parasites goes public and gradually begins to normalize their agenda for world domination.

In 1974, Kissinger drafts National Security Study Memorandum 200, wherein he calls for worldwide depopulation and a year later, it becomes official US Policy.

During the 1980s, the CIA sold cocaine to Los Angeles street gangs to fund an illegal war while Big Pharma killed tens of thousands of Americans with AZT and lies.

In the ’90s, they began spinning the outrageous lie that the loyal, patriotic American is a “domestic terrorist”, while drafting more Globalist policies, such as NAFTA.

In 1992, Klaus Schwab established the Young Leaders for Tomorrow School, later re-established as the Young Global Leaders. Attendees include all the major players of the COVID-19 hoax, the lockdowns and the mandatory vaxxines.

In 1992, Bill Gates was the head of a computer software company. He attended Klaus Schwab’s Globalist leaders’ schools in 1993 and in 1994, he begins his life in scientific research and global health, with the formation of the William H Gates Foundation, which later became the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates’ so-called philanthropic efforts revolved around human depopulation, genetically-modified foods and experimental vaxxines.

In 1997, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.com was the world’s biggest bookstore. In 1998, Bezos attended Schwab’s Global Leaders school. By the end of that same year, Amazon begins selling a wide variety of other products and expands sales outside of the US.

After they felled the World Trade Center, their propaganda story of Saudi hijackers-with-boxcutters was used as the catalyst for destabilizing nations, creating armies of angry migrants and stealing away more American liberties in the name of security.

Thanks to a small group of alternative journalists, people all over the world began waking up to the reality that an international cabal of powerful interests are conspiring to destroy national sovereignty, the Bill of Rights and anything else standing in the way of a One World Government and a World Reset.

We are now witnessing their plans coming into fruition: the Great Reset and Build Back Better.

But before they can “Build Back Better”, they must destroy. They must destroy civilization to the point that we collectively accept them and their tyrannical plans for global corporate governance as our only solution to “regain safety”. This is UN Agenda 2000 and a host of sub-agendas to reduce world human population from 8 billion to 500 million.

They haven’t won yet but they are well on their way to victory, unless humanity takes a stand against them.

Are you seeing any signs that “humanity” is uniting to bring about this stand?

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