Why this program works

Why doesn’t everyone enjoy wellness as a matter of course?

Wake Up

Everyone who makes a conscious effort to live a healthy life-style would enjoy wellness as a matter of course if:

  • They could avail themselves of viable nutrients via their diet
  • They could drink pure clean water
  • They could breathe pure clean air
  • They could avoid radiation and other poisons
  • They could avoid drugs, vaccines and surgeries.

I am going to put this right up-front and then explain it as briefly as possible: most people do not enjoy wellness because, aware or unaware, they live their lives in the Matrix and the Matrix systemically deprives them of the  factors required for wellness.    Read this again. It’s important.

Wellness is simple enough to achieve but the factors inducing disease are complex, powerful, pervasive and subtle.  If not for these adverse factors, wellness would emerge effortlessly and cost-free.  Unfortunately, things are not simple and straight forward in the current paradigm.  There are many factors at play to suppress or deny wellness.  There are also many factors at work to keep these negative forces well concealed.  People generally do not correlate the sources of un-wellness with intentional inducements from entities they would like to consider honest, trustworthy and benevolent, thus tend, rather, to consider these problems as natural, organic, inevitable and unavoidable aspects of their lives.

The Matrix controllers are at the advantage.  They are more cunning, have been in total control since the inception of humanity, have unlimited resources, operate in secrecy and implement plans spanning hundreds, even thousands of years.  You are indoctrinated from birth into the paradigm of the Matrix and thus know nothing other.  All aspects of your life are constructs of the Matrix for the purpose of control and exploitation of your life and that of your off-spring.  During your life-time, you will suffer from numerous diseases and you will die half-way though your biological lifespan.  The same will be true for your off-spring, and also theirs.

Explaining the facts of induced un-wellness

Explaining why our program works, requires that you are aware of  factors that exist in your reality, most of which are occult in nature and thus fearful.  They are occluded, intentionally, by the powers who actually rule over you.  It is nothing less than a systemic attack on your wellness to keep you easily controllable. If, due to trepidation, you avoid addressing these matters, then you may as well stay home and watch TV.  Nothing can be accomplished short of addressing these matters head on.

Some may not understand this yet, but, seriously, everyone needs to understand this sooner than later.  Ignoring these factors will preclude access to wellness, yielding  dire consequences. The proof of this is evidenced by the  published statistics from your own governments.  It may require some serious contemplation to come to grips with facts that are occluded and obfuscated because it requires dedicating much time and energy to do the research, plus an open, analytical, logical  mind.  I have spent over 30 years studying this intently, thus can save you a lot of time and effort. None-the-less, I recommend that you conduct your own research to verify anything of which you are currently unaware of or skeptical about.

For lack of a better term, I call it the ‘Matrix’

Cancer and heart disease are killing  one out of every two citizens in the US.  This is far from  ‘normal’ and is a development that is literally impossible without a concerted program.  However, allopathy itself is the single largest killer of Americans.  This, called iatrogenesis, is killing outright over 800K each year.  Covertly, it is killing millions more.  Seeking an explanation, I find more and more evidence of induced disease and premature death at earlier ages. This is especially disconcerting when comparing these facts against those for peoples who are free from the influence of the Matrix, who live almost twice as long, and  in total wellness, having never even seen a pill, shot or allopath.

Most of us conduct our lives as though we are in some kind of a normal or natural environment, as we have grown up to be inured to the facts of our reality. We think “this is just the way things are and have always been”. We do not even question or ponder the anomalies that quickly reveal the existence of distortions and hidden false constructs because we are endlessly entertained and defocused. When you are totally immersed in something, such as a cultural belief system, that ‘something’ becomes invisible because you cannot differentiate it from the background of your local reality. You live in an obfuscated control Matrix.

Is this like the Matrix of the Hollywood movie?

CIA and Pentagon behind “over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles” – Veterans Today, July 15, 2017

Movies, television, social media, internet, You Tube, government media are extremely powerful and represent the source of most of what people think they know.

The Matrix is all encompassing in its scope, carried out under the directive of a small caste of ‘blue-blood demi-gods’. These are descendants from the original familial blood-lines left to fill the kingships and priesthoods vacated by the creator gods who departed the earth around 1,000 BCE.

“The World is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”….Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister

Figuratively, these rulers-in-hiding inhabit the ‘all seeing eye’ at the top of the pyramid. Look at the reverse side of a one-dollar bill for a visual. You do not know the identities of these Illuminati kings and those few who do are high-ranking members of secret societies, sworn to secrecy. Those minions below the top-level, whose identities are knowable, are in-service to the few at the top, but in a compartmentalized ‘need to know’ structure.

“Behind the visible government there is an invisible government upon the throne, that owes the people no loyalty and recognizes no responsibility”….Theodore Roosevelt, President of the US.

Government is their invention. They use government, multinational corporations, NGO foundations, private organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Free Masons, Club of Rome, academia, Tavistock Institute, NEA, Committee of 300, private financial institutions (Rothschild central reserve banks), the pentagon, multi-national spy networks (CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, Mossad, MI5, MI6, KGB), the UN, the DHS/TSA, the fifth-column (media), local law-enforcement, Zionism, Hollywood, the allopathic/pharmaceutical medical industrial complex, etc. to implement the directives from the ‘all-seeing-eye’.

“As Thomas Jefferson warned, no nation can be both ignorant and free.
Unfortunately, the American people have existed in a technocracy-laden, entertainment-fueled, perpetual state of cluelessness for so long that civic illiteracy has become the new normal.”…..John Whitehead, Rutherford Inst.

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” —Marcia Angell, MD

For what reason would they want to sabotage my wellness?

You are but a small pawn in a huge control structure.  No aspect of your life is left uncontrolled. The politicians you believe you elect to do your will are nothing but powerless ‘front-men’, part of the illusion of freedom. You have no freedom… only the illusion that is subtly crafted to maintain your willing participation. It is imperative for them to present a seamless facade to maintain the efficacy of the virtual reality charade.

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion of freedom. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” ~Frank Zappa

When the human race was created 135,000 years ago by the ‘creator gods’, it was to fill their need for slave laborers in their gold mining operations in SE Africa.  The commander of the earth mission, Enlil, was opposed to his brother’s plan of genetically upgrading the homo erectus creature using their own DNA, creating man in their own image and likeness.

homo erectus

He feared that humans would become too populous, and he would be unable to maintain control over them.  His own contingent on earth was comprised of only 1,000 advanced beings.  In order to assure that he could control the human masses, he began using methods such as limited breeding, inter-human wars, genetic limitation of life-span, sickness and plagues.  He used fear and premature death as control mechanisms

When his brother Enki (Lucifer)  created homo sapiens, he did so under directives from his half-brother, Enlil (YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah), to limit the human life span to 150 years.  Enki accomplished this by means of  ‘telomeres’.  Each strand of the DNA molecule in each cell in your body has a telomere, which shortens a little  each time the cell reproduces itself (mitosis).

Your cells must reproduce themselves on a scheduled basis, the frequency varying based on the nature of the cell’s function.  Your entire cellular structure is totally replaced over the course of each 8 – 10 years, or so.  As the telomeres shorten by virtue of this reproduction process, they reach a point where they are ‘used up’, and the cell can no longer reproduce itself accurately.  While all DNA for earth-bound life has telomeres, they are all set according to a planned expiration of lifespan.  Human DNA is set for 150 years

This will result in your death due to cellular aging.  Very few homo sapiens reach this point in their lives, though.  They die from induced causes, that are inflicted upon them by the Matrix itself, at a statistical average of 75 years of age.  It is not uncommon to see people live into their 80s, but many die much younger.

Origin of Man

Aren’t there a lot more humans in the world now?

If you research historical human population, you will find that it has been stable at 500 million for tens of thousands of years.  Only in the recent 200 hundred years has it been permitted to explode into the billions.  The old methods of brute force wars and plagues are no longer sufficient.  A more sophisticated control system has been implemented and is being refined continuously.

Who is implementing this and why? 

Just prior to departure of the gods from earth, Enki engineered the homo capensis, the blue-blood kings designated to possess the ‘divine right of rule over humans, in perpetuity’.  The blue-blood royalty, homo capensis, were initially, genetically, more than 50% Anunnaki. The descendants of these same blue bloods are ruling humans to the present day by virtue of tightly controlled in-breeding. Do you recall your history?  The families of the Monarchs all intermarried, and this practice goes back to the Romans, the pharaohs and the Sumerians.

homo capensis

They can only accomplish this by means of total secrecy and very subtle yet powerful control constructs, as they are few in number and harsh in their methods. The function of their Matrix is to maintain control while optimizing productivity.  The blue bloods have no more concern for the well-being of humans than a cattleman has for his herd of cows.  He wants to maximize return-on-investment while maintaining his risks at a manageable level.  The cows are going to die when it is to his greatest advantage, without any cruel intent or concern. It’s just business.

How do you know this is true?

There exists, in this world, numerous small cultures that are typically  geographically remote and isolated, and have, so far, escaped the control of the Matrix and its governments.  Some examples that have been discovered and studied are the Vilcabambans in Ecuador, the Hunza in Pakistan, and the Abkashians in Russian Georgia.

Mislimov 168 YO

These people had never seen an allopathic doctor, a pharmaceutical drug, a hospital or any $1M medical machines, yet they routinely live to 130 – 160 years of age without experiencing any disease or debilitation during their lives.  The very existence of these peoples is proof positive that something vile is going on in the major parts of our world, where disease is rampant, death is premature,  and vast resources are expended on so-called health care.


Studying these long-lived healthy people reveals that they live in harmony with Nature, grow all-natural foods using all-natural farming methods, get lots of exercise, sun, fresh air and fresh water, have no stress or worries, eat little or no meats, take in low caloric daily totals of nutrients and enjoy a natural spirituality and ‘oneness’.  They  spend nothing on so-called healthcare because they have no ill-health.  The very existence of these peoples is proof absolute that this is the normal state of man.  Wellness is ‘normal’.  Un-wellness is ‘abnormal’.

Over the past 300 years, archeologists in Mesopotamia have discovered, over one million clay tablets dating from around 8,000 BCE.  Recently, through the efforts of private scholars, the cuneiform writings on these tablets have been interpreted.  They are post-diluvian reproductions of original tablets from the pre-diluvian era (11,800 BCE), dating back more than 450,000 years, but describing  even older historical events..  These tablets are unaltered by humans, unlike the much more recently authored bibles (600 BCE – 200 CE) which are derived from them.  The bible’s writers have taken their historical basis from the tablets but incorporated fabrications to create the basis for their religious agendas,  a key part of the control Matrix.


A functional wellness program must  be based on solid facts, not BS

We do not have to endure the Matrix in blind ignorance and short-lived bliss.  Just gaining the knowledge of your reality can take a great load off of your stress quotient and maybe allow your immune system to function again.

You can learn to detoxify, procure and prepare a more viable diet, understand how your body functions, take an active role in its maintenance, learn new goals that will give you better means to take control of your own wellness and longevity.  Throw off this Matrix-induced victimhood mentality that limits your thinking and therefore your actions.  You can not allow  your health and wellness to remain under the control of the Matrix and its allopathic monopoly.  Only you are able to learn  and then assume the responsibility to make improvements in your own lifestyle.  It is not complicated and requires nothing not readily available at little cost. The idea of complexity is totally contrived.  Health and wellness is the simplest state because it is your body’s natural state. You are led to believe it is hopelessly complicated so you will feel compelled to leave the matter of health in the hands of the Matrix’ allopaths.

They call it UN Agenda 21 and now, Agenda30

The full-spectrum global attack on human health, called the ‘slow kill’ agenda (or, UN Agenda 30), is  not difficult to perceive. All factors that are negatively affecting human health are induced as part of this program.  This involves poisoning the food supply, water supply and air supply such that human exposure to toxic wastes, industrial poisons, patented weaponized disease mechanisms, oil spills, oceanic-level radiation poisoning (Fukushima), geo-engineering dumps of soft-tissue irritants and morgellons-causing nanofibers, fracking, and countless other slow kill-mechanisms continue unabated and undiminished.


If the government had your best interests at heart, with the stroke of a pen, known carcinogenic poisons like Mansanto/Bayer ‘Roundup’ could have been totally banned and eliminated.  You may say: “they banned DDT, didn’t they?”.  Yes, they did indeed, and that is the direct cause of the deaths of millions of Africans who needed the food that couldn’t be grown without it.  The war on Nature has upset the balance of Nature in countless ways, so that eco-systems are  unable to function harmoniously any more.  Where Nature is given rein, everything is balanced, harmonious and abundant.

Allopathic health-care industry is high profit major component of GDP

The so-called medical care industry is one of the primary vital aspects of the Matrix, not to mention the economies of nations. Starting with ‘Frankenfoods’,  genetically-engineered from natural stocks into chemicals that your body cannot effectively utilize.  This is because your body only makes digestive-enzymes that metabolize real natural food molecules. When you eat the fake foods, they may satisfy your taste and your stomach may feel full, but your system does not have the means to digest and utilize these foreign chemicals. They are toxins that your body must eliminate. Further, the cropland of most of the world, at the present time, is saturated with ‘Roundup’, a product of Bayer/Monsanto that is laden with one of the deadliest poisons known to the world…..glyphosate. There are 11,000 lawsuits pending against Bayer, whose CEO is quoted:  “Cancer victims are nuisances”. Now, after losing the first two cases, to the tune of $hundreds of millions, the federal justice department has stopped more cases from going forward.

The pills that are prescribed to you by allopathic doctors are placebos that are designed to sedate or halt symptoms being expressed by your body.  The symptoms are not the disease.  They are manifestations of your body’s  healing process.  By taking pills, you stop the body’s healing process.  But worse yet, no attempt at diagnosis of the real root-cause source of your disease is ever even attempted let alone determined and rectified.  You feel better due to suppression of symptoms, sedation or opiod-induced euphoria and believe you are now well.

You are taught from an early age that nutrition consists of meat and dairy above plants. Meat and dairy are not foods that humans can utilize. Carnivores are built completely different than herbivores, especially in the digestive tract. Humans are very obviously herbivores. Spend a moment to take a look at the features of carnivores and compare to yourself. You are also not an omnivore, as this is just a convenient term coined to remove the argument from discussion.

Due to the very long GI tract, your body is able to extract and digest plant-based nutrients.  And these must be consumed in the complete integral state as produced by Mother Nature. The test is: If you plant it, will it grow another viable plant?

Meats are eaten after ‘aging’, which is nothing short of decomposition, to make the meat ‘soft’ to accommodate your lack of fangs.  The decomposed meat remains in your GI tract to putrefy and much of it is captured within your colon for a lifetime of carcinogenic toxicity.  The carnivore does not eat the meat after decomposition and has a very short GI tract to discharge the waste very rapidly,  prior to putrefaction.


You are not a cow, sheep or a goat. Why on earth would you think it is possible  to nourish your body with mothers-milk from these animals? The reason is because the Matrix told you so.  Meats, dairy and refined products acidify your body fluids.

Acids are ‘oxidants’ which react with the mineral solutions inside your body, forming oxides.  These mineral solutions, that have been carefully created by plants to be bio-available to nourish your body, return to mineral solids that accumulate in your joints and arteries creating chronic inflammation.  If your blood becomes acidic, it can not transport oxygen and you will quickly die.  To prevent this fatal state, your body reconverts calcium, magnesium and other minerals from your bones into antacids. This is why the US, which consumes more milk than any other country, has the highest incidence of osteoporosis in the world.


Refined sugar (sucrose, dextrose) is one of the most toxic and addictive drugs known. The average American eats 53 teaspoons of refined sugar per day, in one form or another. Your body needs sugar in the form of glucose.  So the over-simplified statement  that ‘sugar is bad’ is just not true. What is bad is improperly refined and altered foods of all types, especially white sugar(dextrose, sucrose), white flour, white rice, pasteurized milk etc.

Foods subjected to high heat processes to de-molecularize their composition become toxins. The same is true for microwaved foods. Bad food is a huge problem and could be discussed almost endlessly, but the short answer is the diet of Westerners is a primary cause of their chronic disease that is totally avoidable. There is no such thing as medicine.  There is only food.  What passes your lips and enters your body must be only pure, integral natural foods.

Cancers exist in acid environments and eat exclusively refined sugars.  If your body is alkaline and devoid of refined sugars, cancer cells can not exist.


Most of the water available for consumption is heavily polluted with toxins, starting with fluorides. There are two primary industrial wastes in the form of fluorides, from aluminum and fertilizer processing, that formerly required very dangerous and expensive disposal methods. The Matrix decided it was more valuable as a powerful poison for the humans. They told you this was good for your teeth and you starting drinking it. Your incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s skyrocketed and your children’s IQs plummeted. There are many other powerful toxins in most water supplies, including lead, aluminum and other heavy metals. Your body has the ability to detoxify itself, but there is a limit. You need a very good water filter.


Not to mention industrial smog and fumes from internal combustion and other processes, our skies are being sprayed with enormous volumes of extremely toxic chemicals on a daily basis. The government is saying this is to prevent global warming, but that is absurd. Global warming is another fabricated hoax. The human manipulation of the jet streams is causing the polar ice melts, while we are in a general global long-term cooling trend. The truth is, almost everyone in the world is breathing powerful toxins of a large variety and are suffering soft-tissue irritation and other adverse affects, including the annual flu and respiratory irritations. You must avoid the annual toxin-laden vaccines.


No vaccines are safe for injection into human bodies and furthermore, the entire basis for vaccination is a fraud,  based on the germ theory of the fraud, Louis Pasteur. The Pasteur germ theory was contrived at the behest of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers in the 1800s. This theory is bogus, but has been knowingly foisted upon the public to justify a host of disease-causing problems. In fact, it is the basis for all pharmaceutical drugs and the entire allopathic medicine fraud, one of the all-time most profitable business models..


Your state of spirituality is not only ignored by the system, but actually denied of existence.  You are indoctrinated into the belief that the important factors in your life are physical.  You need to work harder and smarter to get more, so you can be the “one who dies with the most toys’. Think about this for a moment…..do you really want to be the one who dies with the most toys?  I certainly hope not, because this life is only the beginning and there is a lot more to come afterwards.  All your toys are going to be left behind to rot, just like your physical body.  Hopefully you will have done something in this lifetime to evolve your spirituality, because this is what is surviving death and enabling your evolution into the future. And, I do not mean here, joining some organized religion.  They are all Matrix control constructs.

Learning to discover how to transcend your ego and discover your ‘higher self’, the entity that is the real you, is the most valuable skill you could ever hope to acquire.  This is the key part of our program.  When you know your true self, your purpose for your existence, you will develop the most profound state of wellness possible in this dimension.  Then you will cease worry and fear, your ego will be transcended by your soul and you will cease suffering anxiety and depression.  Pills may sedate you, but, once again, are not correcting any mental or physical problem you may have.

Some also think that they can only find the solution to their diseases in a ‘silver bullet’,  some exotic plants, pills or chemicals from far away places or the latest scientism ‘breakthrough’. There are no ‘silver bullets’. You do not need to seek something that is not readily available. You need only learn fundamentals which employ the common ingredients endemic to your own local plant forms.

This is only scratching the surface of the innumerable ways your health is being directly and intentionally compromised by the Matrix. But the ironic part is that some think their salvation from  disease is to be found in the allopathic medical system, which is totally complicit in the farce. You pay a large portion of your assets to health insurance companies for the privilege of partaking of the fake allopathic system that does nothing more than get you hooked on a large number of expensive prescription drugs that serve to maintain your disease. Being diseased is a fearful prospect, and when it is chronic, it keeps your body in a perpetual ‘subconscious fight-or-flight’ mode which, in turn, keeps your own immune system totally shut down.

The bottom line is this.  The Matrix corporate monopoly medical establishment is the warden of the body, mind and spirit of all those incarcerated in this degraded state of being. Meanwhile, it is thought to be normal, organic and inevitable. The facts of this pathetic situation are readily available to any who care to study the matter. There is no other explanation for the actual  state of health in the Western world than a persistent systemic  attack.  The underlying reason for this is hopefully clear to you now. You will learn how to address and overcome all of the above-mentioned obstacles in our blog and seminars.  We do not tiptoe around the facts.  Doing so will only result in non-results.

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