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The Blog page will take you to an active part of this site that contains timeless information on an array of topics that will enhance your knowledge of the subject of wellness.  All the blogs are archived for you to read, re-read and use as a reference for those times when you need accurate and definitive information to assist you in your pursuit of wellness.  You are invited to leave comments, questions or suggestions which will all be addressed and responded to.  Many of the blog posts are of a timely nature as the agenda of the Matrix plays-out and poses issues that are critical for you to understand and take appropriate responsive measures.  The blog posts are also available to you on a free subscription basis.  You can receive them via email on a timely basis by filling out the subscription request.  There is a language translator for the convenience of non-English speakers.  New blog posts will appear as frequently as I have time to write them.  I invite your requests as to topics of interest.

Our Seminar Program

Wellness is your normal state of being. Your body is trying to bring you to this perfect state.  You will learn to cleanse away any factors that are adversely affecting your current state of wellness and how to maintain wellness throughout your life, by following simple, easy and inexpensive life-style habits.

What do we offer:

We present you with the details of how to overcome the factors depriving you of health and wellness.   You are being systemically subjected to a host of constructs, day in and day out, from cradle to grave, that compromise your health.  Allopathic Healthcare is the largest scam ever foisted on humanity.  To realize wellness, you must recognize what is causing your disease and take measures to eliminate or circumvent these factors in your daily life.  When you do this, your body is able to function normally again.  Disease is abnormal.  Wellness is normal.  The Matrix is expending vast efforts to subject you to disease.  Were this not the case, wellness would organically appear due to your body’s ability to establish homeostasis.

Who is this program for:

Literally, everyone in the ‘Westernized World’ is diseased during their lifetime.  The statistical published data reveals this without question.  The healthcare scam now represents about 24% of  GDP spending in the USA.  It is projected to reach 40% of GDP by 2050.  This is not possible without a system that artificially induces disease and, instead of healing, maintains and expands disease as the on-going ‘normal’ state.  It is a multi-trillion dollar scam that is self-feeding.  You should be spending little to nothing for healthcare and have no need for health insurance.

You should enjoy perfect health throughout your life as a normal result of good diet, good life-style, low toxicity and freedom from stress and worry.  Not only have you never been educated on this subject, but anything and everything you may have learned on this subject is likely to be 180 degrees wrong.  Pills, vaccines and surgeries are not methods of healthcare.  They are methods of disease maintenance.  Being in a disease state without understanding why is a fearful proposition.  People who are fearful are easily controlled.  This program is for those who are ready to take back their rightful state of wellness and live out their biological life-span to its fullest.  If you are content with  victimhood and narrow mindedness, then you should stay home.  If you are eager to expand your awareness of truth and reality, then you should consider attending the seminar to immediately gain solid footing in your endeavor.

Envision all of your superhuman abilities.  Total wellness, energy, enthusiasm, age regression, rejuvenation, regeneration, intellectual growth, spiritual growth , telepathy, expansion of consciousness, understanding of mysteries and interdimensional mind travel.  Imagine what it would be like to be at your perfect age of choice. Take total control of your holistic body which exists simultaneously in multiple dimensions.  Become aware of the possibilities you have assumed are impossible.

Why  you need to attend this seminar program

It is not an easy prospect to peel the blinders from your eyes.  You have lived in the Matrix from cradle to your current age, along with millions of others, who have absorbed the story-line thoroughly and bought into the paradigm as though it is the only path.  Many make observations of anomalies that seem out-of-sync with the narrative.  These are pieces of the real jigsaw puzzle that, when out of context from the puzzle’s grand solution, seem odd but do not yet reveal the big picture of what is going on.

I have been finding and collecting pieces of this puzzle from the age of around 6 years.  I did not discard any of the pieces as false or nonviable.  I retained all the pieces of the puzzle as I discovered them and then started to make more and more discoveries until some of the pieces started fitting together.  When I was in my 30s, I started seeing how some of the puzzle pieces started to make sense out of a much bigger picture of reality.  This incentivized me to seek harder and harder to grasp the big picture, but it was not until I left the US and moved to Costa Rica, in 2011, that I could “see the forest for the trees” as the old adage goes, and now  I have the puzzle largely completed.  I can see the big picture of reality and it is a frightening one indeed.

Here, in Costa Rica, I began to experiment with putting into practice the  true reality that I discovered, to verify its efficacy.  It did not take long for the benefits to materialize in crystal clear fashion and facilitate completion the puzzle.  The picture is one of beauty and makes such total sense out of the mysteries that never made any sense while under the spell of the Matrix.

Whether you are aware of it, or not, your current world imposes a systematized matrix of constructs that dominate virtually every aspect of everyone’s life, from birth to death.  These matrix constructs are not real or user-friendly and are created to exploit you.  You abide by them because they are your all-pervasive ‘virtual reality’ and you have learned to  see them as both normal and inevitable, neither of which is true.

What’s My Story

When living the enigma of the Matrix, there was always the underlying feeling of discomfort from seeing that there was no truth in anything that I thought of as reality or the purpose of existence.  I knew my parents and family would not intentionally lie to me and allow me to lead a life of false pretenses.  Same for my friends and peers, their parents and my school teachers.  The only thing that was perfectly clear at a very young age was that religion, Catholic in my case, was fraught with nonsense and the parish priest was abnormal and a highly suspicious character.  I rationalized that it was a construct, a mechanism with an agenda.  My family was very religious and surely they must know better than me.  My father went to war, as had my grandfather before him.  I wondered why this is generational.

I studied my class room subjects while also studying the reality around me to try to make some sense of it.  My studies, even in a private school, were strange to me.  A lot of rote memorization of things that did not ring with any truth, especially history and civics.  As I went on through the schooling process, I became more distressed by the lack of genuineness of it all and turned to science, where things had to add up, right?  After all, mathematics has to be solid.  After graduating university with a BSEE, I considered graduate school.  I noticed that it was mostly about vying for financial grants from the government.  More disturbing yet, the grants seemed to be less about honest discovery than about getting published for proving something  the government already had the answer they wanted and needed an authority to make up some scientific justification.

I had wanted to be a medical doctor, but my counselor dissuaded me based on having no doctors in my family nor any sponsor prepared to make a large financial grant to the school on my behalf.  I am very grateful that I was dissuaded at that time.  Now I am aware of the fraud of Rockefeller allopathy and am relieved that I did not have to go down that path to make the discovery.  I decided to go for a PhD in naturopathy and holistic health.  It helped me get to the bottom of what is really going on in the healthcare system.

The state of alternative medicine is not a pretty sight either.  There is an effort to get some sort of treatment system that emulates allopathy, where a quick service is performed that will yield some result for which a charge can be made to the patient right away.  Of course, allopathy is a government-mandated monopoly that has the silk road paved for practitioners to collect directly from insurance plans and push expensive patented drugs, shots and surgeries.

I have distain for the alternative practitioners who, like the allopaths, give superficial treatment that totally fails to address the real cause of the disease and just treats symptoms.  Symptoms are not disease, they are the body’s healing response to the disease.  In all cases, root cause is totally ignored.  The problem, of course, is that the cause of disease goes directly back to the Matrix with its health destroying constructs. Healing shuts down the income flow.  Natural healing reveals the simplicity of healthcare.  Everyone is totally capable of maintaining their own health if they understand the mechanisms that are intentionally preventing it.

What I want to offer to those who seek truth and wellness is the means to avoid disease totally, in the first place.  Or, in the second place, to correct existing disease through adopting the viable diet and life-style that should have been followed in the first place.  The body is amazing and can take care of itself perfectly if permitted to do so by simply providing viable nutrition and avoiding toxicity.

Why Should You Place Your Trust in Me

The Matrix almost killed me at a young age, living normally in the US.  I suffered from severe effusive overactive sinus congestion.  I knew it was not normal and, rather than a failure of my own body, it was a chronic irritation from the air I was breathing.  I studied chemtrails and geoengineering, which revealed the massive nature of this atmospheric spraying program.  I relocated to Costa Rica and within less than one week’s time, my persistent chronic enduring problem was gone.  Over.  Finished.

I do not push any gimmicks or silver-bullets.  I do not sell any drugs or pills.  I offer information of great value that has been learned by many tens of years of intense study and analysis.   I have discovered that money is not a worthy goal for my life purpose.  I am of the disposition called “service to others”  (STO).  My reward for doing what I do is in this vein.  It is for the long haul of many lifetimes, in this dimension and beyond.  It’s that simple.

So, Where to from Here:

We offer seminars of one week duration, at the Hotel del Sur, Costa Rica ( ) and other venues, based on demand.  I believe you will benefit greatly from attending our seminar and you will find it literally invaluable.  It will give you the information you need to achieve a state of wellness.  Without wellness, everything else is of little worth.

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